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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.60%. The average number of likes per post is 108 and the average number of comments is 5.

20.41% of the followers that engaged with mydreampaper regularly are from United States, followed by Belgium at 16.33% and United Kingdom at 8.16%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mydreampaper's posts engager are coming from United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, France.

Mydreampaper loves posting about Art, Design, DIY & Crafts, Photography.

Check mydreampaper's audience demography. This analytics report shows mydreampaper's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 20.41 %
  • Belgium 16.33 %
  • United Kingdom 8.16 %
  • Germany 6.12 %
  • France 6.12 %


32 1

There is sunshine in my soul today ✨ #typewriter #doodle #drawing #quote #leuchtturm1917 #sketchbook #stationaryisland #stationaryislandbrushpen #micronpen

60 4

My kind of herbarium 🌿 #posca #poscagallery #poscamarkers #blueflowers #flowerdoodles #doodle #doodles #blackbujo #blackbujoinspo #notebook #drawingsketch

66 0

S W A T C H E S 🖊 #karinmarkers #karinpens #pen #marker #markers #markerswatches #watercolormarkers #leuchttrum1917 #stationaryaddict #swatches #swatchesmark

55 2

Drawing flowers is so therapeutic 🙈 #bujo #bulletjournal #drawingidea #drawingflowers #flowers #notebook #drawingbook #pen #washitape #maskingtape #heidiswapp #planneraddict #doodle #doodleidea

54 8

New notebook means new usage! I started one to track the cosmetics I tried (name, price, usage, opinion). To improve the quality of the components of my skincare routine, I bought some natural oils from @le_moly, a French organic brand. So far, I really enjoy using them ! #cosmetics #lemoly #jojobaoil #tamanuoil #organiccosmetics #cosmetiquesbio #bujo #bulletjournal #notebook #skincaretracker #skincareroutine

67 4

Happy New Year ! May 2019 be with you ✨ Balloons in the @mint.and.mont style 💙

98 1

Let’s keep the Christmas tree a little bit longer, and enjoy its lights each evening. We can’t be bored of it! Pattern inspired by @notionsoflove fabrics 😍

58 2

This year was a personnalised wrapping Christmas ! It’s so nice to take a few times to thing about a drawing that would fit the present and the person. My grand-father always loved old wood toys, so this christmasy nutcracker was perfect for his gift! Watercolor gingerbread houses : technique from @mint.and.mont . Thank you for the Tuto ! 😋 I used the Crayola super tips and the Karin Markers with the pentel water brush. For the white highlights : a white gel pen.

52 1

Merry and Bright Christmas to all of you ! 😍🎄 Recreation of @dulciedoodles 😊

52 5

Trying something new is always a challenge. I was saving different pictures from Instagram with the idea to turn them into water color drawings. And I finally decided to give it a try. Coming from a photograph is harder than I thought 🙈 this one is definitely not perfect (I don’t master the water color methods at all), but I’m glad I made it 😊 Also, I think I need to be more patient, and wait for each layer to be dry before going on. Improvements needed 🙈 Original photograph from ⛄️☕️

64 8

There are so many different and cute fox doodles on Instagram 😍🦊 I can’t resist them ! Inspiration : @sojourn_al @agirlthatjournals @tiny_bujo @stephtcreates

49 5

There is no age to like Totoro 🙈 this character is so sweet 😍 Thanks @goodoldbujo for the model 😋🌂✨

45 2

☕️merry marshmallow☕️ Finally a Christmas theme 😍 I liked to use my red pen and draw some warm mug and Santa’s hats 😋 Inspiration: @sweetstampshop

68 10

♥ S M I L E ♥ I was not sure to fill the background after having drawn each flower and leaf, but I finally did and I’m happy I did it 😋 the Smile word stands even more ! Idea and model from @madebytherat ⭐️ @televieofficiel

140 11

I brought some sun in December 🙈 I can’t help myself but switching from drawing themes 😂 It’s Christmas soon, I promise 😘 This cute van is highly inspired by @mydailybullet ´s drawing 😊 merci pour toutes les idées que tu partages 😍

77 6

I’m a little bit late with this autumn picture 🙈 but who cares ! #bulletjournal #bujo #doodle #crayolasupertips #crayola #stickynote #alehop #die #leuchtturm1917

63 3

Autumn spirit with a warm scarf, an hot chocolate and warm colors🧣🍁 Inspiration : @brunella_bi

42 1

Here is a new project. Goal: improve my creativity and clear my mind. I started a few weeks ago and I really love doing it ! As a paper lover, the first step for a new project is to buy a new notebook 🙈 New tool = New beginning (a little bit like a new haircut 😂).And here it is! Each evening (or almost) : a new inspiration coming from Instagram. Calligraphy or drawings : everything is possible. The first page was very important to me. I wanted something symbolic to open this sketch-doodle-note-book ! I found this quote (design by @oraarts) which sounds perfect for this 😍

45 0

When did lamas become so cool? 🙈 #lama #washitape #maskingtape #tape #stencil #bujo #bukletjournal #toga #die #dies #stationary

53 2

To be honest, I never really managed to stick myself to completing those goals pages 🙈 but in this planner it’s so beautiful ! I really want to stick to it and keep a track of my objectives 😋 To be continued...

