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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.10%. The average number of likes per post is 565 and the average number of comments is 112.

31.82% of the followers that engaged with mamatoafox regularly are from United States, followed by Belgium at 9.09% and Spain at 9.09%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mamatoafox's posts engager are coming from United States, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil.

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  • United States 31.82 %
  • Belgium 9.09 %
  • Spain 9.09 %
  • United Kingdom 4.55 %
  • Brazil 4.55 %


563 145

“He’s such a boy” “Boys will be boys” #boymom #boymomlife If you’ve used these phrases, think about the context in which you’ve adhered a label of what it means to be a boy. When your son snuggles into your arms and tells you he loves you, or helps you take care of their sibling, or offers you a bite of their favorite snack; are they “just being a boy?” Or are you only marking those destructive moments, those messy moments, the loud moments, as boy behaviors. Boys are not born “naughty” or “wild”, they do not come into this world destructive and angry and covered in dirt. Boys are magic. Boys are capable. Don’t give up on them. Don’t box them into societies skewed expectations of them. Don’t teach them that we expect so little of them that they grow up thinking they can get away with anything, because they’re boys. Let your boys dance sing play with dolls dress up paint their nails race cars jump on the bed catch frogs in the rain burp their abc’s Let your boys make messes learn from their mistakes climb trees get lost in a book do your hair help cook dinner Boys will be exactly who they’re meant to be, if we let them, if we nurture their creativity, their imagination, their compassion just as much as we encourage their physicality. They’re not just boys. They’re the future. They’re humans. Humans who cry and feel and love. Maybe a future father, uncle, best friend, co worker. Boys are SO MUCH MORE. Let’s revolutionize that.

525 95

I wonder what it’s like to love your pregnancy. To feel connected to the life inside of you. To not spend your days afraid to move, unable to eat or drink, unable to hold your children or hug your husband without getting sick. Without it sending you running to the bathroom while you try not to choke on your own vomit and cry. I wonder what it’s like to not have to weigh yourself daily, and watch the numbers drop off, counting your ribs in the mirror as you get dressed. To be able to shower without throwing up from the touch of each droplet on your skin. I miss my babies, the ones that are yearning for me to play and read and MOM, and our normal. Our routine. I wonder what it’s like to not have to miss that. To be able to cook and clean and move without losing consciousness or ending up glued to the bathroom floor. I wonder. . . . . . . . #hyperemesis #hyperemesisgravidarum #pregnancy #hg #pregnancysickness #morningsickness #pregnant #hyperemesisgravidarumawareness #hgsurvivor #hgmoms #womenshealth #motherhood #weekspregnant #love #hyperemesisawareness #maternalhealth #baby #hyperemesissurvivor #mom #family #globalhealth #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #pregnancydiary #momblog #maternalmentalhealth #mentalhealth

493 90

2021 has only just begun and already my heart feels like it’s been through the wringer. AD That’s why it was so nice to sit down on a call with a psychic advisor from @CaliforniaPsychics and have her offer some guidance and advice. Everyone needs to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it was nice, having a friendly voice to reassure me that everything that’s happened was for a reason and that there is better to come. Sometimes, you just need to hear it. Sometimes you just need an extra dose of hope. California Psychics exists to help you unleash your full potential and live an inspired life. Visit the California Psychics website or app to book your reading today and use promo code mamafox5 to get $5 added to your account when you purchase your first reading. #CaliforniaPsychics #CPMakeTheConnection #Psychics #PsychicAdvisor #PsychicAdvice #GetAReading #Answers #selfcare #selfimprovement #livingyourbestlife #energycleansing #mindset

