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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.80%. The average number of likes per post is 454 and the average number of comments is 63.

36.23% of the followers that engaged with maryam_adebisi regularly are from Nigeria, followed by United States at 5.8% and United Kingdom at 5.8%. In summary, the top 5 countries of maryam_adebisi's posts engager are coming from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Haiti, Sierra Leone.

Maryam_adebisi loves posting about Fashion, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty.

Check maryam_adebisi's audience demography. This analytics report shows maryam_adebisi's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Nigeria 36.23 %
  • United States 5.8 %
  • United Kingdom 5.8 %
  • Haiti 4.35 %
  • Sierra Leone 4.35 %


126 4

2020 has truly been the year that I feel most of us have been using our voices and standing up for our human rights. If you’ve been following me for a while or know me personally, you know how much I love being Nigerian! There’s something about it that brings me so much joy. But it breaks my heart that for many years, we are still going through this constant battle of just trying to stay alive. If you have yet to see, although it is all over every platform at the moment; my fellow Nigerian Youths have been protesting against the brutality endured daily by SARS (Special Anti Robbery Squad). We are extremely exhausted from all the extortion, robbery, attacks and innocent killings. Is it a crime to dress nice? Is it a crime to have cell phones? Is it a crime to have money? Is it a crime to not look poor? These criminals walk around daily with military guns, pointing them at innocent lives, all in the sake to have audio power. This Must End! We will not stop until a change happens. Simple electricity, we no get am. Better roads, better education, better healthcare system, we can’t have that either. And the government will still collect taxes payers money and go home to enjoy it with their family. 2020 is the year that Nigeria will know that, We youth get Brain. Please continue to help spread awareness about this. Especially you Nigerians here abroad and for those who love dating our fellow Nigerian men and women and love our culture, music and food. Stand with us and help spread the word, and donate as well if you can. Donation links in my bio. #ENDSARS #SARSMUSTEND #endsarsbrutality #istandagainstsars #reformnigerianpolice

470 32

Just wanted to wish my baby a happy new year (Sept. 25th) my heart! You deserve the very best. Love you beyond words. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments thus far, and just wanted to celebrate you. Hope you enjoyed your Surprise listening/ Birthday party. 🤗 • • Wanted to say a huge thank you to my family who helped me out in such short notice! • The Amazing cake- @cakes_by_violet •Ballon Garland- @_p.n.e_ (my sis bodied! Book her!) • Hookah provides by my bro- @maaziekele • Pictures by my talented bro- @ojoptics • Video by my absolutely amazing bro- @bbrproductions_ • The vibes were brought by the very best- @dj_suav x @__tobz •The most tastiest chops by my sis- @mariamskitchennyc • A huge thank you to my amazing sis @aderosiji for all the help behind the scenes. You always come through for me! And to my family @yeanka and @mr_yemz for all the much help and support love you guys plenty! A huge shoutout to my brother @olukay_bello for flying down and always supporting lekan Hard! You are a real one! Shoutout to my other bros @iamtonyade and @connellthompsonsax for helping execute his entrance vibes. I appreciate you guys! And to @smileyjumz @tjummy @iamdbeatz and @absterrrrr_ for all the help behind the scenes as well. I love you all so much. Huge thank you to everyone who came out and showed love for your brother. And if I forgot anyone please forgive me! You all are amazing! 🤍 • • Make sure you stream his new EP “NO TIME” out now on all platforms!

