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76.0% of mikobowen's followers are female and 24.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1404 and the average number of comments is 54.

53.75% of the followers that engaged with mikobowen regularly are from United States, followed by Indonesia at 5% and Australia at 5%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mikobowen's posts engager are coming from United States, Indonesia, Australia, China, Russian Federation.

Mikobowen loves posting about Lifestyle, Children, Home Decor.

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76.0 %
24.0 %


  • Children & Family 87.45 %
  • Art & Design 72.42 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 72.38 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 60.37 %
  • How-to & Style 50.99 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 47.11 %
  • Home & Garden 45.22 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.50 %
  • Travel & Tourism 42.36 %
  • Entertainment 41.35 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.34 %
  • Business & Careers 31.66 %


  • United States 53.75 %
  • Indonesia 5 %
  • Australia 5 %
  • China 3.75 %
  • Russian Federation 2.5 %


1,041 52

The sun peeked it’s head out this week and all we can think about around here is when we can get out on the water again. We did something last summer that we never thought would be on our radar. We bought a boat. But what we really bought was uninterrupted quality time full of endless fun and memories made to last with our family + friends. And we can’t wait until we can do it all again. Summer can’t come fast enough. Or better yet, the lake can’t unthaw fast enough #getmeonthewater 🌊 @fredsmarine

1,687 120

Our basement bathroom remodel reveal! This is now my favorite bathroom in our home! Swipe to see a good before and after. I try to take a photo in the same spot and the same angle so you can really see the transformation! All sources are linked in my stories so head there! If I missed something comment below and I’ll get back to you 🤍

975 42

First post of 2021.. what is life. These two babies of mine are the best valentines a mama could ask for. Also, get ready because I’m still doing my #mbvalentinesdates with each of my kids this month! It’s my fave tradition and I’m never stopping it ❤️ hope you all know how much you’re each loved and how grateful we are for you. Thanks for being here and following along with us! our matching sweatshirts are from @kcsnead

2,051 46

Christmas 2020. Grateful for this ever changing annual matching pjs photo we take. It shows the evolution of our family and all the different stages it’s been through. Sad we were missing one adult child this year, but excited to add our first grand baby to the mix! She turned one on Christmas Eve and has brought so much joy to each and every one of us! Wishing you all the Merriest Christmas! 🎄✨ ps. Please note Liam wearing his brand new Nike blazers he got from Santa 😂 also putting my money down now that he will be taller than all of us in next years photo.

1,640 37

I blinked and she’s 25!!!! My beautiful daughter, my girl, my firstborn, my strong but also the most tender hearted, thoughtful, kind, funny, caring, give you her shirt off her back daughter is as she says “a quarter of a century” old! She says she feels “old” but she knows she’s young at heart just like her mama. I’m so in love with her and the woman she is continually growing into. Happiest Birthday @taysage - remember your worth beautiful girl! I love you! 💕

1,559 72

I love being a (grand) ma!! Or Gigi, Mimi, or whatever this precious girl decides to call me! Still crossing fingers it’s one of those because I don’t know why the title and being called grandma still feels so old to me! 🙈👵🏼 I’m over here most days still feeling like I’m in my late 20’s, maybe early 30’s, and wanting to stay forever young! Team never get old! Anyone else feel me!?

489 538

GIVEAWAY ✨🤍 @madebymary - CONGRATS to our WINNER @inthelymelife 🎉 Gratitude giveaways!! Over the next week I’m going to be sharing discount codes and giveaways of products and companies I’m grateful for and truly love! Just a little way for me to say thank you all for being here and choosing to follow our family in this space. We are incredibly grateful to every single one of you! I don’t think it comes as a surprise how much I adore @madebymary jewelry! Mary the owner is a true gem, the kindest soul and I am so grateful to know her and her heart. Plus she’s super funny too! Each piece she designs has so much thought, meaning and love poured into them. From rings, to bracelets to earring to necklaces I love and live in them all. However, the wave necklace for me holds such a special place in my heart. It’s what I clung to when I received the news of my Dad paraplegia. What constantly gives me peace to weather the storm and keep riding all the wonderful waves of life 🌊. See my stories for more of her beautiful pieces. Today I’m giving away a wave necklace + $100 gift card to @madebymary so you can choose some of her lovely jewelry for you or someone you love! all you have to do to enter is :: :: follow @mikobowen :: tag a friend(s) you’re grateful for :: 5 bonus entries + + share this giveaway to your stories + tag me (template in my stories!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ps. I also have a discount code for you too!! There aren’t any codes right now so this is your chance to grab some pieces at 15% off!!! “MBMXMIKO15” Hurry because it’s only here for 48hrs!! giveaway + discount code ends 11/22

1,031 40

I’m grateful for the gift and ability to use my legs. As i get older I’ve become super aware of the immense privilege it is to walk, hike, and run to all the different and beautiful corners this earth provides us. I don’t think we often realize how much of a gift it is to have the use of our legs, and is something most of us easily take for granted. I use the stairs whenever and wherever I can and never miss a chance to run, or play, or hike to spend time exploring with my favorite people. Also for some good laughs keep swiping for the last video. 🖤😂 #givethanks

