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Bakery&Eatery Bread, Breakfast and Lunch Take-away only. Check our new webshop Wednesday to Sunday 8:00 to 17:00 Refshalevej 213A, København K

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64.3% of lillebakery's followers are female and 35.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1100 and the average number of comments is 24.

Lillebakery loves posting about Soccer, Food, Restaurants, Chef.

Check lillebakery's audience demography. This analytics report shows lillebakery's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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64.3 %
35.7 %


  • Art & Design 87.56 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 73.95 %
  • Travel & Tourism 65.24 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 61.61 %
  • Home & Garden 50.71 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 43.43 %
  • Books and Literature 41.45 %
  • Business & Careers 38.48 %
  • Entertainment 36.93 %
  • Children & Family 35.19 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.78 %
  • Sports 34.16 %
  • Technology & Science 34.16 %


1,138 4

We have been quiet not because we are complacent but because Instagram is filled with voices that need to be heard. Voices, points of view and knowledge that are far more important than us clogging the channel with our day to day business. We have been reflecting on our own actions and how we too are a part of the problem and what we can effectively do and change in our small business in the long-term to end systemic racism. The questions are many - because it’s there even when we can’t see it - our thoughts have been racing and we have ideias (all suggestions are welcome).. But let’s start somewhere, so we hope you join in showing support and allyship at the Black Lives Matter protest this Sunday at 14:00 in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen. Join, support, stand together and empower by letting the voices that need to be heard, be heard! Keeping of course a safe distance from each other. Photo by @angelinagergenreder

1,032 13

We’re looking for cooks & chefs!! 💛Hello there Copenhagen, we are in search of a new member for our kitchen band. If you fancy the likes of Julia Child, if berliners are a favourite of yours, if you reaally enjoy cooking for others (it’s a plus if you enjoy dancing while cleaning). If you are all about the sunshine and you have experience working in kitchens.. Well do send us your story to we would love to hear from you 🍋🌞🌸 lovely shot from @fajron

2,981 43

Happy birthdaaay Lille 🌞🌸💛2 years old today!! Almost a teenager in restaurant years. Celebrations and the usual sentimentality have been postponed until we can celebrate the lilliest bakery with the oomph it deserves.. still we didn’t want this to be just any ordinary Saturday so we bring you the Lille Alice as tradition demands: a Berliner with milk ice-cream from Alice and rhubarb jam. Stop by and say hellooo! 🍦🍩🍭 In other news, even though regulations call for the opening of restaurants and cafes on Monday, we have decided Lille will be opening in phases to ensure the safety of our guests and team. So from next Wednesday we will be opening our outside deck for sitting and sunbathing - oh yes the lille riviera is back ⛱ but the bakery will remain closed inside for the time being. Can’t wait to have everyone hang around sunbathing again (at a safe distance of course). Lots of love 💕 lovely shot from @nana_ha for @nytimes

820 14

Dear friends, we have written a little bedtime story of our latest adventures during these funky times: “As things keep changing rapidly and the future still remains uncertain we would like to tell you the story of a little bakery in a secluded part of town that through sheer will, enthusiasm and friendship is still open...” to read the whole thing - warning it’s not short - check the link in our bio! 🌸 lots of love to all of you, word to all the mothers and a special thanks @torimackenzie for the photo!

964 17

Times are a-changing.. but we’re still here! And we’re doing our best to quickly adjust to having a second shop (on the world wide web) - there is a lot of running up and down but we are getting there 💛 Everyday around 18:00 we re-stock our lille online grocery so you can make orders for the next day. Remember you can choose between delivery or picking up at the bakery. The take-away window continues open as usual, and weirdly enough we are slowly settling into a new normal. Spirits continue high, with some flickering moments as uncertainty creeps in. But everyone here at lille (best team in the world) is very happy and proud to continue making the best bread and food we can for as long as we can! So THANK YOU for wanting to eat our bread 💛 and our food and a lot of our cardamom buns😂 Keep on shining! All our love as usual, Z&M&lille fam

