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62.5% of lilmamabearblog's followers are female and 37.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 67 and the average number of comments is 11.

Lilmamabearblog loves posting about Moms, Shopping.

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62.5 %
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  • Children & Family 80.56 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 76.25 %
  • Art & Design 54.55 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 52.56 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 40.88 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.81 %
  • Travel & Tourism 38.76 %
  • Home & Garden 35.49 %
  • Business & Careers 34.13 %
  • Entertainment 33.90 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.52 %
  • Technology & Science 30.41 %


94 20

My baby girl is one! 💗😭 There isn’t an emoji to express the joy and also strange sadness I feel by this. 🥰😭🤗😫💗💔I honestly didn’t think it would make me sad, but I could burst into tears right now. We are so thankful for our sweet, smart, resilient little girl. She has the best sense of humor, and she usually does a pretty good job of communicating exactly what she wants. Happy first birthday, Nora! . . . . . . . . #birthdaygirl🎀 #thisisone #motherhoodismagic #slowchildhood #slowmotherhood #thisismamahood #lovemylittles #lifewithlittles #theeverymom #thesearethedays #wildandfreekids #motherhoodisdarling #livesimple #raisingtinyhumans #mymotherhoodjourney #crunchymama #lovemylittles #itsfallyall🍁 #theygrowuptoofast

69 10

Happy Fall, yall!🍁 We’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks. So much of our lives is rushed or squeezed in... this morning I sat rocking my little one and tried to breathe in the moment. My girls are growing so quickly, it feels, I don’t want to rush these everydays no matter how mundane they may feel. So I’m thankful for little arms that wrap tightly around my neck. I’m thankful for twirling skirts and princess shoes. I’m thankful for tea parties that never end. I’m thankful for rainy days and splashy puddles. I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful for Fall. . 🍂So you do Fall crafts? Share your favorites with us! . . . . . . #happyfallyall #itsfallyall #finallyfall #september2020 #littlepumpkin #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingjourney #motherhoodismagic #slowchildhood #slowmotherhood #thisismamahood #lovemylittles #lifewithlittles #theeverymom #thesearethedays #wildandfreekids #motherhoodisdarling #livesimple #raisingtinyhumans #mymotherhoodjourney

33 1

Genny’s had so much fun with these 🆕Sight Word Books, now in my store! Right now, you can get ✌️printable books, “I Can See” and “I Was A” - these books allow your learner to connect with the text by inserting their own words and drawing their own pictures. What better way to get littles to read than by handing them a text by their favorite author and illustrator - themselves! . It’s also hilarious seeing what they come up with. In Genny’s “I Was A” book, she decided to write “I was not weak”. 💪😹 . . 📸Tag me in your stories/posts featuring my printables for a chance to be featured and win something freeeeee . . . #sightwords #reading #homeschoolmama #homeschoollifestyle #homeeducator #honestlymothering #simplymamahood #motherhoodblog #theeverymom #raisingtinyhumans #mindfulmama #honestmothering #happyhealthymama #livesimple #wildandfreemama #theartofslowliving #learningeveryday #homeschoolmamacollective #teachthemwell

101 12

Best👏first👏day👏ever . Here’s an overview of our morning: 7:45 - Donut Breakfast with Papa 8:00 - Get dressed and do chores and calendar 8:30 - Morning Message, Pledge of Allegiance, memory verse, and prayer 8:45 - Bible story and activity 9:30 - Morning Box (Money Matching Activity coming to my store soon!) 10:10 - Word Work (quick sight words assessment, then used some letter stamps as a fun activity) 10:45 - Read Chrysanthemum and talked about being kind to others 11:00 - Talked about how to take care of her new school supplies 11:10 - Blue Box (building blocks) 11:30 - Aunt Jana came by to take Genny out for a First Day of School smoothie! While we worked, Nora played with her basket of activities until 10 when I put her down for a nap. . I counted it as a wildly successful first day of school, and we are ready to go with Day 2!✌️ . 📚What are your back to school plans? . Now in the store, you can grab the 1-page Printable Biography worksheet! 👉🛒 (take a look in my stories)

44 4

That moment when it’s a month before school starts and you still have to plan😳🗓 To be honest, I’ve barely started planning Genny’s school semester. I intend to start...well before the week prior to beginning. We’ll see if I make that deadline. One thing I have done is research curriculums. Have you tried to choose a curriculum for the school year?? 😅😭😂😳☺️😆😀 It is soooooo overwhelming. There are countless options, and if you’re not able to get your hands on the materials and flip through them yourselves, it’s nearly impossible to make a clear choice. Here are some tips for navigating this: 1️⃣ Know what you want/don’t want from a curriculum 2️⃣ Talk to others about what they do (but don’t feel like you have to copy them) 3️⃣ Use my Choosing a Curriculum free worksheets found in my bio . 👆These steps will help you to organize your thoughts and come up with a plan of action . Now excuse me while I get back to deciding on math for this preschool year... . . . 📸Tag me in your stories/posts featuring my printables for a chance to be featured and win something freeeeee

110 22

🖐Five years married to this guy! I asked Ryan what the biggest thing he’s learned being married, and he said, “There are daily things that make it seem like it’s me vs you. But marriage makes it you and I together on everything.” I totally agree on that. Even when we’re having an argument, the person I want to talk to about it is HIM. And vice versa. . Thanks for the best five years of my life, babe! Here’s to many more 🥂 . ❤️What’s the best piece of relationship wisdom you’ve acquired?

85 9

Anyone else tired of all the BS!😅🙌 . I’ve been thinking a lot about fear, and what its place is in my life. Drawing from some accredited thinkers from history, I have put together this collection of quotes on the topic: •”The only thing we have to fear is...fear itself.” Franklin Roosevelt •“There is a stubborness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice •”Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.” Shakespeare, Julius Caesar •”There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear...” 1 John 4:18 . I for one am tired of being dragged into The Swamps of Sadness (we may have watched The Neverending Story last night, and I can report that it not only held up watching it as an adult, I found it’s messages to be extremely relevant to today’s world). . I want to be like Lizzy Bennet, to meet fear with equal resistance, to stave it off with love. . It is a daily battle. And some days are better than others. But I encourage you to do the same, whatever that looks like for you!💪 . . ✅Grab my newest free printable, Numbers 1-10 Practice, with the link in my bio! . 📸Tag me in your stories/posts featuring my printables for a chance to be featured and win something freeeeee

95 11

Guess what we made today?🐤 Genny had a couple of helpers, and together they made a huge peanut buttery birdseed mess... BUT they had fun, and we now have little snacks for our feathery friends. *and yes, she wore this crown the entire time . I’m looking for more activities like these, so if you have any ideas let me know in the comments! . . . ✅Grab my newest free printable, Numbers 1-10 Practice, with the link in my bio! . 📸Tag me in your stories/posts featuring my printables for a chance to be featured and win something freeeeee . . . . . . #unfilteredmotherhood #thehappynow #kidsforreal #organickids #wildandfreechildhood #littlepiecesofchildhood #beautyyouseek #lifedailymoms #motherhoodismagic #mymotherhoodjourney #mommymoments #motherhoodisdarling #stopdropandmom #wonder_of_childhood #homeschoolmamacollective #1000hoursoutside #thisishowwehomeschool #thingsiwanttoremember #365homeschooling


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