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Creating content for local biz Heres the fun side of me, the other side’s boring 😉 💇🏻‍♀️: @baptainsalon 🧏🏻‍♀️: @luxuriousbeautypg
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36.9% of marilynkee's followers are female and 63.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 375 and the average number of comments is 10.

35.71% of the followers that engaged with marilynkee regularly are from Malaysia, followed by United States at 10% and China at 8.57%. In summary, the top 5 countries of marilynkee's posts engager are coming from Malaysia, United States, China, Thailand, Singapore.

Marilynkee loves posting about Cooking, Animals & Pets, Architecture, Art, Cars & Motorcycles, Celebrities, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education, Film, Music & Books, Gardening, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Humor, Kids & Parenting, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Game.

Check marilynkee's audience demography. This analytics report shows marilynkee's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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36.9 %
63.1 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 60.42 %
  • Travel & Tourism 59.67 %
  • Photography 54.34 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 51.97 %
  • How-to & Style 50.10 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.71 %
  • Art & Design 38.70 %
  • Business & Careers 38.11 %
  • Music 36.91 %
  • Sports 35.49 %
  • Books and Literature 34.36 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.41 %


  • Malaysia 35.71 %
  • United States 10 %
  • China 8.57 %
  • Thailand 7.14 %
  • Singapore 5.71 %


274 17

New playground 🎪

132 3

In need of another trip soon

565 38

I like when you pull me like that

598 32

Dressed up. To sleep 🙃

314 11

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gain weight after CNY 🥺

182 9

Besides #clubhouse , she’s the reason why I sleep at 5am. #catzoomies #britishshorthairkitten #catsofinstagram

236 9

Super excited to have found the all new Magnum Cookies and Cream ice cream and I want to share the excitement with all of you!! Weather is getting hotter these days but IT’S OKAY because I will be enjoying the blend of Magnum’s signature Belgian white chocolate, cookie crumbs filling, and cookie pieces at home ! Get yours now from your nearest 7-11 or any marts that has the Wall’s RED Freezer or even better you can get it on Grabfood and Foodpanda! Let’s be #PlayfullyMagnum together, and let loose 😛😛😛 #MagnumCookiesandCream

165 3

Omakase date again please ....! 🍣 #omakasesushi #penangfoodie #foodporn

748 40

What you girls do with your Valentine’s bouquet ? 💐 #valentinesbouquet #flowerbouquet #aestheticedits

262 7

Happy Valentine’s everyone ! 🧡 This year , I’ve got us something to get to know each other more (in hope for less arguments after great understanding for each other with the DNA results) With @circledna you guys will get 500 reports over 20 categories , personalized diet , nutrition & fitness plan with just your DNA at Rm2590 per kit only . And it has free updates for life as well! We’ve just done our tests & will reveal our results to all of you soon. For those who wish to have better understanding of your partner, you may purchase with my promo code [MARILYN33] for 33% discount ! #CircleOfLove #LoveIsAllAround #GiftOfHealth #ShareTheLove #CircleDNAChangeMaker #CircleDNAYourLife

348 17

Almost got into a cat fight with her for this photo 😅 Gong Xi Fa Cai everybodehhh #cny2021 #chor1 #britishshorthairkitten

250 9

There are 2 sides to every story. What you see on my social media is just 1 side - the fun side 😉 #ootdfashion

267 10

Waking up & going to sleep with Naturals by @watsons @watsonsmy With Certified Organic Ingredients , i don’t have to worry for any skin reactions or allergy. Get yours now 🧡🧡🧡 . #WatsonsBeautyBox #OnlyAtWatsons #NaturalsbyWatsons #Skincare

531 14

Anyone else misses dining out ? 🥲 I’m pretty sure the guy behind me does #mcomalaysia #ootd

500 21

Dance with me slowly 😘

495 1

With the recent outbreak, all of us need to wear mask for long hours & has caused my face to break out and maskne starts to appear. . . Recently I received the Eucerin ProACNE Solution 7-Day Acne Challenge Kit and these products helped me a lot in reducing my acne & acne marks. Skin doesn’t feels dry at all yet it did help to lighten my marks away!! . . 94% agreed their acne & acne marks reduced after 7 days and with 10% Hydroxy Complex, no more acne reappearance. Plus, this products are clinically proven without drying skin. #MyEucerin #EucerinMalaysia #ProACNESolution #7DayAcneChallenge #recommendedbydermatologist @eucerin_my

396 12

Love love love my hair now 💜 @peteteoh @baptainsalon @eugenepermaprofessionnel #hairgoals #inspofashion

306 6

Big mirrors are my kinda thing 😚 #ootd #antiquefurniture

440 11

Last Christmas ❄️ #ootd #outerwear #staycation2020

141 7

May MCO be over so we I can bake with you again 🧡 . . . #aesthetic #flowercookies #edibleflowers #aestheticallypleasing

354 3

Great pancakes & coffee here 😍 #ootd #penangcafe

234 8

Few of my fav things 🧡

451 11

Off to private yoga session with @lunarmagic73 ! Honestly when the doctor advised me to pick up Yoga when I suffered from slipped disc few years ago, I didn’t like the idea as I thought it’s gonna be slow , boring & meh... But after few months practicing , I actually find it fun to explore your own body & somehow felt more energized after practice instead 😃 #yogapractice #gymootd