388 24

Just thought to stop by and find out if you all are Registered to vote yet 👀 #GetToIt

481 78

It’s so hard to say Goodbye to summer, seeing as we barely got to enjoy it this year. But I am so ready for fall! Sweater weather is one of my absolute most favorite seasons of them all. The warm cozy vibes, the smell of a cup of hot pumpkin spice latte, and some chunky boots, I’m here for it all. But I will miss showing my legs, wearing these cute mini dresses! By the way, am I the only one who thought @zara had THE cutest summer dresses this year. This was probably one of my top faves that I am wearing. But I hate to see you go summer, but Move over 😭🙌🏿

386 34

The Pain you feel Today, will be the Strength you feel tomorrow. • • • I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve started my healthy eating and fitness journey. It’s so hard for me to stay away from my favs: jollof rice and goat meat/ or pounded yam with egusi or ogbono. Chai, my mouth is even salivating while writing this. But too much of it, just isn’t good for you. Am I the only one who restarted their fitness journey during the pandemic? I have been in 3 workout groups, 1 keto group (the starter of this group was a nut job lol), and Fitness group where you put up money for one month and if you don’t reach your goal, you don’t get your money back. Lawd, I’ve done it all. I gained some pounds during pandemic, due to stress and boredom eating. I’m finally getting back to ME! But I’ve come to the point now, where I’m just going at my own pace now. I cannot come and kill myself. Remember that, No one is rushing you! And if they are, tell them to kick rocks. It’s not about how you start, but how you finish babes. Outfit: @targetstyle Sneakers: @nike

570 86

I feel like I’ve finally gotten my groove back. I won’t lie, these past few months, I’ve been in such of a Creative rut, and it took a toll on me! I was too busy trying to look for content and felt like I didn’t have good enough content worthy of sharing, but in reality we have to realize that Our whole life is content. Your life is Good enough! Just be The Real Authentic YOU! You will always be good enough and interesting for Your People. So let’s get to it, and be the best at whatever it is we are!

507 88

I know, I know, Summer is pretty much over, but I had to shove in one more picnic style photo, so bear with me 😭 But Anywho, I am finally getting around to reading the “Relationship Goals” book by @iammiketodd and whew Chile! All I can say is he is getting me all the way together. Emphasizing on Progression and not perfection is key. So far, I recommend this book to pretty much everyone. When young, old, single, married, divorced. We all can learn a thing or two from it to be honest. Have any of you read the book? What are your feelings on it?

885 247

BLACK LOVE. There’s nothing more Beautiful and Quite like it! Huge shoutout to the 🐐 @siusview_ for allowing us to be a part of his Black love series. He captured us so beautifully and we couldn’t be any happier. PH: @siusview_ Picnic Set Up: By Moi 🤗 My Fine Man: @king_lekan 😋

493 61

Had an amazing Staycation over this past weekend with hubby and friends and it was exactly what I needed. If you caught my stories, you saw all the exotic places we visited lol. We haven’t really been anywhere throughout quarantine, if it wasn’t our usual, grocery shopping or Home Depot trips here and there. But Sometimes you just need to clear your mind and have a break from reality and that’s exactly what we did. • • We made the best of our mini-cation in DC, although we would have loved to get on a flight and go somewhere tropical. Hopefully soon though. I see so many others on my timeline in places like Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, etc. right now. How is the traveling experience for those who have been on flights? I’m still a bit adamant about flying but will love you hear how it went for you all. Dress: @hm Hair install: @xox.oh Pearl Headband: @jumz.accessories PH: @unscriptedmoments

69 1

Just a random pic I found on Pinterest to match my aesthetic lol. Hope Everyone has an amazing week ahead ✨

391 42

There is no fancy, made-up caption for today. I have been sitting on so many pictures for months now, all because I couldn’t think of a stupid caption to post with them. I have been trying to come up with some sort of wording about self-care, meanwhile I need to be working on some self-care for my damn self. This is one of the things that holds myself and a lot others back hold from our full potential, because we tend to Overthink Everything! So listen, let’s normalize just taking care of ourselves, when we have a moment to, stop procrastinating and being lazy, and just post the darn picture already. If you have been sitting on a picture for more than a week, all because you can’t think of a caption to post, or how to edit it, Take this advice from me and just POST IT! Whoever will like it, will like it and that’s just the end of the story. Hope you all have an amazing day. Xoxo Maryam

718 173

Let’s Normalize our FREE TIME not being synonymous with our availability. Let’s Normalize NOT giving people an explanation for being unavailable during our free time. • • 📷 the amazing: @siusview_ 🙌🏿


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