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💁🏼‍♀️Triathlete & personal trainer 🥇IM CPH ‘18 (AG) 🥇IM Lanzarote ‘19 (AG) 🌺 IM Hawaii ‘18 _ @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @canyon @liiteguard

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 581 and the average number of comments is 13.

43.18% of the followers that engaged with lykke.tri regularly are from Denmark, followed by Germany at 14.77% and United Kingdom at 5.68%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lykke.tri's posts engager are coming from Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, United States.

Lykke.tri loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink.

Check lykke.tri's audience demography. This analytics report shows lykke.tri's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Denmark 43.18 %
  • Germany 14.77 %
  • United Kingdom 5.68 %
  • Russian Federation 4.55 %
  • United States 4.55 %


374 8

Sunday got me like 😁 Zwifting them intervals. 2:45t ~ 93k on the home trainer. And it didn’t even make me wanna rip my eyes out of boredom. Thank God for the new @wahoofitnessofficial home trainer & @gozwift! _ And a few podcasts: 1️⃣ @trioraklet The episode with @nikkibartlett1 is recommendable indeed, love her laid back/down to earth approach & mentality. . 2️⃣ Zwift Power Up, Tri Podcast. The episode with @sarah.b.true - talking about depression in endurance athletes, thanks for sharing! _ My session 👇🏼 2:45t including •4 times: 1 min. @ 270-294w 13 min. @ 225w 1 min. @ 270-294w 10 min. rest • 60 min. @ 160w Solid one that made me feel strong! _______________________________________________________ 📸 by @businessfilmdk . #continentaldanmark #zwiftcycling #sharetheroad #worldoffusion #canyonhero #canyonbikes #canyondanmark #viabiler #liiteguard • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @garmin @abus_cycling @viabiler @liiteguard @oakley

471 11

Post ride @strava catch up in the sun // only thing missing is ☕️ But with low battery on first the power meter & then the Garmin, not much to check up on though 😂 _ ❌People, put your phone away when driving, hide it if your not able to leave it alone when it’s right in front of you - like myself, I have to hide it under something on the passenger seat, because it’s such a bad habit to just grab it. _ Today I saw several people driving and looking at their phone at the same time, I tried to get eye contact, but they didn’t even see me, that’s pretty scary! And no wonder accidents happen if that’s where drivers put their attention - exactly what happened when someone crashed into me in July. _ Come on and be the game changer - if you see your friends doing it, hit them hard and tell them it’s uncool ❌ _______________________________________________________ #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #kørbilnårdukørerbil #worldoffusion #canyonhero #canyonbikes #canyondanmark #liiteguard #stravacycling • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @liiteguard @canyon @viabiler @oakley @abus_cycling @ridebontrager

527 23

10k easy run 💙 Along the ocean & in the forest. That felt good! _ If you listen to podcasts, either when running, biking or just in general - do you recommend any training related ones? 🎧 _______________________________________________________ #worldoffusion #hokaoneone #liiteguard #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #viabiler • @fusion_sportswear @hokaoneone @hokaoneone_eu @liiteguard @viabiler @continental_dk @garmin @3athlonlife @worldoftri

500 5

It’s all about the right gear 🙌🏼 One of the toughest things about prepping towards @ironmanlanzarote in May, was the fact that I didn’t have the summer weather to do my long rides and runs in. It was often cold, windy and wet, but having the right outfit & gear definitely made it a bit easier. _ Jeg har i samarbejde med skrevet et blogindlæg, omkring nogle af de ting jeg ikke kan undvære, når jeg cykler - både ude i kolde forhold, til indendørstræning, og generelt hvilket udstyr jeg bruger. _ Ps. Der er bl.a. tilbud på Oakley briller og Garmin Edge 820 cykelcomputer 😎 #justsaying _ Find linket i bio, hvis du mangler inspiration, eller bare altid har tænkt på, hvilke cykelsko eller pedaler jeg kører med 😜 _______________________________________________________ #reklame #bikesterdk #canyondanmark #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #ironmantri #ironmantriathlete #ironmanprep

426 9

Friday & loaded with Coke Zero 🤩 Great day off with a solid bike session & lots of good and motivational sports on TV. Ending the day with a nice run with my mom - trying to loosen up my roasted hamstrings, which have made it impossible for me to run this week 😆 You don’t skip strength sessions and go unpunished when getting back to it 😂 _ Bike session: 1t 50 min. including 3 x 30 min. progressive on each interval. 1. 30 min. @ 180w 2. 30 min. @ 200w 3. 30 min. @ 210w _______________________________________________________ #worldoffusion #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #liiteguard #ironmantriathlete #trilife #3athlonlife #ironmantri #trigirls #træning #swimbikerun #friday #friyay #cokezero #cocacola #running #run #løb #beactive • @fusion_sportswear @worldoftri @cocacoladk @continental_dk @liiteguard @garmin @viabiler @canyon

