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An international museum of modern art outside Copenhagen that strikes the rare balance between art, architecture and nature. #louisianamuseum

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75.5% of louisianamuseum's followers are female and 24.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 2378 and the average number of comments is 23.

Louisianamuseum loves posting about Art, Visualizations, Painting.

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935 12

Marina Abramović and Ulay revisit 👋🏽 — In 1977 performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay created the work 'Light / Dark' – a filmed performance where they sit opposite each other and slap each other’s faces. The work was a part of the large retrospective exhibition 'Marina Abramović – The Cleaner' shown in 2017 here at the museum – and now you can visit (or revisit) it in a new presentation of video works from the collection. — The work belongs to the genre 'performance for video' which emerged in the 1960s-70s. Here artists perform directly in front of the camera – and not in front of a live audience. — The exhibition 'Marina Abramović – The Cleaner' has just reached the final stop on its long tour and opened last week at the Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade, Serbia – the artist's hometown, where she last had a solo exhibition in 1975. — Both images: Video stills from ‘Light/Dark’, 1977. Louisiana Collection. © Ulay / Marina Abramović / VISDA 2019. — #louisianamuseum #louisianacollection #marinaabramović #thecleaner @abramovicinstitute @msub_mocab

6,470 73

Opening soon: Tatiana Bilbao Estudio 👈🏽 — In just over two weeks, we will open the doors to the third exhibition in the series ‘The Architect’s Studio’, presenting Meixan architect Tatiana Bilbao and her studio. Join us from the 17 October at 18. Louisiana Members are invited to preview from 17. — The upcoming exhibition takes you close to Tatiana Bilbao and her studio, their processes and introduces a broad spectrum of projects such as a pilgrims’ route, a botanical garden, an aquarium, social housing – and a reflective holiday home. Central for all projects is the landscape. Both the physical landscape, but also the non-material structures that constitute a place. Fx culture and history. — Los Terrenos, Monterrey, Mexico, 2016. © Tatiana Bilbao Estudio. Photo: Rory Gardiner. — #louisianamuseum #thearchitectsstudio #tatianabilbao #tatianabilbaoestudio @tabilbaoestudio

6,038 46

So close that I can almost touch it✋🏼 — Thank you for capturing and sharing this wonderful contemplating moment from The Giacometti Gallery @robmacdonald5 — #louisianamuseum #thegiacomettigallery #louisianacollection #regram

1,424 8

A sidelined and neglected artist 💔 — Though Marsden Hartley was hailed as “America’s first great modernist painter of the 20th century” he remains relatively unknown to a European audience. — And despite his central position on the art scene at his time, he remained a neglected name in the USA and unknown in Europe. Perhaps because of the many-faceted character of his oeuvre, which has made it difficult to place him in the history of art. — Dive into the first major retrospective exhibition of Hartleys work in over 60 years—until January 2020. — [Installation shot from the exhibition Marsden Hartley - the earth is all I know of wonder. Photo: Anders Sune Berg] — #louisianamuseum #art #architecture #nature #marsdenhartley #american #modernist #painter

1,509 11

Moore-drama 👀 — The English sculptor Henry Moore (1898-1986) created a series of two-piece sculptures – one of which is located in The Sculpture Park overlooking the sea – and can have quite a dramatic effect depending on how you look at it. — He began working on these iconic shapes in 1959 and developed them throughout the 60s. He would create several small plaster models – sometimes between 10 or 20 – for every one that he would use in a large scale. — Henry Moore, Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 5, 1963-64. Part of the Louisiana Collection. Donated by: The New Carlsberg Foundation. Photo: Kim Hansen. — #louisianamuseum #louisianacollection #henrymoore #twopiecerecliningfigureno5

1,258 6

A splash of colour on a rainy day ☔️ Fall is here and our Louisiana umbrella literally adds more colours to grey rainy days. Swipe to see how 👉🏼 — Thank you @viktoria.dahlberg for sharing your visit on a 🌧-day in Humlebæk — Shop our umbrella at @louisianabutik #louisianamuseum #art #architecture #nature #museumshop #umbrella #rain

6,256 2,922

Win your favourite Hartley poster 👨🏼‍🎨 — Join our poster competition and you might be the lucky winner of one of these five posters. All you have to do is tell us which is your favourite Marsden Hartley poster in a comment below. — The five winners will be announced on Friday 27 September at 12.00. We’ll contact the winners directly. — @louisianabutik #louisianamuseum #posters #marsdenhartley #exhibitionposters #louisianabutik