1,211 91

Caught some light this morning shining through our one window/door into this basement space and thought it was time for a little before and after. I always love seeing these, so I’m going to start sharing some of our basement renovations! I still have a lot more decorating to do, but it will happen all in due time around here 🤪. When you get to the before picture; this kitchen sits where the wonderfully organized toys were sitting on rainbow painted shelves. We pushed out the wall on the right of the shelves where there used to be a door for more space for this bonus basement kitchenette. Which I mainly wanted so the top ramen, Mac n cheese, and pizza messes that are made by my kids and friends could be made somewhere other than my kitchen 🙌🏼💁🏻‍♀️ #beforeandafter

1,169 22

Just a simple moment from today. I leaned over the banister as I was putting away laundry in our bedroom to this scene. Her just laying there with her pup telling me about her day at school and asking me what she should have as a snack. As I think back on my older adult kids I remember less and less of these simple moments that made my heart smile. Lately it’s been on my heart to be better about documenting + journaling as many of these little snippets in time as I can before they all slip past as fast as the others have. ✨❤️

319 31

#ad Tonight’s turkey chili dinner brought to you by the “saved me too many times to count while in a pinch because I forgot my wallet” convenient and easy to use @krogerco Kroger Pay app!! 😂 Seriously though! Truly love the ease of use and access to the simple and secure contactless checkout using my phone when I run into the grocery store! Plus, being known for always forgetting my wallet but never my phone serves me well in this instance! Try it! Download the Kroger App now! 🙌🏼 #krogerpay

1,266 42

Not sure how a whole decade with this sweet girl in our lives has already come! Our baby girl has officially hit the double digits. 10!! You guys my BABY is 10!! I honestly can’t believe it! She’s truly still my baby and forever will be the very best gift I’ve been given. We are celebrating her all weekend long because around here you get a birthday week! Plus none of us are ready for the fun to be done! We love you so much Liliana and are so grateful for the bright, happy, always smiling + signing little tunes energy you bring into our lives! Happiest Birthday baby girl!!! 🎈🥳🎈 PS. I just took a trip down memory lane... she’s been on the gram nearly her whole life at this hashtag #lilianaevie

1,949 63

You know how grandparents always tell you “you just wait, being a grandparent is the best thing ever” and you’re kind of ummmhmm.. yeah sure, because you just don’t know. Like don’t comprehend what that could really be or feel like. Well you guys I am here to tell you and can truly attest that being one IS the best thing everrrrrrr!! Like holy cow I love this little granddaughter of mine more than I can even express!! Tonight she swam in our pool for the first time and she absolutely LOVED it! I had to grab a screenshot from my stories because I never want to forget the pure joy I felt watching her happy kicks and little giggles as she splashed around all night! #grandmalife

948 46

This little lady laid our first egg today!!! Our Easter egger! She’s actually one we were scared could have been a him so we are extra excited! I had a sneaking suspicion that they may have been laying around the yard these past few weeks before I decided to keep them in their coop and run for a few days (a smaller area) instead of letting them free roam in our entire yard dawn to dusk. I’m thinking now we need to search our yard for some more eggs! So chicken friends, need your advice. These girls aren’t laying in their nesting boxes. And a few of them are instead sleeping in them. Any tips for us? Our last chickens never did this so I’m at a loss here! I’m afraid I’ve been too lax of a chicken mom 🙈 #chickenmom #backyardchickens

1,610 41

You know that thing that Edward and Jacob made famous? Imprinting! These two are the definition. Louis turned 1 today and was loved on extra by his girl. She made him gf confetti sprinkle cupcakes and let him have her leftovers all day long. A little back story. We actually got Louis because our old man Samson was on his way out and we wanted a new pup to learn from the best dog ever before he was no longer around. Unexplainably once Louis arrived, Samson revived! He was literally scheduled with our vet to be put down because he couldn’t get up and walk any longer. Fast forward to a year later, he runs around the backyard and plays tug a war with sticks all day long with him! We have a lot to thank this pup for! He’s been the best third dog we could ask for. We love you Lou Lou! 🐾 ❤️

1,171 20

These kinds of Friday nights have always been my very favorite kind to have. She’ll be 10 soon and I know all to well how much time is fleeting. We get 18 summers with our babes.. it’s a blip really. Trust me, my oldest is 24. I KNOW how fast it goes. How you’ll think back and wish you could rewind time and soak in more little memories. I’m living it right now. Every time I see my oldest daughter I wish I could scoop her up and turn her 10 again. But then I see her and the beautiful, strong, determined and smart woman she’s become and I’m beyond grateful for that too. Because it’s taught me to make sure that I try my best to make any little moment count ✨

1,123 17

Grateful for a long weekend with our little crew. All the family time was just what we needed. This is our second year with this backdrop for our #bowenfamily4th 🇺🇸❤️ Liam talked all weekend about missing the day’s of when all his older siblings still lived at home and we’d spend this holiday waking up early for breakfast in the park and the best old town parade. He also said he liked making new memories though too, and that sometimes change is good. Love his wise words so much. Hope you all had a happy 4th!

