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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 18.70%. The average number of likes per post is 534 and the average number of comments is 17.

28.7% of the followers that engaged with mick_tographer regularly are from United States, followed by France at 5.56% and Turkey at 4.63%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mick_tographer's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Turkey, Canada, Germany.

Mick_tographer loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Architecture, Travel.

Check mick_tographer's audience demography. This analytics report shows mick_tographer's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 28.7 %
  • France 5.56 %
  • Turkey 4.63 %
  • Canada 4.63 %
  • Germany 3.7 %


737 27

. “Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away.” " . ― Sarah Kay. special thanks to @ivameza for sharing your passion for the sea... enjoy your travels This image is a composite of 3 photos, including 1. the model on the beach, 2. the milky way, 3. the moon ______________________ #CAMERASETTINGS -Shot 1 -beach . Focal Length- 50mm . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/250 second . Aperture- f/4 . _____________ #CAMERASETTINGS -Shot 2- milky way . Focal Length- 16mm . ISO- 3200 . Shutter- 15 second . Aperture- f/2.8 . _________________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . This is as mentioned a composite and if you've never explored compositing before first thing you need to know is that its not as challenging as you think. While it takes a lot of time to finesse your layers, its not rocket science and with a bit of time exploring layer masks and blend modes you'll have a very nice composite that lead your viewers into wonder at how you captured such an image... . Things to keep in mind. . 1. Be Subtle- Remember less is more, be gentle w/ your approach . 2.  Have fun! this is an exersice in exploring a creative dream world of your mind... Tinker on! . Anything ELSE??? IF you're an #compositingexpert and have any other tips, please leave a comment, id love to hear from you . - Thanks MICK ;)

560 16

🔥 . " It's too bad if a heart lacks fire, and is deprived of the light of a heart ablaze. The day on which you are without passionate love is the most wasted day of your life. " . -Omar Khayyam . 📣 Turn on post notifications for more photo tips 🔥 _____________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 50mm . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/160 sec . Aperture- f/1.4 . _________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . The creamy bokeh or light globes is created from background blur due to shallow depth of field and is easiest to acheive w/ a fast (low-maximum aperture) lens ie F/1.4 . . See the last shot in this series ( #behindthescenes ) to get a better understanding of how to set up a shot like this. Look closely and you can see my two assistants holding strands of lights - thanks Carla & @iva_meza . While its hard to get great bokeh w/ your stock kit lens, it is usually possible to get something similar by increasing the distance between your subject and the background lights and maxing out the zoom. Note the closer you are to your subject and further away the background lights are the better this effect will work .  But for best results I highly recomend getting a better lens. IF you don't have $500-5k look into old vintage glass on ebay or craigslist. Often times you can find old lenses that are compatible w/ your camera body for $100 or less. Look for something that has a fixed focal length or "prime" lens (no zoom) and is at least 50mm and up to 100mm. Wider lenses or smaller number (ie 24mm or 35mm) won't offer the same effect. . Anyone else have a tip to help us getter sexier #bokeh or general tips to take better photos? If so, please comment below! . -Enjoy

403 13

. ☀️. " Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart." . -Robert Sexton . @thefitbroker & @jprestonfitness in the throws of romance . 📣 Turn on post notifications for more photo tips 🔥 _____________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 50mm . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/200 sec . Aperture- f/10 . _________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . Shooting straight into the sun can be really hard, and while it can be really tricky to get great results, sometimes you just end up getting absolute treasure.... Othertimes you blow out the highlights or end up crush the shadows and are left w/ something more or less unusable... . So it was with this image. While it was a stunning sunrise, i made a calculation judgement on this shot and the sky turned out unusable. So what to do when you love the image and want to rescue it? I mean look at their shadow! . If you have an image w/ similar light you can blend in the sky from another image in the series or another shoot entirely, (really easy if you use a tripod and still subjects) . What do you think, did i do a compelling composite or could you sniff it out from the beginning?.

312 6

. "I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap. " . -Ani DiFranco . Memories of @puntamona... Such a beautiful community of love, music & dancing ______________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 16mm (fisheye) . ISO- 6400 . Shutter- 1\10 second . Aperture- f/2.8 . _________________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . First you may have noticed a strange or unusual combination of camera settings for night sky shooting. Ie. Super high ISO and relatively short shutter... WTF?! Hear me out... . Under normal circumstances its a bad idea to sacrifice image quality w such high ISO without first working up your shutter at least a few seconds right? Right! . But this wasn't your normal circumstances- I didnt have a tripod as i didnt set out to shoot night sky on this adventure, but as the sun went down and the full moon cast its charm over #puntamona I had to do what photographers do best... Improvise. . In a pinch, no tripod? Try setting yourself on the ground and stabilize your body as much as possible. Try to rely on your bone structure rather than muscles and watch how much much you can get away stretching those low light night shots.. . If your camera has a 2 second timer, you can push shutter tines even longer as yoir "trigger" finger wont be affecting camera movement. . try experimenting w/ different shutter speeds on yoir free time so you know exactly how far you can push that limit when it counts 😉 . Anything ELSE??? IF you're an #nightskyExpert and have any other tips, please send a comment, id love to hear from you . - Thanks MICK ;)

485 14

. ☀️ . " Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting." . -Richard Paul Evans . Something magical about a group of friends, enjoying summer, during that magical time of day... We were even blessed to have the near full moon rallying above... Really whats better than a sunset in great company? 📣 Turn on post notifications for more photo tips 🔥 _____________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 16mm . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/325 sec . Aperture- f/6 . _________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . Most cameras today have a rapidfire function, turn it on and let it rip. The thing i find hardest is getting the group to coordinate timing... Sometimes a group just gets it immediately, sometimes we have to really try... anyone have any tips for getting a group better coordinated?

