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Special Autumn break opening hours are: Tuesday - Friday 10-22 Saturday - Sunday 10-18 Monday closed For info on timeslots visit our website ⬇️

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75.5% of louisianamuseum's followers are female and 24.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 2313 and the average number of comments is 17.

Louisianamuseum loves posting about Art, Visualizations, Painting.

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Amazing autumnal atmosphere🌳🍄🍂 • This week has been all about holiday-time with friends and family in lovely Autumnal surroundings in the Sculpture Park – and it continues this weekend with great activities in The Children’s Wing including painting workshop in The Lake Garden, baking and eating bonfire bread and much more. You can also explore our 4 current exhibitions; surrealist paintings and sculptures in ‘Fantastic Women’, a look inside the architect Anupama Kundoo’s studio, Danish artist Per Kirkeby’s bronze sculptures and Tetsumi Kudo’s fluorescent figures. And not to forget lunch in thw cafe and a walk in the Sculpture Park. • The museum is open both Saturday and Sunday from 10-18. Please note that it is necessary to book a time slot in advance. Read more at louisiana.dk • #louisianamuseum #fantaticwomen #anupamakundoo #tetsumikudo #perkirkeby #thechildrenswing #holiday #autumnbreak

3,545 28

Autumn glorious - sharing a sunny spot of Hen-ray Moore 😂 to remind all of you currently on 🍂 holiday that the museum opens 10:00 this week (& still until 22:00 Tuesday - Friday). Remember to book a time slot for arrival & to enjoy yourselves. • Thank you @jonatanulrich for sharing this great image. • #louisianamuseum #autumnvibes🍁 #sculpturepark #henrymoore #autumncolors #autumnbreak #efterårsferie #efterårsfarver #familytime

4,678 22

🌾🍁If you are lucky enough to enjoy autumn break this week please note we open at 10 am💥 • 🎨 The Children’s Wing invites all children and their grown ups on a journey to Japan, India & Mexico—every day from 10-18. • ✨ Remember to book timeslot before your visit. • Autumn break opening hours: 10.-18. October Tuesday-Friday 10-22 Saturday-Sunday 10-18 (Monday closed) • [1. Not Vital, House To Watch The Sunset, 2015. Louisiana Collection. Photo by Kim Hansen] • #notvital #autumnbreak #autumnholidays #art #architecture #nature #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart #delditkbh #ibyen #mitkbh #voreskbh #sharingcopenhagen #cphpicks #wonderfulcopenhagen

6,576 78

"I do not work to create beautiful paintings or sculptures. Art is only a means of seeing. No matter what I look at, it all surprises and eludes me, and I am not too sure of what I see.” • Today we celebrate the great Alberto Giacometti born on this day in 1901 🌟 Giacometti is considered one of the most influential and significant artists of the 20th century. He is known for his tall, slender bronze sculptures, but also worked with printmaking and paintings in the later years. • He created his first sculpture of his brother Diego at the age of 13 - and this was the beginning of a lifelong focus - and obsession - of creating in sculptures what he saw. He moved to Paris in 1922, where he discovered surrealism, but it was first after the Second World War, that he started creating his most famous sculptures: his very tall and slender figurines. • His works constitute a great pillar of the museum's collection, which includes both works from his Surrealist period, his slender figures, drawings and prints. The large collection of his original sculptures – large even from an international perspective – interplay in an almost miraculous way with the architecture. • Images: 1. The Giacometti Gallery. Photo: Lars Ranek. 2. Femme-cuillère, 1926/1927. Photo Kim Hansen. 3. Grande tête, 1959/1960. Donated by: The New Carlsberg Foundation. Photo: Lars Ranek. 4. Femme qui marche I, 1932-1936. Photo: Poul Buchard / Brøndum & Co. All images: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. © Succession Alberto Giacometti / VISDA 2020. • #LouisianaMuseum #LouisianaCollection #AlbertoGiacometti #TheGiacomettiGallery #BornOnThisDay #sculptures #bronzesculptures

