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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.50%. The average number of likes per post is 464 and the average number of comments is 97.

11.59% of the followers that engaged with naturellebynatalia regularly are from United States, followed by Germany at 9.42% and Australia at 7.97%. In summary, the top 5 countries of naturellebynatalia's posts engager are coming from United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom.

Naturellebynatalia loves posting about Cooking, Food & Drink.

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  • Canada 5.8 %
  • United Kingdom 5.8 %


358 85

Mushroom hummus! I know what you might think: another hummus recipe? who would need it when the web is full of so many hummus recipes?! Yet I have to confess that mushroom hummus is something that I tried only this october and I might not be the only one. The humble elegant mushrooms can be anything it wants. From soups to gnocchi, pickles, risotto, toasts and a quick and interesting autumn hummus. Replacing the chickpeas by white beans, and adding lots of roasted thymes and garlic, next to some wild mushrooms and tahini, makes an interesting dip to serve when the days become shorter. Have you tried mushroom hummus? . This is my entry to the challenge run by @teoskitchen which I didn't want to miss. . But also my contribution to #onourcreativetable @berryhunting @bakingmydays @violaminerva @lionelandhetta @story_on_a_plate_ @haniyeh.nikoo @onourcreativetable . . . . . #ourfoodstories #fallvibes #fallvibes🍁 #moodygrams #darktablemood #veganfood #lr_savor #eattheseasons #beautifulfood #seasonalsimplicity #aseasonalshift #iamsomartha #still_life_gallery_ #wherewomencreate #canonromania #belightedinspired #firstweeat #lifeandthyme #tastingtable #mushroomhummus #mushrooms #harvestseason #gloobyfood #stillwithstories #bestofvegan

275 81

G I V E A W A Y It is hard to think of an ingredient more used in our kitchen than olive oil. Being a big fan of green salads every day, olive oil is always the first ingredient on the list. Of course you have lots of different brands today. One thing you should pay attention to when getting your oil is the bottle/package, as olive oil can oxidise when exposed to light. Don’t forget to treat this oil with lots of care as it’s mono-unsaturated fat. This means it is less stable than other saturated fats (eg coconut oil). So cook it at low temperature or, even better, add it to salads, dressing or to other already cooked foods. When taken raw, olive oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties you don’t want to miss. It is earthy, complex and a good partner for countless foods. That’s why I want to offer 2 of you the opportunity to try 2 of the best olive oils I have ever used in my kitchen. I don’t exaggerate at all: the first one is a Slow Food award winner of 2020 and the 2nd one received more than 80 awards in 8 different countries. Please meet Agrestis Bell'Omio olive oil (a spicy oil with a grassy aroma, carefully cultivated and harvested by hand in the mountains of Sicily amidst thyme, oregano, and rosemary) and Venta del Baron olive oil - a luminous oil with intense fruity aromas of green herbs, peppermint, almond, banana, and apple from Priego de Córdoba. . To win one of these oils you have to follow and the page of 2 farmers @aove_ventadelbaron & @agrestis_official , tag 3 friends you think would love to try this high quality oils and let me know which of these 2 versions you would rather want to try: the Italian or the Spanish one. It would make me happy if I also know what is your favorite way of using the olive oil. This giveaway is open in Europe and it lasts until 25th of October. . I couldn’t think of a better way to use these oils than on my favorite black lentils and sage hummus, decorated with some colourful roasted pumpkins. . #giveaway #aseasonalshift #stillwithstories #wherewomencreate #iamsomartha #gloobyfood #lr_savor #lifeandthyme #firstweeat #tastingtable #isolationcreation #eattheseasons #pumpkin #lentilhummus

