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#Metalblog🎸from🇭🇺 📨 email 4 collab 🐥Twitter/TikTok: MyToucheBlog 🔥Check out our interview with @illtofficial 👇🏻
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48.7% of mytoucheblog's followers are female and 51.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 88 and the average number of comments is 7.

Mytoucheblog loves posting about Metal, Rock music.

Check mytoucheblog's audience demography. This analytics report shows mytoucheblog's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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48.7 %
51.3 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 59.35 %
  • Travel & Tourism 57.71 %
  • Business & Careers 54.56 %
  • Art & Design 51.03 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 50.79 %
  • Sports 42.95 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 42.95 %
  • Music 42.38 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.19 %
  • Books and Literature 38.97 %
  • Photography 38.09 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.30 %


39 2

🔥 If you like your music soft and fragile then probably @symphonyofsweden is not for you (on the other hand, if it would be the case, you probably wouldn’t be here). Coming from the North of Sweden with winter and ice bears all over the place, the music is the other way around. Grand and epic with huge arrangements, the missing link between pop and metal! Add the powerful voice of Linus “Lee” West and the creative talent of Pontus “Evan” Hagberg you will have a concept that brings you on a journey from here to eternity. Welcome to the musical world of Symphony Of Sweden! We introduce the band in a two-part article series – check out our second interview with Lee (vocals, guitars)! ⬇️ The full interview is available here: ⬇️ Or simply go to and you can find it in the #MetalMeter 💯 section! 🤘🏻

178 23

I have a (bit) sad announcement: from next week until the end of June we will post only 1 interview/week on because of my exams. 😞 Of course I will (at least I will try) to post here regularly, I’ll do my best! Hope this period will fly away fast enough! 😁

70 1

🔥Get ready for some raw and mind-blowing extreme metal illustrating the ugliness of this world in the masterpiece “Urhat” (due 2021), made by the talented Roy Westad. @illtofficial is the alter ego of Norwegian composer and guitarist Roy Westad. It’s an uncompromising sandbox and a culmination of decades of passion and love for extreme metal as an art form. His debut album “Urhat” features session musicians from Megadeth, Soilwork, Chrome Division, and Nile. The album was mixed by Kurt Ballou @ Godcity and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Alan Douches. Roy started out as a guitarist before establishing himself as a film composer back in 2008. Since then, he has been involved in countless film and TV projects and received the Norwegian Emmy for Best Original Score in 2014. But he always held extreme metal close to his heart. In some ways, things are now coming full circle. His background as a guitarist helped form his style as a film composer, and his film scoring career has helped in developing the form of ILLT. Now he’s ready to unleash his debut “Urhat” (meaning something like “ancient hate” in Norwegian) on the world! With him on the album are some well-known names in metal; Dirk Verbeuren on drums (Megadeth), Speed Strid on vocals (Soilwork), as well as lead guitarists Karl Sanders (Nile) and Mr.Damage from Chrome Division. The album is set for release in early fall 2021 and is an eclectic yet seamless blend of groovy and blackened death/thrash/ doom/rock. Brutal yet melodic, modern yet raw. 🤘🏻 👇🏻 The full interview is available here: 👇🏻 Or click the link in bio! 🔥 📸 Jørn Veberg

91 3

“I was more or less a teenager when I formed the band. The only thing I can clearly remember is that we wanted to have a one-word band name. I came up with the idea when I was working at one of my very first jobs, at a rockabilly bar as a bartender where I didn’t even earn 2$ / hour, so far from home that it was almost impossible to get back late at night. So the birthplace of the band was quite a hopeless place and compared to that we’re very happy about how far it’s come.” 👇🏻 The full interview with @shakey.sue of @thehellfreaks is available on our website, check it out if you haven’t seen it! 🤘🏻🔥

103 3

🙋🏻‍♀️ is there anyone, who ordered the brand new @evanescenceofficial album #TheBitterTruth from #cmdistro and already received it? 🤔 I know that I’m impatient, but I really want to hold the #fanbox in my hands as soon as possible 🥺 I’ve already waited too long for that 😅😂 • Photo 📸 by Péter Tepliczky @pekkamoto / MyTouché Blog #Pekkagraphy

216 32

After a few weeks this was the first time when I put makeup on. 👁👄👁 I also dyed my hair a few days ago, so after a long time I feel pretty again. Thankfully I feel much-much better, however I wouldn’t say that I’m fully recovered. But I’m patient. I want to also say THANK YOU for all your messages and wishes, it means a lot! 💙💙 Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend - if you have time, please check out our latest interviews, we found some pretty awesome new bands! 😁 Cheers! 🤘🏻

