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69.0% of mommymundo's followers are female and 31.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0%. The average number of likes per post is 53 and the average number of comments is 6.

48.33% of the followers that engaged with mommymundo regularly are from Philippines, followed by Japan at 10% and Singapore at 5%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mommymundo's posts engager are coming from Philippines, Japan, Singapore, United States, Turkey.

Mommymundo loves posting about Moms, Design, Decoration.

Check mommymundo's audience demography. This analytics report shows mommymundo's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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69.0 %
31.0 %


  • Children & Family 75.33 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 69.96 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 69.07 %
  • Travel & Tourism 44.73 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.44 %
  • Art & Design 42.72 %
  • Business & Careers 40.27 %
  • Entertainment 35.07 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.78 %
  • Luxury Goods 31.70 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 30.84 %


  • Philippines 48.33 %
  • Japan 10 %
  • Singapore 5 %
  • United States 5 %
  • Turkey 3.33 %


3 0

Caring for our newborns comes so naturally for us moms especially with our nurturing nature and maternal instincts but a little help from our #MMCommunity wouldn’t hurt either. That’s why our parenting partner #BabyDovePH is here to bring you another online event on “Newborn Care and Infant Bathing” happening on October 31, 10AM via GoogleMeet. We invited pioneer Childbirth Educator, Rome Kanapi for another practical session so don’t forget to register and holler at your fellow mommy friends! Save the DATE! . . . . #babylove #newbornbaby #swaddle #burping #parenthood #raisingbabies #OnlineEvent

26 2

"Helping mommy in the kitchen with tools that are perfect for 𝗟𝗜𝗧𝗧𝗟𝗘 𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗦 👐🏻 With these #PracticalLifeActivities like cooking and baking, we are teaching our kids practical life skills which they will use until they grow up. 😊” — #REPOST @mommy.nicole Prepping your nutritious meals can be a bonding and learning activity with your kids! We wonder what delicious dish you are making with those veggies… Way to go as mommy Nicole as you carve out quality time with your daughter and as you #maketimefornourishment! Keep tagging us on your posts, moms! We love to hear from you! . . . . #Maketimeforwhatmatters #MMCommunity #eathealthy #healthiswealth #stayhealthy #getfit #kiddiemeals

51 10

Hooray to our winners who attended the #BabyHugs “Meal Planning for Picky Eaters” event last Saturday! It was such practical session and we hope you learned a lot on how to prepare nutritious meals for your little ones. To our winners, kindly DM us so we can send you your amazing prize from #HuggiesPH ! . . . . ⁣⁣#mommymundo #MaketimeforWhatMatters #mompowerment #mmcommunity #Winners

48 3

Learning when it comes parenting is a two-way street. It’s amazing how much we also learn along the way when it comes to raising our children. When it comes to positive discipline, there is mutual respect and understanding. We try our best to connect with our children more so we can learn the beliefs and motivation for their behavior. In collaboration with #BabyDovePH, join us as we discover how we can apply positive parenting and the value of incorporating this in our parenting style with Clarice Talavera-Aviñante @anneclarice. She will speak on “Parenting with Positive Discipline” on October 24, 10AM via Mommy Mundo Facebook LIVE! She will discuss how the perception of capability, significance and interpersonal skills play a part in raising capable and self-reliant children. She is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a member of the Positive Discipline Association. She founded Positive Parenting PH and is a mom of three. Spend your Saturday morning with us, #MMcommunity ! Don’t forget to set your alarms! . . . . #positiveparenting #raisingkids #parenting101 #parenthood #MommyMundo

65 10

Congratulations to our winners who attended the Ready for the New Role event last week! It was such an insightful session and we definitely enjoyed reading all the things you learned about self-love and self-nurture as a mom. To our winners, kindly DM us so we can send you your amazing prize from #BabyDovePH ! See you on our next event! . . . . ⁣⁣#mommymundo #MaketimeforWhatMatters #mompowerment #mmcommunity #BabyLove #Winners

73 18

It’s time for another #BabyDovePH event for new moms! We invited pioneer Childbirth Educator, Rome Kanapi to lead us on a hands-on workshop on “Newborn Care and Infant Bathing” happening on October 31, 10AM. It may seem easy but taking care of our little babies is a challenge — especially when they are so fragile and tiny. Say no more moms because this session will cover topics such as carrying baby, burping, diaper changing, bathing, swaddling and more! So be sure to save the date, we will post the registration details soon. If you’re an amazing mom of a newborn, comment below with the cutest baby emoji below! . . . . #babylove #newbornbaby #swaddle #parenthood #raisingbabies #mmcommunity #OnlineEvent

64 7

The world can be a better place when we look at how we can impact one child at a time. The things happening around us can easily be disappointing or devastating but we when we look at the sphere that we can positively influence which is our family, then there is hope. As parents, we have a big impact on our children’s upbringing and one parenting philosophy that was proven to reap long-term benefits is positive discipline. Imagine a world filled with disciplined, excellent and able individuals, that would surely be a wonderful world to live in! In partnership with #BabyDovePH, join us as we discover how we can apply positive parenting with Clarice Talavera-Aviñante @anneclarice. She will speak on “Parenting with Positive Discipline” on October 24, 10AM via Mommy Mundo Facebook LIVE! She is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a member of the Positive Discipline Association. She founded Positive Parenting PH and is a mom of three. Be sure to tune in, #MMcommunity ! See you! . . . . #positiveparenting #raising kids #parenting101 #parenthood #MommyMundo

