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42.2% of monsoonbreeze's followers are female and 57.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.00%. The average number of likes per post is 184 and the average number of comments is 23.

Monsoonbreeze loves posting about Moms, Fashion, Lifestyle.

Check monsoonbreeze's audience demography. This analytics report shows monsoonbreeze's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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42.2 %
57.8 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 71.62 %
  • Travel & Tourism 65.46 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 60.63 %
  • Children & Family 45.95 %
  • Photography 45.66 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 44.16 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 40.87 %
  • Business & Careers 38.13 %
  • Luxury Goods 35.60 %
  • Art & Design 33.75 %
  • Technology & Science 33.66 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 32.95 %


207 40

Leave me a 💛 yellow heart if you love bright shades of clothing for your lil ones..💛💛💛 Is it the #winter yet?? The good thing about #dubaiwinters is the bright and sunny days🌞 without the for us its the outdoor weather😊 and time for all bright outfits..we have started taking out our winter hoodies from last year and washing and drying them to get ready..and guess what he doesn't fit into many of grow up so fast right.. . . Happy Thursday sweethearts..💛💛💛💛 . . #dubaimoms #dubaikids #dubaiinfluencer #dunaimums #dubaimalayali #dubaimedia #dubaitourism #dubai #mydubai #instagrammers #igers #uaepr #Kerala #imalayali #havekidswilltravel #getoutside #curiouslittleexplorers #beingmom #motherhoodrising #travel #beingmom #weekend #happyweekend #igersdubai #abudhabimoms

195 22

GREEN | ECO | Environment | Climate change etc. have become the buzzwords of today. Social media is creating quite a big impact on us to take small steps towards getting more environment friendly. There are steps we can do everyday, starting with small actions. . . So a few months ago we switched to an #ROfilter after hearing all the benefits, hoping it would replace all the plastic bottles. I was super proud of it until I started noticing the water bills. How could I be so naïve, to find out later that most RO filters need to drain out approx. 3 litres of water for every 1 litre water produced. So on an average as a family of 4 if we consume  8 to 9 litres of water  a day, 24 to 27 litres of water goes into drainage. Then began my research on how to reuse this water. If you live in a villa its much easier to reuse. Suggested ways are to . 💦water the plants 💦to wash your car 💦have a small overhead tank and use it direct to your washing machine 💦Use it for cleaning toilets and moping the floor 💦use it for washing the dishes . . So I pulled out the drain pipe and put it into a bucket. But the reality was that the bucket would sometimes get filled up while we were sleeping or busy with something and fill up the kitchen. Sometime the bucket being heavy and me being pregnant I always need someone to lift the bucket and take to laundry room or the bathroom for cleaning the bath. And we hardly have 5 to 6 plants at home that do not consume more than a litre of water per day. So overall, things were getting difficult and finally I put the drain back to the drainage pipe. . . But it doesn’t go away from my mind to see the water being wasted. I don’t say I do everything else so perfectly for the environment. But if there was an easier way to do it I would love to try it. I am putting this out here because none of the promoters or marketers told me about this side of a water filter. If you also live in an apartment and use an RO filter please tell me how do you reuse the water without causing much of pain? And if you are someone living in an apartment and considering to switch, please do your research and find out ways to solve this before you install. . .

251 46

Are you a super cool mom or an #OverProtectiveMom For the most part of my role as a mom, I have always been this over protective mom. 🙈I have had my own reasons and situations for being that kind of a mom. . . However, this also meant, that it affected his confidence levels. He is mostly a very shy boy and not always social. I also did not make him do all his stuffs himself. . . Now that he is going to be a big brother soon I try to slowly make him independent and outspoken. Baking/cooking together is something both of us have enjoyed right from he was around age of 2. He is always the one who helps me mix the ingredients. . . Few days ago, I came across an article in which a mom talked about one of the very common mistakes we moms make. While she was baking with her son, her son always does the mixing parts for her. And then after he is done mixing, she takes the bowl and mixes one last time. And one day her son blurted out “ I hate when you do that”!! . . So true. I too make the mistake always. I make him mix and in the end tell him, “ Good Boy” and next moment I am mixing it again. So indirectly I am conveying him the message that his work is not enough. Mommy still needs to do the finishing touches to make it perfect! . . Ever since I read this article, I am now trying to make him do things himself and embrace the imperfections in the results. I don’t try to do last touch ups on his coloring. I don’t do last touch ups on his crafts. Because now I know, if he needs to gain confidence in himself, I need to first have confidence in him and embrace those little imperfections! . . Share with me your tips on how to make kids a little more confident in themselves. . . #uaemombloggers #igersuae #igersdubai #dubaimoms #dubaikids #dubai #mydubai #dubaimums #motherhood #parenting101 #indianmoms #indianmomblogger #abudhabimoms #raisingkids #candidchildhood #havekidswilltravel #getoutside #curiouslittleexplorers #beingmom #familytravel #ig_travel #havekidswilltravel #getoutside

