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👱🏻‍♀️👦🏼 mama to grae & sam 🎈play 🎨 creative projects 🥑 healthful food ✈️ travel 💜 preemie mom 🇨🇦 okgn, BC 💌

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.20%. The average number of likes per post is 524 and the average number of comments is 31.

37.5% of the followers that engaged with mamapapabubba regularly are from Canada, followed by United States at 19.64% and Russian Federation at 5.36%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mamapapabubba's posts engager are coming from Canada, United States, Russian Federation, Greece, Colombia.

Mamapapabubba loves posting about Cooking.

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  • Canada 37.5 %
  • United States 19.64 %
  • Russian Federation 5.36 %
  • Greece 5.36 %
  • Colombia 1.79 %


488 26

Oh hello, gorgeous Vancouver... We’ve missed you! ❤️ Were you able to get out to a strike today? I so badly wanted to join the one here, but it’s day 5 of solo parenting while away from home {and stretching my kids too far} and we just needed that nap / quiet time so badly today. 💆🏼‍♀️ We did spend the afternoon outdoors though, which was lovely.... We picked up all of the plastic and trash we could find on the beach, I used my reusable mug when we stopped for coffee (as always - no mug means no coffee for me 🙅🏼‍♀️), and we supported a locally owned vegan restaurant for dinner. 🦀☕️🌱 Oh - and Miss G’s entire outfit {save the jacket which is a couple of years old now}? Preloved! 🙌🏼 It never feels like enough, but we’re trying. ❤️🌎❤️

517 33

File this under things you buy in order to make it through a massive Target you’ve been dreaming of visiting for months. 😬🙈😆

584 12

WE CAN DO HARD THINGS ✨ I say this a lot and Sam’s really caught onto it recently, which I love. 🥰🙌🏼 While at the EPIC ‘Artists at Play’ playground in @seattlecenter the other day (a @busytoddler suggestion 🤩), he desperately wanted to do the giant slide but getting up was hard {and I’m pretty sure not intended for the 5 and under crew}. He tried, came back down, was upset for a little while, watched a few other kids do it, and then decided to try again with his big sister’s support. She didn’t need to help him physically, but just having her near for encouragement was enough. 🥰 Later, when we were talking about it, he said, “I can do hard things, Mama!!” 😭😭🥰🤩 THE BEST.

268 8

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION WHILE ON VACATION ✨ About a 100% more stressful than driving for me (I feel like driving in Kuwait prepared me for pretty much anything I’ll ever come across here in North America ☺️🙈), especially when I know exactly *nothing* about how the transit system works in a new city... BUT - the kids love it and it’s such a fun part of the adventure for them, so I make it happen now and then. 🚎 Yesterday we rode the bus into downtown Seattle and spent the entire day exploring by foot. (I clocked 16.5K steps - which has to be nearly double for Sam - and there was not a single complaint or request to be carried.) The ride home was a little more stressful only because in true Jen fashion, I’d fallen asleep without plugging in my phone the night before, so it was running on fumes as I relied on it to find our way, serve as bus passes, and document all the things (naturally). 😬😳🙊 I think we had about 3% battery left, but we made it back to our Airbnb without getting lost or stranded, thankfully. 🙌🏼

661 39

One day this summer as the end of vacation was drawing near, I decided a little September road trip would be fun (more uninterrupted days scheduled with my Miss G, even if I had to give her up briefly in between ☺️🙌🏼). I originally thought I’d just borrow her from school for couple of days and do a long weekend away, but when I found out that she had a Monday Pro-D day late in the month, I figured we may as well take the whole week. 🙊 I did feel a little pang if guilt about having her miss four days of school so early in the year, but I reminded myself that I will never regret time spent with my kids and was quickly all good. 😆👩‍👧‍👦 I mean ten years down the road when Grae is finished with school and possibly off to university, will I feel badly about taking her out of fourth grade for four days?? NOPE! And so here we are... Living the city life we love so much for the next week. Just me and my babies. ❤️

397 31

SPA BATH ✨ (#sponsored) If you’ve been around for a while, you know how much I love treating my kiddos to a little spa bath at the end of a long day. 🛁 I switch it up a bit each time, but it always involves bubbles in a good amount of water, a couple of lovely body products, and little snack and drink to enjoy while soaking. 🍎 Last night’s bath included a few products from @ATTITUDE_living’s brand new 🍃little leaves🍃 line specifically designed for kids and they were so lovely. ✨ Not only did the whole bathroom smell amazing because of them, but they’re all hypoallergenic, EWG verified (EWG is my go-to for checking out how clean our skin, body, & home products are), vegan, and made of natural/gentle ingredients. 🌿 . Here’s the run down of what Sam’s spa night included: • WASH: ATTITUDE’s Blueberry 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash • SOAK: Epsom salts • SIP: strawberry sparkling water • SNACK: apple slices I also included a little bit of ATTITUDE’s mango bubble wash in the water to make bubbles and lathered him up with the coconut & watermelon body lotion afterwards. 🧴🥥🍉 Oh, and during his bath I played a spa playlist on Spotify, which added to the calm and relaxation. 💆🏼‍♀️ He’s already asked for another spa bath tomorrow night, so I’m pretty sure he loved it. 🥰 . If you want to try the new little leaves line, it’s available on @ATTITUDE_living‘s site, as well as at @londondrugs, @pommenatural, Pharmasave, @sangsterscanada, & @pureintegrativepharmacy. . #attitudeliving #littleleaves

634 49

TAKE ALONG LEGO KIT ✨I’ve been packing the kids and I up for a little road trip today and though we plan to be doing plenty of adventuring, I always like to bring along a couple of things for the kids to enjoy during quiet times at our Airbnb. 🏠 This time around, I’ve packed a basket of books, our basket of @connetix_tiles, and these little DIY @lego kits I made them for Christmas. 🎁 I love them because they open completely flat, they have a built-in baseplate as a building surface, and they hold plenty of bricks for building, plus they have secure closures and handles so the kids can easily carry them. 🙌🏼 If you scroll waaaaaaaay over in my Highlights, you’ll find one that shows exactly how I made them (spoiler alert: it’s just as easy as you’d expect it to be!)