558 71

I haven’t eaten in days. Days. I can’t keep down fluids. This is my pregnancy. It’s all my pregnancies. My hyperemisis is not morning sickness. It won’t get better after the first trimester. It doesn’t ease up if I eat small frequent meals, suck on ginger candy, wear sea bands. It doesn’t respond to oral medications, doesn’t let me take my prenatal, doesn’t ease up. My hyperemisis is debilitating. I’m either laying on the floor hugging the toilet and crying as the vomit burns my nose and throat, or laying on the couch afraid to move or talk because any sudden movement can make the nausea worse or trigger vomiting. My hyperemisis doesn’t care that I’m still nursing both kids. It doesn’t care that I want to play with them, read them stories, go for a walk. That I have to watch them eat dinner as a family from the couch, instead of joining. It doesn’t care that I lose so much weight you can’t tell I’m pregnant until my final trimester. My hyperemisis will most likely last well into labor, like it did with my previous pregnancies. I will survive off of IV fluids, slowly watching myself deteriorate in the mirror, SO GRATEFUL for this pregnancy that we fought for. That we wanted. That is so hard to bond with in between the tears and vomit and full body aches and chills. I love this baby. I am so lucky to be carrying and creating life again. But I am tired. I am heartbroken that this is how I’ll remember my pregnancies. . . . . . #hyperemesis #hyperemesisgravidarum #pregnancy #hg #pregnancysickness #morningsickness #pregnant #hyperemesisgravidarumawareness #hgsurvivor #hgmoms #womenshealth #motherhood #weekspregnant #love #hyperemesisawareness #maternalhealth #baby #hyperemesissurvivor #mom #family #globalhealth #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #pregnancydiary #momblog #maternalmentalhealth

626 114

no appetite, forcing myself to eat and trying to keep anything down, tandem nursing is very taxing on sick and pregnant me, not posting on here consistently is bad for business; seems like everything i do lately is wrong. mama is tired. mama is sad.

520 118

first trimester fatigue has hit like w o a h spending this lazy monday meal prepping, napping whenever i can sneak it in and soaking up this warmer weather cause my mood is instantly better as soon as my skin feels some sun belly out, picnic season, is here and i am here for it ✨

609 99

bedsharing a choice we made before oliver fox was even born, because i couldn’t image being away from my baby after being attached to him for 9 months a journey that isn’t always the easiest but one i wouldn’t trade for anything love those middle of the night cuddles when he tells me he loves me sings to logan if i don’t give her boob fast enough waking up right next to my babies every day it’s why we love our family bed ***eta: can’t believe we get to add another babe to our bed 🥺 • • • • • #cosleeping #bedsharing #momlife #motherhood #familybed #attachmentparenting #cameramama #breastfeeding #toddlerprobs #projectnursery #myhonestmotherhood #toddlerproblems #momprobs #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momproblems #momswithcameras #cosleeper #consciousparenting #2yearsold #babiesofinstagram #blessedmom #sleepsharing #toddler #firsttooth #adventuremamas #saturdaymorningvibes #thisisone

595 112

Supporting my little's health is this mama's top priority. #ad No matter what's around the corner, mama and babe can rest easy knowing our drawer is stocked with @Zarbees Baby product. The chest rub is a favorite, but we love having their cough syrup and nasal mist on hand. Staying prepared so I can spend more time in the moment, and less time worrying about everything else. #ZarbeesNaturals available at Walmart, your local drugstore or Amazon. Link in bio to learn more!

720 171

I don’t know who’s happier, me and hubby or Oliver Fox. (Note: Logan, still undecided, but very into kissing my belly) Due around Halloween 🎃 👻 This baby is already so loved. — If you watched my stories last week you know that this sweet babe gave us quite a scare and we thought we might have to say goodbye almost as quickly as we said hello. But after so much blood work, and peeing on 30 sticks (sadly not an exaggeration) the happy is taking place of the fear again. Hello laziest pregnancy ever ✌🏻 . . . . . . #cantwaittomeetyou #werepregnant #bumpahead #babyontheway #babyannouncement #familyof5 #fallbaby #healthypregnancy #myjourney #babynumber3 #dueinoctober

556 147

ONE today ✨ Dearest Logan Fay, My always smiling, always dancing, sweet babe. Born into a world of chaos, you’ve blessed every day with your laughter, smiles so big they make your eyes squint, and kisses you blow from across the room at any given moment. Your brothers number one fan, watching you two grow together, from each other, has brought me and dada so much peace and joy. To the happiest human I’ve ever known, may you always find the joy in every day things, in exploring and never giving up, in climbing to the top and leaping arms wide without warning. You make our whole family more brave, more silly; (in big brothers words) more wild. I truly can’t believe how fast this year has gone by, it’s as though I blinked and missed it, but when I close my eyes I remember every moment. Every first. Here’s to a hundred more firsts and a million more kisses. We are so proud of you. We love you so much. Logo. Lolo bachata. Logi. 12 months of you. . . . . . . #firstbirthday #birthday #happybirthday #birthdayboy #cakesmash #oneyearold #baby #babygirl #love #birthdaygirl #one #babyboy #photography #party #smashcake #birthdayparty #babyshower #birthdaycake #cake #balloons #1stbirthday #family #babyphotography #firstbirthdayparty #momlife #disney #photographer #kids #photoshoot