46 2

🔥 Formed in 2017, the metalcore band Seasons started out with five dedicated musicians that all have a strong passion for performing energetic shows and crafting top-notch influential songs. Seasons is a high-level, crowd entertaining band that will not disappoint when it is time for performing on stage. Drawing from influences by bands such as Wage War and Attila, Seasons delivers blistering riffs combined with brutal vocals and ripping drums as the recipe for their music. Whether in front of 15 people or 1500 people, Seasons is known for the exact same stage presence which is described as “in your face.” With each member being a veteran to performing, you can expect tight transitions and an overwhelming stage presence. Every member of Seasons strives to put on a memorable performance to thrill the crowd. Check out our interview with the band! 🤘🏻 ⬇️ Link: 👇🏻 Or head to under #MetalMeter 💯 section‼️ • • • • • #Seasons #SeasonsBand #metalcore #metalcoreband #metalcoremusic #metalcorebands #interview #metalhead #metalheads #metalheadsunite #metalheadsociety #metalmusic #musicblog #musicblogger #metalblog #metalblogger #MyTouche #MyToucheBlog

77 2

One of my favorite #castles in #Belgium . 🤩 When we found it we thought that it’s a public one and boy, how wrong we were! 😂 It was a private area and a dog started to chase me - good, old memories! 🤣 #tb #tbpost • • • • • #tbsummer #castle #castlesoftheworld #castlesofeurope #castlesofbelgium #belgium🇧🇪 #belgiancastle #oldcastle #beautiful #amazing #wonderful #wonderful_places #nicememories #travel #travelphotography #holiday #summerholidays #traveladdict #MyTouche #MyToucheBlog

89 6

#tb post from 2015(?) - when we were on holiday in #Dubai I went to a beautiful salon where my makeup and hair were done. It’s so weird to see that there were times when I actually wore colors. 😂 Honestly, I remember that I felt a little bit uncomfortable because of the lot of #makeup (actually you can’t really see that on the photo). Have you ever been in the #UAE? I remember that @jinjer_official played a gig there a few years ago, I was pretty shocked when I found out that. 😃 Have a great day, cheers! • • • • • #dubaitravel #uaetravel #tb #tbpost #memories #misstraveling #makeuplover #makeuplook #metalheadgirl #metalheadgirls #blog #blogger #MyTouche #MyToucheBlog

81 4

🔥Pioneers. Fresh. Unique. One of Hungary's 🇭🇺 best exports. It's such a pleasure that we can feature THE HELLFREAKS & Shakey Sue on MyTouché Blog! Check out our exclusive interview with her! 🤘 ➡️ Link: ➡️ Or go to directly to and you can find it on our main page or under the #PedalToTheMetal section ‼️ 👉🏻 Or just click the link in bio 😁 A huge thanks 🙏🏻 goes to @godownbelieving_mgmt to make it happen! 🖤 • • • • • #interview #TheHellfreaks #ShakeySue #MetalBlog #thehellfreaksband #ShakeySue #ShakeySueinterview #femalefronted #femalefrontedband #femalefrontedbands #femalefrontedbandsrule #exclusiveinterview #metalblogger #musicblog #musicblogger #MyTouche #MyToucheBlog

57 3

🔥 @blitzunion is a new visionary music project and creative force that combines infectious EDM elements with electrifying Rock and Roll. Blitz Union’s message is poignant – as their lyrics highlight alarming issues that humanity faces in today’s uncertain world along with a sense of urgency, whilst providing hope and inspiration. Blitz Union features a creative power force that consists of Mark Blitz, Schtorm, Governor, and Shodushi and collectively they aim to recruit fans worldwide, empowering their message, creating positive social change, and furthering their call to action. The band’s latest EP was recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, forging a truly unique and global sound, however, Blitz Union doesn’t just create music — they create an experience, a movement, and a natural union. Together this Union shares a common message and belief, which is found in their indelible creed of “Spirit. Vision. Power. Desire. Action.” Read our discussion below with the band’s frontman, Marek! ⬇️ Link: 👉🏻 or just head to and you can find the full interview on the #MetalMeter 💯 section! 🤘🏻 • • • • • #blitzunion #blitzunionband #modernmetal #metalband #metalbands #recommendedmusic #newband #metalhead #metalheads #metalheadsunite #metalheadsociety #interview #metalblog #metalblogger #musicblog #musicblogger #MyTouche #MyToucheBlog


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