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74.6% of missfoodwise's followers are female and 25.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1034 and the average number of comments is 52.

Missfoodwise loves posting about Food, Recipes, Cooking.

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74.6 %
25.4 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 88.70 %
  • Travel & Tourism 63.06 %
  • Art & Design 57.15 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 56.71 %
  • Books and Literature 47.24 %
  • Photography 46.58 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 42.74 %
  • Entertainment 40.58 %
  • Home & Garden 38.88 %
  • Technology & Science 37.18 %
  • Business & Careers 34.37 %
  • Children & Family 33.06 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 32.67 %


653 81

My favourite traditional English pottery @burleighpottery and myself are excited to host a giveaway together! The prize is my book #Oatsinthenorth and nearly 250£ worth of top notch pottery consisting of: A beautiful Blue Calico teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake platter, 2 cake plates and 2 teacups & saucers AND a copy of my latest book on British bakes ‘Oats in the North, Wheat from the South’. I am over the moon this prize will go to one of you and all you need to do to enter is the usual, follow me, follow @burleighpottery and leave a comment here and on Burleigh’s post saying why you’d love this tea set! Extra bonus point for those who go over to the Burleigh website and find my recipe for this treacle pumpkin tart, based on a recipe from my book and share a pic of it (don’t forget to tag both @burleighpottery and me so we don’t miss it). For me personally, using the “good” tea set really brightens the mood of lockdown and other odd things happening and I’m happy soon you’ll be able to set your table with these gorgeous items as well. @burleighpottery is made at @middleportpottery which is the oldest working pottery in England. This is history in your crockery! Over on my website www.missfoodwise.com you’ll find a photo reportage of Middleport pottery. Good luck to all! Competition ends 31st of oktober.

1,455 60

Did you spot me on BBC last night chatting to Ruth Goodman about Bakewell tarts versus Cherry bakewell tarts? You can read all about the history of Bakewell tart in my book Oats in the North, Wheat from the South. The first image is a Bakewell made with breadcrumbs and bitter almonds (no frangipane!) The second image shows different Bakewells through time. It’s one of my favourite subjects, and the town dedicated to Bakewells called Bakewell one of my most loved little English towns! I hope this pandemic will be over soon so I can pick up my work in the UK! You can catch the episode on BBC iPlayer, Inside the Factory, Season 5 Episode 1. . . #oatsinthenorth #britishbakingbook #britsbakboek #britishbaking #britishfood

852 31

It might be cinnamon bun day but these Chelsea buns don’t have a special day so I’m baking this British classic instead! And they do contain a small amount of cinnamon anyways! Recipe in my book Oats in the North and in the @sundaytimesfood ~ the trick is to roll the dough as thinly as you can manage! And did you realise these iconic buns were the first baked treats people queued around the block for? Yes indeed at the (sadly long since demolished) Chelsea Bun House! You can find that look into its history in my book! . . #oatsinthenorth #britsbakboek #britishbakingbook

526 16

Delighted to have contributed a recipe in this stunning book alongside @felicitycloake @nigelslater @dianahenryfood @fuchsiadunlop @ottolenghi @zoeadjonyoh and many more incredible people. The Food Almanac is a book by @mirandayork_ from @__atthetable__ and beautifully illustrated by @louisesheeran (love the pans!) ~ a collection of recipes and stories. Pictured are slices of Bakewell tart from my book #oatsinthenorth

1,015 58

Great British Bake Off is on tonight and the bakers have to make a Battenberg! This is mine from my book #Oatsinthenorth. I’m having serious FOMO because since #GBBO changed channels, we can no longer watch it in Belgium! So I’m seeing all the banter on twitter and am looking forward to the start of our own Bake Off in Flanders which will air very soon. I made this Battenberg together with my lovely friend and food stylist @kordalisk 🥰

1,608 114

It’s publication day for the American edition of my book #Oatsinthenorth Wheat from the South! Such an exciting day even though I’m spending it in France and not on my book tour in the US as was planned. I hope American peeps will enjoy my Oats in the North, which has been renamed “The British Baking Book” for the occasion, although the original title is is still on the cover too, hurrah! It helps if your husband is the designer of the book 🖤 @brunovergauwen Now I have a couple of days off, since I worked so hard all through the pandemic filming but also on something exciting to come which is still sort of a secret, so I started the day with a loooong hot bath in this chateau we stayed last night. Hence the crazy idea to take this picture, I mean we all need a bit of crazy! Have a lovely day you all 🖤 Pssst best way to get the US edition is from lovely Celia at @omnivorebooks in San Francisco ~ she sends nationwide! Support local book stores, always!