1,255 44

The other night after Miss G had picked out the outfit she wanted to wear for school pictures, I jokingly said, “Perfect! I think I’ll wear my black and white striped tunic with my light skinnies too tomorrow!” I sort of thought my comment might be met with an eye roll or a “Mo-om!!” (she’s growing up so quickly), but instead I got a “YESSSSSSS!” before she went on to make plans for us to both wear our hair completely down. 🤗 Thanks, baby girl, I’ll take it. ❤️

372 12

COLOUR MIXING WITH MAGNETIC TILES ✨ My kids have been alllllll about magnetic tiles lately and I’m just rolling with it. 🙌🏼 Yesterday afternoon I set out some white roll paper, markers, and our @connetix_tiles as a little after school play invitation and I added this little set up in one corner just to prompt some colour mixing play that I’d seen them briefly explore the day before. 🎨 You certainly don’t need the little equation boxes for your 3 year old, but it turned out to be a great way to bring Grae and Sam together and G enjoyed teaching him how they worked. 👩🏼‍🏫 Also, while the mixed colours don’t look all that awesome in photos, the kids discovered that when you hold your stacked tiles up to the light, the new colour is especially apparent and vibrant. 💡 I’ll show you in Stories when I finally catch up later tonight! ❤️

446 15

Do your kiddos ever just totally surprise you with what they know? 💡 Today, as I was uploading a few things to our local buy & sell group, Sam found this little sticker and said, “This was from something that was five!” You guys, I had no idea he knew what the number 5 looks like... Of course we see it in our environment, in books, etc., but we’re never sat down to learn about numbers or play number games or anything like that, so I guess that’s why I was so surprised....? I asked him if he knew any other numbers and he flipped the sticker upside down and non-chalantly says, “This almost looks like a two...” and then he went on to tell me that he also knows 8 and 3 also. 🤯 Kids are so clever, aren’t they?? They’re learning and soaking up all kinds of things, even when we’re completely unaware. ❤️

586 53

MAGNETIC TILE FORT ✨ You guys, I’m so, so excited about this... Today I’m teaming up with some of my absolute favourites - @theworkspaceforchildren, @dayswithgrey, @mothercould, and @7daysofplay - to share some super fun unique ways to play with magnetic tiles! 🙌🏼 Here’s ours... Magnetic tile FORT BUILDING! 🧲 You know how we love pairing our magnetic tiles with our coffee table, right? Well we realized earlier this week that one of the tables in our playroom downstairs has magnetic legs and WOAH - the possibilities! 💡We flipped ours upside down and built this gorgeous little hideaway, which the kids just loved. Once inside, Sam was testing out what his surroundings looked like through different coloured tiles - “Wooaaaah! The playroom is all yellow-y, Mama!!!” ☺️🥰 Almost all of the tiles you see in these photos are our @connetix_tiles and we just love them! See how beautifully transparent they are?? And their magnets are SUPER strong. 💪🏼 Do you have a table with magnetic legs in your house? 🤞🏼 Or maybe even a shelf or chair or railings that could serve as a magnetic tile building frame?? It’s such a fun way to switch things up! ✨ . Okay, ready for some other fun ideas?? Go check out these awesomely creative mamas: . ➡️ @theworkspaceforchildren with a beautiful idea for working with magnetic tiles and light 💡 . ➡️ @dayswithgrey for an awesome way to pair magnetic tiles and gross motor play 🎳 . ➡️ @mothercould for a super clever way to use magnetic tiles on a baking sheet 🔴 . ➡️ @7daysofplay for a crazy cool building project 🤖

546 47

RAINBOW SALAD ROLLS ✨ (#rcss_partner) One of our absolute favourite meals! Seriously, we’ve probably eaten these at least once a week this summer and for good reason - they’re easy, they’re super nutritious, and since we set ours up salad roll bar style, everyone gets to make their rolls exactly how they like them! 🙌🏼 I know they might look a bit odd or tricky to make, but I promise that they’re delicious and easier than you may expect! Just grab a bunch of veggies (we shop at @realcanadiansuperstore and I try to grab as much from the PC Organics section as I can), your choice of protein (we do tofu and edamame), and then pop by the international foods aisle and grab some rice paper rolls, vermicelli noodles, and black sesame seeds. 🌶🥬🥕 When dinnertime is near, chop all of your veggies into long matchsticks, do up your protein the way you like it (I’ll show how we do our crispy tofu in Stories), and prepare your noodles according to the package directions (we cook ours with a little bit of purple cabbage to make them blue just for fun!) 🔪🥒 Now here’s the key and where I think I went wrong for a long time... When you’re ready to assemble, the water you soak your rice paper rolls in DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SUPER HOT. Warm will do and it makes the rice papers soooo much easier to handle! 🖐🏼🤚🏼 Soak your rice paper roll for just a minute, move it onto a clean workspace (we place ours onto a silicone baking liner and it works really well), put your fillings on top of the rice paper making sure not to overfill, and roll like you would a burrito. ☺️ Pair the rolls with your favourite peanut sauce and a side of watermelon and dinner is served! 🍉🙌🏼 . If you’d like to try PC Express, don’t forget to use the code RCSSJEN for $10 off your first two orders of $50+ so you can pick up your organic & international faves from @realcanadiansuperstore too! Find out more at . #sponsored #SLAM #shoplikeamother


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