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32.5% of naturalbangladesh's followers are female and 67.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1810 and the average number of comments is 11.

Naturalbangladesh loves posting about Travel, Photography, Nature.

Check naturalbangladesh's audience demography. This analytics report shows naturalbangladesh's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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32.5 %
67.5 %


  • Travel & Tourism 60.47 %
  • Photography 58.08 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 50.59 %
  • Art & Design 45.85 %
  • Business & Careers 43.32 %
  • Music 39.18 %
  • Entertainment 38.52 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.56 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 36.30 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.57 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.43 %
  • Movies and TV 32.41 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 32.23 %


1,622 7

Motijheel is a Thana in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is at the heart of the city (the General Post Office is considered the zero point of Dhaka). Motijheel is the major business and commercial hub of Dhaka city and has more offices and business institutions than any other part of the city. It is the home to largest number of corporate headquarters in the nation. Many news, magazines, print and other media publishers are based here. Motijheel is close to Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka's main station. One of the highest skyscrapers of the megacity are in this area. It is the central business district. City Centre Bangladesh and Bangladesh Bank Building are in this area. Photo by 📷: @_sadaf_rahman_

1,732 8

«• T h e H o u s e •» Zatiya Sangsad Bhaban or National Parliament House, is the house of the Parliament of Bangladesh. Designed by architect Louis Kahn, the complex is the largest legislative complexes in the world, comprising 800,000 m² Photo by 📷: @zahirglobtrotter

1,740 6

Mishti doi, a traditional Bengali dessert, is best cooked and served in a handmade earthen pot. The dishes of doi are placed around an ember of coal (as pictured), after which a large cover is set on top. The yoghurt is left to ferment overnight. Using earthernware is important in the process, since it absorbs excess moisture and makes the doi perfect in consistency." Photo by 📷: @deepin.doc #naturalbangladesh #bangladeshfood

1,771 18

Thanchi, one of the remotest parts of our country. It falls under the Bandarban District of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) and it appears as a tiny speck on the map of Bangladesh. CHT is always beautiful and everything about the area, the culture, the people, and their diversity piques the interests of even the most casual of travellers. Thanchi is no different in this regard despite its size. Thanchi is 3,500 feet above sea level and one can imagine the steep journey you need to undertake to reach the destination. From Bandarban, you can hire a 'chander gari' if you have a large contingent of travellers of say about 20 people. It would cost around around Tk5000.  But if you are in small numbers, the local bus from Bandarban to Thanchi can be a good experience. It would take you around Tk250 per person and is a four hour journey from Bandarban Photo by 📷: @frommyiphonegallery #naturalbangladesh

1,816 8

Let's stand together with the farmers and their families whose lives are disrupted by the Thanchi Bazar fire incident. Make a difference for one of the most hardworking, yet least paid farmers of Bangladesh through bKash and Gofundme. bKash number: 01730887733 (merchant account | use make payment option) Gofundme link: see story, or copy the link in your browser: For details, visit the link in bio or ➡️ @walkbangladesh Photo by @arifurrahman.alif

1,597 6

Sunset or Sunrise either way it looks beautiful don't you agree? Photo by 📷: @reazkarim #naturalbangladesh

1,278 8

Catch me if you can 🐟 Photo by 📷: @debruproy from @walkbangladesh #naturalbangladesh

1,835 12

Ratargul Swamp Forest is a freshwater swamp forest located in Gowain River, Fatehpur Union, Gowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is the only swamp forest located in Bangladesh and one of the few freshwater swamp forests in the world. The forest is naturally conserved under the Department of Forestry, Govt. of Bangladesh. Its area is 3, 325.61 acre including 504 acre declared as the animal sanctuary in 2015. It is known as the Sundarbans of Sylhet. This is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh which is located 26 kilometres (16 mi) far from Sylhet. The forest's name comes from the word, "Rata" or "Pati" tree, used by the locals of Sylhet Photo by 📷: @sumimchowdhury #naturalbangladesh

2,252 9

Eid Mubarak to all my followers whos celebrated Eid Ul-Fitr tomorrow (Sunday). May Allah (swt) accept our Fasting, Duas, our Ibadah and forgive our sins. Ameen When are you celebrating Eid Ul-Fitr Sunday or Monday? From @naturalbangladesh team 🌒🌒🌒🌒🌒 #naturalbangladesh"

3,309 32

#Followme to SYLHET, IN THE NORTHEAST OF BANGLADESH, is renowned for the beauty of its tea gardens, and among the lot, Lakkatura is considered the most scenic. It is also one of the largest tea gardens in the country, covering a total of 3,200 acres. This estate was officially established in 1875, and it now produces an astounding 550 tons of tea each year. Photo by 📷: @theaantarabitasta #naturalbangladesh

2,124 21

St Martin’s Island in Bangaldesh has all the ingredients of a tropical island. Vast stretch of coconut trees, a long sandy beach, corals, fresh fish, locally made boats and an apocalyptic sunset every evening makes it one of the most beautiful places in the country. Sadly littering of waste are taking a toll on the whole biodiversity cycle of the island Photo by 📷: @raffajaffa #naturalbangladesh #stmartinisland #stmartinsisland

1,603 9

Mishti doi (eng. curd) is a traditional Bengali dessert, which is typically set and served in a handmade clay pot. The pot is said to absorb excess moisture and keep the doi cool. Because Bogura is famous for it’s exceptionally flavoursome doi, the demand for curd pottery has fortunately stayed high. Khumbhakars around the region produce pottery mainly for the local doi businesses. The lady pictured above shapes the clay by hand into wide bowls, which are just perfect for a bigger batch of mishti doi. After all the pottery is sculpt, she places the bowls under the hot sun to dry out. Photo by 📷: @deepin.doc #naturalbangladesh


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