164 26

“You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.” . As these words from @msrachelhollis strikes through me, I would like to take a step back at one of the darkest phase of my life. . . Back while I stayed home, taking a break from my career, and an year or two after I joined back to work. The problem was not about being a #SAHM or being a #workingmom The problem was hidden deep within me. I was struggling day in and day out. I wasn’t sure what was going on. My days were all filled with tears for no apparent reason. I felt I was breaking down. . . There were some days while I stayed home, I wasn’t even finding time to take bath. My days and nights revolved around my son and my husband. I would wait for my husband to come home and take me out. But those days he was going through the busiest days of his career and this never happened. I was absorbing all his stress as well. There is one thing with stress. It doesn’t go away until you find a way to let it go. . . Not having a driving license was the excuse I made for myself not going anywhere. And after getting a license or #GettingBackToWork did not change things much. The stress kept building on, until I had reached the breaking point. One fine day I decided to take control of things. That was when I incorporated these into my lives. . . 💕Start a bit of nighttime routine everyday so I spend at least 3 to 5 mins on myself a day . 💕Got back to reading . 💕Once a week skincare with a DIY facemask. I also have readymade masks like these from @st.ivesarabia for busy days . 💕A bit of walking every other day or hit the gym ( now its only walking these days) . 💕Be mindful of what I eat . 💕At least once a month take sometime to catch up with someone who is not from home or work. Friday mornings are the best for this, as it doesn’t interfere with my family time. . . These might sound very simple, but were #lifechangers for me. . . ❤P.S. Thank you all for the support on my #returntowork series ( check my previous post). I am motivated to work on the posts for the coming weeks. Love you all #dubaimoms #dubaimums #flatlay #selfcare #womensupportingwomen #wahm #SelfDevelopment

215 51

#MomsReturnToWork Part 1: One of the most common questions I get asked on this platform are regarding my life as a working mom, or how did I manage the stage of getting back to work after a #careerbreak. While I am not an expert #coach, I can totally share a few things based on my own life experience. Swipe to see the very first slide, which shows the topics that I intend to share with you all in this series. One topic each will be covered every week. . . And swipe more to see a few tips from me regarding the Preparation stage – Social preparation. . . I will be putting all the posts in this series under the hashtag #ReturnToWorkwithBilna so you can click and get all the posts in a go. Stay tuned for the next week’s updates. Meanwhile, if you find these helpful, please do share with your friends and other moms who are currently looking forward to get back to work. . . #returntowork #motherhood #sahm #wahm #mompreneur #strongwomen #workingmom #bosslady #communityovercompetion #womensupportingwomen #returntoworkmums #careercoach #careergrowth #dubai #dubaimoms #dubaimums #mydubai #uaemombloggers #igersuae #igersdubai

295 30

Throwback to our last #weekend stay at @jaresorts Ja Lake View Hotel and proudly standing infront of the project I have been part of for the last 2.5 years.. #womeninconstruction . . #CivilEngineer #wanderingwomen #wanderlust #staycation #dubaimoms #dubaikids #dubaitourism #dubai #mydubai #dxb #unitedarabemirates #dubaihotels #jaresorts #jalakeviewhotel #femalehustlers #familytravel #dubaimums #pregnantindubai

186 16

Here are a few simple tips for everyday peace of mind. I mean I am not trying to talk about #selfcare #eatinghealthy, #meditation or #workout. All these sure boost up your mind and would give you much better #mentalwellbeing.  But here I am sharing a few very simple things that you could do without much effort everyday. . 😊 Let go off the arrogance: We all have a busy life. I have seen people get frustrated and arrogant at strangers for some silly things.  For example I have seen quite a few times on the roads here. If a guy does some mistake on the road, overtaking him and guess what, applying sudden brake after overtaking him. In the hope that he would hit on your back so that he gets a fine. How ridiculous is that? They do not think about the time and energy that would be wasted after that little moment. Getting the paperwork, getting their own cars repaired and what not. Why do we need that kind of arrogance? Let go the arrogance we might feel towards a stranger. We may never see them again. Some may be rude. But then guess what. They are not part of our life. The few minutes or even more that we spend being angry is taking away moments of happiness and peace from our lives. . 😊 Cut of negative comments: We meet different people every day. And we cannot control what they say. It may be a random neighbor you meet in the lift, a colleague, another parent you meet at school drop off. Sometimes, they say things that we cannot accept or might hurt us. Whenever someone tells you something that hurts, think if this person is going to be in my life forever. If you will have to spend the rest of your life tolerating their comments. If not, just #moveON. . 😊 Don’t worry about what others are thinking about you: For us we are the center of our world. But for others. Really? Who cares. It is most likely they forget about you the moment you walk out of the room. And in case you become the topic of discussion in their gossip sessions, just be proud of it 😉 I mean there is something they might envy about you, so they need to find faults in you for their own satisfaction. Let it go! You have your own dreams to conquer. . What more would you add to it?