1,466 10

✨Today we celebrate 1/34 of the Fantastic Women: British painter, occultist, poet and author #ithellcolquhoun who was born on this day in 1906. • Colquhoun—as many other women Surrealists—paints with a subtle sense of humour as well as of the reversal and reinterpretation of body, nature, and mythology. • Colquhoun joins the British Surrealist group in 1939—but gets expelled from the group the year after, due to her devotion to occultism. Her works often parodies the Surrealist obsession with male dominance in sexuality and eroticism. E.g. in her works Scylla from 1938 and Gorgon from 1946 (photo) which both refers to the omnipresence of eroticism in Surrealism. • Don’t miss Ithell Colquhoun and the rest of the Fantastic Women—on show until 8. November 2020. • [1. Gorgon, 1946. ©Ithell Colquhoun. Photo: Richard Shilitoe 2. Ithell Colquhoun photographed by Hugo van Wadenoyen] • #fantasticwomen #surrealism #womensurrealists #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart

2,820 36

Neon-lights shine bright 💚 • Both beautiful and toxic: Kudos artwork, as well as our guests, shine in toxic-looking neon light in the exhibition Tetsumi Kudo - Cultivation. A symbol of a polluted nature, as Kudo’s work, is highly affected by a childhood in Japan in the aftermath of the atomic bomb... • Experience the radical and visionary Japanese artist, Tetsumi Kudo (1935-1990) until 10. January 2021. • Thanks for sharing your fluorescent experiences @hyon_soor @home_by_ditte @julia_emilia_dk @cph_street_ @fangtasia1234 • #tetsumikudo #japaneseart #japaneseartist #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart

2,571 14

Happy World 🌍 Architecture Day - celebrated every year on the first Monday of October in recognition of the architect's commitment to our societies, our ecosystems, and our cities. What an appropriate way to start off a week which culminates on Thursday 8 Oct with the opening of ‘Anupama Kundoo - Taking Time’ - the highly anticipated fourth exhibition in our series ‘The Architect’s Studio’. Cannot wait to let you in... . Photos from Anupama Kundoo’s Wall House in Auroville, India, by Javier Callejas @_javiercallejas . #anupamakundoo #anupamakundooarchitects #worldarchitectureday #auroville #india #louisianamuseum #thearchitectsstudio #realdania #newexhibition #openingsoon #visitcopenhagen #takingtime

1,782 20

👀 sneak peek from The Architect’s Studio ✨ • In less than ten days we’re opening the fourth exhibition in the series The Architect’s Studio — this time with the Indian architect #AnupamaKundoo • Here’s a sneak peek from the upcoming exhibition — on which #bloomberg recently wrote in their ‘Guide to This Fall’s Top Museum Exhibitions’ “The dazzlingly inventive Kundoo examines the role of time as a forgotten resource in architecture. Kundoo has built some very real structures, but she’s also a noted theorist. This show, constructed as a “journey through time,” should prove to be a seamless fusion of the two". • 💥Anupama Kundoo — Taking Time opens 8. October • [Installation views on the upcoming exhibition] @anupamakundooarchitects @anupama_kundoo #takingtime #architecture #architecturestudio #indianarchitecture #indianarchitect #thearchitectsstudio #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart

3,031 15

For the love of architecture 🕌🏛🛕⛩🏗 • We love seeing all your great shots – especially all the different angles and takes on the museum’s 1950's discreet modernism architecture. • The museum founder Knud W. Jensen collaborated with the two architects Jørgen Bo and Vilhelm Wohlert, when creating the building that we know today. They took their inspiration from both sides of the Pacific. Wohlert had studied at the University of California at Berkeley, where he had the opportunity to become acquainted with the so-called Bay Area architecture of the wooden houses surrounding the San Francisco Bay. But Louisiana also has clear references to the traditional simplicity of Japanese building style, which the architects succeeded in transplanting elegantly in a Danish setting. It has been said that from the beginning two factors were critical to Louisiana’s architecture: coherence and gentleness. • Thank you so much for sharing these three great images from your visit @dmnklxsp 🙏🏽 • #LouisianaMuseum #LouisianaArchitecture #JørgenBo #VilhelmWohlert #Architecture #Snapshots


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