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📷 Make RAW not WAR. 📬 : 🍃 Young adventurer willing to travel for cheese. 📍 Currently: Croatia

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 14.90%. The average number of likes per post is 577 and the average number of comments is 39.

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440 35

I've seen photos of Alpe di Siusi many times but seeing it covered with snow was pretty damn cool❄️

404 10

Wish I could spend a few nights at the place like this.🛌☕ Cozy, warm cabin feeling when it is freezing cold outside. ❄️ . #croatiafulloflife / #croatia / #mountainhut / #cabininthewoods / #cabin / #snow / #cabinchronicles / #bbctravel / #velebit / #getoutside / #goexplore / #exploremore / #sonyalpha / #sonya7iii / #openmyworld / #ourmoodydays / #peoplewhoadventure / #earthoutdoors / #nomadict / #landscapephotography / #neverstopexploring / #moodygrams / #adventurethatislife / #agameoftones / #earthofficial / #roamtheplanet / #folkscenery / #moodnation

496 55

Weekend chills ❄️ 5 ujutro. Magla. Fali mi kava. Vozim prema Sloveniji i razmišljam kako bi se najradije vratio u krevet ali eto, sad sam već krenuo i povratka nema. Ulazim u Sloveniju i pogledam prema gore kad ono, kreće snijeg. Unutar pola sata - sat sve je bilo bijelo i ceste prema vodopadu su zatvorene. Što smo bliže to više snijega ima. Razmišljamo šta ćemo. Odustajanje nije opcija. Uzimamo foto opremu, oblačimo duple majice, čarape i sendviče u slučaju da se izgubimo. Nakon nekog vremena pješačenja kroz šumu po snijegu od cca 30-40cm, napokon dolazimo do vodopada. Sreća na licu je bila veća od razine snijega oko nas.😅😁Lokacija na koju inače dolazi popriličan broj ljudi sada je praznaa! Pa ovo je raj za fotkanje. Još neko vrijeme uživamo u ovom predivnom zamrznutom okruženju i dajemo si šakicu što smo se ipak odlučili doći.... To je za mene fotografija. Samo sa jednom fotkom sjetim se svih događaja, scena i putovanja koji se vežu za nju. Neprocjenjivo 😊❄️

637 52

•My all time favorite• This mountain top was one of the main reasons I've visited Yosemite National Park. Seeing it online absolutely blew my mind away and I was way too excited for it. Also as we came just before the sunset we couldn't get better weather conditions. One of my favorite travel locations and definitely my favorite photo!🖼️

502 40

•First snow this winter• I am usually that type of person that can't stand cold weather. Every time I see snow falling I am thinking how awesome it would be to book a trip to the tropic right now. 😅🌴 But still, I love taking photos whenever it's possible so we took a few winter shots to start this year's winter feed ❄️⛄

527 43

•Slices of Earth• A favourite memory of mine from travelling across USA west coast last summer. Just a quick reminder how beautiful nature can be.

693 42

Spending a night in a warm mountain cabin on a snowy day could be such a bless. Unfortunately, we didn't take our sleeping bags because we thought it is gonna be crowded so we decided to sleep elsewhere... It was still an epic place to hang out for a while, get some rest and enjoy a hot drink inside while the outside is covered with the white beauty ☕❄️ Definitely coming back when there will be much more snow. Who wants to join?

741 45

Death valley is one of the hottest places on the planet.🏜️ As we were driving through they warned us about the heat. We couldn't even turn on the AC because it could make a car engine overheat. As we were driving we noticed some strange smell of smoke and realised that the car breaks are beginning to melt. We had to stop every once in a while to catch some shade and refresh. Traveling can sometimes be very exhausting but I don't regret any second of it!

476 17

One of my first hikes ever. Not a long time ago🏞️😊 I have such a strange feeling lately. Like I am not doing enough in life. I feel like I am stuck in this moment and not improving as a person. But then again, only 4 years ago I was a kid who didn't know what to do in life. My interests in everything were pure ZERO! For my whole life I was surrounded with people who knew exactly what they want to do when they grow up. At first, I went on college just so I can have a student life and delay work and adult life for a few years.😬 One summer I decided I want to earn some money and went working abroad. That was the best decision ever!!! I absolutely enjoyed being alone, making my own decisions, go through different kind of challenges. My comfort zone expanded rapidly and I finally felt ALIVE! That feeling drives me to this day and I can't wait for the next chapter to begin. REMEMBER: It is never too late to make a change in your life. You are the creator to your own destiny..

718 16

A half-hour walk from Kobarid through a pleasant forest near the Soča river will bring you to one of the nicest waterfalls in Slovenia - Great Kozjak. 🏞️The ambient approaching the waterfall is spectacular. increasing narrow walls, stunning rocky amphitheatre and the cute waterfall with its beautiful pool. Amazing!

531 43

When I travel and photograph location, it is hard to be unique. It is hard to take a photo that no one took before, especially in the places like Hallstatt. I often try to take photos from different angles or use different kind of frames that give my photos "Something else". These flowers were perfect for that, especially because it was such a moody day and they gave that awesome color contrast. 🎨

891 63

Walking through the canyon of Soca river was one of my favorite parts of traveling through Slovenia.💙 I've never seen such a turquoise water color, kinda looks like someone threw a bucket of paint in it. Have you visited? #ifeelsLOVEnia


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