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🔮 Sewing, knitting and embroidery 🔮 dog mom 🔮 danish, living in Hamburg ⚓️ 🔮 sewing guide for the blouse:

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.90%. The average number of likes per post is 88 and the average number of comments is 9.

15.04% of the followers that engaged with milledschmidt regularly are from Germany, followed by Denmark at 14.16% and United States at 6.19%. In summary, the top 5 countries of milledschmidt's posts engager are coming from Germany, Denmark, United States, Austria, France.

Check milledschmidt's audience demography. This analytics report shows milledschmidt's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Germany 15.04 %
  • Denmark 14.16 %
  • United States 6.19 %
  • Austria 6.19 %
  • France 4.42 %


67 12

I made my first Christmas gift 🐭 any ideas for a name for him/her? #knitting #strikk #stricken #strik #christmas #gift #homemade #diy

122 7

I DID THE THING. I finished my first sweater in two weeks (cannot recommend). I used a pattern from @laerkebagger (can highly recommend, she’s fantastic and encouraging 🪐) A couple of days ago I asked how long you think it takes to make a hand-knitted sweater. The answers ranged from 10 hours to 5 months. I think I approx. knitted 50 hours on this one. So next time your grandma/grandpa/anyone gives you a knitted anything, you better be grateful and wear it with pride! 🧶👻 (Also scary to think about how cheap clothes are and once you start making your own you realize this even more). I’m off to see some second hand stores and resting my shoulder for some hours 😅 #alonetogethersweater #knitting #stricken #strikk #strik #scraps #yarnlove

244 7

Do you even know how much work goes into a sweater? 😬😅 I’m knitting sleeve number two, then I need to add ribbing to the bottom and the new sleeve. Then I will fine tune a little bit and then I am dooone 🧶 I asked my mom if I’d be able to knit a jumper in my autumn holidays (2 weeks) and she just laughed. Well, we’ll see 😉 #alonetogethersweater #sweater #knitting #strikk #stricken #strik #scrapyarn #recycle #handmade #slowfashion

80 2

I started the front piece for my #alonetogethersweater yesterday and I knitted like a maniac. Getting there row by row 🧶🍄 I keep my scrap yarn in a glass container - it looks nice and is super easy to work with that way ✨🌸 can’t wait to see how this sweater turns out ✌🏽 #knittersofinstagram #knittinglove #knitting #strik #strikke #stricken #strickenmachtglücklich #alonetogethersweater #laerkebagger #reuse #recycle #scrapyarn

42 3

Second hands finds of today ✨ the cards are actually old telegram-cards, they are so wonderful 💘 the label with the hare is gonna go on a knitted beanie. I also bought yarn and some zippers (0,80€) and homemade candles 🕯 🕯 do you shop second hand? #secondhand #thrift #genbrug #vintage

41 2

Little side-project (meanwhile all the other projects are looking at me like this 🙄😅). This only took 45 minutes or so. Maybe someone wants to do something similar this weekend ✨✨ Also: the creative Christmas calendar project is going great, there are already more than 20 participants - if you want to join, send me a message (have a look in the CCC highlight for more information). Have a great weekend! We’re going to the little holiday house in Denmark 💘 #weekendproject #tutorial #embroidery #sticken #broderi #sysysy #diy #hjemmelavet #handmade

75 5

Tiny tiny embroidery on the collar of the vintage blouse. I also dyed it, because it did have some stains - the stains have now turned even darker than before 😂😂 so I think I’ll have to embroider something on there as well. But the collar looks nice 👻 #makersgonnamake #embroidery #sticken #broderi #handmade #vintage #secondhand #upcycle

73 6

Sooo, I made a sewing guide. It’s not professional or anything, but hopefully it will help you. The link is in my bio 👻 make one for you, then make one for your mom, your BFF or whoever ✨ it’s a perfect Christmas present as well 😉 If you make a blouse, please share it! You can use the tag #millesblouse 🌻🌻 #sysysy #stoffundstil #stoffstildiy #makersgonnamake #millesblouse #sewing #sewingguide #diy #tutorial #sewingtutorial #upcycle #repurpose #thriftflip

117 24

Turned out pretty good, don’t you think? Ready for autumn 🍂✨🔮 Also yes, this was a bedsheet (2€ in a second hand shop) the sleeves are inspired by @mariamollerdk #makersgonnamake #sewing #bluse #diy #gingham #nähen #sysysy #blouse #psimadethis #nähenistwiezaubernkönnen

96 9

1,2,3,4 - the gangs all here! I’m ready to take on a bigger project (maybe a slipover - or a sweater?) do you have any suggestions? #nybegynderhuen #yarnjunkies #stricken #knitting #handmade #soestrenegrene #idee_creativmarkt #stoffstildiy

136 15

Perfect weather for my #nybegynderhuen 3 days, 3 hats - my hands need to rest for a while 🌚 Next up will be a sweater I think 😱 any recommendations for beginner patterns? Also swipe to see how perfect the colours change, it’s so satisfying 👻💘 #knit #yarnjunkies #knitting #hat #doodle #strik #strikke #stoffstildiy #idee_creativmarkt

70 17

I’m a little proud, because I MADE MY FIRST BEANIE. My mom is a really good knitter and always thought, that she couldn’t teach me, because I’m left-handed. Turns out, that doesn’t matter 😅 So here it is: my new friend for autumn. I started yesterday at 5:30 pm and was done at exactly midnight - with some small interruptions. I used the guide #nybegynderhuen from @yarnjunkiesdk and the wool is from @sostrenegrene - it changes colours while you knit, that’s super smart. Ps you are all probably getting beanies for Christmas 🎄😉


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