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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.20%. The average number of likes per post is 871 and the average number of comments is 30.

17.21% of the followers that engaged with maja_missundaztood regularly are from Croatia, followed by United States at 9.02% and Germany at 8.2%. In summary, the top 5 countries of maja_missundaztood's posts engager are coming from Croatia, United States, Germany, Australia, Italy.

Maja_missundaztood loves posting about Hair & Beauty.

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  • Croatia 17.21 %
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  • Germany 8.2 %
  • Australia 4.92 %
  • Italy 4.92 %


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🍁🍂 My early fall rotation 🍂🍁 Givenchy - L'interdit Intense Faviol Seferi - Insomnia (@house_of_insomnia) Moschino - Toy Boy MFK - Grand Soir Tom Ford - Noir

555 47

L'interdit Intense is latest release from Givenchy and it is dark, mysterious, spicy milky vanilla fragrance. To me, more suitable for autumn and winter especially for night out. I talked about it in my latest video (link in bio - with added English titles) if you have a time to check it out. ☺️ I appreciate it. ✨ Notes: Top: black pepper Heart: tuberose, orange blossom & sesame Base: vetiver, vanilla (madagascar) & patchouli Have you tried it yet? What do you think about the bottle? ✨

725 12

Sudeći po vašim reakcijama na nedavne story-e najviše vam se svidila ova #Givenchy paleta sjenila. ☺️ I meni je. 🙈 Bila bi šteta da je ne objavim i na feedu. Sve su palete predivne, ali ova mi je posebno zapela za oko. Swatchevi su na idućoj slici. ➡️ Slikano je na dnevnom svjetlu, filtera nema. Nove palete sadrže sveukupno 9 sjenila, različitih finisha (metallic, satenski, mat i glitter) vrlo su mekana. Fora je što se sve boje međusobno nadopunjuju pa se tako može stvoriti i posebna nijansa na kapcima ukoliko se kombiniraju tri boje zajedno (u ravnom, okomitom ili dijagonalnom nizu). Kolekcije paleta se zove #Le9DeGivenchy , a ova na slici je u nijansi Harmony 9.05 🍂

1,181 45

Divine Vanille by Essential Parfums was another great discovery at @rafinadparfumerie webshop. I enjoy cosy, warm, sweet vanilla fragrances during colder weather. They have a way to make colder days and nights more warmer and tender. That is a vanilla to me. Until I tried Divine Vanille. This one writes completely different story. This is a mature, grown up vanilla fragrance that will turn you into seductive goddess before it will turn you into a cute princess. It opens with a sharp but short burst of pepper and cinnamon which lead to a balmy, sweet and warm heart notes where I can only detect some fruitiness mixed with tonka, patchouly and vanilla. In the background I got whiffs of smokiness mixed with musk which doesn't allow fragrance to turn too sweet on my skin. This is the part where to someone it could present more masculine than feminine. To me it is extremly addictive. And I don't mean in a sugary way. It posses certain herbal freshness coming from clary sage that lingers softly but noticable. Beautiful take on vanilla fragrance in a new and different way, not so common for me but very happy to discover it. If you are a fan of smokey, sweet and balmy fragrance this one should be on your "to try" list for sure. ✨ Notes: Top: cinnamon, black pepper, clary sage Heart: incense, oshmantus, pomarose Base: cedar, vanilla, musk, benzoin, tonka, patchouly Have you tried Divine Vanille? What do you think about the notes?

896 20

Faviol Seferi - Insomnia 🌙✨ Recenziju ovog mirisa sam objavila na YouTube kanalu (link je u bio). Ako vas zanima da li je zaista "dupe" za Black Phantom od Kiliana kliknite na video. ☺️ Note: Top: kubanski rum, tamna čokolada, karamela Srednje: kava, ylang ylang Bazne: pačuli, sandalovina, cedar i tahićanska vanilija Da li ga je netko već isprobao? Što mislite o notama? Did anyone tried Insomnia? Let me know in comments. ☺️

977 34

🩰 Ballerina 01 by @lesparfumsderosine was a blind buy from @rafinadparfumerie I just could not resist a milky musk. 🥰 Parfums de Rosine have five ballerina fragrances in their collection and I have a feeling 01 will not be my only one. ✨ Ballerina 01 is a milky musk fragrance with a drop of rose - peony water. Musk in here is not dusty and dry like in Narciso Rodriguez fragrances it is more soft and calming because of light fruitiness and vanilla - milk note. It is closer to Trussardi My Name but less sweet. It has strong sillage in first hour after applying and then it goes slightly close to skin but still moderate. And it last for hours. Whole collection is inspired by Ballerinas and 01 is supposed to reflect the first graceful steps of little girls who want to become prima ballerinas one day. But it is not girly at all it is very feminine and silky smooth and very likeable. If you love soft powdery rose scents that smells like luxurious body cream you will love Ballerina 01 for sure. ✨Notes:✨ Top: peach, bergamot, fressia and pear Heart: rose, peony, violet and raspberry Base: sandalwood, vanilla, milk and musk What do you think about Ballerina 01? Have you tried anything from Les Parfums de Rosine? Let me know. ☺️

