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🚀 Serial Entrepreneur & Jet-Setter ✈️ 🇸🇬 Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award Winner 2022, 2023 📍Based in Singapore

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.57%. The average number of likes per post is 10443 and the average number of comments is 97.

Liveyourdream_asia loves posting about Life and Society, Finance.

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10,016 106

New video alert! 🎥 Join our unforgettable yacht journey to Nusa Penida Island. Get a sneak peek now and head to the channel for the full adventure! ✨ Psst... exclusive luxury travel content to the world’s top destinations awaits. Subscribe to stay in the loop! #liveyourdream_asia #luxurytravel #luxurytravelglobalbusiness #LuxuryEscape #bali #nusapenida #rsbutravel #luxury #newvideo

12,062 108

Shining Bright in the Galaxy! 🌟✨ Unexpected office delight today: walked in to find a massive bucket of flowers, bottle of exquisite champagne and a certificate for my own star in the galaxy. 🤩Grateful for the best team in the world! ❤️🤩😍 #liveyourdreams #liveyourdream_asia #TeamSurprise #rsbu #dreamteam #birthdaycelebration #myownstar #theworldismine

11,042 72

My taste is simple. I’m always satisfied with the best. From friends to partners and my amazing husband ❤️, this rule applies to all aspects of life. Birthday celebrations are in full swing – exploring three countries, indulging in the finest restaurants, and engaging in multiple activities. 🤩 My credo: Live life to the fullest!🔥 Coming soon! 😎👌 #liveyourdream_asia #luxurytravel #luxurylifestyle #birthdaycelebration #lifeinsingapore #bvlgari #topinfluencer #cruisevacation

10,043 121

Happy birthday to me! 🥰 Grateful for another year surrounded by love! 😍🥰 Excited to celebrate my birthday with my amazing family on a cruise. Thank you for all the warm wishes! 🙏 Signing off for a few days of celebration and relaxation. Catch you all when I’m back! 🎂🥳 #BirthdayCelebration #FamilyTime #marinabaysands #marinabaysingapore #sampanride #liveyourdream_asia #familytime #luxurytravel #luxurylifestyle

10,029 43

Living in Singapore feels like stepping into the future.. Join me on an exclusive exploration of the city’s luxury scene in an upcoming YouTube video series. Coming soon🔥🔥 #FutureLiving #SingaporeVibes #liveyourdream_asia #gardensbythebaysingapore #singapore #luxurytravel #luxurytraveller #luxurysingapore #luxurylifestyle #luxurysingaporevacation

10,109 82

Amidst my global wanderings, Singapore remains an unparalleled gem. Its matchless charm and unique allure set it apart, making it a standout among the world’s best destinations. Proud to call it home for last 11+ years 😍 #Singapore #uniquesingapore #singaporetravel #luxurytravel #liveyourdream_asia #rsbutravel #artsciencemuseum #artsciencemuseumsingapore #luxurylifestyle #luxuryworldtraveler

11,127 83

The combination of candlelight, classical music, and marine wonders of one of the biggest aquariums in the world, created a memory that will forever hold a special place in my heart. ❤️😍 #LuxuryExperience #CandlelightConcert #seaaquarium #SEAaquariumSingapore #luxurylifestyle #luxurytravel #luxurytraveller #rsbutravel #uniqueexperience

11,085 99

Overwhelmed by the whirlwind of the past few weeks! 🤩 Here are the highlights: 🏆 Honored to receive the Singapore Entrepreneur Award 2023 for the second year running! 🥳 ✨ Proudly sponsored and participated in ITB Asia, SEA’s largest travel event! 🚀 Launched a new YouTube channel on luxury travel & global business, clocking over 100,000 authentic views within just 2 weeks! 🌍 Secured partnerships with Singapore’s top players - the finest hotels, restaurants, exclusive attractions, private jets, and more! 🤝 Currently gearing up for the hottest Luxury Travel to Singapore video series ever. 🔥🔥 If you’re a top player, seize the chance to join us before it’s too late! #LuxuryTravel #Singapore #EntrepreneurAward #ITBAsia #liveyourdream_asia #luxurytravel #globalbusiness #itbasia2023 #rsbutravel #rsbu #businesslife #sucess

10,052 136

The French Riviera, or Cote D’Azur, holds a special place in my heart ! 💖 Take a look on these 2 gems in particular: Eze & Saint Paul de Vence. A blend of culture, gourmet cuisine, art galleries & history spanning centuries. Check out my new YouTube video - don’t miss it! #CoteDAzur #Eze #SaintPaulDeVence #FrenchRiviera #liveyouradventure #liveyourdream_asia #luxurytravel #luxurutraveladvisor #rsbutravel #chateaudechevredor #cotedazur #cotedazurfrance #chateaudelachevredor

10,082 126

🌍 Today marks a very special day, much like when Christopher Columbus first discovered America. Back then, only a few believed in his ambitious journey, but he persevered and changed the world. Symbolically it’s also happened on 12th October) Few years ago, I set a vision of my dream life. Today, that dream has become a reality. 🎉 I’m ecstatic to introduce my brand new channel, where we’ll explore the enchanting world of luxury travel and global business. Get ready to dive into a world of opulent resorts, private jets, yachts, and discover the most lavish hotels and restaurants across the globe. 🌟 Join me as we gain inspiration from captivating interviews with successful entrepreneurs who turned their dreams into reality. It’s a fresh start, and I’m thrilled to announce that our very first video has already been watched by over 14,500 people in just a few hours since its birth. 🤩😍 Thank you for being part of this exciting journey! Stay tuned for more adventures, luxury, and success stories. #LuxuryTravel #GlobalBusiness #DreamsIntoReality #luxurylifestyle #luxurylife

10,542 86

Embracing the spirit of the sea and the freedom it brings! 🤩😍 Live life to the fullest, jump into adventure, and ride the waves of joy with friends. Check my stories for my 🔥 videos from our fantastic yacht trip!😃☝🏻 Organized by RSBU Travel - Singapore based licensed tour operator - your ultimate travel partner for unforgettable luxury & business travel experiences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and much more. 🌴🗺️ #liveyourdreamlife #liveyourdream_asia #bali #luxurybali #luxurytravel #rsbutravel #yachtparty #mylifemyrules

10,315 85

Traveling in style together with my family is my mantra, whether it’s Singapore, Monaco, Maldives, Bali, Mauritius or any other destination we set our sail! 😎 While my team works hard now on preparation of sizzling content from Bali trip🔥🔥🔥, let's throwback to the amazing beachside adventure in Mauritius!🤩 I had the pleasure of experiencing the luxury of both Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost, and yes, we even brought one of them to the beach for these fabulous shots! 🙈😅 Life's a beach when you roll in style. 😎👌 Organized by RSBU Travel - Singapore based licensed tour operator - your ultimate travel partner for unforgettable luxury & business travel experiences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and much more. 🌴🗺️ #liveyouradventure #liveyourdream_asia #mauritiusisland #mauritius #luxurytravel #luxurytravelexpert #rsbutravel #rollsroyce #rollsroycephantom

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