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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 142 and the average number of comments is 11.

42.86% of the followers that engaged with marcwmorris regularly are from Canada, followed by United States at 15.18% and Germany at 4.46%. In summary, the top 5 countries of marcwmorris's posts engager are coming from Canada, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico.

Marcwmorris loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education, Humor.

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  • Canada 42.86 %
  • United States 15.18 %
  • Germany 4.46 %
  • United Kingdom 3.57 %
  • Mexico 3.57 %


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Want to know what makes me happy? Like really happy? . When testimonials write themselves. . Chelsea contacted me in June to help her get back to her pre-pregnancy weight - she was a bit stuck and with a new baby at home, didn't want to do anything drastic to get leaner. I'm glad she reached out - because I pride myself on being the antidote to drastic. . One thing that sticks out about her story is structure and awareness. Before our time together, she had an idea of what eating "healthy" meant, but no real strategies to ensure she was getting enough protein or calories. She prided herself on being able to find compromise or balance with food, but no real structure to practice it. Dessert dates with friends? Big social meals out? They are welcomed because she has developed the strategies and structure to manage them. . Having a coach with a solid system and track record helps you practice strategies and build structure so you can balance your life and your goals. . It doesn't need to be one or the other - but saying it is ENTIRELY different than doing it. . Congrats on all of your success, Chelsea! . #polyhealth #flexibledieting #onlinecoach

79 6

There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding "calories in, calorie out" (or calorie balance) and body composition. . I've talked about this a lot: . If you're trying to change your body composition (i.e. changing tissue, like muscle or fat), you MUST pay attention to calorie balance, the difference between the amount of calories you ingest the and amount of calories you burn. . The difference dictates if you gain or lose tissue. No getting around it. Yet, there are a lot of people, from gym bros to health care professionals, will tell you it doesn't matter. . Most people minimizing the importance of calories in, calories out are quick to point out there are SEVERAL factors that influence this equation. These influences impact both sides and come from EVERYWHERE: we're talking genetics, socioecononmic status, hormones, age, activity levels etc etc etc. An impact on a population (where you live), genetic (family) and individual (lifestyle) level. . NOW, even though the influences vary, doesn't mean we should discredit it. If you're in a circumstance where it's really hard to burn calories (age, hormonal impact, socioeconomic status), it doesn't mean that calorie balance doesn't matter. It just means it's a lot harder to change this balance. . You could be a single parent, with no education, working three jobs, and thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Guess what? You'd still need to earn more money than you spend to save money. . Just because the equation is influenced by a bunch of things doesn't mean it doesn't matter or apply. . #allcaloriesmatter #polyhealth #flexibledieting

189 16

I've been studying nutrition for the last 15 years and I only now feel like I'm starting to understand it. Most people get confused in this space because they've never understood the fundamentals behind the science of what we eat: . #1. DIET: this is what comprises the food you eat. Historically, it had no reference to your beliefs or energy balance, although currently "diet" implies weight loss or a specific dietary change. Your "diet" is what your food "is". . #2: ENERGY BALANCE/CALORIE DEFICIT: Food provides energy. The result of consuming less calories than you burn, creates a negative energy balance which leads to tissue change (muscle or fat, not water) over time. Your energy intake is the amount of calories your diet provides. No reference to food choice or belief. . Often times, the word "diet" suggests a calorie deficit, but this isn't always the case. Someone with celiac disease eats "gluten-free" but this doesn't mean they are trying to lose weight (necessarily). . BUT, to intentionally lose weight your diet MUST be in a calorie deficit. No getting around it. . "Diet" and "calorie deficit" are often lumped together and misinterpreted - although they are not the same thing. You require calorie deficit to lose weight, but you don't need a "diet" to do that. . #polyhealth #nutrition #foodtrends

137 23

Track your food intake, but also build solid nutritional habits. . People like to live in "camps". . There's the camp that thinks that tracking your food intake is USELESS. Learn how to structure your meals and listen to your body - because tracking is inaccurate and unnecessary. . The other camp lives and dies by tracking - to control body composition and athletic performance hit your daily targets, because everything else is futile. . Can't you do both? . Building habits is really important - if myfitnesspal disappeared, how would you eat? Learn how to structure your plate - include lean protein, a starch, vegetables, and health promoting fat sources. And then eat when hungry and until full. . BUT tracking your food intake provides depth and context. It doesn't really matter if you have the best spending habits without context for how much you can spend. It's important to have a grasp on the big picture. . GUYS, you don't need to pick sides. Benefit from what is useful from each camp, discard the rest. . #polyhealth #nutritioncoach #habits #flexibledieting . ****disclaimer, although the @unasaskatoon slogan is 7 days/week, I’ve found 1 x per week works well ☺️

262 12

In the spirit of continual improvement I set three goals for myself in 2019: become a father, make $1 million dollars, and reach Level 40 on Pokemon Go. Two-thirds of the way through the year and I’m 2/3 on these goals - can you guess which ones? . #father #millionaire #gottacatchemall

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Really humbled for the invite to speak at the @evolve_strength Canadian Strength Symposium in Edmonton this weekend. . I spoke on the principles from the @wayoftheweighin, describing the concepts that have guided over 275+ successful weight certifications with hundreds of athletes. . These events are so motivating. When people are willing to share the details of their craft and experience you NEED to take it. . Thanks again! . @andrewcoatesfitness @grayareastrength @guedo.power @dsomerset1 @michaeldigou . #polyhealth #education #coaching