1,075 38

He cleaned the pool then took a dip this afternoon. Cutest little pool boy around. Who truly isn’t so little anymore. He passed me in height during quarantine and all he talks about lately is how when our basement remodel is complete he’s going to have his first kiss down there.. I’m sorry, what!? My mama heart is breaking and bursting all at once watching this 13.5 yr old baby boy of our brood grow up. #bittersweet #cutestpoolboyever

879 44

This is 43. I’m definitely not sure I’m any wiser and don’t have anything poignant to say other than find yourself some friends that celebrate you with a little chick fil a drive through for some fries + buffalo sauce and all the games of pickle ball on a rainy Tuesday night. I hit the jackpot with these girls and I’m so grateful for the friendships I’ve gathered as an adult. If I’ve learned anything as I’ve grown older it’s that we are always evolving. And as we continue to grow into ourselves and figure out who we are the right people come into our lives. These ones right here are some of my very favs. Feeling so much gratitude for friendships new and old, and time. Just time. I want more of it, more meaning from it. Something I think we always have plenty of but also never enough of. Really wanting to focus this year more on seeing it as a gift and living it. And this year so far I feel like I already got the ultimate gift of it on actual my birthday last week - my girl was and is ok from her accident. Giving us all the gift of some more time ✨❤️

768 45

We’ve been trying to bring some simple magical moments into all this time at home. And what better way than making s’mores!? #ad My kids tend to feel like the only time that you can make s’mores is if you’re camping. But I wanted to show them that s’mores fun can be had anytime, anywhere. For us in our backyard on a little tabletop fire-pit with no special occasion seemed like the perfect time. I love creating memories from simple moments. Did you guys know it was nearly a century ago three simple ingredients came together to form the tradition of making s’mores? On my last trip to our local Smith’s @krogerco store I grabbed all three ingredients to the traditional s’more. NABISCO HONEY MAID Grahams are made with real honey which my kids love! HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate, America's #1 Milk Chocolate Candy Bar that’s gluten free and kosher + KRAFT JET-PUFFED Marshmallows to surprise my kids with a little backyard s’mores party! It was such an easy way to make memories and start new family traditions! What are your favorite ways to make s’mores? #SmoreFunatKroger @honeymaidsnacks @kraftjetpuffed @hersheys

2,214 75

A portrait of a Gigi and her first granddaughter 💞 smitten is an understatement. I love her just as if she were my own but also in the most indescribable unique deep way too. The love I have for this little button is incredible. This Gigi life is where it’s at - all the grey hairs and all. 👵🏼

1,433 21

He’s 20!! My baby of our older bunch has officially left his teenage years behind. Giving us now 4 adult children in their 20’s. I’m sorry, what? Time is crazy. Like a for real crazy train. And how I can still remember every minute of his labor and delivery like it was yesterday is beyond me. He left a week ago today to head to Colorado to do summer sales with no experience whatsoever. On Monday (his first day on the job) he called me right after he got his first sale to tell me. I cried after we hung up. For 2 reasons. One, I felt so honored that I was his first phone call. His proud “hey Mom, guess what, guess who just got their first sale!?” Two, I’m just so freaking proud of him. For doing something that most won’t. Knocking on strangers doors in another state away from home selling pest control. These kids friends, these kids come from good homes, good families and are just out there giving their all, showing up willing to grow in so many ways and gain experience. It’s humbling to me. So please as a mama to one of those kids who might ring your doorbell on an evening after you’ve had a long day. Just know he’s had one too. He’s walked an entire day around a neighborhood and gotten a lot more no’s than yes’s. And that even if your answer is no, say it with a smile please. He spent his entire day, his entire 20th birthday, knocking doors and I’m just simply proud to be his mama. Happy Birthday bud, Love you more than you know @adencleverley 💙

1,506 119

Story time. A week ago today I hit a pretty big milestone in my Young Living business. But the truth of it is, it 100% would NOT have happened had it not been for this baby girl of mine. You see, she climbs into bed with me for a good cuddle every single morning. Well last Thursday, on the last day of the month she climbed into bed and snuggled into my arms and said “mom, today is your Diamond day” I responded with “I don’t know babe, I’m not sure it is. I think it’s a bit too far to go” her response was “well at least you could try”.😭😭😭 Did you catch that? “At least you could try”. A lesson from my 9 year old daughter that I will never forget. I looked her dead in the eye with the biggest tears in my eyes and said “you know what baby, YOU ARE RIGHT!” I spent the next 13 hours working harder, honestly sweating more than I have in my entire life, and ended the night as a Diamond. A rank in my business that means so much more the name of it. It means that I’ve played a part in helping thousands of people change their story, love on them, and help bring purpose. Have you ever been a part of something that wasn’t what you thought it would be? That you never saw for you in your future? That’s what this business is and has been for me. Something that is so much more than just my simple yes to this. Something I never knew I needed. Helping & watching others lives change from that simple yes, has filled my cup beyond overflowing. Turns out my sweet girl was right all along, it was my Diamond day. I just needed her to believe in me to make it happen. 💎 #lessonsfrommydaughter pS. Because I mentioned my rank - here’s the income disclosure https://static.youngliving.com/en-AU/PDFS/IDSOnlineVersion_PDF_US_Page3.pdf