593 102

After a lazy weekend of doing nothing, following up with a lazy Monday, bed hair, Disney music on Alexa and reading all the books we own. My word for this year was slow, and the slow moments are indeed my favorite. I’ll catch up on emails tomorrow. In the mean time, tell me your littles favorite book right now 👇🏻👇🏻

644 99

Love day is for celebrating all the ones you love with all the things you love. Our Valentine’s Day weekend is filled with indoor picnics, wearing jammies all day, game nights, wine for mom and dad (cause #balance ) & @onceuponafarm for Oliver Fox and Logan to cheers with. Also 10/10 recommended having your toddler take behind the scenes photos (s w i p e for his polaroids. This camera was the best gift we’ve ever given him.) Happy (early) Love Day, Internet. Gonna attempt another extended weekend off the ‘gram.🤍 . . . . #farmmama #onceuponafarm #ofarmpartner #nosugaradded #onceuponafarmproductreview #feedfresh

584 106

A year into tandem nursing, almost three years of breastfeeding and a side hustle as a CLC. Breastfeeding is a pretty big deal in my life. #ad While the journey isn’t always easy, and giving over your body to your child well past pregnancy remains demanding no matter how many days, weeks or months into it you are, it’s a relationship with my babies I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Since breastfeeding is literally my job, I am always asked for my “BFdng Must Haves” and my number one recommendation is always the @lansinohusa #breastmilkcollector Made from 100% soft flexible silicone, the Lansinoh Breastmilk Collector provides a simple solution, that uses natural suction to gently secures to the breast for hands-free collection of leaking breastmilk. Never lose a drop. (Swipe for a behind the scenes where my clumsy self dropped the collector before I had a chance to put the top on and literally cried over spilt milk) #lansinohbreastmilkcollector

582 112

missing our house comes in waves like when my children laugh and run at each other in our cramped living room and i think of the long hallway they used to do that in or when i see the boxes we still haven’t unpacked, shoved aside for every picture, because there just isn’t enough space for all those house things in an apartment when facebook shows me photos of my days as a stay at home mama, the happiest i had ever been, hanging out with my tiny best friend(s) without a care in the world i guess i should stop calling it our house we are mostly good we are mostly happy positive silly playful it comes in waves the water is calmer now the ripples almost unnoticeable other days i feel like we’re drowning in what could have been, would have been but still, mostly good

618 146

February is a busy gift month in this household, you guys. #ad In February we have my birthday, our date-aversary (yes I take this very seriously), Valentine’s Day, Logan’s birthday...and since we can’t go anywhere to celebrate, I’ve been casually tagging hubby on pictures of pretty jewelry to get me. @analuisany has long lasting pieces crafted with care and a 365 day warranty. Jewelry starting at $39? Sign me up cause this month is getting expensive 😅 Touch is my love language but gifts are a pretty close second 😉😉 Now what do I get him? #analuisany

556 112

My littles have the most sensitive skin #AllGoodPartner Luckily, we found All Good diapers. Free of fragrances, parabens, latex and elemental chlorine bleaching – perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Not only are they hypoallergenic and the leakage protection that has been working great for us, but for every box of @allgoodiapers purchased at @Walmart /, a day’s worth of diapers is donated to a family in need via @FeedingAmerica. Now, head over to my Stories to find out how you can win a free 1-year supply of All Good Diapers! For official rules, see: #AllGoodDiapers