1,350 31

It was so windy by the sea today we hardly saw anyone on the beach from the view of our Bake Off tent. Quietness means we could safely venture out after filming for a little drink in a Belle Epoque bar within the Venetian gallery by the sea. For an hour or two it felt like we were on holiday, and after the rare day off yesterday with a long lazy lunch and walk my friend and make-up artist @inarazayn_mua and I were completely zen! Now to bed for an early start!

765 26

My recently re-released Dutch book duo is back for sale as a “Regula box” at the lovely bookstore @ludditesantwerp! Launched to celebrate the re-release of this matching duo, the box contains also a card set designed by my husband @brunovergauwen, a bottle of Flemish red wine and a Luddites tote bag (cos I adore a tote bag!) You can find the link to the box in my link tree in my profile! So pleased the box is back after selling out in just two hours in june!! Thank you @ludditesantwerp ♥️

506 9

Dinner of local mussels in the little quirky flat rental I share with my make-up artist and friend @inarazayn_mua. We’re filming 50 meters from the sea, I wish I could say I can smell it but oddly the sea doesn’t have a scent here, not like in Britain. Maybe it is the absence of fishing boats, or the lack of English weather. Maybe it’s the wide sandy beach, the absence of stones and rocks. I miss Britain and my favourite dramatic coastal towns and villages.

1,409 70

Scotch pies made with mutton from my #Oatsinthenorth cookbook, a perfect recipe for a small celebration of Eid al-adha tomorrow. My friend Inara told me that due to the pandemic Eid al-adha will be very different this year. No slaughtering, no large family celebrations, small meat parcels are picked up at the butchers and families make donations of the cost of a whole animal to a charity raising funds to gift Eid parcels to less fortunate families. These pies can be made with leftover sheep or lamb meat, but goat would work too. Perfect for the second or third day of Eid. A larger pie with mince as well as cubed lamb or mutton is my Sweet lamb pie, also in the book. I love a feast connected to food! Eid Mubarak to those celebrating tomorrow!

1,523 104

#womansupportingwomen Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we all supported each other? In reality I’ve had more women work against me than men have ever done. So please, don’t be hypocrites and look at yourself and when you’ve let jealousy take over to better yourself at the cost of another woman. I’m not going to tag any woman here though there are plenty bright and shining stars on my feed. Not being tagged by anyone is exactly the non-support we give eachother. Taggin one is excluding the other. So thank you to the women who nominated me, I see you, I appreciate you, I admire and support you, but most importantly I see all women. This is for all of you, famous or not, with lots of folowers or just a few, on instagram or in real life, all women. Lets stop making it difficult for eachother, it’s not a game. Lets end jealousy, lets end selfishness. Update: seems like with the black square many of us, me included, and just about everyone on my feed was unaware of the real reason behin these b/w photos: Thanks @kristeldriesmans for highlighting this to me: Turkish women started this ‘black and white’ photo challenge to raise their voice against femicides in Turkey. One form of protest is #ChallengeAccepted, where Turkish women posts black and white photos of themselves alive and well, in comparison with the black and white photos of victims appearing in newspapers. For more information check @auturkishculturalclub If you participate in this then please share this information so that the message won't get lost and the challenge doesn't lose it's meaning.

785 41

I made time to bake our bread for the first time in 3 weeks, or these Kentish Huffkins from my book to be precise. Called “huff”kins because according to a lovely story the bakers wife was “in a huff” or in a “mood” and pressed her finger down in all the perfect buns her husband the baker was about to put in the oven! I was in a huff too, I’ve been rushed off my feet (fell down on my face last week) filming on location by the coast half the week and the other half I’m prepping and finishing my next book’s edits. I am grateful to be busy but although snowed under work I just needed to stop and bake. In a panic over our imminent second wave of covid I also baked two cakes for the freezer for my lovely husband @brunovergauwen at home who is also working for Bake Off, illustrating our bakers cakes for the show. Madeleines were next, spread between two piping bags, one for now, one for the freezer. I feel calm now, having baked and having stuffed the freezer and the domed cake stand in our kitchen. Knowing there is food and treats in the house make me feel at ease. Nothing better than a stocked larder, fridge and freezer and lots or cakes to be had! Do you bake in advance? Did you know you can easily bake a cake and freeze, freeze madeleine and biscuit dough? Partly bake your buns and freeze for busy days? Life-savers I call them!


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