890 64

Anyone else watching a bit (or maybe a lot in our case) more tv lately? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I know we sure have been! Although, we’ve been watching a fun family friendly show on @byutv called Dwight in Shinning Armor, and are absolutely loving it! Season 3 is airing right now and it’s full of fun challenges for princess Gretta (she’s been cast under a spell asleep for the past 1000 years) and Dwight a 21st century teen! If you want to catch up on the previous seasons you can on the BYUtv app. I know sometimes connecting with your tweens + teen can be tough, @dwightinshiningarmor is a show the entire family can watch together. My kids can’t get enough of it and know yours will love it too!! They sent us a fun box full of items that correlate with the characters + show and we are doing a giveaway for it! 3 lucky winners will get a Tovenar box and $50 cash!! Head to my stories to see what’s in the box!! (link in my stories has the official giveaway rules) Here’s how to enter: 1. Like this Instagram post 2. Follow @DwightinShiningArmor 3. Tag a friend or show fan! 4. Extra giveaway entry for every additional friend you tag! Giveaway ends Monday, April 27th 11:59pm EST. #byutvdwightinshiningarmor #sponsored

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We celebrated 15 years of marriage a few weeks ago. Both of us forgot until we received a text from my mother in law wishing us a happy anniversary. (Quarantine will do that to you.) We’ve been through a lot in these years. From bringing our kids together and adding to them with a couple of our own. To now being grandparents with only a few left at home. It’s been a journey all our own full of struggles unforeseen and all the beauty in between. We’ve worked hard to get here, and continue to. Because it’s a choice we both choose to make each and everyday. To love harder than the day before. Fight for our family and marriage and create a life together we both only thought was possible in the movies. If you’re here - welcome to The Bowen’s. We hope you enjoy watching the rest of our very own love story of our life and family we worked and fought harder than anything else in life for. Enjoy the our real life show ✨ ps. Truly grateful for this man and his unwavering love. For always accepting me in my rawest state - even through quarantine with all the grey hairs and no makeup for days 💁🏻‍♀️😂 love you big @willbowen

2,248 83

They grow up mamas. Leave your arms for another and then have their own babies. It’s beautiful and heart wrenching all at once. Happiest birthday to my first baby boy who turned 22 today. Proud of the incredible man, husband and Dad you’ve become @grillmaster_mat. Love you forever ❤️ sharing this because it’s now tradition. Time is fleeting. If you’re in the midst of raising your babies, it's truth. Just trust me. ~The Last Time From the moment you hold your baby in your arms, you will never be the same. You might long for the person you were before, When you had freedom and time, And nothing in particular to worry about. You will know tiredness like you never knew it before, And days will run into days that are exactly the same, Full of feeding and burping, Whining and fighting, Naps, or lack of naps. It might seem like a never-ending cycle. But don't forget... There is a last time for everything. There will come a time when you will feed your baby for the very last time. They will fall asleep on you after a long day And it will be the last time you ever hold your sleeping child. One day you will carry them on your hip, then set them down, And never pick them up that way again. You will scrub their hair in the bath one night And from that day on they will want to bathe alone. They will hold your hand to cross the road, Then never reach for it again. They will creep into your room at midnight for cuddles, And it will be the last night you ever wake for this. One afternoon you will sing 'the wheels on the bus’ and do all the actions, Then you'll never sing that song again. They will kiss you goodbye at the school gate, the next day they will ask to walk to the gate alone. You will read a final bedtime story and wipe your last dirty face. They will one day run to you with arms raised, for the very last time. The thing is, you won't even know it's the last time until there are no more times, and even then, it will take you a while to realize. So while you are living in these times, remember there are only so many of them and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them For one last time.

1,859 77

Two things. 1. Their PowerPoint titled “??Chickens?? pretty easily won both their Dad and I over. 2. I absolutely can NOT be trusted at a farm store... hence 9 baby chicks later 🐥 #welcometothehomestead #babychicks

521 23

Sunday scene ✨ Diffusing the dreamiest fresh lemony goodness that I seriously can’t get enough of all day long. Stayed in my same sweats & sweatshirt I put on after my bath last night. One of my group text messages with friends was blowing up about making cinnamon rolls all day as we were watching general conference. Everyone was sharing recipes, showing pictures.. so I finally caved and just decided I’d try to quickly make some with what we had around. I made them gf & yeast free because I have issues.. and had to get resourceful with the frosting since I didn’t have any powdered sugar. Listen, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a Cinnabon. But in my mind and mouth these taste just as good, if not better! Aden even said he agreed.. which if you know anything about that kid of mine at all, it’s that he’s pretty particular. Shared the recipe in my stories if you’re interested. Hope you’re all holding up ❤️ Tell me something in the comments that you’ve learned through this that you are grateful for? Let’s try to lift each their up and find some good amongst so much heartbreaking sadness right now. #sundaylove