541 117

#ad Because an at home haircut wasn’t enough. Mama was in need of a pick me up and some #goodcleanfun 🧖‍♀️ I left it up to you guys (with Oliver Fox as the final tie breaker cause you were split 50/50 in my stories) and now I’m a red head. @betternatured Intense Red to be exact. Better Natured™ Hair Color delivers naturally-derived*, vegan formulas, professional hair color, haircare & styling that delivers a salon-gorgeous color and hair, strength, conditioning and vitality. *Better Natured hold themselves to high standards and use the Global ISO Standard 16128 which defines naturally-derived as a plant or mineral derived material and water which is found in nature and has undergone limited processing. Use FOX25 at checkout for 25% off your product order.** **With Promo Code. Offer valid for any purchase on the Better Natured Site. Continental US only. Limit one coupon per customer. Void if reproduced or prohibited by law. Redeemable online only at with promo code. Not valid with any other promo code or manufacturer coupon(s), rebates, offers or discounts. Not valid on returns, exchanges or prior purchases. Valid beginning February 15, 2021 and expires March 31, 2021. While Supplies Last. Void if expired, reproduced, altered, copied, sold, purchased, transferred, or exchanged to any person, firm, or group prior to store redemption, or where prohibited or restricted by law. Any other use constitutes fraud. Consumer: You pay any sales tax. Henkel Corporation, acting through its Zotos Professional #athomehaircolor #betternaturedpartner #lovemybetternatured

588 129

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but women are supporting each other now. My absolute favorite part of this platform, even more than the creativity, is the connections I’ve made with other humans. So when I say my DMs are always open for questions; breastfeeding, influencing, parenting, etc., I mean it. Is there a time and place for courses and consults? Absolutely! We can’t give all our labor away for free, but setting you off on the right foot? Making space for community, collaboration and question? That’s what helps us all grow. Community over competition✨ #liketkit #StayHomeWithLTK #LTKVDay #LTKsalealert Shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app #targetmom #target #targetdoesitagain #momblogger #mommyblogger #socalmoms #socalblogger #orangecountymom #orangecountyblogger #ocmoms #ocmom #ocblogger

555 94

I’ll do anything to have more babies...including giving up coffee, booze, and late night binge eating. Focusing on my body this month, not to lose weight or look any kind of way, but to create the healthiest, most inviting vessel for the oodles of babies I want to mother in this life. The most present version of me for the littles I already have. I’ve tried everything else so why not? 🤷🏼‍♀️ (at least hubby is doing it with me)

551 132

brb gonna go celebrate my birthday real quick 🥳

467 48

Stop sharing pictures of your kids when they’re having big feelings. Expect behaviors, Accept behaviors. It is developmentally appropriate for your baby, toddler and child to scream, cry, push boundaries and get upset about seemingly little things. They’re not little things to them. Those emotions are REAL. Your child isn’t misbehaving or manipulating by crying when something triggered those emotions. It isn’t funny. It’s not something to post to show how ‘real’ and ‘relatable’ you are to other parents. In those very real to them moments, they’re asking for connection. Understanding. Empathy. When did we as a society stop seeing children as people and start treating them as less than? If your spouse came home from work upset or you saw your best friend crying would you stop and take a picture? Laugh? Post it on social media because it was so funny to see them hurt? Why do it for your child? Being a parent is a lot of work. NO ONE is negating that. But none of that is your child’s fault. They are doing their best (as are you). But they are the child and you are the adult. We bear the responsibility of recognizing NORMAL developmental behavior and being there for our children. When did bullying our children become the norm? Trendy? How do we make taking responsibility for your own emotions, triggers and needs the new wave of parenting? This is their life too. It doesn’t start at 12, 18 or 21. It’s right now. They are living it and are just as worthy of respect, love and understanding as any adult (more so, if I’m being honest). “When we treat children with respect we are not only modeling respectful behavior for them to learn from but also we are teaching them that even the most powerless members of society are worthy of respect.” LR Knost —— Great resources for mindful, respectful parenting: Your One/Two/Three/etc. Year Old (Series) - Louise Bates Ames The Whole Brain Child - Dan Siegel How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk - Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish Peaceful Parent, Happy Child - Laura Markham Siblings Without Rivalry - Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish It’s Okay Not To Share And Other Renegade Rules - Heather Shumaker

622 124

8 things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older 1. Fiercely making out with my husband never goes out of style. 2. Quality time is way more important than anything money can buy. 3. I’m never going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m the right peoples glass of wine. 4. Dancing and singing with my kids is way more fun than doing it at the club. 5. Laughing at yourself is just the first step in truly loving yourself. 6. Food is never a guilty pleasure. 7. Motherhood is even better than I imagined. 8. I am more daring than I ever thought possible.

