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36.6% of littlemycph's followers are female and 63.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1042 and the average number of comments is 27.

16.54% of the followers that engaged with littlemycph regularly are from Japan, followed by Denmark at 14.96% and Germany at 11.02%. In summary, the top 5 countries of littlemycph's posts engager are coming from Japan, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy.

Littlemycph loves posting about Photography, Architecture, iPhone, Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Art.

Check littlemycph's audience demography. This analytics report shows littlemycph's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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36.6 %
63.4 %


  • Photography 80.19 %
  • Travel & Tourism 77.55 %
  • Technology & Science 69.06 %
  • Art & Design 65.60 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 41.16 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.75 %
  • Home & Garden 35.61 %
  • Business & Careers 32.61 %
  • Music 32.21 %
  • Movies and TV 32.11 %
  • Books and Literature 31.59 %
  • Luxury Goods 30.51 %


  • Japan 16.54 %
  • Denmark 14.96 %
  • Germany 11.02 %
  • France 6.3 %
  • Italy 5.51 %


515 35

Candid colours . . . . . Paid partnership @germanytourism Bauhaus fans flock to Ebeltsalle to mark the 100th anniversary this year to get a snapshot of the famous four semi-detached houses on a small street full of pinewood trees in Dessau. The  Master's Houses were commissioned by the city of Dessau to be built for the Director of the school, Walter Gropius, and the Master teachers Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Lászlo Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Oskar Schlemmer. All the houses have undergone a careful makeover since my previous visit last year. You can visit the houses to see an architectural gem hidden behind the pinewood. Or you can get inspired to apply another colour than white to your walls as the Master's houses reveal a unique mix of colours inside. Colour theory was taught at the primary school by Itten, Klee and Kandinsky as they believed it was important for the students to learn how colours interact and how to mix them.  Colours can be used to emphasize the shape of an object or even enhance architecture. Or you can walk around and imagine what a party the gentlemen have had back in the 1920s. #bauhaus100 #celebratingbauhaus #bauhaustrip2019 #moderndenken #reiselandsachsenanhalt #ShotoniPhone

436 33

bau | gang . . Paid partnership with @germanytourism . While visiting the new Bauhaus museum in Weimar, we were running  around the museum with our cameras while tracing the legacy of the Bauhaus philosophy The school was not only concerned with designing design objects and craftwork but was also trying to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of space. That lead them to investigate the relationship between humans and space. My tribute to the school was a performance by my bau-friend Thomas @thmsbille on the stairs inside the new museum #celebratingbauhaus #bauhaustrip2019 #bauhaus100 #visitthuringia, #deinthüringen, #bauhausuni, #klassikstiftungweimar, #bauhausweimar, #bauhausagenten, #weimarerleben

724 33

100 years | of Bauhaus . . . Paid partnership @germanytourism It all started 100 years ago in Weimar, Germany, where Architect Walter Gropius founded the influential art movement. Yesterday, I started a three-day photo trip touring the 3 cities that flourished during the 14 years the school existed before it proved too ‘progressive’ for the Nazis in 1933. The Weimar school closed down in 1925 and moved to Dessau because the city of Weimar became increasingly conservative during the 1920s and the politicians thought the school was too avant-garde. 100 years after the closure, the city of Weimar finally got a museum to celebrate the Bauhaus in Weimar next to the huge Nazi-era Gauforum buildings. The new minimalistic concrete museum is designed by the German architect Heike Hanada. The concrete box showcase more than 1000 objects produced during the six-years period and is worth a visit if you are in the area. Photo @thmsbille @thüringen_entdecken #CelebratingBauhaus #bauhaustrip2019 #bauhaus100, #visitthuringia, #deinthüringen, #bauhausuni, #klassikstiftungweimar, #bauhausweimar, #bauhausagenten, #weimarerleben

1,317 22

the silence | of the lamb (sheep) . . . For years I kind of got afraid of the open landscape and stayed in the bustling city. The past years, I have come to realize that getting into nature has a positive impact on my wellbeing. And the best part of visiting the open landscape at Kalvebod is that you can still see the high rises in the far distance. . . #visitdenmark #københavn #ShotoniPhone #visitcopenhagen #fangdinby2019

785 7

moveable | dune . . . . Denmark's largest hiking dune, Råbjerg Mile, is an overwhelming and impressive scenery which consists of a 1000 m long and 1000 m wide sandpile and holds approx. 4 million m3 sand. I visited the dunes four years ago, where it looked very different in comparison with my latest visit during my summer vacation. Every year the wind moves the sand more than 15 m in an east-northeast direction towards the ocean. The question is whether the dune will eventually disappear one day! #skagen #visitnordjylland #visitdenmark #toppenafdanmark #ShotoniPhone