946 19

All the family cuddles and smiles for Friday! Although lately Friday’s don’t seem to have the same feeling as they used to. The start of the weekend, leading up to my favorite day of the week, Sunday. We have been missing gathering on Sundays for church with our neighborhood and community so much. However, our family has been looking forward to this weekend in particular because we get to watch the hope filled, worldwide, semi-annual conference for our church; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With the announcement that no in person gatherings are allowed; instead of gathering in church buildings or at the conference center we will be cozying up and watching conference on @byutv! We always love general conference, but this one seems a little extra needed right now. Any and all faiths are welcome to tune in tomorrow to watch this historic memorable conference. I know it will bring you comfort and peace. You can download the BYUtv app or stream it free in HD at byutv.org. We decided tonight that we are going to build a family fort and spend our weekend enjoying all the fun family friendly movies they will be playing in-between too (hello The Princess Bride!) and make this a memorable weekend snuggling up and focusing on our faith together. ✨ #BYUtv #sponsored

1,536 120

Confession: I’m actually finding complete contentment and peace in this time we are in. I’ve realized I’m a homebody and truly nothing brings me more happiness than having my family around me 24/7 (just wish all my big kids + grand baby were here too). I like the slowness of life right now. The not rushing here and there, running kids to a million activities and wondering if I’ll ever cook a meal again because we are never home for dinner. I don’t miss the busy I guess is what I’m saying. And truthfully I’m not sure I want to head back to it. Will and I have been talking about just that - wondering if as a society this pandemic will change us at all? Or if and when we can “get back to normal” will we just jump right back into the rush around. What do you think? I’m not certain I want to.. I don’t mind slowing sipping my orange peel ginger green tea all day and just being here - present in the moments because it’s all we have right now. ✨ #seethegood

1,176 37

All I know is everything’s gonna be alright. That song has been playing in my head nonstop since the beginning of all of this. If you could sum up your life right now into 7 words what would they be? Mine: Pajamas, Dishes, Homeschool, Eating, Fear, Compassion + SO MUCH GRATITUDE. Smoothies first thing every single day around here. Stay in pjs pretty much 24/7. Homeschool together. So many dishes & so much cooking. Lots of cuddling to calm fears of everything but especially no more earthquakes (we’ve had over 250 aftershocks since last Wednesday’s). All the feel good Disney movies. GRATITUDE for all of this. For it not just making us, but more demanding us to slow down and look at those who matter most. Also so much compassion and unmeasurable gratitude for those who are on the frontlines everyday for all of us. #letsstayin #stayhome #everythingsgonnabealright

1,380 43

Her favorite part about homeschooling 💕 Getting to see and spend time with our favorite little sweetheart more. She’s the very best Auntie around and seriously I can’t believe most days that I’m a Gigi!! She’s been the biggest blessing ever for us all and is the sweetest little peanut! Also, where was @dockatot when I was having my babies!?! They’re literally MAGIC ✨ and I think everyone who is having babies needs one! So I asked them for a discount code - use “MIKO15” until March 14th to get 15% off one! They will save your life as a mama or a Gigi too! ✨

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She’s been my little side kick the past couple days, and the best 9 year old best friend ever. Praying she always wants to hang out with her mama no matter how old she gets. Literally just obsessed with her. End of story 💕 #lilianaevie

1,953 71

My dinner valentines date tonight. My oldest son, my sweetheart who’s always been game to hang with his mama. Seriously so proud of the man he’s become and the incredible husband + daddy he is! Swipe for a video from 6 years ago from the app Vine! Anyone remember that? Then a little video of my sweet granddaughter from today, his literal twin baby girl! Mamas, soak up your sons. Let them know your heart and don’t be afraid to tell them no matter their age that they are your world. ✨🖤

1,026 24

Went on my first annual Valentines date last night with my youngest boy. This is my favorite month for this very reason. Quality time and special little dates with each of my kids. He’s 13.. and still the sweetest to this mama as he was when he was 3. We chatted all about his social life, the junior high crush scene, and more importantly about his faith and love for Jesus ✨ This boy has always been wise beyond his years, and I’m honored he chose me to be his mama. Also, I’m starting to realize we have the same face. Mainly because his face works to unlock my phone as of it were my own 🖤 #mbvalentinesdates <— years upon years past valentines dates are in this hashtag 😭💔 woof, that’s a time punch in the gut.