538 95

out of office

619 130

Treat children with respect and change the world. What if we all made space for big feelings. What if we all stood up for our children in front of others. What if, instead of ‘training’ our children to meet our expectations, speaking down to them...we RAISED THEM UP. Trained ourselves to meet the needs of our child. Believed our child. Listened to our child. What if we all got comfortable with the uncomfortable. Apologized. Slowed down. Slowed way down. Slower. There. That’s where the magic lies, even in the moments of chaos, even when it’s hard. There. In our children.

578 103

make plans, cancel plans, put on a face mask ✨ i was today years old when i realized practicing self care was just another way to model positive behaviors for my children so that they grow up not only seeing their bodies as beautiful but that taking time to care for them is good for the mind, body and soul 2020 was the year i fell in love with my body 2021 is the year i show it love it deserves

547 136

my body has already proven it can create life, and yet, with every negative test, heart break, a numbness that knows no words, feeling broken, like a failure existing in a space, in a ‘niche’, where everyone is constantly getting pregnant and having babies is a special kind of pain that i haven’t quite learned to navigate not because i’m not happy for you, but because of the painful fire in my lungs when i try to breathe, the tingling in my limbs, the thick smog of anxiety and sadness that always lingers still here, just not h e r e

536 80

prioritizing mental health and family, nothing particularly crazy or creative planned for this week stay hydrated wear a mask be actively anti racist

522 86

They say a flower can’t grow without a little rain...

525 89

Snack time reset. #Ad Afternoon time for my babes means snack time for me. I get 90% of my work done during naps, so I need a snack that hubby and I can graze on while the littles snooze. One that’s easy to eat with one hand and lets me #SnackDeliciouslyGlutenFree. @goodthins sea salt Corn Snacks! They are great for munching, made with real ingredients and no artificial flavors. Bonus: Good Thins have a light crunch that is satisfying but not loud enough to wake the littles 😉 Available at a @krogerco @ralphsgrocery near you. #GoodThinsAtKroger #SnackFavoritesAtKroger

592 100

it was in my birth as a mother that i was also born into my best self years of instilled hate, hurt and pain transformed through a constant unlearning of behaviors and beliefs, so that i could model onto my children what was not modeled onto me patience, understanding, unconditional love equality, accountability, acceptance it is through the parenting of my children that i parent myself, heal my own wounds; so that i may raise them to be brave, to stand up for others, to be better than me, to make the world better for them, for their children, for the children of others i do not believe i can simply teach my children to “be” good or kind or just i know i must live it, every day, so they don’t just grow up never hearing me speak ill of others but so they also grow up hearing me speak up for them too

523 74

Running my business and momming means my office is anywhere and everywhere at a moments notice. #ad Kids playing independently for 10 minutes? Boom! Get some work done. Dad done with laundry? Ah! Quick. Answer some emails. I need a mouse that is as flexible and on the go as my “work space” is. @Logitech has 👏🏻 me 👏🏻 covered! 👏🏻 Seriously in love with my #MXAnywhere3 cause not only is it so cute but it’s fast, smart and exactly what this busy mama needs for on the go. #Logitech

311 80

no one cares about your latte art or diys today an act of domestic terrorism was committed yesterday nazi flags and symbols waved proudly i am not surprised but i am sad i am not surprised but i am mad watching a bunch of white people break into the capitol with no consequences while Black people are shot in their sleep while anti semitism rages on wake up spreading fear and hate is not the same as protesting for equality these aren’t a few bad apples this isn’t a conspiracy this is america

458 109

Get ready to level up your dairy free treat game. #ad In case no one told you today, you deserve to treat your self. To help you do that, I’m sharing my dairy free Mousse recipe, featuring smooth and creamy SOWN™ Organic Oat Creamer (now available at @Sprouts near you). Ingredients: 1/4 cup of @sownplantbased Vanilla Organic Oat creamer 1/2 cup chocolate chips 1 tsp vegetable oil 3/4 cup coconut cream Directions: 1. Place a metal mixing bowl in the freezer for 20 minutes (**not required but helpful) 2. While the bowl cools, melt your chocolate chips with vegetable oil. (Microwave for extra fast snack time) 3. In cold mixer, combine coconut cream, #SOWNoatcreamer and whip together for 6-8 minutes, until peaks form. 4. Add in melted chocolate and whip for 6-8 minutes. 5. Separate into serving dishes and allow to cool for minimum of one hour for a dreamy airy Mousse texture. Makes 2 servings. Save $1.50 on purchase of SOWN™ Organic Oat Creamer with a digital offer via Sprouts. (minimum purchase:1) Not only is SOWN™ Organic Oat Creamer dairy free, but it is also a #plantbasedcreamer that is non-gmo, certified organic, and gluten-free. Try adding it to tea or coffee, too!

