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33.3% of metsnetwork's followers are female and 66.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1004 and the average number of comments is 20.

39.53% of the followers that engaged with metsnetwork regularly are from United States, followed by Dominican Republic at 9.3% and Germany at 6.98%. In summary, the top 5 countries of metsnetwork's posts engager are coming from United States, Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom.

Metsnetwork loves posting about Actors, Film, Music & Books, Animals & Pets.

Check metsnetwork's audience demography. This analytics report shows metsnetwork's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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33.3 %
66.7 %


  • Music 64.04 %
  • Sports 63.44 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 48.83 %


  • United States 39.53 %
  • Dominican Republic 9.3 %
  • Germany 6.98 %
  • Italy 4.65 %
  • United Kingdom 4.65 %


1,306 13

A survey published by The Athletic asked 6,000 people to share their views of their local broadcasters. _____ The survey was based off play-by-play, field reporting, pre and post game shows, color analyst and technical quality. ____ The results showed the Mets at #1, as the San Francisco Giants trailed behind them. Those broadcasters include Jon Miller, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. ___ The Athetic came out with a response to the survey by saying, “The Mets edged the Giants for top spot in our rankings (4.91 to 4.88) in large part because of Cohen (4.96), who anchors baseball's best booth and earned top marks in the play-by-play category. "GKR" is on top for a reason: "Being a Mets fan is a tough lot in life, but one thing we've got going for us is Gary, Keith and Ron," wrote one respondent. "It's a golden age for us." The consensus is Hernandez (hitters) and Darling (pitchers) are best when it comes to explaining "the mindsets of their respective positions, and Gary ties it all together seamlessly." The three seems to strike a perfect chord of what fans want: Knowledge of the game, history of the team, camaraderie in the booth and enough wit sprinkled in to make it all work. I still think Cohen's call of Bartolo Colon's first career homer is easily one of the most fun calls in recent memory. #Mets #LGM #NYM

996 33

There has been new details emerging about Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez buying the Mets franchise. ____ For them to have a chance at purchasing the Mets, they will need backers. As of now, they reportedly have one. ____ According to the NY Post, Galatioto Sports Partners is helping Rodriguez and Lopez by working with two investors who are considering investing a total of $250 million together to form a group to pursue the Mets. ____ This company has worked with many in the past, including Joshua Harris and David Blitzer to acquire the 76ers in 2011. ____ After seeing many tweets and official sources involving Steve Cohen, his interest in the team still remains in the air. __ #Mets #LGM #NYM

1,033 10

Marcus Stroman has offered to help coach young athletes in the Tampa area, where he is currently living. ___ Stroman tweeted out earlier today willing to coach athletes and teams in all ages, even college. He went onto say "I’m excited for this,'' I have nothing but knowledge to spread to the youth!'' ___ He has gained hundreds of responses within the last 24 hours. ___ Loved this guy since day 1! This dude humble in every aspect. Can’t wait to see this guy back on the mound. (Hopefully soon). Scroll for his tweets 👈 #Mets #LGM #NYM

908 6

An MRI on J.D. Davis’ left shoulder showed “not a ton of inflammation and no new structural damage” after diving for a ground ball on Tuesday against the Detroit Tigers ____ However, the MRI revealed Davis had a prior injury that included his labrum. ____ J.D. commented on his injury and pointed out he never knew he had a prior injury until this morning. He goes onto say it’s not a major problem. ____ GM Brodie Van Wagenen stated that Davis will be examined again next week. #Mets #LGM #NYM

1,042 14

Here is a glimpse at the $57 million facility the Mets are using for spring training at Clover Park. #Mets #NYM

655 55

Billionaire Steve Cohens $2.6B bid on the Mets is on the verge of falling through. ___ According to reports the Wilpons have changed the deal, but the specific details are unclear. All we know is that Cohen is disappointed in the Wilpons for reportedly changing the agreements. Cohen was to acquire 80% of the franchise. ___ At this point, it looks like Cohen will back off from their deal. #mets

1,319 22

Jacob Degrom was recently just ranked by MLB Network as the best starting pitcher in baseball. _____ DeGrom has won back-to-back Cy Young Awards. In the last two seasons, he has posted a 2.05 ERA with 524 strikeouts in 421 innings. ____ Justin Verlander & Gerrit Cole are ranked behind him. #Mets #LGM #NYM

1,470 78

In a recent article by ESPN, they ranked the Mets #3 in early 2020 starting lineup rankings. ____ According to ESPN, teams are ranked based on projected 2020 production and playing time. ___ The Nationals are ranked at #11 and the Yankees are placed at #9. ____ *Shown above is ESPN’s projected lineup* #Mets #LGM #NYM

1,030 26

The Mets have signed 10-year major league veteran Eduardo Nunez to a minor league contract. ____ Nunez 32, will receive a non-roster invite to spring training. In 2019, he batted .228/243.305 in 174 PA’s for the Boston Red Sox. ____ Depth move for the Mets. He struggled a bit last year but has a lot of speed which can be useful... #LGM #NYM #Mets


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