155 21

UNPOPULAR OPINION: . Is there anything more disliked than body weight? . During a group program this year, we captured body weight in the process of measuring body composition. The literal sounds I heard as people got on the scale were surprising - "Ughhhhhhh", "Pfffftttttt", "Well here we go...." . You could tell they were dreading it. I don't blame them. Society celebrates the drive to be a certain number, one you realistically won't obtain, with no context for you as a person. . Who knew something as simple as the gravitational force of your body against the earth could carry so much weight? . In my practice, clients weight themselves daily. . Because the sooner you can get away from the mindset that "weight = bad" the sooner you'll start viewing it as one piece of the health puzzle. This doesn't occur by avoiding it. . It's a number on the scale - it's not an indication of your health and surely doesn't define your self-worth. But that doesn't mean we can't use it as a quick and easy way to assess trends and changes in body tissue. . Body weight is an objective number that carries a lot of subjective weight - view it for what it is: one small tool that can be used in assessment. Nothing more, nothing less. . #polyhealth #flexibledieting #bodyweight

155 15

RIGHT NOW, you only have two options when it comes to your nutrition and body composition: . Option 1: Jump back on the restriction train - there's something you're missing right? . You've been searching forever to find that one trick or tip that's going to turn everything upside down. Avoid carbs, intermittent fasting, keto - there's something out there you currently ARE NOT doing and that's the reason you're not living in your dream body. Time to throw caution to the wind and buy in for another period of unsustainable habits and that will help for 6 weeks and leave you worse off next year. . Option 2: Accept intentional change just isn't for you. If option 1 is "on", option 2 is "off". . You should be content with who you are and your self worth shouldn't be defined by how you look and definitely NOT what a scale says. Enough empty promises - the diet industry has done more than rob you financially, you're also in poorer health because you keep trading short term "progress" for your long term health. Your diet needs a diet. . Something tells me neither option is satisfying, is it? . That's because you're smarter than this - you know improving your body composition is a worth-while endeavor, even if it means compromise. And that compromise doesn't necessarily mean sacrifice. . That's why I'm such a big advocate of hiring an educated professional. I've guided 100's of clients through the science and art of sustainable change,developing a recipe in finding the middle ground - by focusing on what truly matters most and removing the risk and head ache of what barely matters at all. . With coaching from an experienced nutrition expert, YOU will find success in the middle ground. Let's start the conversation by filling out the intake form in my bio. . #polyhealth #onlinecoach #flexibledieting

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Want better awareness and control around your food intake? Pay more attention to it, not less. . Want to learn how to truly be flexible with your food choices and still optimize your body composition? Practice compromise. . Want to make long-term, sustainable change? Be kind to yourself and get comfortable with good, not perfect. . Awareness, balance and aiming for "good" are three things that constantly come up in weekly check-ins with my clients. It was really cool to hear it echoed back from David while reflecting last month: . "There are three big things I've really tuned into since I started working with you. The first one is portion sizes and how they add up in terms of your macros. I can now look at a food and be pretty close to the weight or volume of the food. This helps me when I'm out and can't exactly measure my foods. . The second is balance. If I want to have some drinks, or go out for dessert, I now have the knowledge so I can easily adjust my day so that I can still keep my day close to my targets, and have a treat. . The other is, as you put it, having a short memory on days that aren't great days. I no longer dwell on the days that I over eat out under eat. They happen, and I don't beat myself up, I just move on and try for more good days." . If you’re struggling to be aware, balanced and sustainable in your approach to nutrition fill out the assessment in my bio and I’ll show you how. . #polyhealth #flexibledieting #onlinecoach

177 7

Max’s first taste of @theipf international competition - next time its in Regina he will be competing #volunteer #giveback #saskpowerlifting

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Not too often someone wins the CrossFit games and a weightlifting world championship in the same month! Congrats @lauriexfit. . Happy to have played a part in it. . #polyhealth #performancenutrition #wayoftheweighin . #Repost @lauriexfit ・・・ @marcwmorris and @polyhealth You won’t be able to speed read this past all the non-relevant info. 😉 “You have to do it by yourself and you cannot do it alone.” I did it and couldn’t have done it without you. Weight category sports. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Your knowledge is invaluable. Your calmness is grounding. Your positive attitude is endless in the midst of “now what?” I made weight. Taking off, let’s not say how many lbs, at 12% BF isn’t impossible but not a 👞 in either. From knowing exactly what macros to hit each day, how much fluid to take in, to how much I needed to weigh the night before weigh in, to exactly what to take in right after weigh in, I felt really really good for competition day. The best I’ve ever felt physically at a weight lifting meet. One’s mental fortitude and mindset can overcome challenging physiological obstacles when necessary but when both are in sync, competing is authentic uninhibited fun. #relentlesswithouteffort Ok, you could have jumped to here to get my message. THANK YOU. You’re exceptionally skilled at your profession. Excellent book. On to our next adventure!! #intheopen2020 #alphaattitude🐾 #youownnutrition #doitright #trust #masteryandgratitude

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Context matters. . For some, tracking food intake can be overwhelming and lead to obsessive-type relationship with food. ; But in my experience, with the right coaching and support, taking an objective look at your nutrition is liberating. . Nothing is more rewarding than having a client add more food and carbs into their approach, improve their relationship with food and change their body comp. . Above is 4-month’s worth of progress from Carmela Smythe (@littlemightymama) as she diets into the 63 kg class for this fall’s upcoming BC Provincials. Here’s what she had to say about the process so far: . “The biggest change/learning for me is a healthier sense of balance with my macros and eating. The refeed days were HUGE for me, and learning to not fear the carbs when it comes to cutting weight!! That little shift in fat/carb targets at certain times of the month was really great too. Ultimately, it's been awesome working with a responsive and supportive coach vs. going it alone with templates.” . Context is important – for some an approach can be damaging, but for others helpful. A lot of the time the difference is found in qualified coaching. . #polyhealth #flexibledieting #powerlifting


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