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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.60%. The average number of likes per post is 177 and the average number of comments is 9.

47.83% of the followers that engaged with magberries regularly are from United States, followed by Japan at 5.43% and Canada at 3.26%. In summary, the top 5 countries of magberries's posts engager are coming from United States, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, France.

Magberries loves posting about Celebrities, Film, Music & Books.

Check magberries's audience demography. This analytics report shows magberries's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 47.83 %
  • Japan 5.43 %
  • Canada 3.26 %
  • United Kingdom 3.26 %
  • France 2.17 %


100 3

Posting this lovely shot from last Spring’s photoshoot with @theikphoto because happy thoughts. 🌼 #dance #photography #heels

114 6

Make a choice and stick with it! Ambiguity has been something I’ve been addressing to find more clarity within myself and life. How often do you really mean what you say to someone or even yourself? Sometimes at the sacrifice of ourselves for others, we (or at least I) realize how clarity is important when staying true to you. Finding this freedom and really owning what you want in being clear is liberating and empowering! 💕 #selflove #balance #beempowered 📷: @theikphoto

214 17

2019 wasn’t as big of a dance year for me as it was a year full of self-reflection and addressing demons built up over these past 10 years. I don’t have footage for all the great moments I got to experience through dance and performing, but I will say the Universe definitely heard my heart and sent me opportunities to connect with how dance fulfills, heals, and nourishes me. To every gig, choreographer, dancer, employer, and teacher I crossed paths with this year... THANK YOU. ❤️ The internal struggle can be so real! There’s been a shift in my relationship to dance and as a performer so I say to 2020 and this new decade ahead... HELLO!! Let the rebirth begin. 💕 **Clip info... No. 1 & No. 2 - Immersive junket for TNT’s “I Am The Night” in Los Angeles. Grateful to @viveforlovecasting for having me! No. 3 - @mrmarcusallan class to “Boasty” by Steffahn Don. I needed this class and was filled with so much joy dancing his art! No. 4 & No. 5 - Dancing a dream gig participating in Broadway Bares and being a part of @johnalix beautiful “Stonewall” number and team! No. 6 - Loved this shot by @theikphoto taken over the summer. No. 7 - Having a featured role (and speaking role in another clip) for woman-led brand, LOLA Tampons. I went from being in only the speaking role to being cast in this secondary clip in the same day! Definitely fueled my desire to enroll in the acting classes I’ve been taking all year! No. 8 & No. 9 - Teaching and coaching others is something I’ve enjoyed doing for over 15 years, but something about helping women find their confidence in heels was/is such a joy! The combo was my beginner level combo to “If” by Janet Jackson and lovely DM note was from a more contemporary style class I taught. No. 10 - Capture by @weirdhours I loved his process and how fun/relaxed he made this shoot!

230 8

Dance will always hold a place in my heart and be a part of who I am. It’s given me strength in times of hardships, light in times of darkness, and joy when I’ve been overcome by sadness. It’s expression and love in the purest of forms. An art to those who are blessed to harness it with a priceless reward to those who respect it. It’s timeless and open to all ages of different levels at any time in one’s life. Keep dancing, always! ❤️ Photo by @theikphoto #nationaldanceday #nyc #dancer #dance #jump

410 27

Pick a caption cuz my Pisces butt can’t decide....I’m already on #laborday mode. 🤣🙃: “Get those stretches in over the weekend!” -OR- “Simon says bend over touch your ______.” 💱 Photo by @theikphoto #funky #photography #dancer #flexible #funkyheels #jeffreycampbell #humor #blackanese

228 9

High-flying through life. PC: @theikphoto #dance #photography #mixed #blackanese #dancer

134 6

Wow! Last night was INCREDIBLE. Being a part of such an important night, helping to raise over $2Million for @bcefa and dancing such a BEAUTIFUL message with the most incredible group of people will be a moment I will never forget. Thank you @johnalix for having me a part of Stonewall. Words cannot express the joy I had dancing out your vision and being a fellow Waypon with these beauties!!

212 1

My first Broadway Bares!! I couldn’t be more grateful and happy to have been a part of @johnalix Stonewall piece. The message and vision was simply incredible to share with such a beautiful audience. ❤️ #broadwaybares #nyc #pride #stonewall50 #broadwaycares #bcefa #artforactivism #broadwaybares2019

147 4

** PLEASE DONATE TO THE LINK IN MY BIO! ** It’s the last week of fundraising @bcefa and rehearsals for #broadwaybares Take Off! This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Stonewall Riots and another reminder of the importance of love and equal rights for all. In a time when compassion, care, and love matter most, I can’t express how much being able to help fundraise and donate myself in making a difference feels... spoiler, it’s amazing and fulfilling. I decided a couple years ago I wanted to make more efforts in using my artistry for others. It’s been small steps in the form of classes, working with Dancers Responding to AIDS to helping fellow New Yorkers on hard times. I feel lucky to able to do so this time with such an incredible groups of humans and organization. Any and every amount you pass along will help someone in this county, no matter their status/gender/sexuality who is being impacted from a quality of life we all deserve. 💕**My link will stay active for the rest of the year. So you can make a donation at any time! #broadwaycares #nyc #pride #stonewall #stonewall50 #bcefa


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