1,229 31

There’s a 9 year old angel girl in my bed this morning trying to convince me that we need a girls day. And I am here for it. 💕🙌🏼 #noschoolday

1,000 18

This is us - our family. It’s large and full of all the rewards and love. #ad I’ve partnered with @usbank to pull back the curtain on finances. Doing the things we love with those we love is our mantra. Having a large family is not for the faint of heart or easy on the pocketbook, especially as your kids get older. Focusing on simple changes like eating in more, doing our own yard care, shopping sales, taking care of our health to avoid unnecessary medical expenses, and looking for ways to save at every turn can make it possible to be prepared. So when a last minute wedding got sprung upon us, we were able to help without it getting in the way of our family’s financial goals for 2020 - things like continuing to help with our kids college education, a remodel of our basement for more space for our expanding family + a family trip to the Carolina coast later this year! #familyovereverything ~photo by @jesskettle

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You’re looking at a couple of Hawaii first timers who just spent a week there with some of their most favorite and dear friends in the entire world. From Kona to Maui, waterfalls and waves we enjoyed every minute - but also missed our kids so much that we cut our trip a few days short because we couldn’t think of exploring another day without our family with us. ⠀⠀ But there’s a back story to this trip. I qualified for it last year from my business with Young Living, they took their top 250 leaders + a guest for an all expense paid trip to paradise. If you would’ve told me a year ago that I was going to qualify for this and end up being the top 10 none the less, I would’ve smiled and thought “yeah right”. ⠀⠀ The relationships and genuine friendships that both my husband and I have built from this business are deep + life long and ones that we would’ve never known had I not taken a chance. Had I not pushed past the stigmas of network marketing or gave into the trap of others opinions <- (death trap) I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to now lead a incredibly amazing team of women + men (3 of which also qualified for this trip) who I love so dearly. ⠀⠀ In fact one of our friends @collinhenderson who is a mindset coach, often talks about FOPO - fear of peoples opinions. And how it’s the one thing that we must overcome. Had I succumbed to it, I wouldn’t have been able to support my Dad with my own income these past 2 years. That’s real friends. Had I listened to all those nay sayers, or let the eye rolls get to me, we wouldn’t ever have been on a trail over looking the 7 sacred pools on the road to Hana with a little unexpected boob grab to boot - hence the look on my face here. 🙃 ⠀⠀ Bottom line friends. Take the risk, try something new, follow your heart because you’ll probably end up somewhere you thought only came true in dreams. ✨ #stopbeingafraid #trysayingyes

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Smitten GRANDPARENTS!! Our first sweet little grand baby was born on Christmas Eve! Introducing little Eleanor Rose Cleverley - she’s a tiny little thing just like all my babes were and has completely stolen all of our hearts. So many of you were right - the instantaneous love you feel for your grandchildren is surreal ✨ and this Gigi and Papi are here for it!! Congrats Mathew + McKenna, you two did good 💕

2,700 83

Just sitting here in the hospital waiting room patiently (or not so patiently 🤗) waiting for our first grand-baby!! And I realized I never shared my favorite holiday room in our home this year! Our mudroom has made me smile every time I walk into it this season. Plus that little pup is pretty cute too. Swipe left to see the before of this space ✨🎄 http://liketk.it/2IsMH #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKholidaystyle #LTKholidayathome @liketoknow.it.home

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My beautiful girl, my oldest, my first, my everything turned 24 last week. All she keeps saying is how old she is!! Trust me I’m shocked too Tay! She’s the most fun, sweet, big-hearted person I know and I’m so proud of the woman she is. Funny story - we’ve always told her growing up that she’d make the best lawyer and she hated us for it! She could argue with the best and had valid points to back up any argument. Add in her tenacious spirit and you were up against a force to be reckoned with. Guess what she’s currently doing as her job and LOVING? A paralegal, and she says it’s the best job she’s ever had. Kind of feels like a tiny unexpected win in my mom book 😉 Happy Birthday Tay Sage!! Love you more than all the letters in all the words in all the books in all the world. ✨ ps. Swipe to see an old video I made for her 18th birthday. A photo for every birthday up until then ❤️😭 they grow up fast mamas. || 📷 by @mattclayton21

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The best gift for the holidays is my family home together. With over half our our kids grown and out on their own, time spent together brings feelings of home for all of us. Tree hunting together this holiday season was such a joy! Family, giving, this season—it all reminds me that #EveryMomentIsAGift. How are you celebrating this season with meaningful moments that bring your family closer together? @PoloRalphLauren #RLGifts #PoloPartner || photo by @mattclayton21

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This sweet incredible gift of a child. I snapped this early this morning as his filled our diffuser. He’s been getting up before the sun rises to be intentional about his days and start them by reading his scriptures. His choice, his idea, his commitment to himself. He’s always been an old soul, but this has been like a serious whoa moment for me. He’s truly the greatest example and helps me strive to want to be better for him every single day. It’s kind of a magical thing when you sit back as a parent and realize that we still have much to learn from the ones we think we are teaching. ✨

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I can’t be certain, but this very well might be the last time that her biggest brother holds her up to straighten the star. For one, she’s getting older & bigger so holding her up there isn’t as easy for him as it used to be. And two, next Christmas he’ll have his own baby girl to create traditions and Christmas memories with. I was chatting today with a friend about how this time we are in is so beautiful and good, but also so sad and hard at times. Not willing to quite let go of the idea that my kids aren’t fully really mine anymore in a sense. It’s hard, but also truly beautiful. Feeling grateful tonight for the years of memories we have created with our family, and getting so excited for new ones with new added additions as our family grows. ✨🎄 #Lstraightensthestar <— for a trip down memory lane 😭❤️

