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66.0% of mumlifeproject's followers are female and 34.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.70%. The average number of likes per post is 183 and the average number of comments is 17.

Mumlifeproject loves posting about Moms, Children, Shopping.

Check mumlifeproject's audience demography. This analytics report shows mumlifeproject's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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66.0 %
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235 41

|| TRUTH || All the bribes. All the wine. 🍭🍷 via @baethelabel #mumlifeproject #mumlife

254 18

|| BIRTH || @amyeshipp shares her twin birth story. Link in profile. ✌🏻 #mumlifeproject #unitedinmotherhood 📷: @hipster_mum @childmags

173 11

|| BUMP || The twins are 6 months old today. This was them in my belly at 16 weeks. It's weird because it's gone incredibly fast but also incredibly slow. The days are fucking long, but I do love seeing them grow and change into the most delightful little people. We've come so far from the NICU all those months ago. In saying that, I thought I'd be killing it by now, but I am still in the newborn fog all these months later. I still haven't slept a full night, I still haven't lost my baby weight... I could focus on the haven'ts but I won't. I'll focus on all the haves and I have a hell of a lot of those to be thankful for. 📷: @hipster_mum #mumlifeproject

95 1

|| TRUTH || The future is now. ✌🏻💕 #mumlifeproject

143 13

|| LOVE || All our hearts with you & your family @kawaiian_lion. Desmond, Dee & Rafa invite you to a memorial paddle out to celebrate the life of Kawa Leaf Sweeney at Newport Beach (south end) on Sunday 6 August between 8 - 10am. Everyone is welcome. Please wear white, floral or Hawaiian shirts. Bring flowers, leaves and shells for Kawa.

102 2

|| RAD MAMA || "The NICU was somewhere I had never anticipated we would end up. We were in pre-term labour from 28 weeks and complete bed rest from 30 weeks so I guess you can say we were 'prepared' for it, although mentally I have to admit I thought I would still hold onto her until term. I guess the worst part was that I had to leave our baby girl every night and go back to an empty house with an empty tummy and an empty bassinet. We took one day at a time, I sat tears streaming down my face at the McCafe next to the hospital almost every morning after driving in for her 3am feed. Oli was there every step of the way, I was never alone or wanting for anything. " more with the amazing Georgia from @gdotnancy on #mumlifeproject #mumlife #momlife #motherhood 📷: @elleramplingphotography

196 45

There are no words to express the grief we are all feeling today. All our love, always. 💔

110 5

|| NEVER || Don't Quit. Never. Ever. 🦄✨#mumlifeproject #mumlife

96 4

|| RAD MAMA || "Why do we let others write our story when it comes to body image? As the sizes get smaller and the pressure gets hotter, women are retreating and hiding their beautiful selves. No longer feeling empowered by our sisterhood, hiding behind our children and cups of laxative skinny tea. It's bright, it's beautiful but it's not reality. If you add up all the hours, days, weeks, years we spend loathing our gorgeous selves it's a F#*k load of time and energy spent on such destructive behaviour. When will it stop? Who will our children look to if we ourselves can't stand tall and celebrate ourselves for the way we are. There is no such thing as perfection. It is an illusion, a mystical creature that doesn't exist. Don't be fooled by the glossy magazine or the tiny squares of perfection you scroll through daily. This is not real. At the best it is art. At the worst it is slap in the face and the world telling you that you are not enough just the way you are. Today is the day you start living your life, free of negative words and thoughts. You are beautiful just the way you are, you are smart, you are funny, you are kind. You are you, not them. You are beautiful to me. xx" @electriclovers telling it straight and sharing all her good fruity vibes. More with this rad mama on #mumlifeproject#mumlife #momlife⠀ 📷: @hipster_mum

345 7

|| WORD || Is it really that hard? #mumlifeproject 📷: @veronicadearly

211 29

|| TRUTH || I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald today by Jo Hartley that pretty much exactly sums up how I feel right now. I even said the exact same words "relentless and boring" to my husband last week. I love my kids, LOVE them, but I struggle with my role as mother. I mean really, who actually enjoys feeding a baby mashed purée 3 times a day and dealing with food stained clothes and 5000 outfit changes? Who actually enjoys changing shitty nappies? Or constantly arguing about wearing a jumper? Or shoes? You can be a wonderful mother but not enjoy the "mothering". Here are some grabs from the article. What do you think? "The background music to your life becomes Igglepiggle, your education comes from PlaySchool, and your social etiquette slides as you follow in the path of Peppa. So, why is it that we find it so hard to admit that parenting younger children is so mind-numbingly boring? Why do we have to pretend that it's anything but? I think we worry that if we don't perceive parenting as fulfilling, we're somehow a failure. We fear that admitting to boredom is a reflection on our love for our children. If we're not enjoying it, we're potentially unworthy." #mumlifeproject 📷: @hipster_mum

303 31

|| TRUTH || I can barely even apply a BB cream... 🍷 via @socialpop_ #mumlifeproject


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