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57.1% of missangeljones's followers are female and 42.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 285 and the average number of comments is 16.

Missangeljones loves posting about Fitness, Coaching, Modeling.

Check missangeljones's audience demography. This analytics report shows missangeljones's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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57.1 %
42.9 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 70.17 %
  • Photography 53.60 %
  • Travel & Tourism 46.69 %
  • Art & Design 44.20 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.98 %
  • Business & Careers 41.20 %
  • Books and Literature 40.16 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 37.97 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 37.16 %
  • Movies and TV 36.50 %
  • Music 34.76 %
  • Luxury Goods 34.23 %


433 22

I admit that I don’t love working out and it’s something I have to push myself to do but I do it because I love what it does for me! - During this quarantine, with all the different emotions from anxiety to lethargy, all the more I extra push myself to workout and it gives me a positive energy boost, calms my anxiety and helps build my immunity to help keep away any virus. - Here are some of my favorite no equipment needed “tolerable” home workout exercises just to get my heart pumping. - Choose 4-5 of the exercises (or more) Do 40 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest For 3-4 rounds (or more! More the better) - Jump rope Jumping jacks Lunges Jump squats Squats Weighted squats Mountain climbers Plank Spider-Man plank Breakdancer w jump Breakdancer Inch worm Modified burpee Yoga combination (Plank to push-up to upward dog to downward dog ) Chair dips Modified chair dips Step ups - Shout out to Roxy for having such cute bikinis that go from swim, workout, play and tan. - Watch my full uncut video version on my YouTube channel - @roxyph @roxy

293 8

Easter has always been a time of reflection and this quarantine has been a forced period of reflection or in a way a mini rehabilitation time for many, but I’ll speak for myself. This time has made me see all the bad habits I’ve acquired in life and I’m learning to reflect and question Maybe our normal was was not normal at all? And I’m hesitant to go back to “normal” I want to question and choose the new normal I want to go back to. - This Easter Holy Week I want to share with you a poem that has Inspired me during this quarantine. - Kathleen O'Meara's poem, 'And People Stayed Home,' written in 1869. —- And people stayed home and read books and listened and rested and exercised and made art and played and learned new ways of being and stopped and listened deeper someone meditated someone prayed someone danced someone met their shadow and people began to think differently and people healed and in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways, dangerous, meaningless and heartless, even the earth began to heal and when the danger ended and people found each other grieved for the dead people and they made new choices and dreamed of new visions and created new ways of life and healed the earth completely just as they were healed themselves. —- ..... And may it be for all of us when this is over. 🙏🏼 Day 28 of Quarantine

208 6

Day 27 Quarantine. After workout glow. So many things I’m learning to appreciate during this lockdown and one of them is not wearing makeup (or bras 😂) I love wearing makeup but I’ve forgotten to learn to appreciate my face without it. So many rules to social beauty standards. I’m grateful to learn to remind myself to feel beautiful au natural.

204 11

In light of #Covid19, Project Headshot Clinic will be doing its first ever "Collaborative Photo Series" which will involve participants photo sent to Project Headshot Clinic for post processing like the artwork you see above. This project will require participants to donate a minimum amount directly to chosen institutions that are directly affected by Covid19. We, at Project Headshot Clinic believe that art can heal. And we are doing this small but impactful gesture to help heal our nation and hopefully the world through the beauty of "bayanihan" and the power of art! This is #OneWorld2020 You may visit link in bio to register! Thanks! (IG @headshotclinic )

354 31

Day 19 of quarantine. Put on a full face of makeup just to watch Netflix last night. What’s keeping you sane during this time?

260 5

Day 17 of “enhanced community quarantine “ - Figuring out new ways to entertain myself. Like trying to convince the pups to swim and tan with me in my low budget swimming pool. - Swipe to see my actual conversation with the pups.

344 10

Day 14 of Quarantine. Losing track of the days. - These days I’m seeing the need for less, and appreciating the simple little joys are the highlights of my days.

241 16

Day 12 Quarantine. Keziah Blue’s 18th birthday. - I can’t believe my baby Blue is finally 18. An adult! And to have this special day spent in Quarantine is not completely far off from my daughters character 😂 - This will probably be one of the more memorable birthdays of all the kids. Make shift gifts found at grocery stores, DIY decorating , gift wrapper from last Christmas, home made cards, home made cake and just hours of spending time. - No guests, No party, no dinner reservations, no lavish gift from a store to buy just family meaningfulness - As “primitive” as that may sound... I’m grateful that this quarantine has brought my family back to basics. Good old fashion quality time without outside distractions. - Perfect way to celebrate our Blue’s 18th birthday full of family, unfiltered, Non distracted time of togetherness.

101 1

Trying to stay productive during this time. emphasis on TRYINGGGG. - I’ve downloaded so many apps to better myself and I better come out of this quarantine a new person 😂 - Here’s some of the things I’m working on that maybe might inspire you while you’re in lockdown too. - •Working on finishing the books I bought but never finished. - •Workout everyday instead of eat all day. - • Clean out our home and look through all the clutter I usually avoid cleaning - •Have family dinners every night and build meaningful bonding time - •Daily devotionals or mindfulness to build my spirit - •Train the dogs more - •Build your social presence since that’s the only way to reach anyone now lol - •Finish the videos I began to film - •Help out those in need by donating or finding ways online - •Cook more and learn new dishes to make - Any suggestions to this list?? What are you going to work on while under this community quarantine?


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