545 106

Let’s talk mom guilt, self care, and how 2021 is the year I hope we mama’s stop neglecting ourselves. #ad The reality is, yes, taking care of yourself is selfish. You have to set aside time to do it. But taking care of you, makes you a better you. Makes you a better mom. You’ll find, much like our kids, the hungrier we are the crankier we get. Instead of skipping a meal, I go for @rxbar. Every ingredient RXBAR uses is their for a reason: egg whites for protein, dates to bind, nuts for texture, and everything else for taste. Talk about guilt free. (See what I did there?) PS: Protein is great for milk production and helps increase dopamine (the feel good hormone) naturally. See how fast your mood and patience improves from yummy egg whites, dates, and a few other simple ingredients. #RXBAR launched #RXercise last year to make it easy to keep up with your fitness routine at home. This year it's much more! Not only can you #RXercise Your Fitness, but you can now also RXercise Your Nutrition and RXercise Your Mind too! For more ways to find self care in 2021, head to the link in my bio read more. #RXPartner

608 81

Happy New Year, Instagram Fam! **posting now so I can unplug and celebrate with these party animals until Monday. Celebrating with these two until 7pm and trading in our @onceuponafarm for grown up champagne and watching whatever 2020’s version of a ball drop is. See you in 2021 ✌🏻 . . . . . . . . . . #onceuponafarm #farmmama #ofarmpartner #nosugaradded #onceuponafarmproductreview #feedfresh

591 153

bloom where you're planted as impossible as this year has been, we have persevered. i have persevered. i gave birth. i swallowed my pride as asked for help. i battled ppa and rage, i’m on the other side of a cancer scare and surgery. i lost one home and found another. i stepped up and started treating this place like work so i could help provide for my family. i launched my birth work business and managed to still find time to tandem nurse my littles. next year, i hope to show myself a little more love. self care. grace. but dare i say it? i’m proud of me.

716 135

What’s the best thing that happened to you this year? Logan Fay 10 months old and the happiest, silliest, most playful baby I have ever met. Thank you for making 2020 a year filled with so much love and fun. The brightest light in a very dark year, you constantly keep me, dada and big brother on our toes, always laughing, chasing you and dancing. Oh the dancing. How we love you sweet girl. I have no idea what this next year brings. I have no idea what being born into a pandemic will do for your future, but sweet Lolo girl, I hope you never lose your appetite for life. I hope you always find music and joy in every moment of every day. How are you almost one?! 🥺😩

551 75

Here’s our messy, imperfect, Instagram holiday card (if you will). The swipes are worth it, I promise. Merry Everything and Happy Always. Going to attempt to sign off later today and stay off until Monday 👀 Work life balance or something like that. Wish me luck 😅

667 121

sometimes you tape flowers to the bags under your eyes and have an impromptu photoshoot just for fun —— One of my fav humans ( @alialistone ) told me I needed to learn to love the camera like it loved me and I’ve been trying to make her (and the @tyrabanks that exists in my head after years of watching ANTM 😅) proud.