162 23

Yes I am a #strongwoman . But I do break down. And #breakdown and tears are not a sign of weakness. In fact that is a way of coping up with every day #pressures and #insecurities . . People think I am always #positive Well though I try to maintain my Insta account positive with pretty edited pictures, we all have those good and bad moments. We are all human. . . My #pregnancy hormones do contribute to a lot of #anxiety and #stressbreakdowns But here are a few things that has always worked for me. During or before #pregnancy . . ❤#Selfcare - Spending a few minutes for myself everyday. Grabbing a book to read and doing a quick night time routine for my skin. . . ❤Long talks with a loved one. I try to spend a half an hour speaking to someone really close and somwone who doesnt contribute to adding on to my anxiety. Having someone to talk to and open up to is a very important aspect. And I know. Not everyone are blessed to have someone who they trust to open up to. If you ever feel lonely try to find a person to talk to. I am also a DM away if you wana have a chat. I may not be your close friend but I promise to listen. . . ❤Plan ahead. I am someone who always think positive. But I also like to be prepared for the worst scenarios. So I always try to have a back up plan for myself. And that makes me feel a lot relaxed. In our culture people rarely shop for a #newborn for the fear of something going wrong. But because I am the kind of person who loves to have a plan, i have already making a #babyshoppinglist while I am at #26weeks pregnant. I just want to select the best for my lil one and have them ready in advance. Makes me feel a lot relaxed. . . ❤Eating well. I already have no choice with my #GestationalDiabetes I have to make sure to have a balanced meal. Even otherwise a good healthy meal in regular basis makes you feel a lot better. . . ❤I cannot #workout at this point. But I keep myslef active. I try to walk at every chance in my office and make sure my blood circulation is good. . . ❤Drink plenty of water . . ❤Above all live and let live. Dont let anyone's #negativity affect you or should you do something to hurt someone. . .

152 11

The days are getting tougher and heavier with a growing lil #babybump All I am trying to do is take less stress and be less bothered about so many things. . . I try to read a bit everyday. Well, I am not really a #bookworm In fact I read very less. A lot of people ask me for book recommendations thinking I read a lot. I don’t. When it’s a thriller I finish it in like 1 or 2 days. Or else it takes me a lot of days to finish off a book. This one for instance. I haven’t even finished half of this yet. I have had this book for a few months now. Whenever I read this one I read a page or 2 a day.  This is a book I would recommend for slow reading.  Enjoying every little word and the beauty of the language. It makes me very relaxed and feels like I am living in the mountains enjoying the sound of rain surrounded by innocent people. It’s the kind of place where I would love to spend my retired life.. . . So yeah! Now this book has become a part of my #selfcare routine when I want some time for myself alone at peace. What are your favorite books for some calm and peace? . . . #booksofinstagram #bookaddict #readingaddict #igbooks #bookishfeatures #booklover #booksarelife #goodreads #lovetoread #mydubai #dubai #dubaimoms #pregnancy #pregnantindubai #dubaimums #dubaipr #dubaimedia #flatlaystyle #flatlay #shotoniphone #shotoniphonexsmax #weekendvibes

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Because you really dont have to fit in.. . . 💕Live the life you want 💕Take that next step..turn your #passion into your #career.. 💕Take ownership of your actions.. ❤and the most important..Enjoy your life.. . . Because you are not meant to just fit in..💕 . . #uaemombloggers #womensupportingwomen #sahm #wahm #mydubai #dubaimums #motherhood #parenting101 #sahm #selfcare #womenquotes #inspiration #motivation #lifecoach #bosslady #mompreneur #strongwomen #workingmom #communityovercompetion #ladyboss

151 1

My boys! 💕 . . Can you guess the place? . . #uaemombloggers #igersuae #igersdubai #dubaimoms #dubaikids #dubaitourism #dubaimedia #dubaipr #ig_kids #curiouslittleexplorers #candidchildhood #havekidswilltravel #getoutside #daddyson #twinningwithdaddy #twinning #twinningiswinning

151 6

Good morning everyone! What are you all upto for the #weekend We are back from a #staycation and now here I am browsing through some good old pictures on my phone..this one from our last year's trip to #Georgia . . #travel #Dubai #mydubai #instagrammers #igers #dubaipr #ig_travel #tbilisi #kazbegi #beautifuldestinations #traveller #familytravel #travelling #landscapes #igersdubai #dubaimoms #dubaikids #dubaimedia


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