70 5

Exercising is made more fun when you do it together! Like Mia’s new routine with her #TuesdaysWithTeamMomBods girls, here are some reps for you to try at home! “We all have those areas of our body that we’re self-conscious about, that we would like to tone up. If thighs are one of those areas for you, you’re not alone! While consistent cardio and overall body work out is still the recommended way to speed up the metabolism and facilitate overall fat loss, adding more muscle definition to tone certain areas is completely possible! #TeamMomBods Inner and Outer Thigh workout set specifically target the thigh muscles if you’re looking at stronger, more toned legs. The inner thighs actually are part of the core, so by strengthening them, you’ll be able to help prevent hip, knee and even low-back issues. Mia Rainbow Taps Side Kicks Side Lunges April @briesmum Sumo squats Side lunge with cross variation Alternating leg adductions Tin @_tinterest Weighted Inner thigh lifts Standing banded clamshell Inner thigh glides” — REPOST @miasison Thanks so much for sharing this workout! It’s so perfect for busy moms who want to get their bodies stronger and healthier! We’d love to see your #MaketimeforNourishment posts, don’t forget to tag us at #MommyMundo! . . . . #MMCommunity #mombod #workout #healthiswealth #getfit #stayhealthy

74 5

It’s a crazy situation for new moms around the world right now, especially now that the pandemic has caused fear and anxiety of the unknown. So how do we make the adjustment to this new role an exciting and happy time for new parents? How do we mentally and emotionally prepare as we transition to being new moms and dads? The solution is self-love and self-nurture according to the “Happiness Doctor”, Dr. Lia Bernardo @liabernardo. Catch her tomorrow, October 17, 2PM via Mommy Mundo Facebook LIVE for another #BabyDovePH event “Ready for the New Role” as she talks more about the preparations needed as we welcome our bundle of joy into our arms. She is the founding partner of @atmapremawellbeinggroup which specializes in Corporate Wellbeing Programs for burnout and anxiety prevention, value formation and life purpose. We sure are excited to hear from her and we hope you are too! Double tap if you're attending this! See you! . . . . #mmcommunity #parenting101 #raisingkids #selflove #momsanddads #mentalhealth #4thtrimester

35 0

"Way back in 2016, I was very sick and unhealthy. I had a myriad of weird symptoms from pain in different body parts, and my bloodwork was crazy. 😢 It took awhile for doctors to figure things out and the biggest help came from my Canadian naturopath in Hong Kong. 🍃. I had autoimmune diseases brought upon by being prescribed antibiotics 3x a year for chronic cough and allergies as a child to adulthood😢. I had also STOPPED exercising for 6 years! What seemed like a bad thing opened doors to good🌸 My eyes were opened to the world of herbs and biohacking and naturopathy. I detoxed, I learned to listen to my body and the food it needs and rejects🍃🍓 I began doing gentle exercises like yoga until I gained strength again⛅️ Today I’m studying homeopathy, fitness training, multi-current point stimulation acupuncture, biohacking and more🍃 I am strong 💪🏻 I fixed my mindset too🌸. Never stop keeping healthy. Go for your passions and your goals.” #REPOST @marilenstyles This is so inspiring, Marilen! We are with you and every mom who is on their fitness journey! We are so happy seeing your posts as you #MaketimeforWhatmatters, moms! Do share with us how you are making your bodies stronger and healthier even with the little steps that you are doing and tag us at #MaketimeforNutrition for a chance to be featured! We are cheering for you! . . . . #MommyMundo #MMCommunity #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #fitnessgoals #mombod #goodeats #nourishyourbody

56 7

Registration for “Meal Planning for Picky Eaters” ends at 6PM today! Don’t miss out on this chance to learn how you can prepare nutritious meals for your little ones and a chance to win 1-month supply of #HuggiesPH diapers and their interactive playbox! We are so grateful for Huggies for being an awesome parenting partner who has been supporting moms and dads for generations by providing us the right community and insightful events like this. We have invited Professor Luchie Callanta @herky_luchie, licensed RND and co-author of “Cooking for Health Series” to be our speaker and this will be hosted by the amazing mom @isafab. Just click the link in bio and tap BABY HUGS to register or type this on your browser: Tag your mom friends below so we can all learn together! See you! . . . . #HuggiesPH #MommyMundo #MMcommunity #parenting101 #eatingforkids #kidsfood #foodforkids #maketimefornutrition

36 2

Hey moms, you are in for another learning-filled session with our speaker for “Parenting the Positive Discipline Way” on October 24, 10AM via Mommy Mundo Facebook LIVE, made possible by #BabyDovePH ! Our speaker, Clarice Talavera-Aviñante @anneclarice is a wife to Bernard and a mom to three spirited and amazing kids. She is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a member of the Positive Discipline Association. She founded Positive Parenting PH with the vision of having a society of capable parents and emotionally-healthy children. She took up her degree in Psychology in the University of the Philippines at Diliman. Her background is in counseling psychology and has worked with kids and the youth in various capacities. We are looking forward to hearing from her as she talks about parenting goals or how parents want their kids to be as adults, the behavioral challenges parents are facing today, the importance of childhood and how to raise capable and self-reliant kids. Be sure to tune in, #MMcommunity ! See you! . . . . #positiveparenting #raising kids #parenting101 #parenthood #MommyMundo #positivediscipline #parenthood


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