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Some days just call for a little hot cocoa + a giant candy cane before dance. Love this sweet girl and the chats we get in, just her and I. I try to fit in all the quality time the hour we have together between school getting out and her heading to her various activities. She’s one busy little cookie - but she thrives on it and we are here to support her in all her ventures! ✨ ____________________________ #beforeandafter ~ I was editing this photo and remembered that I had found a before photo of our kitchen from this same angle from right after we moved in. The walls were yellow and I think it was on the second day that even though I knew we were going to renovate I just had to at least try to cover up that horrible yellow paint even just temporarily! I headed straight to the paint store and texted my hubs this picture at work to show him what I was up to - at least it bought me a bit of time and saved me from all the nursing baby poo nightmares I had been having 😂 👀💩 and oh my goodness! I’d love to meet who ever thought a giant fluorescent boxed light would be fabulous in a kitchen - because that was an 80’s design idea gone wrong. ____________________________ FAQs: We repainted the cabinets with BM White Dove. Took out the giant center cabinet. Stained and made the floating shelves ourselves. Installed honed Carrara marble counters and subway tile. Grout color is Mapei Silver. Runner is vintage from Etsy. ____________________________ Where is it from? Click the link in my profile and check the shop tab on my blog 👆🏻 or following me in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to get details on the sources of my photos. • • • • • • • • • • http://liketk.it/2HRpX #liketkit @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.home #LTKhome #rshome #mytradhome #apartmenttherapy #countryliving #traditionalhome #homedesign #modernfarmhouse #designsponge #housetohome #mybhg #smmakelifebeautiful #inmydomaine #sodomino #myoklstyle #theeverygirl #mysmphome #bhghome #styleathome #showmeyokitchens #betterhomesandgardens #aabhome #housebeautiful #mykonmari #mypinterest #hunkerhome #whitekitchen

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I won’t name names, but someone got banned to the mudroom today. They got into my dads garbage - which was full of shrimp carcasses that he’d cooked a week ago. I literally thought he had eaten dark death. Let’s just say I had to diffuse all the freaking oils to get the stench out of our home. Someone’s definitely in the toddler stage and just might be on his last leg with the Dad around here 😬😉#shapeuporshipout Also, I asked on my stories, when do I get him his first cut? He’s a Goldendoodle and his puppy fur is sooo soft, and I just don’t think he’s ready to be fully groomed. He’s only 4 months. But the little dude can’t see, or maybe he can see just fine - hence the 🍤 fiasco 🤔 #goldendoodlesofinstagram #goldendoodlepuppy #goldendoodleproblems

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Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 from our family to yours! It was so good to have every single one of our kids home this year 😭❤️ nothing fills my heart more. Extra grateful for all of them plus grandparents for cooking all of Thanksgiving dinner too! It’s kind of crazy to see your kids turn into adults! Was proud of every single one of them for stepping up and making our thanksgiving happen. This was my first year ever not cooking, and I have to admit it felt off, but was also kind of a nice break! Liam even made two separate stuffings to accommodate the vegans in our family. Really just love this crew of ours so freaking much! #happythanksgivingday #familyiseverythingtome

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This sweet girl - she was so incredibly helpful today. I was down and out this Thanksgiving (dang strep) and she was so joyfully happy to help in anyway. She set our whole table for Thanksgiving dinner and even said our Thanksgiving prayer. Truly grateful for this baby of our bunch ❤️ #thanksgivinggratitude

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We brought out all of our Christmas decorations today - except our tree. I’m trying to decide if we should go for the real deal this year. Heading into the mountains and scouting one out with the family sounds so fun! Especially since my husband spent most of this evening practically begging me with all his might to buy some fake cedar garland instead of the real deal goodness that I douse my entire home with from Costco each year. He swears we still find pieces of it right now nearly a year later! Tell me, do you go for the real deal when it comes to trees and garland or not? || Photo from last year by @jesskettle for @gathre

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A family Sunday - watching Peanut Butter Falcon ❤️ Our little Louis isn’t so little anymore. I’m afraid we might have another horse sized dog on our hands 🐎🙈. Also, just a PSA, these slippers have won my best purchase of 2019 for me hands down. How’s your Sunday friends? #cozywins #cutepuppiesofinstagram

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I know I’m a week late - but lately that’s how my life has been! Always trying to play catch up! Spiders invading our home with Liliana the ice queen and her brother my favorite food ever French fries! Best Halloween, best neighborhood + friends ever. So grateful for where we live ✨ #lastminutemiko #halloween2019