590 122

more than more than a number of followers more than a picture on a screen human survivor mental health warrior breaking cycles first generation bilingual more than a wife more than a mom avid chef lover of reality tv full of unnecessary celebrity factoids me

646 95

Friday at the office, but make it comfortable. #liketkit #StayHomeWithLTK #LTKworkwear Shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app

564 90

“A candle is a small thing. But one candle can light another. You are such a light.” As Hanukkah and this year are on their final stretch, hubby and I are reflecting with the littles how each person has a big impact, when working together, we make a big difference. We used our voices this year. We spoke up. We created change. Together. We aren’t done. There’s more work to do. Like the shamash lights the other Hanukkah candles, we can create that light in one another. Chag Hanukkah Sameach 🕎

567 117

I hate being a WAHM I never intended for this to be my job. I never intended to commit myself to anything that took any time from my kids. This wasn’t the plan. I don’t feel more fulfilled by having an identity other than ‘mom’. I miss being ‘just a mom’. They’re so little. I’m missing so many moments I’ll never get back. This isn’t just a point and click and post operation; this is a commitment. The hours out of every day I spend working and not with my family are a huge reason I’m always reminding you to CHARGE YOUR WORTH. Because if you don’t, then companies think it’s okay to underpay everyone, and I refuse to settle. I’m doing this for them, because I have to, because they need me. I’m being unapologetically transparent. Unapologetically me because I’m not here to waste your time or mine. 🤍

551 95

Some photoshopped snow is as wintery as it’s gonna get in SoCal (and I’m not mad at it). We don’t do any of that Elf on the Shelf business or “naughty and nice” stuff in our house. Holidays are about family time, music, food; presents are a given, not something that needs to be earned or that can be taken away. Have we explicitly said Hanukkah Harry or Santa aren’t real? No. Will we answer truthfully when asked? Yes. Because Hanukkah and Christmas are an inherently magic time without them. Just the presence of a tree, some candles, Alexa streaming our favs. Family is the real meaning of the holidays. That’s the real magic.

612 107

Happy Hanukkah, Insta Fam. Cleaning now so we can celebrate night one with family time, dreidel games, fried foods, candles and presents.

530 149

n i n e m o n t h s of loving you. Thank you for being a light every day of this dark year. Thank you for making your brother, your dada and I laugh even when we’re tired and cranky. Thanks for being my sweet baby. How incredible are babies? They don’t care about hand me down clothes or toys. They just want love. Ah. Loving motherhood so extra hard lately. Learning to see the world through the eyes of my babies and accept, love and forgive as easily as they do. —- The absolute CUTEST lovey set from @yuppie_mommy 😍 Lolo’s been loving falling asleep with her lambs every night (and big brother is a fan too). Perfect shower gift for a mama to be. Code 10mamafox gives you 10% off on Amazon. 🐑

590 139

Does everyone blast club music when they’re vacuuming or is that just me trying to be a mom AND stay hip and funky fresh? #ad Who am I kidding. I’m totally the adult who wants a new vacuum under my Christmas tree and I’m never alone long enough to vacuum by myself (swipe for a little reality check thanks to my handy assistant) but that’s just mom life and I’m loving every second. I’m also loving how compact this cordless @Hoover Blade MAX is. Saving space in our small apartment is a MUST. We are totally #TeamBlade in this house and love that the battery has rapid charge technology (3.5 hours — that’s one nap in mom time) AND comes with a FREE blower or hand vac. #hoovercordlesscharge

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Content Creation is a weird business to be in. There’s no guarantees. Lots of rejection (ꜱᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ʀᴇᴊᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ) and a lot of pressure; to constantly create, have nice things, follow the norm—in order to succeed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I don’t work for free. I’m picky about the brands I choose to partner with. I won’t accept ridiculous amounts of work for $50 (and none of us should be, cause in the end it devalues all of us). Getting work this last month has been slow. I’ve questioned myself. Over thought every photo and caption. I could have caved, worked with a bunch of brands I didn’t care about for a few bucks, flooded my feed with ads just to say I was still working that month. But I know my worth. Not only would it have been inauthentic to who I am, but I would have added the anxiety of taking 10+ pictures that I liked enough to post, for the same price as doing one. So I didn’t. I held out. I said no. And something eventually came along. Work smarter, not harder. Why share this? Why be public about how I make money from this platform? Because you’re my people. To my fellow content creators, I see your struggles, your triumphs. If you need an extra 🤍 or comment on an ad. Here for you. To the mamas and humans following along. I know you know how ads work. I know they can be annoying. I hope you know even behind an ad is still me. **pic of forever messy bedroom, tv ‘mounted’ on some old iPhone boxes, just for some extra realness for today

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Just a mom, holding a plate of pasta, asking you guys what’s for dinner when you’re not cooking big holiday meals this season? Leave me some favs 👇🏻👇🏻

