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🌈 Preachers wife turned queer pleasure advocate : @weareluscious 🖋 Artist + founder @schoolofletterigraphy ❣️ Mum to six humans
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67.5% of lissamyah's followers are female and 32.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 450 and the average number of comments is 6.

22.64% of the followers that engaged with lissamyah regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 15.09% and Italy at 7.55%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lissamyah's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Italy, Brazil, United Arab Emirates.

Lissamyah loves posting about Design, Art, Graphics.

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67.5 %
32.5 %


  • Art & Design 62.97 %
  • Children & Family 46.70 %
  • Entertainment 44.90 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.98 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.39 %
  • Business & Careers 39.97 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 39.02 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 38.91 %
  • Travel & Tourism 34.97 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.21 %
  • Home & Garden 33.27 %
  • Books and Literature 32.20 %


  • United States 22.64 %
  • Australia 15.09 %
  • Italy 7.55 %
  • Brazil 5.66 %
  • United Arab Emirates 3.77 %


1,230 17

You know how sometimes when you’re in a relationship for a long time, you grow in different directions? And at first, you think maybe it’s stuff you can work on, so you try changing things up a bit, finding a new therapist, doing some more work on yourself…. But at some point you have to accept that it’s just time to part ways. My lettering business and I have reached that point in our relationship. We found each other at a tumultuous time in my life. Baby number 6 had just been born, he had medical issues that meant I could no longer work for clients as a graphic designer, so I moved my creative endeavours online, starting out with selling prints with my designs on them. A year or two later and I stepped into creating online courses and felt like I had found my place in the online world (selling prints was not for me, no thank you). Within 12 months of my first online course launching, my marriage ended abruptly, and painfully. Teaching lettering online is what allowed me to survive an incredibly intense season of single parenting six small humans, to have space to grieve the end of the marriage, and to begin the process of healing from both the marriage itself and the spiritual abuse that had occurred in the church spaces I had been involved in. So to say I’m grateful for all it’s provided over the last five years would be a massive understatement. But I’m not the person now that I was then (see previous post 😉). And during the course of working through my inner shit over the last few years, I always assumed that at some point I would just be able to adapt my creative pursuits when the time was right. I’ve tried shifting the way I present my content, I’ve tried creating a whole new look in the hopes it would be a container that was aligned for both me and the brand. Turns out, nope. It’s time to go our separate ways. I have one last lettery offer for sale over at which I’ll be sharing a bit about over the next week. But I'm also going to reshare some old posts, as well as some of the stuff I’ve learnt running this sort of online business over the last 5 years. If you've got any burning questions about it all - I'd love to hear them.

883 79

Thought I’d post an updated intro post for anyone who’s new here, or anyone who’s been around a while but saw my stuff pop up in their feed recently and can’t remember why they’re following me 😉. But also because I’d love to ‘meet’ you all again, or for the first time if you’re new. I’m Liss, I live in Australia and have six incredible humans who call me their mum (I used to say “small humans”, but half of them are taller than me now). I used to be known as lissletters, and did a lot of smooshy watercolour calligraphy, with a strong emphasis on bible type content. Eventually, I became rather obsessed with iPad Lettering and ran lots of online courses teaching lettering of all kinds. Then my marriage ended, I went on a wild expedition of healing and discovery, stopped participating in institutionalised religion, came out as queer, fell out of love with my art, and realised how many other things light me up that had previously been off limits (mostly thanks to the institutionalised religion). These days I talk a lot about healing, running a small business, toxic theology, sex, and pleasure. Those last three topics tend to upset some people (not a mention of toxic theology goes by without someone in my DMs telling me “not all churches” or how much Jesus loves me and they hope I realise that again one day). I live with my beautiful partner @lenore_n and together we run @weareluscious, where we talk about sex and pleasure, because we believe shame can’t survive open and honest conversations, and that less shame + healthy communication = better sex. I’m currently right in the very fucking messy middle of parenting teenagers. Which is quite possibly the most intense season of parenting for me so far (says something coming from someone who had 5 children under 7). And I’ll probably keep changing, because that’s the natural outcome of healing and growth, and I’m pretty into both. I try and share my opinions without holding onto them too tightly, because I know they may be very different as I learn and grow more. Your turn! Are you new here? Or have you been riding this wild rollercoaster with me for a while? Please tell me something fun about you?

465 3

Current lesson. And I know I’m not the only one guilty of it and learning to do things differently. Look, I hate being cast as the villain in other peoples stories. Makes me deeply uncomfortable. And winds me up to feel like I’ve done something wrong. But sometimes other people just need a villain, and they cast you whether you actually fit the role or not. So permission to stop trying to keep everyone happy officially granted - it’s an impossible task, and has the ability to royally fuck you over when you try.