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Can you peep our sweet Samson boy!? His ears perk up and he gives me a hello howl when I walk in the door. It’s my favorite thing, and something I can’t even think about not having. If you’ve been following along on my stories you all know he hasn’t been doing so well. His old hips + knees just don’t want to hold his giant body all the time anymore. Getting old is the pits. Right now with lots of coaxing from me he will still muster the strength to get up and hobble around. Between giving him cbd oil and some easy walks we think he’s slightly improving! Which is good because I’m not ready to let this giant horse of a dog go just yet. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Also, I’m so happy to bring you this sweet follow train today full of genuinely wonderful ladies! If you ask us, Instagram is a place for COMMUNITY and these ladies are just that! To play along, follow all the gals below... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @ashleyizsak @thequickjourney @home__stead @modernly_you @thehomegrownapple @thehomemakingmomma ...and say hi in the comments by telling us your first name and the state or country where you live! We think it’s awesome that we can all be so connected yet so far away! This train will run for 24 hours and afterwards, we will all follow the new accounts that inspire us as well as share some in our stories! Can’t wait to meet you all! I’ll go first! Hi 👋🏻 My name is Miko and I’m originally from Washington State, but have lived in Utah for over half my life! Crazy to think that since I moved here when I had just turned 21! Now it’s your turn! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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Another Halloween unprepared for and another last minute homemade, rummage through the basement storage room throw it together Halloween costume. Thank goodness I picked up this skirt last month and that she’s always willing to just roll with it. We threw it over a dress, pulled an old garland from a bucket in the basement and wrapped it into a crown and then she took apart her deer antlers from a few years past and we just stuck them in as twigs for her crown. Sparkled her face up with subtle shimmer and topped it off with some white eye shadow and lips! Took a whopping total of maybe 5 minutes and we were out the door last night heading to our church Halloween party. Swipe for a close up! Watch out this Ice Queen will freeze your heart ❄️👸🏼 #lastminutemiko <— past years homemade Halloween costumes found here. http://liketk.it/2G9Oj #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKkids #LTKhome @liketoknow.it.home • • • • • • • • • #lastminutecostume #lastminutemom #halloweencostumeideas #lastminutecostumeidea #easyhalloweencostume #goldenhour #goldenhourlight #goldenhourphotography #halloweendecorations #minimalhalloween #diyhalloweencostume #thatsdarlingmovement #pursuepretty #ministylekids #countryliving #traditionalhome #modernfarmhouse #housebeautiful #designsponge #inmydomaine #bhghome #anthrohome #housebeautiful #housetohome #mybhg #smmakelifebeautiful

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Fresh ✂️ (just a dusting) and covered my grey hairs yesterday! I might be almost a grandma (two more months!! Ahhh🤗) but just because I am doesn’t mean I need to be a grandma who’s grey 👵🏼💁🏻‍♀️ Never have I ever had soooo many responses to a story than my rant yesterday 💆🏻‍♀️ but also even more about my hair! Thanks for the love friends and for always being the sweetest ever ✨ Also I never said THANK YOU for all the love and fun name ideas outside of “grandma” you all gave me. I’m feeling Meme, Gigi or I do like Mimi too - but my step-daughters dog has the same name and that just feels slightly awkward. What do you guys think!? Also, I get Koko is cute - but just type that into your gifs and see what pops up - it’s a giant gorilla, so I think I’ll pass on that 😂

1,075 42

All the white after Labor Day 💁🏻‍♀️ anyone else second guess themselves if it’s ok when you wear white this time of year? Or is that in the past? Either way, this outfit is on repeat over here. Seriously if you see me around town chances are I’ll be in it. Or I’ll just be in sweats and a sweatshirt, no real in between lately. Also repeating what I popping in my mouth too between all the running this busy season - fairy certain I’m now made out of the gluten-free heavenly hunks from Costco. My husband asked me this weekend why I needed so many bags of them (after I put 3, basically a good weeks supply, in our cart) - I told him I was scared they might go out of stock again, ok geez. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Listen, sometimes you just gotta say what makes you feel better when your diet consists of straight up cookies. Also, anyone peep little Louis? 🐶 ____________________________ Where is it from? Click the link in my profile and check the shop tab on my blog 👆🏻 or following me in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to get details on the sources of my photos. • • • • • • • • • • http://liketk.it/2FCZl #liketkit @liketoknow.it #ltkshoecrush

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If imprinting really is a thing, it’s definitely happened with these two. 🐾🖤 #LouisandL ____________________________ Also this is my fav time - crisp air, cozy nights, leaves falling and alllll the freaking pumpkins on our porch 🍂🎃✨ #fallishere ____________________________ • • • • • • • • • • #frontporchdecor #frontporch #falldecor #mytradhome #apartmenttherapy #countryliving #traditionalhome #houseandhome #modernfarmhouse #designsponge #realsimple #makehomeyours #fallfrontporch #fallporch #pumpkindecor #housetohome #mybhg #smmakelifebeautiful #inmydomaine #sodomino #theeverygirl #bhghome #styleathome #betterhomesandgardens #aabhome #housebeautiful #mypinterest #hunkerhome

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We had an impromptu after school birthday celebration for our sweet Liliana with a few of her friends. Still can’t believe she’s 9, and either can she! So grateful we always have Kinder Joy eggs on hand! A treat and a toy all in one - this multi-pack made the perfect party favor!! @kinderus


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