526 127

The definition of autumn to me would be the smell of the quinces, an apple pie, the deep color of some blue grapes, the golden leaves outside but also a warm comfort soup, like this creamy vegan mushroom soup. The soups gather us around the table in a different way than a salad would do. Also many soups offer medicinal properties. When having a cold, we always rely on them. Every cook knows the most important ingredient that goes into every pot of simmering soup. They keep the ingredient stored where it will do its best work, too. They season the soup from their heart giving it just the right amount of love each and every time. That's why homemade soup heals the best. . . . This is my entry to the giveaway hosted by the talented @pancake_planet #pancakeplanet which I didn't want to miss❤️ . . Also my entry to #bestofveganfall challenge hosted by @bestofvegan ❤️ . But also my entry to #onourcreativetable comfort food challenge hosted by @berryhunting @bakingmydays @panyaskitchen @lionelandhetta @story_on_a_plate_ @violaminerva @haniyeh.nikoo @onourcreativetable ❤️ . . #pancake_planet #ourfoodstories #foodfluffer #myquietbeauty #moodygrams #eatcaptureshare #firstweeat #seasonalsimplicity #eattheseasons #lr_savor #ourclickdays #gloobyfood #tv_stilllife #ligeandthyme #belightinspired #tastingtable #hautescuisines #seriouseats #aseasonalshift #bakeitforward #iamsomartha #stillwithstories #canonbelgium #canonbelgie #saveurmag #stilllife_perfection #foodartproject #bestofveganfall

495 94

The moment I saw the themes for this @foodisourpower @thelittleplantation autumn challenge, I couldn’t wait to get to this 3rd week of Ugly Deliciousness theme. Curry is something we make so often at home and we all like it so I had to join immediately. I was also happy to find a pic of our latest dhal we made some weeks ago. Being a big fan of all spices and condiments, dhal represents for me the meal where I can add my favorite spices. I can’t imagine making dhal and not having some curry mix at home. Green, red or yellow, I am bad at following recipes so it happens that some green curry powder is added to a red curry or the other way round🙈. When I’m abroad, the spices department of supermarkets is the first place I go to and there are always some local mixes with me in my luggage. Are you also a big fan of spices? Which is the meal you use to prepare at home and which requires the most spices? . . Also contributing to an lovely challenge focusing on the Indian good #gloriousindianfood histed by @boxofspice and @kulsumkunwa and for the love of spices to #inspirewithboxofspice @boxofspice 😋 . But also to october theme of comfort food #onourcreativetable hosted by @haniyeh.nikoo @bakingmydays @lionelandhetta @panyaskitchen @story_on_a_plate_ @violaminerva ❤️ . . . . . . . #huffposttaste #foodstylist #nomnom #indianfood #indiandelicacy #foodoftheday #eatingfortheinsta #tasteofindia #instayum #curry #vegan #foodartblog #foodartproject #creativelysquared #foodcapturecollective #theuncommonbox #hautescuisines #nextbestfoodie #ourfoodstories #lifeandthyme #wherewomencreate

522 91

Some years ago, when having a blog was something fancy, I posted on my blog an interesting colored soap and organized a competition to see if someone would guess the natural colorant I used. Nowadays everyone moved to other online platforms like Instagram or facebook so I will just post this soap and tell you that this deep color was obtained using SUMAC. If you are familiar with the Middle Eastern kitchen, you have certainly already heard about these looking like lentils seeds. With a lemon taste, this condiment is, next to sesame and dried thyme, used in the so well known mix za’atar. At home we love it especially on roasted potatoes but also as a coating for my vegan cheese. Of course I use it a lot to decorate other dishes as well so it was obvious that I had to use it once in a soap too. Even if it’s not 100% food related, I will join with this sumac soap this challenge theme of @thelittleplantation #foodisourpower #eatcaptureshare challenge. . . . . . . #foodisourpower #sumac #sumak #soap #soapmaking #creativityfound #thesupperclubmag #canon #soaplove #soapshare #artsandcrafts #artistsoninstagram #artisansoap #coldprocesssoap #meetthemaker #naturalcolorants #soapery #puresoap #wherewomencreate #canonbelgium #isolationcreation #still_life_gallery