645 36

✨Xerjoff Naxos✨ The most complimented fragrance in my collection. Naxos opens with a hint of fresh citruses (bergamot & lemon) and soon middle notes are taking over with dominant combination of tobacco, honey and cinnamon creating alluring spicy smokiness. That is when magic begins and heads starts to turn around looking for a person who is wearing it. 😎 Naxos is spicy, sweet, smokey smooth, warm and very sophisticated fragrance with the most beautiful honey, cinnamon, tobacco, vanilla combination I have ever come across in a fragrance. Perfection in a bottle. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think. ☺️

1,103 16

As I mention 100 times before I am very picky when it comes to citrus fragrances. I don't like them all actually my skin doesn't like them because they tend to become unpleasantly sour. I  accidentally come across @heeleyofficial  Oranges and lemons, say the bells of... St. Clement's (which is a name of a singing game in England). And was Interested in it, because I am always in a search of a citrusy, fresh fragrance for a hot  weather. Initial spray gives me a blast of sharp  sour bergamot and neroli which settles down  pretty quickly In a combination with petitgrain (it  is a specific fresh, green and a bit sourish  cologne type of note). I imagine that in that moment petitgrain literally pull down neroli to  make him a company for the next 3-4 hours.  So they are present for a while, playing on my skin and cannot detect any other note  listed (orange, lemon & mandarin). Top notes  evaporated in a few seconds. I get a whiff of tea  from time to time, which leaves familiar  aftertaste feel – the same one when you drink a plain green tea (if you ever drinked unsweetened green tea you  probably know what I am talking about). But only a whiff, not too much. Then it settles down in a  bit earthy base. Not to obvious because I need to stick my nose to really smell a hint of vetiver. When did I liked… St. Clement’s you wonder?  Well, one day I generously sprayed it before I  went to the gym. I am curious when it comes to  fragrances and I need to test them in various  occasions, to see if they really suit me (in other  words — I am looking for a reason to buy another fragrance 😁). So gym was one of the occasions. I didn’t noticed it until my skin got warm after  being at the treadmill for about 20 minutes. Then I realized how gorgeous it is when worn on a  warm skin. It was love. Because, at that moment I knew this one will also be a great addition to my summer fragrance wardrobe. It doesn’t turn sour and bitter on my skin I can still notice all fresh  notes like before, only thing that was different  when on warm skin is that it almost becomes a  bit creamier probably because of the ylang ylang. Just lovely. (more in comment section ⬇️)

583 35

Would you like to live in a dream? An endless dream? Where you have everyone and everything you love and desire except your freedom. Would you trade it? ✨Honour is really like a dream. A perfect dream. Almost immaculate. When I wear it, It makes me more kind, loving, caring, dreamy, elegant, subtle, feminine, strong, confident...and... a bit melancholic. Just a bit. Why? When I wear it, it's like it puts an invisiblle veil over me that captures me lightly and in that moment I start to search for a small sign of freedom. I need it. It is who I am. I need to feel free. But at the same time feeling of security is giving me peace. Maybe it is my horoscope sign ♓ but I love to feel (swim) free ☺️ and I also dream. A lot. It is a part of me that I never want to lose. I think that the story behind inspiration of Honour is really well translated to this fragrance. It has a beautiful soul. I am always drawn to it and must have it in my collection. It is very captivating and innocent. So my answer from the beginig of this story is - no. Even tough the idea is tempting I am and probably will always be a dreamer but with both feet on the ground. ✨ #Amouage #Honour #MBSLoves #ChristopherChong

899 15

Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily - miris inspiriran japanskom ceremonijom Kodo (Put mirisa) u kojoj se fokus stavlja na miris tamjana. Ovdje je on maestralno izveden i ne prevladava specifičan miris tamjana s obzirom da je ublažen drvenim notama sandalovine, pačulija i ambre što rezultira jednim ugodnim, toplim i sofsticiranim mirisom koji je po mom mišljenju jedan od boljih Jo Malone mirisa koje sam isprobala. 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 ⬛ Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily - a fragrance inspired by the Japanese Kodo ceremony (Way of fragrance) in which the focus is on the scent of incense. Here it is masterfully blended and does not overpower the specific scent of incense as it is softened by woody notes of sandalwood, patchouly and amber resulting in a pleasant, warm and sophisticated scent that in my opinion is one of the better Jo Malone fragrances I have tried so far. #MBSLoves #JoMalone

782 19

Kad me neko pita da li mi stvarno triba još jedan miris u kolekciji // When someone asks me do I really need another fragrance in collection #LikeYeah #Always #fragranceaddict


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