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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.80%. The average number of likes per post is 37 and the average number of comments is 3.

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#hotelreview MITSUI GARDEN HOTEL , GINZA GOCHOMRE. Ginza - Tokyo. Oh well, even though its not the best time to travel. But we all believe and hope this difficult time will pass without even we realize, therefore you can save this review for later :) . Ok, as you all may already know. Room’s hotel in Japan is quite small. This one is not the exception. So it’s better to not bring too much luggage, if you have to - please do manage your clothes in 1 luggage so you only need to open one instead of everything. The bed size is quite oke, there’s still enough room for the three of us. The hotel and room are clean and nice. It’s still located in Ginza area even-though not in the center, so its a walking distance to the Ginza shopping area. We were there on the weekend, so the area was closed pretty late and open quite late as well (I guess around 11 AM), not sure about the weekdays tho. Oh and it’s not close, yet not too far from the nearest station. . #sharingbylims #tokyotravel #tokyo #l4l #tokyohotel #ginzahotel #ginza #mitsuigardenhotel

42 2

#untilthetimeisthrough So we can travel again, So we can visit our loved one again, So we can have a good night sleep again, So we can less anxious again, So we can free to breath, to talk, to walk side by side and touch each other again, Until the time is through and we’ll never take anything for granted again. Stay strong and safe everyone, God bless we all 🙏🏻❤️

38 2

Multipurpose Baby Wipes dari 💚 - baby wipes ini merupakan produk multipurpose yang bisa digunakan sebagai tissue kering dan juga basah. Produknya sangat aman untuk bayi dan digunakan sehari hari ya karna mereka bebas dari paraben, alkohol dan juga bahan berbahaya lainnya. Untuk mamanya, bisa juga dijadikan pengganti kapas sebagai makeup remover, karena dengan textur honeycomb - tissue ini mampu mengangkat kotoran dengan sempurna. Bahannya lembut dan tebal jadi tidak gampang sobek. (Slide ke paling akhir untuk lihat perbedaan tissue dan tissue biasa, saat terkena air) - tissue sendiri memiliki 3 size yg berbeda dan telah disesuaikan dengan aktivitas mommies pada umumnya. - 200 pcs yang cocok banget untuk dirumah - 100 pcs yang bisa untuk di letakkan di mobil - 25 pcs yang bisa kita bawa saat mobile, jd bisa ditaro di diaper bag kita. *Packaging mereka terbuat dari kardus jadi setelah habis pun bs ter-daur ulang. Jadi ramah lingkungan bgt ya! 👌🏻 - Ps. Untuk baby, terutama untuk area muka dan diaper, dianjurkan menggunakan air matang yaa :) - #sharingbylims #vitaflowbaby #vitaflowdrytissue #vitaflowbabywipes #bayi #bayiindonesia #babystuff #igers #l4l #mommygram

23 2

Gara gara scrolling hape nyari foto. Jadi kangen bgt jalan jalan. Gak perlu travelling deh, ke aeon juga uda happy kayanya. Beneran deh please cepetan berlaluuuu masa iniii #thistooshallpass - Btw ini waktu kmaren dijepang di UENO ZOO! Sangat sangat highly recommended yaa pas ke Tokyo, kalian bawa anak kesini. Aku sampe bilang ke orang orang kl ueno zoo’s moment was probably my highlight of my japan trip. Zoo-nya gede, bersih (as expected from japan lah ya), binatangnya juga cukup beragam, entry fee nya murah meriah plus anak kecil masi free. Cisel super happy bgt disini. Tips : antrian tiketnya panjang bgt, tp tetep antri aja soalnya cepet bgt antrinya. Kalau kalian ke Tokyo, jgn lupa masukin ini yaaa di itinerary kalian ❤️ oyah, setelah dari zoo, kalau ada waktu boleh lah strolling around di ueno park. Just to enjoy the view 👌🏻 - #limsmakingmemories #limaroundtheworld #travelwithcisel #limsinjapan #sharingbylims #tokyo #tokyotravel #uenozoo #motherdaughter #love #familytravel

39 3

Salty air and sun kissed hair moment 🌊☀️ #balimoment #bali #limsinbali @kempinskibali - - #limsmakingmemories #limaroundtheworld #travelwithcisel #l4l #balitravel #travel #balivibes #balidaily #balilife

32 1

#throwback to the day daddy is officially turns 31st! We are so proud of what you’ve become so far. What You are as a husband to me, a father to Chriselle, and any-role in your life at the moment. Cheers to more and more achievements in the future @chrismanlim ❤️ - We never know what the future will hold for us, but our prayers will still the same from time to time. . May God always bless you with a heart that He desires, so it will show through your act and your words toward others. May God grant you with success, that will make you proud not chesty about yourself. May you always believe that everything come from Him not yourself, so we can give back more to Him without the need of proclamation in our heart. May God bless you with a good health so we can grow old together and watch our child/ren grow in a happy home. ❤️ #cheers31st #06032020 #throwbackbirthday #birthdayinbali #limsmakingmemories #limsinbali #bali

58 3

“A family doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to be united” - - Amen @chrismanlim . . Captured by @sweet.escape at @kempinskibali #limsmakingmemories #limaroundtheworld #travelwithcisel #limsinbali #sharingbylims #bali #balivibes #balimemories #balidaily #balitravel

34 2

#hotelreview INDIGO HOTEL, Seminyak-Bali - The room is spacious, with balcony and a separate shower-toilet area. The design quite represent “indigo” itself I believe, such a “freethinkers” hotel, I thought! As well indigo color in their room. They have big and nice pool with a sunbathing area near its pool. The reason why we choose this hotel is because its location near the beach, its just the next door away from the hotel, so yes its a public beach and not part of the hotel. The location is quite far from the main seminyak area, so you need to grabcar-ing/gocar-ing. They have western breakfast, as this hotel more likely favorite by the foreigner than local. Not much option from their breakfast tho, but the taste not disappointed at all. - We booked this hotel through @voucherhotelbali , we paid for the standard one and got upgraded into this type. So better check their best deal first! ❤️ - Ps. If you’re looking leisurely place in seminyak, @hotelindigobali might be the one. Oh. They offer baby-cot too if you need one :) - #limsmakingmemories #limaroundtheworld #travelwithcisel #limsinbali #sharingbylims #balihotel #bali #balivibes #balitravel #baliguide #l4l #likes4like

75 3

Save more. Travel more. Repeat often. As once our time comes, nothing left except the memories. So let me collect you a lot more ❤️ - - Captured by @sweet.escape @kempinskibali 🌴☀️ | @chrismanlim . #bali #balivibes #balidaily #balilife #love #family #familyiseverything #myeverything #balitravel #limsmakingmemories #limaroundtheworld #travelwithcisel #limsinbali #l4l #likeforlikes #instadaily

56 4

“The tans will fade but the memories last forever” - - Capture by @chrismanlim #chrislimphotography #bali #balivibes #balidaily #balilife #limsmakingmemories #limaroundtheworld #travelwithcisel #limsinbali #like4likes #daughterandmother #love | @kempinskibali 🌴☀️

29 2

Apurva @kempinskibali 🌴☀️ #bali #balivibes #baliindonesia


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