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Mom |Activist | Performer | Speaker Domestic Violence Advocate 💜 Founder of @therebirthof_awoman ✈️ Traveler For Bookings:
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 111 and the average number of comments is 6.

34.29% of the followers that engaged with lordda_mercy regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 7.14% and Germany at 5.71%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lordda_mercy's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Dominican Republic.

Lordda_mercy loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Celebrities.

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  • United States 34.29 %
  • Canada 7.14 %
  • Germany 5.71 %
  • Mexico 4.29 %
  • Dominican Republic 2.86 %


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MUST READ FULLY‼️ “Deliberate acts of Self-Love Change Habits.” @graysonmarshalljr 🖤✊🏼 Confidence is the true expression of Self-Love. If not done properly it can become egotistical and narcissistic. How do you practice knowing Self? How do you love on yourself? What do you fill yourself up with while releasing these toxins of the OLD You? I am very open & me sharing this message is essential as I believe we really don’t know true Self, because we fail to truly Love Self. Two days ago I responded to something that deserved no attention. When we are changing, the OLD in us comes back up to challenge the NEW us. Because we are Flesh, we will fall at times victim to giving the wrong people and situations attention in our lives. We allow people to disturb our peace and often times blame their wrong doings and ill intentions as to why we are positioned the way we are. Where’s self accountability? At the same time of defending my name and who I am, why even bother to prove myself to a bunch of strangers that don’t even know the situation at hand? Why focus my energy and time on the wrong people causing me more harm to my spirit? I’ve realized that You being responsible for YOU means your response. It means how you fuel your fire to keep accomplishing. It means the sacrifice, but it does not mean lose SELF. You matter so much more and if you truly love yourself, Realizing that the confidence and self love is the ability to embrace life as it comes at you, Peacefully. That means forgiving without being upset & having the ability to accept Grace without feeling unworthy. The way we started strong together and are falling viciously apart after these months of protesting is interesting. I chose to Love myself More and I know I don’t have to defend anything of mine anymore. As I work on deliberately loving Self, I chose to continue evolving from a survivor to a VICTOR‼️ I’m here to remind whoever needs this reminder to keep going. Whatever obstacle being thrown your way, whatever Sh*t talker In your presence , it has no power over you. YOUR TRAUMA DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU NOR DOES IT DEFINE YOU! Know your Power and who you are, and Pray for your enemies!

137 11

Our “Let’s talk about Change” event was AMAZING!! Thank you to the families that spoke out to raise awareness on the injustices experienced with their loved ones. Please follow & support both families @justiceforallan @eddiebellas Thank you to my performers @blueangelsdrumline @markeena @citoblanko My partners: @the_real_time_app @johnk.therealtimeapp @prestonrharris We thank everyone who came out to support and share some educational and uplifting moments! “It is our DUTY to fight for freedom! It is our Duty to WIN! We must love and support each other! We have nothing to lose but our chains‼️” 🖤✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 SAY IT LOUDERRRR!! “We are the Chosen Generation!! We’re going to change the world!” 📍 Harlem, NYC Duke Ellington Memorial Circle 📸 @halide.hustle • • #therebirthofawoman #womanempowerment #speakup #selflove #nyc #traveler #therealtimeapp #justiceforallen #blm #empowerment #menempowerment #blackexcellence #motivationalspeaker #performer #education

166 9

“I will only debate my equals, The rest I will Teach.” ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻🖤 • • 📸 @wandererwithanikon Studio: @alchemicalstudios (Book with them now!) #therebirthofawoman #womanempowerment #speakup #chosengeneration #traveler #motivationalspeaker #performer #activist #survivor #advocate #blm #revolutionist

115 0

W O M A N I S T by Soul! ✨ 📸 @wandererwithanikon #therebirthofawoman #selflove #selfgrowth #nyc #traveler #womenempowerment #mother #family #godschild #chosengeneration #motivationalspeaker #artist #performer

210 5

Light skin, TATTED ✊🏼🖤 Thank you @wandererwithanikon for this special day of very much needed portraits.. the calm after the Storm of fighting systemic racism. I missed being behind the Lens to just BE ✨. What does dismantling a system & keeping up with your mental health look like to you? • • #therebirthofawoman #womanempowerment #motivationalspeaker #performer #activist #artist #speakup #afrolatina #blackexcellence #model #entrepreneur #advocate #blm

94 5

S A T U R D A Y‼️🔥✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 Join us NYC at 📍Duke Ellington Memorial Circle on 110th Street, Central Park N. & 5th Ave. A panel like discussion on dismantling racism, creating blueprints for reformative justice, reconciling culture, and implementing actual change within our communities. Black and brown people have been targeted on a daily basis for decades, and we continue to see how the system fails us leaving our murdered family members behind with out any justice!! We Will continue to hold the system accountable! We will continue to fight for justice! We will continue to dismantle white supremacy and racism! We will continue to chant WE ARE THE CHOSEN GENERATION‼️ WE’RE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD‼️ Panelists: @e.raymond_ @justiceforallan @prestonrharris @the_real_time_app @lordda_mercy Live performances by: @citoblanko @blueangelsdrumline @top.babacar90 If you still need to sign up for Voter’s Registration @rara_for_reform will set you up! 📸::. @emilwasbenjamin & @quarterly_films • • #therebirthofawoman #therealtimeapp #justiceforallan #allanfeliz #nyc #motivationalspeaker #speakup #traveler #performer #panel

209 8

This journey isn’t an easy one . A Lone Soldier, Fighting against not flesh-and-blood, But spiritual Warfare. Standing my Ground with the Belt of Truth, Walking with Peace, With a Shield of Faith, & helmet of Salvation. I’m R E A D Y by Any Means Necessary 🔥 ✊🏼 • • #therebirthofawoman #speakup #godsplan #agapelove #spiritualwarefare #blackexcellence #warrior

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[Swipe Left to see families signing in solidarity ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻] I signed the CPR letter along side other families that lost our family members to police brutality in response to @nycmayor Commissioner Shea & Speaker Johnson “Disciplinary System Penalty Guidelines”. The @nypd draft disciplinary guidelines are dangerous & illegitimate to our protestors & us as a people! For months there has been countless footage that went viral on several occasions displaying incidents of NYPD violence including discriminatory & violent social distancing and mask enforcement, brutal police violence at protests, abuse of authority towards civilians & more. For years, there have been countless incidents of New Yorkers unjustly killed, brutalized, stopped and subjected to gender-based violence by NYPD officers. In the overwhelming majority of these incidents, Officers involved and directly responsible do not face repercussions or any consequences whatsoever, maintain their position and employment for years without discipline, and often times receive accruing tens of thousands of dollars annually overtime. THIS IS WHAT ACCOUNTABILITY LOOKS LIKE‼️ ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 • • REPEAT AFTER ME!! WE ARE THE CHOSEN GENERATION‼️ WE’RE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD‼️ #blacklivesmatter #therebirthofawoman #justicecommittee #speakup #godsplan #blackexcellence #nypd #accountability #community


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