104 6

Ready for 2019 ! Pastel vibes for this coming year 😋

87 9

Those washi tapes are amazing 😍 This is the perfect pack: mix of tiny and large ; black and pastel ; flowers and glitters. The black floral one is especially pretty, and matches perfectly the theme of the 2019 Dear Diary planner ! I’m looking forward to use them in it, but I have to wait the first of January 🙊 I can’t find the Heidi Swapp brand easily in Belgium, but I got these on the Manoé Créa eshop, shipping from Belgium. The service is very good, highly recommend to order from there!

47 1

Fall Paper 🍁🍂 Thanks to the eshop Manoé Créa for those cuties 😍 Die cuts and journaling cards are always so cute into a planner 😋

185 5

Mint-WashiTape Mood ! Perfect color to fit this spring coming time🌱 #actionbelgique

125 6

Just imagine the perfect Life for you and make it be real, possible.

112 3

I think it's quite difficult to find beautiful clear stamps appropriate to plan. But I found what I was looking for with those @lovecynthia ones 😍 The rose-gold foiled tape is perfect too ! I wish I could make another order soon, it was too difficult to choose only two sheets of stamps 😋

114 12

Tiny tapes from are sooo useful ! And isn't it super eye-candy? 😋 #achataction

129 2

The start-of-the-month pages of the Happy Planner always make me feel happy ! Probably the point 😋

105 7

Best friends during my school session 👌🏻 those pastel sticky notes and to do list note bloc from Hema were just perfect !

141 5

O.M.G. ! These are almost the perfect tapes : pineapple packaging, gold foiled, gold bow, black and white design,... Wow !

120 7

Can we please use Christmas stationary all the year ? 😝🙈 I don't want to wait again...

131 5

Isn't amazing to look back to see what was achieved? Doing this at the end of the year is particularly interesting, to remember the good moments and everything that was done. Also an opportunity to imagine what can be improved and still be made the next year. #2016bestnine

109 4

Winter papers make me dream ! Aren't they so cute? 😍❄️👌🏻 #achataction

110 2

Finally Christmas ! Happy holidays everyone ❄️

76 3

I can see Christmas coming 🌲🎅🏻🕯⛄️✨ 🎁❄️

126 6

Make a wish, and let the magic happen ! ✨ It's Christmas soon ⛄️🎅🏻

141 12

Do you know this feeling, when you manage to gather stationary things from different brands and they perfectly fit together? I love it !

103 6

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within" - Maya Angelou ⭐️⭐️⭐️

164 7

Back to School in Gold this year !

147 4

Finally found those cute masking tapes at IKEA ! Simple but classy: perfect 👌🏻

136 3

⭐️ Planning in gold can only turn your week gold, right? At least I hope so ! ⭐️

121 3

It's Time to look back this day and say Thanks : T H A N K S

99 3

Do not Forget to be #grateful 🍑

123 3

To insert into one planner, just to give a smile ! 😊

92 4

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love."

102 3

It's Summer Time ! We've finally seen a part of blue sky today, here in Belgium 😎 I'll stick one of those cuties in my planner to celebrate this !

168 2

Just cleaned my work place !

159 3

"Enjoy the little things" - and remember this everyday 💕

149 4

🎵 Tape Tower, More Beautiful Than Ever 💕🎵 #achataction

145 8

Beautiful cover for my #erincondrenplanner by @petiteandco ! 💕

118 5

Paper Forever ✨

123 3

Those stickers from @petiteandco are just amazing ! I ordered and received them a few weeks ago but didn't had the time to post... But they really deserve a shoutout ! They are smooth, cute, cute and cute. I love her way to draw and put colors into those. If you're looking for planner stickers I highly recommend those !! 😋

198 13

Am I the only one to love the tiny tape above all? They are so cooool 😍

128 4

Thanks for those beauties my friend 💕😘 @catoudiaz

260 9

This little box is quite too thin to keep all my tape but it's so cute !! Useful to take some washitapes away ! 😊

136 3

How it looks inside with my new Erin Condren Life Planner Cover !! :) It sounds like a reminder of Christmas 🙈 but I love it ! 😊

153 2

Pastel colors, again and again. Always my fav' 😍 I made this new cover for my Erin Condren Life Planner for a little change 😌

156 2

My first real planner stamps ! They are so cute and so little ! Perfect for planning 💕 Some advice for a next order of planner stamps ? ☺️

187 1

#2015bestnine Today is a good opportunity to think about the new aims for 2016, but it's also the day of the year to look behind yourself, look what you've achieved, what you've build, what 2015 has brought to you. Be grateful for all those things. Thanks to you, all my dear followers, for all the love you gave this year to those pictures, to me. Thank you so much ✨

140 2



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