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74.6% of morganharpernichols's followers are female and 25.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 54946 and the average number of comments is 439.

Morganharpernichols loves posting about Travel, Photography, Adventure.

Check morganharpernichols's audience demography. This analytics report shows morganharpernichols's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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74.6 %
25.4 %


  • Art & Design 60.66 %
  • Children & Family 56.93 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 53.82 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 50.98 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 49.68 %
  • Travel & Tourism 45.55 %
  • Entertainment 44.38 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.50 %
  • Photography 39.47 %
  • Home & Garden 37.16 %
  • Business & Careers 36.78 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.32 %
  • Music 34.68 %


41,099 217

Another late night reminder for anyone who might need it...for that one particular question that’s been on your mind for a are allowed to come back to it. You’re allowed to practice learning how to rest. Even if it feels unnatural at first. Practice rest. Start with deep breaths. Drink some water. Go to sleep. Come back to this when you’re ready 🖤

65,503 548

Lett i n g g o poem no. 1:: May you exhale these words tonight: “Maybe I don't have to be as worried as I used to be. Maybe I can choose to believe I have not missed out on what was meant for me." May you exhale these words as a form of letting go. And at the same time, this is true: "Letting go" comes in many shapes, but if it happens to come in the shape of nothing more than an exhale, this too, is significant. This too, is a form of release. IIII Lett i n g g o poem no. 2:: oh how beautifully you are learning the art of letting go, slowly learning the ways of surrender even when so much is unknown For all of the words you never got to say and all of the little things that will never be the same, you will feel the weight of the loss and you will also learn to breathe at a mindful pace. You will find new rhythms no matter what has changed. IIII Lett i n g g o poem no. 3:: Sometimes, you have to let go. You have to accept that some of trees you thought were evergreen would only hold their leaves for a season. You have to realize that sometimes the conversations you thought would lead to more, new horizons, open door might not lead to the results you were looking for... But in all of this letting go, you begin to find: your heart kept beating one beat at a time. A sign of life is still abundant within you, a flicker of hope in the shadows: there is more ahead of you. -@morganharpernichols

62,041 652

Resharing some words I wrote the first day of quarantine back in March... If you feel overwhelmed by the fragility of it all and how everything could change whether or not you have a say, I hope you know you are not alone in feeling this way. You are still within grace where there is room to feel. So feel. Please feel. Even if you do not know how the wounds will heal. You may not have answers for this shakiness, but this is also true: you are not alone in what you are going through. Even if everyone else seems calm and composed around you. Turn to Light and be reminded you do not have to carry these shadows on your own. You are allowed to have questions. You are allowed to wonder why. You are allowed to need peace at morning 2pm and midnight. Take a deep breath whenever you can. May the exhale give you the smallest, sweet release amidst all you do not understand. MHN

38,631 447

1 - You may not know what is coming next but this is the nature of traveling in the depths. This is the nature of living a courageous life. You're already on the path. You're already right here, in the middle of it. Breathe deep and trust: you can know peace without knowing tomorrow. You can still know deep joy even though you have known deep sorrow. You have not seen all there is to see. And that is a beautiful thing. There will be mountains up ahead and there will be open space, too...abundant room to continually be reminded: there is more ahead of you. And it's worth the wait. It's worth it to keep pacing yourself and traveling through this day by day. 2 - Just in case no one has told you lately, you've got this. When you're right in the middle of the course and all you think about is how far you have to go, you might feel like you'll never make it. But even then, this path beneath your feet is woven with endless, boundless grace that reminds that your faithful steps matter even if you are traveling at a slower pace. 3 - There will be some areas of your life where progress comes long and slow, but that does not mean you must give up. That does mean that you will not see restoration, healing, and, love. We tend to think in the span of weeks and months but oh, we were made for the long-run. We were made for the slow and thorough faithful work. We are made to go through fire, and come out shining, refined as gold. (Continued in comments)

56,844 677

breathe right here in the middle of it all breathe right here before it all makes sense. breathe right here before it all makes sense. there is a lot you cannot control, and this is also true: the wisdom you are gathering from doing what you can do is gracefully strengthening you. you are further along than you think you are not who you used to be and thatisabeautifulthing you are redefining what it means to give your all. your are cultivating new rhythms of rest. you are learning to love deeply. you are learning to love fully, you are letting fiery goodness fill your bones. you are learning to let go of age-old fears you are learning to worry less about who you need to impress you are letting love challenge old ways of thinking. you are doing the work. and it matters. - @morganharpernichols III 
Comment below: 1-type "hope is" in the comment box 2-let autocorrect add the next word(s) 3-i’ll pick a few and write short poems in response!

