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❣️Hungry & creative thinker @slurpco_ 🌍 Globetrotter @bonjour_theworld 📍BXL 🔜 Amsterdam, Madrid 📘 1st book #bonjourbruxelles 🍟Order it ⤵️

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64.3% of lucievd's followers are female and 35.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.20%. The average number of likes per post is 147 and the average number of comments is 7.

Lucievd loves posting about Music, Fashion, Travel, Photography.

Check lucievd's audience demography. This analytics report shows lucievd's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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64.3 %
35.7 %


  • How-to & Style 84.76 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 77.09 %
  • Travel & Tourism 61.96 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 53.47 %
  • Sports 47.38 %
  • Photography 42.11 %
  • Art & Design 40.95 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.27 %
  • Entertainment 34.57 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.10 %
  • Technology & Science 32.32 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.21 %


53 4

Ready for a night of cocktails in Amsterdam 🍸 This is a memory from last year at @barbotaniqueamsterdam 🌿 [📷: @esionihc ] #lulugoestoamsterdam #travellinglulu

129 13

My face and my excitement today to announce that we now cover press relations with @slurpco_ 📰✨ It has always been part of the job, while not being part of the job officially. It’s a big challenge and something I’ve been thinking about for months. We worked on this all summer, made our first steps with some of our clients and the results were amazing 🤩 So happy to see Slurp Co grow so much! It’s hard work, but damn it feels good ❤️ Oh and of course social media stays our main focus 🤳🏻 #slurpco #womanentrepeneur

153 7

Ready for a busy new week of work, acting like a cool kid, even though I’ve never been the cool kid in school 🏫 Have a great Monday 🌼 #lulusoutfits #moleskine #weareveryouare

116 3

I had a hard time choosing which picture to select, and which one to put first from our delicious lunch at @bargebrussels 🍴🍷 The place really seduced me, with the rough walls, and so did the food. The balance was very perfect (the first starter amazed me with the pickled asparagus with coffee and maple syrup), and the main course with smoked eel was just perfect and so good! 🌿 So sad I don’t like wine to be able to enjoy the nice pairings they offer... I’ll be back soon to try their dinner menu that’s for sure! Congrats @barbarahoornaert & @gregoiregillard 👏🏻 #bargebrussels #lulushotspot

199 2

Happy Saturday 💫 Memories from last week’s @miranobrussels opening party 🌟 #lulushotspot #miranobrussels

142 13

Heading to the weekend like 🐒 Loving my new @moleskine backpack, feeling like a kid again ✌🏻 #weareveryouare #moleskine #ad

87 2

Meet @yulaenergy , my new life saviour after the crazy first weeks of September, keeping me alive during my long work hours 💪🏻 All about naturel ingredients and not too sweet, it’s the only kind of soft drink I allow myself to drink, yummy! 💫 #YULA #energy #ad

140 1

The face I make when I see cocktails (or food) coming my way 🤩 More seriously it’s when I had to announce a prize at the @brusselscocktailweek Blend Event to the really cool team @botanicalbyalfonse 🏆 Pics by @lilutch 📷 #bcw19

68 1

It took my 3 days to get back on my feet after a crazy week of @brusselscocktailweek but also new projects to set up and tons of meetings 🍸🤓 (Also the reason why I’ve been so quiet this weekend - I was sleeping) Here is a small memory of my talented friend @cecilefaynn guest bartending at @greenlabbxl 💚 #lulushotspot #bcw19

158 2

Drink a cocktail out of a bag? Of course! @luca_cinalli_ x @cipiacebar x @brusselscocktailweek 🍸 Happy Friday everyone, and god save my liver 🙏🏻 #pookiedanslesac 🔥 #bcw19

363 16

Welcome back old friend @miranobrussels 🌟💫 #miranobrussels #openingparty

270 17

One year ago I announced the launch of @slurpco_ my small and tiny baby 🎀 I can’t believe it has been a year! It went fast but it feels like more than a year ago at the same time. I learned so much. I grew a lot! 👵🏻 But I couldn’t be happier of the way things are turning around. It’s definitely not always easy... In the process I bought the parts of the other shareholder and partner who started the company with me. So it’s all on me now. Well, not really… @emmamostert joined me very early on and is about to become Slurp Co’s first employee 🌟 I couldn’t be happier as she’s a real asset to the company and she helps us grow, deals with my crazy moods, super eager to learn, eat or drink as much as I do 🤪🍸 Then there’s my dad who has been helping me since day 1 and takes a lot of time for us, to help us grow in a smart way 📈 I couldn’t be in this great adventures without my clients, who soon become like friends and family, so big big thank you to them! ❤️ The official birthday of @slurpco_ is at the end of November, but still, it feels like a first birthday today 🎂 Thank you all for the support and the love and the food 🍔🍕🍗🍟🍜🥟 #slurpco


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