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Sustainable custom furniture designs. Still shipping to 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸 ...Toronto/Muskoka studios. Homesteading with four kids in the 🇨🇦🌲🌲on lockdown 🤪

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 108 and the average number of comments is 5.

32.58% of the followers that engaged with livingwooddesign regularly are from Canada, followed by United States at 22.47% and United Kingdom at 6.74%. In summary, the top 5 countries of livingwooddesign's posts engager are coming from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany.

Livingwooddesign loves posting about Design.

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  • Canada 32.58 %
  • United States 22.47 %
  • United Kingdom 6.74 %
  • France 3.37 %
  • Germany 3.37 %


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He is risen! Watch, worship & the message of hope this morning at 10am @themeetinghouse

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We created this 11’ Black Walnut table and benches for a Muskoka cottage last month. What a stunning bookmatch!! Nature is amazing ...hopefully despite the difficult times, you’re able to discover nature more and/or get creative in some way indoors! If you’re taking this time to plan some upgrades to your space, we’re here for you us to collaborate on custom furniture projects, shelving or anything made of wood, steel, glass and epoxy! We have a 25% off sale running now, so contact us to get your dream project started! We’re also offering free shipping throughout North America! Send us an email, text, call or shop online via our website under ‘shoppe’!

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A silver lining in this difficult time is the extra time we have together with our families. It’s always been our hope that our tables, handcrafted with love, will serve as a gathering place for families to build memories together. This family received their new custom table from us last week and a few hours later sent us these great shots. We love the fact that the two sons, home from university, and the parents are all working together on the table we created for them. We would love to see more photos like this from our past clients, so send them our way! We’ll keep posting shots and celebrating the positive aspects of these uncertain and difficult times. We are still hard at work in the workshop creating our one of a kind tables and custom furniture. Our shop assistants are staying home with their families, so we are working all the harder now as a family unit to create our custom pieces. We currently have a 25% off sale on custom orders, so send us an email, text message or call for more info, or order directly from our website under ‘shoppe’. We are shipping throughout North America. Sending so much love out to all for health and hope.

96 3

Sending love and hope to all right now! Hopefully you can find joy and beauty still in this difficult time. We just delivered this dining table created from Mappa burl and @ecopoxy...we can create your dream table for you in any wood type and in any design! We currently have a 25% off us via phone, text or email for more info or order direct via our website. There is no need to visit us in person to order our custom designs and we ship throughout North America. Stay well🥰

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We hope you’re all staying safe in these crazy times. We know that we’ll see the great capacity for all of us to demonstrate our humanity and compassion as we strive to support each other and think of the health of our communities at large during this time. We’re still hard at work in our forest workshop, staying far away from public places but definitely taking custom orders via phone, text and email and you can also order direct via our link on our website. We currently have a 25% off sale on all orders! Our furniture pieces are built to last for generations and stand the test of time. Our all-natural finish is very water resistant and family friendly! You may have cancelled a trip lately and are now planning on making the best of hibernating with your family at home for some time together. Why not invest in that perfect table you’ve been dreaming of to enjoy this time together and to gather around with your loved ones? We ship throughout North America. While you hibernate at home this week, take the time to browse through our website and portfolio...and then contact us to collaborate on your dream table, shelves, sculpture or any creative project using wood, steel, epoxy or glass! We delivered this 12’ boardroom table this week to the amazing folks at @pioneercraftsmenltd ...created from locally salvaged Black Walnut slabs, we can create a similar design for your space in any size!

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We have some stunning slabs of salvaged, kiln dried Ontario hardwoods in stock to make your dream table! We currently have a 20% off sale on all custom orders. We ship worldwide! Contact us at for your custom quote!

165 10

We’re excited to announce our launch collaborating with an awesome Ontario business @bunkielife as their certified Muskoka Bunkie installer...& stay tuned for more collaborations to come! For those of you from outside of Ontario, a bunkie is a small cabin...not sure why we call them ‘bunkies’ in Ontario! Also introducing a new line of furniture created by LWD scaled to fit @bunkielife cabins as well as any small space...we’ll be rolling out our clean and modern designs this month, priced to sell, along with complimentary designs sourced for the perfect fit for small space living, all for sale on our website. Tune in to the @bunkielife livestream tonight at 7:30 on FB and YouTube to see them announce the winner of their amazing bunkie giveaway! We love these guys as they are an Ontario family business with small kids (meaning they understand our chaotic life!!) who share our ethos of creating quality, eco-friendly designs from wood and also giving back to those in need....not to mention helping people get closer to nature!! We love the idea of helping people have friends and family visit them and to connect with nature, and to make some extra income and build community through Airbnb and other vacation rentals. Almost everyone we know in Muskoka can use a bunkie on their property, so we’re here to bring this dream to life! For every bunkie they sell, the good folks @bunkielife are donating a night at @ronaldmcdonaldhousecharity !! Pre-fab building is the most eco-friendly as it eliminates as much waste as possible from a construction project, so we love this building model!!

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