77,703 499

Whenever you start to feel the pressure to do more, as your shoulders tense up with stress, and your jaw tightens as you push your way right through your need for rest, turn your face to the nearest window. Catch a glimpse of a cloud. A leaf in the wind. Let everything in you soften as you notice these natural rhythms too easily forgotten. We demand so much of ourselves, we forget about the way of the trees, we forget that before flowers bloomed they were seeds, only springing up in season, never telling us the plans or reasons for why they grow the way they grow, and yet, when we look at them we know, there is fullness to their becoming unconcerned with human notions of productivity and perfection, rooted in connection, in-tune to something more. Oh, how easily we forget in our rush from one thing to the next that despite what we’ve been told, we have built in rhythms of rest, and slow, beautiful progress, slow. Slowly, we grow one day at a time. We realize the wholeness of it all. and leave the pursuit of perfection behind. MHN

32,475 182

Oh how beautifully you are learning to live a little less afraid. Slowly learning to trust that no matter the times you have felt you were too much or not enough, through it all, you were still loved. Even when love does not come from the same places where it used to, and the rolling hills of possibility fall down to their knees around you, this is still true: the sky is wide and blue above. Let its endlessness remind you of the endlessness of love. The trees that surround you will continue to creak in the wind, and your hope for a beautiful future might be weaker than it’s ever been and yet still, you will learn to trust as sure as the ground is steady beneath your feet, you have not known the ends of love. Your heart has not seen all there is to see. Have courage, dear one, and trust, even here, you are loved. You are loved. MHN

44,174 208

Keep sowing seeds of peace with the words you speak. Keep sowing seeds of hope with the work you make. Keep sowing seeds while you are right here, on the journey. Keep sowing seeds while you are still learning. Keep creating in the waiting. And remember: you are on a long and winding path. The years will come and go but what lies at the heart of it all will last. You are not the work you do, but you can still bring your heart into the room. Even if no one notices but you. Let your courage shine through. Bring empathy, and a posture of love into the fold. Let what you make reflect what matters to the soul. Dare to be connected in a deeper way. Let your heart have its say with the beautiful, honest work you make. MHN II This series was inspired by a conversation I had with illustrator @rockinruksi for my #artfromconversations project. I asked Rukmini about her creative process and this is what she shared with me: “In the process of creating things, it’s not about the final result or is the piece good or not. It’s about: ‘where is this leading me towards?’ I see my art as really leaning toward being a service to people helping them understand their emotions.” Rukmini’s words and her work are beautiful reminders that the work we do less about how well it performs and more about: how can I contribute? How can I help others feel reflected? How can I remind myself of what matters most, beneath all of the layers of life’s distractions? May these be the kind of questions we ask about our work during this time. Let this be a space where we focus more on connection than perfection. Let us keep creating even in the waiting. Let us keep sowing seeds in uncertainty. Follow @rockinruksi for beautiful art and words that will speak to your soul. Watch my story for all of the free wallpapers from this series! @morganharpernichols

61,994 482

when it is hard to hold on know that to “hold on” does not mean traveling through this perfectly it does not mean having answers for everything it does not mean a life free of fear and worry holding on is to carry on knowing that to be human is a beautiful, yet fragile thing and it does not make you weak to travel a little slower right now mhn

75,127 559

Let September be September. Let October be October. Practice stillness where you need to practice stillness. Take action where you need to take action. Give energy to the things you need to give energy to. Rest where you need to rest. And through it all, trust: no matter what you are waiting for, you are not simply waiting. You are growing in your capacity to be prepared for what’s to come. Feel the full weight of your losses. And also, feel the full weight of your joys. You are free to laugh. Sing. Cry. And you do not always have to have a reason why. Keep taking deep breaths. Keep trusting in the process. Exchange overthinking for overwhelming peace that says, “I will carry on with faithfulness even though I do not have answers for everything. I will continue to trust in what is greater than me.” For there will come a time when the autumn leaves that once burned amber and gold will fold and fall to the ground, and evening time will settle in more quickly than it settles in now, but morning will come with sunlit windows and soft wind-blowing sounds, and in that slowness, there will be an all-new rhythm found, here in the wild of earth and air. And whatever lessons October was meant to teach you will meet you there. Reach out, touch the leaves, feel their colors as they burn, in the wild of changing things, ask, “What am I meant to learn?” MHN Watch my story for the free wallpaper versions: @morganharpernichols

71,570 592

Here’s to the quietly strong. Here’s to the one who has been working through things that you don’t even have words for…even here, you are worthy of long, slow deep breaths. Even while you are currently working through all of this. Here’s to the one who is realizing that sometimes singing is a sign of strength. Sometimes letting go is a sign of strength. Your strength does not have to look like anyone else’s in order to be strong. Sometimes strength comes with a power pose but many other times it’s just the exhale you take at the end of a memory of something your grandmother used to say. It's realizing that even through all of the anxiousness, here you are, working through it, anyway. Sometimes strength is tears streaming down your face as you breathe out the words, “it is well." Strength is knowing that you're not weak if strength looks different day by day. Hour by hour, even. Let this be the October you learn to embrace the wholeness of what strength looks like. Let this be the time of your life where you chose to think nothing less of the slower days. Where you chose to think nothing less of the evenings where you just needed a moment to sit and process things. Let this be a time of your life where you don't think less of yourself when you feel weak. And may you travel through these next few weeks remembering that even when you have perfected the smile that makes it seem everything is okay now, you were never meant to carry all of this on your own. And feeling does not make you weak. There is a lot going on right now, and this is also true: it’s not all up to you to sort through all of this right now. Breathe through this. Sing through this. Invite all of your available senses to this. Let the splash of the dishwater and the laughter from the other room and the cars passing on the street behind you all remind you that you live in a world where a lot of other people are doing what they can to be strong right now. Love. Listen. Be patient. Loosen your shoulders at the presence of the sunset. No matter the tension or stress, these are examples of strength. - @morganharpernichols


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