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•A blessed woman who loves the Lord🙏🏼 •Health and wellness coach🍎🍊 •DIY deal finder+decorator🏡 •Wife, mother + migno 💌
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1143 and the average number of comments is 47.

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1,595 143

It was a process, but it was super fun to do! The dining room wall is finally COMPLETE..after a three-step process of putting up faux brick panels, then doing the German Schmeer on top, and then the rustic wood boards on top. Swipe to see the process The fun thing was...I got to learn how to use a nail gun, and got pretty comfortable with the circular saw too. Yes it was a little scary at times, because they are so powerful but if Take your time, and just take the safety precautions, you should be good to go! I’m really happy with the results Now what should I do ?😂😂

1,389 43

I’m doing it baby! The brick faux wall is almost complete, at least the first stage of what it’s going to look like. Next phase will be painting it to be a bit distressed and old and then some very cool rustic wood slats are going to be added to it. One step at a time!

883 41

Easter decor.. Complete! What are some of your favorites to put out at Easter? Check out my stories to see it come together🐇

1,024 30

When a door company in Santa Barbara was going out of business, we grabbed five very unique doors, knowing we would find a spot for them somewhere in our house in the remodel. Three of them were used as sliding barn doors...on our offices and our master bath. One became our pantry door, and this one was dedicated to be our little “wine room” door. Choosing unique stationary pieces in your home that are part of the structure, I think truly makes your home stand out, even if you don’t have a lot of other decor around your house! What’s your favorite permanent part of your home?#uniquedoors

5,976 117

A little bit of tears were shed today as I am realizing that we don’t have a lot of time left before the kids move off to Florida. But we know this is an amazing opportunity and this is what God wants for their family.. so for that I am extremely excited for them, and you know we’re going to be visiting lots and lots!

1,995 70

I never mind working in the yard or mowing this lawn, because this is what I get to look at while I’m doing it!! But thank God for riding lawnmowers because I would be in a tough situation if I had to push a mower with this yard😂😂

1,020 66

Adding a little And not over done...🤣written inspiration throughout your home, can add a lot to your decor. In this bathroom, you can see in the reflection of the mirror, my “happiness “sign, which inspires me every time I go in there. I bet you have a sign that inspires you too. Love to hear what it is!! #inspirationalsigns

787 36

Today is a good day to appreciate all that we have! And all that we’ve accomplished!From a remodeled house that had no roof for a while, to a home that we truly are happy about each and every facet of, I am grateful!!! Any part of your home that makes you smile when you stand back and look at it?

1,204 24

Valentines evening with my sweetheart ready for a fun evening out!!!

349 7

I’m such a sucker for the holidays! And yes my husband and I always go out on Valentine’s Day for dinner, just the two of us ...to have a little romantic evening together! How about you? A lot of people don’t celebrate on Valentine’s Day, but we definitely remember it with at least a card and a gift for each other, maybe because for 38 years of marriage, he has been trained that that is important to me 😂 ❤️❤️❤️#valentinesday❤️

722 7

Another day of fun adventures!!

806 29

I am one lucky girl when my daughter decides that she’s going to share this faux animal rug with me! It sure does cozy up the room! The neat thing about a rug like this, is that you can move it to so many different spots in your home... like under a table, in front of a bed, in an entryway etc. But today, it sits in our living room.. and it’s a fun new addition! Thanks Ash!!😘😘


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