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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 394 and the average number of comments is 28.

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240 3

I love trying new recipes at the moment, so here is my teriyaki chicken stir fry with rice. I used the teriyaki spice recipe from my e-book, then added chicken and mixed stir fry vegetables from @sainsburys (I’ll add a swipe up link in my stories). It was so delicious, that Ive also made it with tofu since - an easy, tasty low FODMAP vegan version! What meals are you enjoying at the moment?

754 46

Over the weekend I experimented and made these gluten free, low FODMAP cheese-stuffed garlic dough balls. I served them with my roasted vegetable pasta from my e-book and they were just delicious! It’s a really simple recipe too, I can’t wait to make them again!

356 31

Gluten free chocolate caramel shortbread. Today was a well-being day for staff and students so I decided to bake - any excuse really! These millionaire’s shortbread are gluten free, but do contain a moderate amount of lactose. I’ve limited the condensed milk to make it more FODMAP friendly but they will only be suitable for reintroduction. Let me know if you’d like the recipe.

341 25

Gluten free iced ring doughnuts! I love making these, they’re so quick and easy to make and taste SO good. They’re slightly healthier versions too as they are baked. I then dipped them in icing and covered them with sprinkles. I’ll add a swipe up link to the recipe in my stories (or click on the link in my bio and search ‘doughnuts’). Let me know if you give them a try! 🍩

584 49

New blog post! I’ve just shared the recipe for my gluten free, low FODMAP Tiramisu Cake with five layers of coffee-flavoured chocolate-dusted goodness! Not forgetting the cream cheese buttercream sandwiching each layer. This recipe can be easily adapted to whichever cake tins you’d like to use, as well as ingredients you might have in the cupboard. Let me know if you give it a try, trust me, it’s the perfect dessert after a long day of work 🍰

191 9

Monday night low FODMAP chicken fajitas with gluten free wraps. I love the spice recipe for this. It’s so tasty with a little kick (reduce cayenne pepper if you struggle with spice). It can be found on my blog or in my recipe e-book (link in bio). I served the spiced chicken and peppers with iceberg lettuce, grated cheese and a little creme fraiche. I am just loving gluten free wraps at the moment, these @sainsburys free from ones are the best I’ve found. They don’t rip or leave a strange aftertaste (note - they include a range of 8 different flours including chickpea, as well as pea protein, but small amounts). Have you had wraps lately? 🌮I’m definitely going to be folding some more this week! 😂

268 21

Happy snowy Sunday! Throwback to the time I made gluten free, low FODMAP spaghetti hoops on toast. The recipe for this is over on my blog, link in bio. To make it I used @garofalopastauk anellini pasta (I’ve worked with them previously), let me know if you give it a try. You could use spaghetti instead if you like. Today I’m going to be spending lots of time baking - going through the blog and making some recipes I haven’t had in a while! What should I make? Let me know your suggestions below.

432 19

New blog post! I’ve just shared the recipe for these tasty Orange Breakfast Muffins, which are gluten free, lactose free and low FODMAP. I don’t know about you but I always struggle for low FODMAP breakfast ideas that aren’t elaborate pancakes, waffles or eggs, or require me remembering to prep overnight oats 😂These muffins are super easy to make, ideal for a quick breakfast on-the-go or as mid-morning snack. They can be frozen too! Click on the link in my bio for the recipe 🍊

372 36

Gluten free tiramisu cake! For Christmas I was given some different @nielsenmasseyuk extracts including a coffee flavour. I added it to the sponge and cream cheese buttercream, then sprinkled each layer with cocoa powder to turn it into tiramisu (minus the booze!) The cake itself was made using the @wilton_uk easy layers tins to make a small, but tall cake. Delicious! Let me know if you’d like the recipe ☕️

450 33

New blog post! The recipe for my Sausage Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread is now up on my website. Click the link in my bio or go to lowfodmapinspiration.com to read more. I’ve included details from which sausages you can buy to which bread and garlic oils I recommend for following a gluten free, low FODMAP diet. Let me know if you give this recipe a try.


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