483 129

The #eatcaptureshare challenge has already started! It will be difficult to join all the themes, I know. Like the first theme. Even if I so much love sweet potatoes, I was too late to buy/cook/photograph them. But I found some green beens in the shop yesterday and I wanted to join them for the 2nd theme. My girls love them, we make them often, by simply cooking them and serving them with a good quality olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt. Yesterday I wanted to try something different: a combination I already thought of before : green beans and cilantro. It's really good. I grilled the beans for a more interesting taste and made a sandwich using the hemp butter as base. Then we served it with fresh cilandro, za'atar and some chopped abricot kernels. We really loved them. How do you use to eat green beans? This #eatcaptureshare challenge is hosted of course by @thelittleplantation together with @foodisourpowder #foodisourpowder. . Also submitting it for the #onourcreativetable challenge hosted by the lovely ladies @haniyeh.nikoo @violaminerva @berryhunting @bakingmydays @panyaskitchen @onourcreativetable @story_on_a_plate_ @lionelandhetta the thele for this month is harvest. . . . . . . . . . #cookandtell #ourfoodstories #instayum #foodilicious #inthekitchen #goodmoodfood #hereismyfood #nextbestfoodie #myquietbeauty #lifeandthyme #greenbeans #aseasonalshift #iamsomartha #tastingtable #ourclickdays #lr_savor #beautifulfood #vegan #foodstyling #belgianfoodie

445 116

Saying hello with these cinnamon bliss balls made last sunday with Ilinca while Delia and my husband went to the 1st opening match after a pause of 6 months. I wasn't a big fan of cinnamon until I discovered through my nutrition books what a healthy spice it is. Lowering blood sugar, anti-inflammatory and fighting bacteria - this spice has quickly become my favorite add to my lattes, coffees and all sweet stuff I was making. This is also the main ingredient of these balls, which we made as per recipe. I am quite sure that you already know this online platfom which is especially famous in France. They sent me the ingredients to make these balls #thankyou . Funny is that all my kitchen equipment - bought like 10 years ago -Vitamix, Omega -come from their shop. Specialized in organic products, has a large variety of delicious and qood quality products. Worth to have a look and maybe make this easy recipe too: 220 gr cashews 100 gr oats 2 TSp chocolate chips 4 TSp hazelnut boter 2 tSp cinnamon 2 tSp honey Mix the oats, cinnamon, nuts, chocolate in the blender. Add the nutbutter and the honey and continue to mix with the hands. Make balls or cookies with the hands and enjoy them with some cinnamon latte. . . Submitting this autumn image to #colourchallenges hosted by @silvia_salvialimone and @stemsandforks ... but also to #useyourcreativenoodles challenge 'colours of autumn' theme, hosted by @useyournoodles and judgded by @kelsey_thefarmersdaughter . . . . . . . #seasonalsimplicity #greenweezbe #deliciousfood #gloobyfood #ourclickdays #lifeandthyme #ourfoodstories #eattheseasons #myquietbeauty #seriouseats #wherewomencreate

541 84

This is my second post featuring Nescafe and this time I wanted to create a recipe using the Nescafe Gold Almond Macchiato. The beautiful green box made me create a healthy pudding you can enjoy by preference in the first part of the day (due to the coffee in it). You have certainly already tried avocado in desserts, especially if you know how healthy avocado is. But if you love the taste of coffee, you would also love this pudding. I especially love carob combined to cacao powder, but carob makes also a good pair with maca. Maca, so known for restoring the hormonal balance, and carob, with its amount of calcium would make this coffee pudding a healthier one. It's lovely to enjoy in the morning when you need that coffee boost and it also makes an interesting breakfast for a change. The Nescafe brings that coffee flavor and taste we sometimes so long for. I personally loved it without any added syrup as the Nescafé is already sweetened, but my husband and the girls needed some more sweetness. For 2-3 small portions: 160 gr (half of a cup) rice milk 1-2 Nescafe Gold Almond Macchiato portions 2 avocado's 6TbSp (45gr) carob powder 1TbSp (8gr) cacao powder 1TbSp (8gr) maca powder 2-3 TbSp honey/dates syrup In a blender, first mix mix firts the milk with the Nescafé powder for some seconds. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend well. When serving, drizzle some syrup on the pudding, or some maca for a beautiful contract or some almonds for a crunchy texture. For the moment you can enjoy the 100% cashback for 1 Nescafé Gold Macchiato using this link: . . . . . #nescafe #pudding #carob #avocado #avocadopudding #instadaily #instapic #autumn #autumnvibes🍁 #photography #style #health #healthy #instagood #picoftheday #coffeetime #coffeelovers #coffeeart