1,492 18

MONDAY😑 — Recovering from the weekend can be tough. But not as tough as recovering from a full-face laser resurfacing and an upper eye lift... — This 49-nine-year-old patient eating lunch in her private room at the luxury aftercare facility, Serenity, is part of our current exhibition, Generation Wealth, with the American documentary filmmaker and photographer, Lauren Greenfield. — [Photo: Dr. Steven Teitelbaum’s 49-nine-year-old patient, who is recovering from a full-face laser resurfacing and an upper eye lift, eats lunch in a private room at Serenity, a luxury aftercare facility that offers private chefs, spa treatments, and 24-hour nursing, Santa Monica, California, 2006. © Lauren Greenfield. This exhibition was produced and initiated by the Annenberg Space for Photography.] — #louisianamuseum #art #architecture #nature #laurengreenfield #photography #documentary #generationwealth

1,172 7

Last chance to see Homeless Souls 🗺 — Tomorrow Saturday 21 September is the last chance to experience and examine this exhibition – which brings together a dozen artistic voices from countries around the world for a conversation about exile as a political and existential reality. — The museum will be open today until 22 this evening and tomorrow from 11-18. — And don’t forget to pick up a free exhibition poster as you leave. Available in two motifs 👉🏼 swipe to see the other. — #louisianamuseum #homelesssouls #kaderattia #tiffanychung #forensicoceanography #shilpagupta #raminroknihesam #petrithalilaj #hiwak #nalinimalani #otobongnkanga #erkanözgen #lydiaourahmane #karawalker

1,815 18

Marsden Hartley has arrived ❗️ — Today we open the doors to the large-scale exhibition with American painter and poet Marsden Hartley. — ‘Marsden Hartley - the earth is all I know of wonder’ will be on show until 19 January. — [Image: Marsden Hartley, Adelard the Drowned, Master of the "Phantom", circa 1938-1939 (detail). Collection of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Bequest of Hudson D. Walker from the Ione and Hudson D. Walker Collection, 1978.21.236.] — #louisianamuseum #marsdenhartley #theearthisalliknowofwonder #retrospective

1,497 19

Back in 1994—the same year art thieves snatched Edvard Munch’s The Scream in Oslo and Bryan Adams published his hit song ‘Please Forgive Me’—Louisiana’s founder, Knud W. Jensen got the idea for a special children area at the museum. A place to experience and learn about art. Therefore he asked the architects to build a three-storey children wing in addition to the museum. — Three storeys with playful and creative spaces for children to experience art in their own way. — Today we celebrate Knud W. Jensen’s visionary idea 25 years ago and the 25th anniversary of Louisiana Børnehus (The Children’s Wing) 🇩🇰🍰🇩🇰 — [Photo: From the opening of Louisiana Børnehus (The Children’s Wing), 1994. Gregers Nielsen & Stefan Kirkeby] — #louisianamuseum #art #architecture #nature #children

1,312 11

Asger Jorn with a touch of Pipilotti Rist 👉🏼✨ — In her work Come In, Come On (Jorn caressed by Rist), 2019, Pipilotti Rist has created a modification of the Danish artist Asger Jorn’s untitled ceramic platter from 1971. — The platter is part of the Louisiana Collection, where Jorn is a key figure. Jorn was himself a master of modification paintings, some of which has become legendary—E.g. The Disquieting Duckling from 1959. — Pipilotti Rist is—like Jorn—working with modifications. You’ll notice it in her work Prisma from 2011 and in this new Jorn modification made for our current exhibition. But whereas Jorn’s modifications are permanent (he painted with oil) Rist “paints” with light (via projections)—as a caressing of the original artwork that disappears when the projector is turned off. — Experience Rist’s modification of Asger Jorn, and her work Prisma in the exhibition Pipilotti Rist—Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade). Closing 22 September 2019. — [Come In, Come on (Jorn caressed by Rist), 2019. Single-channel video installation. Projection on Asger Jorn, Untitled, 1971. Part of the Louisiana Collection. Donation from The New Carlsberg Foundation Photo: Kim Hansen] — #louisianamuseum #art #architecture #nature


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