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this year i’m thankful for a lot of things but i talk about how much i love my babies every day this isn’t about them this is about you never in my wildest dreams did i think i’d be using social media as a job never before have i had so much love, support, so many people rooting for me to succeed none of this is possible without you 2020 would be ending very differently for my family without you you saved us thankful for you wish i could feed all of you today as a small thank you, but instead, hear me when i say “love you, mean it.” happy turkey day, from my family to yours

452 104

Happy Challah Days 🕎 Just a Jewish mom, trying to find cute Hanukkah decor among a bunch of end caps. Hey, at least Alexa has a fun Hanukkah playlist. I’ll take what I can get. Sharing some of my favorite pieces (and bonus activities and books) that make my littles just as excited about Hannukah as they are about Christmas. #liketkit #LTKfamily #LTKhome #LTKkids Download the shopping app to shop this pic

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this year i fell in love with me first, i fell really really OUT of love with myself. after lifelong body issues, seeing my completely changed body after having logan seemed forever life shattering. then all of a sudden, for the first time ever, i looked in the mirror and i loved what I saw. i fell in love with my laugh lines i fell in love with my thighs i fell in love with my stretch marks i fell in love with my jelly belly i fell in love with my saggy breasts i fell in love with my extra skin i fell in love with me every life creating, life giving, life sustaining inch of me. strong, loving, perfectly imperfect.

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We drove past our old house today. Some guy named Kevin lives there now. I know this because I apparently still had USPS Informed Delivery for that address being emailed to me. I tried to find him on Facebook and couldn’t. Now I can’t stop thinking about what the stranger who lives in our house might look like. Can’t stop thinking about some stranger in my kids playroom, in our shower. Cooking in my kitchen. Walking the halls my toddler would run down. Did he put the Christmas tree where ours once stood? Does he have a Menorah on the fireplace? Will he stand on the front porch and watch the Christmas lights on the big tree across the street before he goes to bed? I think about that and I cry. And then I remember that it isn’t our house anymore and I need to stop thinking of it that way...and then I cry some more. That house will always be our house, even if it’s not our home anymore. Even if (thanks to a couple of cans of sample paint) I’ve turned our small apartment into one of the homiest places we have ever been. This is our home now. For who knows how long. But it’s home. We are okay. The kids are happy. Me and hubby are even happy most days. But that was our house. And we weren’t ready to leave. And most days there is still so much unknown. So much fear. And now I know someone named Kevin lives there. So today, right now, I mourn that house once again. Tomorrow will be better. xx

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Shout out to my husband who’s been rocking his SAHD title while I hustled these last few months. Regardless of everything else, we are lucky to have had this time with you, and this holiday season I’m choosing to focus on the good. 🕎🎄 Also, I officially understand the appeal of early holiday decorating. Oliver Fox picked the cutest pink ornaments, there’s a mix of Hanukkah and Christmas music always playing. I’m into it. — Don’t let the cute pic fool ya, behind the tree is a stack of c r a p we pushed aside for this picture. Happy Holidays 🤪 #kingofchristmas @kingofchristmas

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sweet potato apple pie (now go back and sing that to the tune of @harrystyles ‘watermelon sugar’) 🥧 —— Decorating for the holidays is fun and all but my favorite part is the food. Getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas with practice pies (and tarts) 😉 What’s your favorite kind of pie? . . . . . . . . . . . . . @onceuponafarm #onceuponafarm #farmmama #ofarmpartner #nosugaradded #onceuponafarmproductreview #feedfresh

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Don’t let anyone dull your shine. ✨ Life is too short to not be passionate – about things, about people, about love, about living. (My last selfie pre hair cut 💇‍♀️ Don’t miss my long hair at all 💁🏼‍♀️)

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unschooling gets a bad wrap but it’s so the right choice for us. letting our littles decide what they want to learn, spend their energy on, and lead their own way. bubs deciding HE wanted to learn how to read and asked for us to help him so he could “read to baby logan by himself”, love this journey, love these babies. where my homeschool mamas at?

526 115

still dreaming about our beach date 🥺 attempted to save the charcuterie spread for mom and dad by bringing #yumisweetstuff ‘s latest chef collab with us...but let’s be real, they ate both. not mad about it. #doitforthebabes


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