742 11

So stoked about getting to continue my journey with @canyon 😍 Can’t wait to ride more #Canyon in the 2020 season. And hopefully make it as awesome as the first part of this season 🏆 _______________________________________________________ #canyondanmark #canyonhero #canyonbikes #mycanyon #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #ironmantri #ironmantriathlete #roadtokona #worldoftri #3athlonlife #triathletelife #triathlete • @canyon @continental_dk @viabiler @liiteguard @fusion_sportswear

654 24

A local run win🥇 10k @ 4:17 min/km. Not that many participants, but a win is a win, and the body felt good🤩 And a lot of my outdoor training members did the 5k run. Great day with great weather & great people. _____________________________________________ #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #viabiler #canyondanmark #liiteguard #hokaoneone #worldoffusion #running #run #løber #løb #beactive #winnerwinnerchickendinner #ironmantriathlete #sundhed #træning #kvicklyebeltoft #flyttilebeltoft • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @liiteguard @viabiler @canyon @hokaoneone

830 10

Back in the running game! 🤩 12k @ 4:35 min/km (incl. 4 x 1k @ 3:52 min/km) • I love specific run intervals - especially the tough shorter intervals. Great way to kick off the weekend 🥳 • What’s your favorite run? Tough intervals, medium intervals, steady pace, long or short runs? Or just the runs you get done? 🏃🏼‍♀️ _______________________________________________________ #worldoffusion #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #liiteguard #viabiler #canyonhero #canyondanmark • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @canyon @liiteguard @viabiler @zone3official @purepowerdk @worldoftri @3athlonlife @ironmantri @imtrinews @womenfortri

602 19

Finish line or on course media? 😁📸 Some of the things that can make you smile like that during a race, no matter how fast or how long you’re racing for. . Could also be: 1️⃣ @juliealstrup shouting: “vollgas”. 2️⃣ My mom during an Ironman shouting: “you have 5 minutes to number 2” 3️⃣ My brother screaming: “you are number 1 - see you at the finish line!”. . What or who can make you smile the most during a race? 🤩🙌🏼 ______________________________________________________ #continentaldanmark #sharetheroad #worldoffusion #liiteguard #canyonhero #canyondanmark #kmdironmandenmark #viabiler #ironmantri #ironmantriathlete #worldoftri #3athlonlife #raceday #racehappy #triathlete • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @canyon @liiteguard @viabiler @kmdironmandenmark

629 10

That race feeling 🤩 I’ve missed you! Short but fast in Aarhus yesterday. I’m more of a Diesel engine, but it was fun & the Canyon Aeroad did good 🥇 ______________________________________________________ 📸 by @juliealstrup #ironmandenmark #continentaldanmark #canyonhero #liiteguard #worldoffusion #triathlon #triathlete #worldoftri #3athlonlife • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @liiteguard @canyon @kmdironmandenmark

677 6

New hair kinda day 🤩 Når man ikke kan træne, kan man jo lige så godt bruge tiden i frisørstolen hos verdens bedste @rustikcoiffurebylouiseolivia 💕 . En af de få frisører, der forstår, når man siger ‘der skal så lidt som muligt af i længden’, at det ikke er hverken 10 eller 20 cm. Og kan lægge så tynde lyse striber, at det ikke er til at se, at det er striber. Tak for at fikse min 4 sporet motorvej af en udgroning 💇🏼‍♀️ _____________________________________________________ #rustikcoiffurebylouiseolivia #verdensbedstefrisør #frisøriaarhus #selfie #semig #migmigmig #triathlete #sundhed

577 16

Medal Monday 🥇 Throwback to a good day in June. Took home the over all win at @triathlonforalle 1/4 Ironman. • A race I’ve been racing the past 5 years, and climbing all the way from number 28, to 13, to 3rd to 2nd last year and finally reaching the top this year 🤩 ________________________________________________ #medalmonday #throwback #continentaldanmark #canyonhero #liiteguard #worldoffusion #triathlon #triathlete #winner #ironmantri #ironmantriathlete #canyonbikes #canyondanmark # #worldoftri #3athlonlife #viabiler • @continental_dk @fusion_sportswear @canyon @liiteguard @viabiler


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