463 103

When zucchini meets chocolate or what to do when you receive too many zucchinis. Besides soups, raw zoodles, lasagne, hummus, I made the last 2 weekends like 3 zucchini desserts: muffins, brownies and this cake. And tomorrow would love to make some chocolate brownies again. Zucchini makes a good replacer for the butter and makes your dessert a little bit lighter. Have you ever tried a zucchini dessert? . This is my entry to #inspiretocolor challenge hosted by 2 talented ladies @boxofspice and @binjalsvegkitchen 😊 . . . #goodblogeats #foodblogfeed #inmykitchen #zucchini #zucchinibread #zucchinirecipes #foodphotography #eeeeeats #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #foodstylingandphotography #chocolate #chocolatecake #foodstyling #gurushots

423 73

Difficult to describe how happy I was when I discovered in my supermarket Oat Macchiato Nescafé! Even If I try to drink less coffee nowadays, I have been waiting for a Nescafé vegan version for such a long time. Because this has always been my favourite coffee. And I used to drink it since my student time. And finally a vegan version for people like me, who don't love milk and who want to digest better their coffee/desserts. To be honest, now I am waiting for a sugar free version, I know it will come out soon! The new vegan Nescafé boxes are such a pleasure for the eyes. Elegant and so colourful, each box tells a different story. I couldn't wait to start to shoot them. The Oat Macchiato was my 1st choice because the label makes me think of autumn. It's almost autumn! We kind of already miss the summer but at the same time looking forward to autumn and its golden precious colors. But back to this coffee! Before this summer literally ends, I wanted to make a summer drink that we so used to enjoy in Italy: frappé. As a student I so loved it in the summer. There are, of course, so many different versions of it, so I tried an easy one and made it as I thought. I used a mocha ice cream but a chocolate/vanilla/straciatella would also work. If you are making it for kids, I would suggest to use half a portion per kid. For one person: 1 Oat Macchiato portion 200 ml cold rice milk or another milk 2 scoops of mocha ice cream carob/cacao powder to dust Mix the milk, the oat macchiato and the ice cream in the blender during 2-3 mins. Serve it dusting with some carob powder. In case you are using a different milk, you can add to your blender 1-2 dates to make your dessert moment sweeter. For the moment you can enjoy the 100% cashback for 1 Nescafé Gold Macchiato using this link: . . . Are you also a coffee lover or you rather preffer coffee in a dessert? #frappe #coffeelover #instacoffee #nescafe #veganrecipes #simplepleasures #simpleyetdelicious #september #myquietbeauty #seasonalsimplicity #iamsomartha #tastingtable #foodfluffer #hautescuisines

425 80

Some new toys for the children's delicate moments. To wash them better and to get them ready for the new school year! We really hope to cope this year with Covid and to have our kids at school. It's been so long ago... For my soaper followers, I have a new post on my blog about at least 30 things you could add to your soap to make it look interesting and different. I get this question quite a lot. Hope it helps. . . . . . . #womenpower #soapmaking #smallbatch #shoplocalpdx #wholesalesoap #cleanliving #essentialoils #nontoxicbeauty #coldprocesssoap #handmadesoap #organicsoap #soaplove #soaps #washyourhands #selfcare #zerowaste #homebusiness #greenbeauty #naturalsoap #madeinbelgium

498 105

One thing I missed during our days in Italy - besides my running band - was the blender. I always use to take it with me when we travel by car or for longer periods. But now we are back home and the 1st thing I made was this cake to share it with some friends. For the vegan ones, I have a version for you coming to the blog these days. This cake was of course even more delicious thanks to the blueberries jam from @maternebe . Thank you @maternebe for this occasion to try other jams, we loved them all. If you are making one of the recipes I am sharing using @maternebe jams, you will have the chance to win a super goodies bag. Make a pic of your food, post it on your stories/post, tag Materne/me and follow Materne. This is also my entry for #texthursdays by @vaimomatskuu . #texthursdays #feedfeed #cheesecake #cheesecakesofinstagram #spoonfeed #foodie_features #summervibes #todayfood #tastemade #belgianfoodie #easydesserts #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeedfood #thekitchen #f52grams #gloobyfood #forkyeah #tasty #bloglovinfood #cookit #yahoofood #foodtographyschool


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