1,004 47

We’re online!!! 🍋 In light of the new regulations and of this ever changing situation, we have decided to open an online grocery store. You can now order your favourite baked goods, bread, lunch and other staples from the comfort of your own home!Including products from the farms we work with and a veggie box filled with beautiful local produce from Birkemosegaard. Everything is organic and local. Let’s make our local systems more resilient but supporting each other 💛 We will be delivering to Refshaleøen, Christianshavn, Islands Brygge, City center and Nørrebro. But do be patient with us, we are trying something completely new so errors are bound to be made! We are rolling in beta phase. Delivery is now on donation! We have enlisted the help of friends and neighbours who are freelancers, industry friends, our own weekend part-timers who are currently without their normal income. All the money we raise will go towards helping them. (If you would like to join the bike gang drop us a message). To be honest we are not completely sure it will work, but we are willing to try! It was harder day for us today as stricter measures also mean less guests. We have hope we will all find some normality within this crazy setting soon. Thank you all for the support, it means the world to us! Stay safe out there and remember.. Spread the love(not the virus). All our love, Z&M&lille family AND a massive thank you to a forever lillian @johanne8000aa for the cutest drawings and @hirdmar for his photoshop skills and patience in helping us set this up ✨ and to @idunnaagre for the most beautiful picture ever taken at lille 💕

1,458 27

We’re staying open! 🍋 Dear friends, we will continue to stay open as a take-away bakery as we have on the weekend. So pre-order by phone or email, pick up at the bakery or get it delivered if you live in Refshaleoen or Christianshavn (for now). The decision to remain open is one that we don’t take lightly as we are fully aware of the responsibility that entails. However we have decided that providing everyone with healthy bread and food is important right now. We have also decided that keeping lille alive and doing what we do best is important right now and probably the best service we can provide our community. Keeping our team employed, providing income for the farms we work with, and being there for each other is how we will make it through this. We are taking more and more precautions regarding hygiene, the health of our staff and guests. We have spread out shifts so there’s is never more than 10 people inside the bakery. And now we ask you not only to respect the distance in the queue but also if you do see 10 people in front of the bakery, please go for a walk around the corner. Refshaleøen is beautiful and there is plenty of fresh air. We are working on a little something something to make this whole process easier for those at home! Thank you for all the support and we will be back reporting from the bakery tomorrow! 💛🧽🔫💦

980 25

Due to current circumstances regarding the virus that shall not be named, we have taken extra precautions and although we will remain open the next couple of days, we are encouraging everyone to take their food and drinks to go. From tomorrow you will be able to order food by phone or email to pick up! On Saturday and Sunday we will transform into a take-out only bakery and we will be offering the possibility to reserve food and bread as well as to get free delivery 🚲 of baked goods & food & breakfast basics to our regulars around Refshaleøen and Christianshavn. See stories for more info! This of course might change depending on government rules, or if we feel we are putting our team and guests at too much risk. We will keep everyone updated as we know more, but all of us are in good spirit and really wanting to make sure everyone has good bread and nourishing food to heal! That's it for now, stay safe, stay healthy, stay golden. all our love and cosmic vibes, 🍋 (On the picture some of the goodies you can pick up from the bakery)

967 14

Important Message! (Updated) Due to the current circumstances our Friday bar has been put on hold until further notice. Lille will be open during normal hours for the next couple of days, but going into full take-away mode from tomorrow until Sunday. For Saturday and Sunday we are working on a delivery service for all you self quarantined angels - more info to follow. Stay safe, stay healthy and Stay tuned for updates. All our love and a 🍋 for good health. (photo by @maureenme )

1,494 20

February has come and gone and here we are, already open for a month after our winter break! And what a welcome 💛 thank you for coming by rain or shine.. We thought that a good way to celebrate would be to bring back our Lille bar!! Next Friday we will be open from 18:00 with food and drinks and plenty of good vibes. Join us as we celebrate.. Spring? Thank you for the pick @fraeulein_anker 🌞

1,032 10

Happy New Year everyone, we wish everyone lots of magic and love (and bread) in 2020!! Thank you to all our beautiful guests, our lille team, our friends, our neighbours, families, the incredible farmers, suppliers and fishermen that work with us. Thank you for a great 2019! This wouldn’t be possible without you 💕 We will be back on February the 5th excited to see you all again!


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