337 14

. “Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely woman rose from the frothy sea, as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot.” . ― Margot Datz, A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids . Special thanks to @ivameza for being an amazing model 🌟 _____________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 16mm (crop sensor) . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/400 sec . Aperture- f/4 . _________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . Looking to capture a great reflection? GET low! the closer your lens is to the reflective surface the better reflection your going to capture. for this image i had my cameera just hovering above the water's surface... yeah its a risk w/ gear and yes i washed some salty sea water off the camera after this shoot... But don't you think it was worth it?! 🙌🏼

597 19

. "Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born." . -George Bernard Shaw. . Special thanks to @aiko_costarica_ for inviting me out to explore the night sky! ______________________ #CAMERASETTINGS for cover image . Focal Length- 16mm (fisheye) . ISO- 800 . Shutter- 6 seconds . Aperture- f/8 . . TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . Playing w/ steel wool can be a whole realm of fun in exploration of light. Things you will need: . 1. An old kitchen whisk . 2 Some fine grain steel wool from the hardware aisle next time your at the market and go nuts. . 3. Some string- tie this to the loop end of the whisk for better spinning. . Now what to do... . Place a wad of steel wool in the whisk light the steel wool on fire with a lighter or a 9volt battery and start spinning. . Note: firey shrapnel will fly out of the whisk, so make sure you spin some distance away from people, gear, and any flamable objects. try experimenting w/ different shutter speeds for different effects. .  @beyoubesure can't wait to experiment w/ you! . I want to see what you come up with, tag me in your next steel wool night shoot! . BElow are a few #Protips: . -while you want your aperature open as wide as possible, its not a bad idea to stop down a little to get the most sharpness from your particualar lens. . -find and mark your lenses "infinity focus" during the day as it is can be hard to focus at night. . Anything ELSE??? IF you're an #nightskyExpert and have any other tips, please send a comment, id love to hear from you . - Thanks MICK ;)

407 16

. “If You Feel Like There Is Something Out There You're Supposed To Be Doing, If You Have A Passion For It, Then Stop Wishing And JUST DO IT” . - WANDA SYKES. . Special thanks to the talented artist @christianocan_canjam for inspiring this post w/ a video project we're collaboriting on. Can't wait to share more! ______________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 11mm (crop sensor) . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/125 sec . Aperture- f/16

595 13

. “The Only Limit To Our Realization Of Tomorrow Will Be Our Doubts Of Today.” . - Franklin D. Roosevelt. . Special thanks to @ivameza for her sharing such a lovely sunset at #puntaUva . ______________________ #CAMERASETTINGS . Focal Length- 18mm . ISO- 100 . Shutter- 1/10 sec . Aperture- f/16 . _________________ TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips . First is that you'll notice my shutter speed is really slow and w/ motion blur form my hands i could never get this image sharp w/ out using a tripod (or a few rocks) . I opted the slow shutter to add motion blurr to the water to get a creamier smooth look. To acheieve this i dropped my ISO as low as it would go and completely stopped down my aperture to its smallest setting f/16. This gave me the longest shutter speed possible at this time of day w/ this camera. . . To get the water even smoother i would opt for leaving the shutter open at least a few seconds, or better yet- 10-20 seconds. at those shutter speeds it will be hard to get your talent to sit perfectly still enough w/ out showing motion blur, but give it a shot, and tell me how it goes! Do you have any long exposure tips? Leave them in the comments below! . Happy Shooting -Mick . HAPPILY RESHARE W/ CREDIT

704 19

. Here is a #LightPaintingFAIL that turned out pretty cool. Playing and experimenting here are 2 different #lightpainting techniques during the same 30 second exposure. . ______________________ #CAMERASETTINGS for cover image . Focal Length- 11mm (crop sensor) . ISO- 400 . Shutter- 30 seconds . Aperture- f/2.8 . . TO GET THE SHOT: #photoTips _______________________________ . The two different light trails are caused by a person walking diagonally across the frame from behind the camera towards a distant spot down the horizon while waving a light source in in different patterns. . The smooth red spiral is caused by an embered burning log thanks to @devo_on_the_go . The rough orange perfectly imperfect shapes are made w/ a sparkler spinning thanks to the sweet wife of @jungle_yogi Mariate! . #protip : have the subject face the camera and walk backward toward the horizon to prevent the light being blocked by their body and causing breaks in the  spirals (in this image you can see the spiral is blocked by the feet of the subject) . Happy Shooting!


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