376 1

Before the year ends , I would like to shoutout a big THANK YOU to @peteteoh from @baptainsalon & @eugenepermaprofessionnel for keeping my hair on point everyday! It’s not easy for me to keep my long hair as when it reaches my waist it’s gonna start having split ends already. But with all the love , care & treatment , my hair is super long & healthy now 🧡

258 8

For those of you who didn’t get your presents this year, that’s cause I kidnap Santa away 🎅 #christmas2020 #ootd

165 1

❄️ It’s a Truffle Christmas! ❄️ #truffleicecream #truffle #penangcafe #ootd #aestheticallypleasing

294 12

Merry Christmas darling 🎁🧡 #xmas2020 #christmasvibes

342 11

Thank you Kendall for the crazy 2020. Let’s have crazier 2021 okay? 🧡🤎🤍

413 24

Its been a month ago since I posted. It felt good. I have so much to say in mind but I’m very lazy in expressing my thoughts. Because, who cares . Honestly social media was a place to catch up with fam & friends especially during #covıd times like this. I do love getting inspired by creative content creators as well & I do appreciate the effort they put in to their work. But Instagram algorithm is only concern about the “engagements” that I contribute to & don’t show me anything from those who I don’t “engage” anymore. So that also means if I still want to have my close friend’s activities at the top , I have to like/comment/DM on all of their posts. Isn’t that annoying ? 😒 Conclusion is , Instagram once felt close to me because I’m always excited to see what my friends are up to. Now , it’s just another #pinterest / #xiaohongshu Do share your thoughts with me , I wanna know too #thoughtsofinstagram

401 8

LIVE. For today might be your last 🧡 #langkawi #langkawiisland #yachtlife #sealife #bikinilife

267 2

Baywatch. 👙 Like as if I can save lives 😅😂 #baywatch #bikinilife

279 3

Wearing le pretty little earrings ✨from @cindertoella to compliments my bikini outfit. #bikinilife #accessoriesoftheday #cindertoella #prettylittlethings

252 3

Thank you @watsonsmy @watsons for the sensitive skin gift box! Pampered myself during the holidays & skin feels so refreshed !!! 💞💞💞 #giftbox #robelife #WatsonsBeautyBox #OnlyAtWatsons

547 6

The last photo is just .. well ME 😅 #ootdshare

445 5

Adding everything to cart today 😅 Please tell me I’m not the only one . #1111sale #bikinilife #beachvibes #langkawi #langkawiisland

432 4

Kidnapped by Don Massimo 😛 @mantablucruises #cruiselife #bikinilife #langkawi #langkawiisland

453 3

Me , you , lingerie & coffee . #breakfasttime #coffeeaddict #canonm50

473 9

This place is just unforgettable ❤️ #beachplease #infinitypool #bikinigirl #bikinilife #canonm50

509 22

1. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR 2. Find sugar daddy 3. Sell some skincare or weight loss program 4. Be an iFluEnCeR 5. Only Fans I’m not joking . You guys should try 👆🏻 P.S. Thank you bb for everything 💕

405 7

2 girls 1 c̶u̶p̶ bathtub. #bathroomgoals #girlstime

514 5

Where’s my sugar daddy? 🥺

367 7

Oopsie! Your girl forgot to contour “the line” this time . 🤭 forgive me for the disappointment pleaseeee #bikini #bikinilife #langkawi #langkawiisland

492 24

Is this considered as an outdoor activity ? Because I see you sweatin’😉 #bikinigirl #bikinis #canonm50

149 0

So many positions , so little time. 🛁 #bathroomgoals #powderroomdesign #aestheticdesign #langkawi

466 6

IM SORRY For distracting your boyfriend 🙂

118 2

Home space 🏠 Thank you all for the likes & shares on a Facebook. It put a smile on my grandma’s face ☺️ #interiordesign #aesthetic #homedecor #homedecorideas #stayhome

667 31

Would you like to be in the front or at the back ? 🙂

578 3

Dine with me would you? 😉 #klcafe #dinnertime🍴

451 4

Good news for those of you who have NO TIME to go to hair salon — Now you can enjoy smooth hair and salon level treatment with Pantene Miracles -the only beauty regime for your hair from Japan! Formulated with premium beauty essence 'Liposhot' and 10x Potent Pro-V formula for cashmere smooth hair all day long. The range consist of the Dual-Active Oil Serum, Energy Day Mist & Replenishing Overnight Milk. My favourite product is definitely the Dual-Active Oil Serum that can be used anytime to treat, nourish and smoothens your hair. I've tried the range for few days and noticed that it nourishes my hair. My hair looks healthier and smoother now! You want too ?? Get yours now at @watsonsmy stores near you or online ! #sp #pantenemalaysia #pantenemiracles #icreatemymiracles #thequeenofmiracles #watsonsmy #PanteneXWunderbath

531 4

Caption please .... #ootdinspo

696 24

Swipe for tutorial 101 on how to overcome small boobs problem 👌🏻 Contour palette : @tartecosmetics

457 12

Enjoying my Din Din at @orinea_skydining_bar 😌 Girls, don’t feel sorry if they can see your bra strap , it’s expensive so u may wanna show it off 🙂

246 4

Put me to sleep & breakfast in bed please DD 🙃

613 26

Shit you do when RMCO forces you to go home 50% high yet not drunk at 12am 🙃#midnightselfie

291 1

Bring me a bottle of wine pls 🍷 #ootdinspiration #cafehopping #pastelaesthetic #pastelcolors

541 5

Wear your party outfit to brunch. Stay extra babe 😛 #brunchoutfit #ootdinspo


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