206 1

Good morning. Listen to your body. It knows more than you think it does. When it’s trying to get your attention, listen. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself

260 5

Hey Beautiful, I know that you’re terrified of allowing yourself to grieve. You’re convinced that allowing yourself to feel any of it will mean you have to feel all of it, all at once, and that it will drag you under the surface and leave you breathless, or swallow you whole and never let you go. I know you’re scared of even opening up that box, trying to keep it tucked away inside for as long as possible. But I promise that letting yourself feel it, and learning to let it wash over you… or knock you down as it rushes unexpectedly from the side as it sometimes does… is better than staying stuck where you are. I promise you that you’re strong enough to move through it. But the only way through it is to feel it. Let the tears flow. Let the rage out. Let the waves move through you when they show up. I promise it gets better. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself

230 1

Hey Beautiful, Put the rule book down. I know, you’re scared of fucking it up, or doing the wrong thing... and hopeful that following the rules will keep you safe. But it doesn’t work like that. Most of the rules were just made to prevent you from rocking the boat, to keep you playing small. Religion. That shit can get messy. So many of those rules are about control. About keeping a large group of people from becoming unruly – it’s much easier when people just do what you tell them, scary when they start to question things and think for themselves. Those are not your people. Online business. Seems everyone has a rule book they want to shove in front of you. They’re convinced that their way is the right way. That if you follow their ten step, six hundred part formula, you will also have the exact same success they have had. Those are also not your people. Put the rule book down, it was made to serve someone else, not you. Trust your knowing. And trust that you’ll find the others who’ve thrown out the rule book too - those are your people. You’ve got this. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself

377 3

Hey Babe, You are allowed to suck at things. In fact, when you try something new, you probably will.... for quite some time, much longer than you’d like (because I know you’d prefer the suck didn’t exist at all). But babe, if you’re ever going to be good at something, you have to start at the beginning, and keep doing it even though it’s hard, and you suck at it. So embrace the suck, recognise that a shitty starting point means one day you’ll be able to look back and be proud of how far you’ve come, and don’t give up just because you’re not seeing the progress you want to see - your expectations were pretty fucking extreme to start with. Love you xx #letterstomyyesterself

353 2

Hey babe, You’re allowed to have an opinion. And you’re allowed to express it. And yes, I know that seems fucking obvious, but before you dismiss me, take a moment to acknowledge all the ways you silence yourself, all the reasons you give to invalidate what you think... You’re allowed to have an opinion even if you haven’t worked it out fully yet and you’re worried it will change again tomorrow (on lots of topics it probably will, you’re all about growth and healing, that means your opinions will change). You’re allowed to have an opinion that’s different from one you had last year, last month, or even yesterday. You’re allowed to have an opinion even if you know someone will disagree with you, and possibly even get shitty with you. You’re allowed to have an opinion even if there are people in the room who are smarter, older, or louder than you. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself

629 11

Hey Beautiful, You are worth so much more than how he treated you. I know he said it was love, but that’s not what love feels like. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself

270 3

Hey Beautiful, Stop tying yourself up in knots trying to make the "right" decision. There is no perfect decision. And there is no magical perfect path that is going to allow you to avoid pain, discomfort, or uncertainty and arrive at the end of life scar-free. And if we’re being truly honest here (which, of course we are), it’s your scars that make you even more beautiful. They tell the story of what you’ve overcome, how you’ve persisted, and what stood in your way but you didn’t allow to stop you. They speak to your beautiful growth, to the healing that’s taken place, and to the way you’ve learnt to trust yourself even when it’s been hard. There’s just the decision you do (eventually) make, in the moment it needs to be made, and the way you allow yourself to move through it. Please be gentle with yourself. Trust yourself. You've got this. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself

530 5

I’ve started writing letters to my younger self… my “yesterself”. Some of them are things I needed to hear years, or even decades ago – so I write them lovingly now as a healing practice; some are things I tend to forget so I write to remind myself (sidenote: how is it we so quickly forget the things we have learned?); and some are written in advance because I know that a future me will want to read them. I’ve decided to share them because if I need to hear it, I figure someone else probably does too. And I know that so often we get lost in the fear that we’re the only one struggling with a thing, which is rarely true, but that fear keeps us silent and struggling. And if it’s not something you struggle with, or ever have, feel free to scroll on by. But if it is... welcome to a little insight into my inner dialogue. And yes, these notes really are how I speak to myself. It definitely wasn’t that way a few years ago – I was a downright asshole to myself most of the time… with shitty tapes played constantly on repeat in my mind. And lest you read one and think I have shit all figured out. I do not. I absolutely still have moments where the rubbish rises and the negativity overwhelms me… but that’s also why I’m writing these letters – for those moments I need to revisit them, to remind myself of what I know to be true. ♥️ #1 Hey Beautiful, You are allowed to say no. Without reason, explanation, or apology. You’re allowed to protect your own energy, your emotional safety, and to prioritise your own needs. I know it seems scary, and at first it will be. But you’ve got this. And over time it will get easier, you’ll learn to trust yourself more, and you’ll be strong enough to know that even when someone else doesn’t like your ‘no’, you’ll still be ok. Love you xo #letterstomyyesterself


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