527 9

summer | moment . . . . . #skagen #denmark #nordjylland #ShotoniPhone

978 21

Digital Detox . . . I am a heavy phone user and have been for the past seven years since I downloaded Instagram. The best way to describe my relationship with my iPhone is that it is my extended arm as I am always connected with it. I tend to call it an addiction.  I always grab out after my iPhone to scroll down my Instagram feed, read the news or having interrupted conversations with my friends from all over the world. Last year, I decided to start an experiment where I unplugged my iPhone from wifi to go offline for two hours every Sundays. After being offline for two hours. I am more energized as well as I always smile when I realize that nothing has happened on social media. The benefits of taking a break have proved very successful for me as my brain needs a space for thinking and coming up with new ideas. Ideally, I should do this every day. Since checking in as a self-employed business woman, I haven't taken a long vacation. However, this summer, I decided to take off two weeks of vacation to give myself a digital detox and look after my well-being while still taking pictures. This is the first picture from the first part of my trip where I went to the Northern part of Denmark, Skagen, with its iconic yellow houses to visit friends and see the 'Verdensballetten' at the sand-covered church from the 14th-century. . . . . . #skagen #visitnordjylland #verdensballetten #visitdenmark #toppenafdanmark #shotoniphone

1,452 49

faroe | architecture . . . . The Faroe Islands, a mountainous apology have no forest. The wood used in Faroese architecture comes from the sea, washed ashore from neighbouring countries; Norway and Scotland. The architectural style has a unique Nordic mixture. It derived from a strong architecture history from Norwegian and Danish architecture. However, unstable and harsh weather conditions require solid wood construction. The wood construction characterises the Faroese architecture with the use of bold colours and a grass-covered roof. . . This black-tarred wooden house with colourful windows, grass roofs and the cutest little gardens belongs to the oldest part of Tórshavn dated back to the 4th century. #faroeislands #faroearchitecture #gastrotour

1,263 14

distinct ⎮ flavors . . . Poul Andrias Ziskan, the chef who runs Koks, the Faroe Islands and his team were welcoming us last week when we arrived at the restaurant. Koks has been known as the world's most remote restaurant since it received a Michelin star last year. To get to this beautiful scenery you will be picked up by a Landrover after you leave the main road as the road that leads to the Koks is a rocky pathway. . . . . #landscape_lovers #sky_captures #landscapephotography #fantastic_earth #landscape_captures #ic_landscapes #ig_exquisite #nature_wizards #nature_shooters #landscapestyles_gf #ourplanetdaily #special_shots #iphoneography #iphoneonly #ShotoniPhone

1,591 21

new | nordic . . . This week I joined a culinary food experience hosted by the lovely girls from Foods of Copenhagen. The first part of the trip was dedicated to the New Nordic kitchen in Copenhagen. The kitchen is all about its dedication to use organic, sustainable and local ingredients and the trip was all about wild foresting, a lunch cooked on a bicycle, and an adventurous food tasting experience at the most talked-about two-star Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen, Noma, with a seasonal menu. The tasting menu consisting of eighteen courses, dedicated to vegetables and three signature courses with mold. The second part of the culinary food experience brought us to the Faroe Islands in the Atlantic ocean. The name Faroe Islands mean Sheep Islands, a name given by the Viking settlers arriving from Norway in the 9th century. Today, the mountain apology islands is populated with fifty thousand inhabitants and seventy thousand sheep. A long ocean line surrounds the islands. The food heritage is dedicated to the fish from the local water; preserved, fermented, salted or smoked. After a hike in the mountain, and a fun and very wild boat trip we finished the food tour at the most remote two-star Michelin restaurant in the world, Koks. And what an extraordinary culinary experience! The tasting menu included eighteen courses, made up almost of local foods. It was so far one of the best food experience I have ever had. See the full Story in my Highlights . . . . . #landscape_lovers #sky_captures #landscapephotography #fantastic_earth #landscape_captures #ic_landscapes #ig_exquisite #nature_wizards #nature_shooters #landscapestyles_gf #ourplanetdaily #landscape-hunter #special_shots #iphoneography #iphoneonly #ShotoniPhone

1,785 61

stay | hydrated . . . Paid partnership with @visitcopenhagen #copenhagenlocalhood In Copenhagen you have access to nine dedicated waterfront areas where you can jump into the bright and clean water. One of these public areas is in my local hood of Nordhavn. If you plan a visit to Copenhagen, remember to explore this new urban landscape where the city meets the water. On a warm summer day, the waterfront is packed with locals enjoying the sun and the water. But if you want to get a truly local experience regardless of the season get up early. And enjoy a mindful moment while watching, the sun rises behind the cranes before you jump into the water. PS: And of course, remember to pack your swimwear in your suitcase . . Courtesy @mickiborneland for getting up 4 am this morning to shoot these serie

1,265 25

summer | time . . . . . #ic_architecture #icu_architecture #jj_architecture #creative_architecture #arkiromantix #tv_architectural #lookingup_architecture #unlimitedcities #arquitecturamx #excellent_structure #sky_high_architecture #architecture_greatshots #visitdenmark #ig_denmark #wu_denmark #iphoneography #iphoneonly #ShotoniPhone


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