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💖 wifey to @juvol_ 🌺 sharing tips to cultivate a healthy life you love 🌸 body positivity & mental health advocate 💌

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.50%. The average number of likes per post is 198 and the average number of comments is 17.

47.76% of the followers that engaged with lexiefaithdopp regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 4.48% and Uruguay at 2.99%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lexiefaithdopp's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Uruguay, Barbados, Italy.

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  • United States 47.76 %
  • Canada 4.48 %
  • Uruguay 2.99 %
  • Barbados 2.99 %
  • Italy 2.99 %


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You are exactly where you need to be. 🌟✨💫⚡️ This affirmation has been on repeat the last little bit for me. There are so many unnecessary pressures from society, culture or religion that make it seem bad to go against the grain. I am quickly learning that my journey is MINE & it’s perfectly okay to follow my gut!!! Through all the trials life has thrown my way, I continue to see that God is so good. You do you boo & remember that Jesus loves you!! & just incase you missed that last part... JESUS LOVES YOU!! 🌟

247 7

A fun little throwback to past autumn vacations. 🍁🍂 City vibes, small towns, national forests, Disney at Halloween & looots off good food & treats. Normally we would be packing to go on a little fall break trip this weekend but we are choosing to stay home this year. I have loved exploring close to home but do miss traveling so much. 💖✈️ Do you recognize any of these places??

133 25

Let’s get into some #RealTalk 😳 This week has been SO 👏🏼 BUSY 👏🏼 ahhh!!! But in a fun, energizing way. Not in an exhausting, draining way. It’s the first full week that I have felt “on top of things” since probably the middle of August. September was a real blurrrr. I burned my self out, was unmotivated & uninspired. I had to take a step back & do you know what the root of all of this was??? I was over committing myself. Saying yes to too many projects, to too many people & then setting really high goals for myself with out thinking about how much time it would take to get everything done. Like you can’t work a 15 hour day, date your spouse, connect with friends, serve your mom & get 8 hours of sleep. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!! The solution was so basic, but sometimes we over look the simple, basic actions. MY GOOGLE CALENDAR!!! The past week & a half I have put every single thing into my google calendar. When I want to wake up & get ready. All my meetings & shoots for work. What time I’ll eat dinner. Time blocking hours to work on my blog. Blocking out an hour & a half to watch a movie. As the world continues to step into a new “normal” during the pandemic, I want to make sure I stay intentional. I challenge you to plan out your weekend very intentionally & the upcoming week as well. Don’t underestimate that little calendar app on your phone. It’s a game changer, I promise!!

158 23

10 ways to spread SUNSHINE: ☀️ text a friend ☀️ talk to a stranger in line ☀️ send a love note in the mail ☀️ send a thank you card to someone who has served you ☀️ send someone an uplifting post on social media with a little text ☀️ print out photos of you with a family member & send them with a card ☀️ write a thank you note to a childhood mentor who blessed your life ☀️ pay for the person behind you in the drive through line ☀️ check in with someone who shared a vulnerable experience with you to ask them how they are doing. ☀️ bring your favorite treat to share to work, home to your family, or to your next (small & corona safe) public event In a world full of scrolling social media, packed calendar & endless to-do lists, I think sometimes we miss the little moments of human connection that really cheer people up. I challenge you to go out of your way today to spread sunshine!! ☀️Tag someone in this post who makes you feel like sunshine!!☀️

300 15

As much as I love a productive Monday full of positivity, weekends with him really fill my cup💖

197 26

My mission on this little app for the past few years has been to help others cultivate a healthy life they love! I truly believe that you can create your dream life based on your choices. YOU get to choose how you show up for yourself. I believe that every choice you make has power & that’s why I’ve teamed up with @aeropostale & @rockthevote #AeroxRTV to shout it from the rooftops... GET OUT & VOTE!! The last presidential election was my first time voting as I had just turned 18 in 2016. I was so excited to use my voice & my vote for change, equality & opportunity for all. I felt grateful for the women who had fought for my right to vote & felt a responsibility to get educated, form my own opinions & take them to the polls. In 2018 I researched the local issues that were on the ballot & went to the polls with my educated, smart, autistic little brother who was voting for the first time. I’m thankful for his right to vote & that his voice is not suppressed! 2020 is not cancelled!! The election is coming & this country needs everyone’s vote! Your voice MATTERS! Your perspective MATTERS!! Exercise your right to vote this election! 🇺🇸✊🏾🌈💖🧩🚺💒🌟

222 399

🍁GIVEAWAY🍁 It’s officially sweater weather & that means that all the seasonal food we love is coming in hot!! I’ve been looking forward to all the fall items at @traderjoes for quite some time & let me tell you, I stocked up!! Mckaila & I had so much fun shopping for our own items that we decided we wanted to share the love & do a little giveaway!! Swipe➡️ to see the mother load!! Here’s how to enter: 🍁Follow @lexiefaithdopp 🍁Follow @kailaroseesthetics 🍁Like this post & tag your friends! Each tag counts as an entry!! 🍁Share this post on your story for an extra entry!! Tag me & @kailaroseesthetics so we can count your entry!! Good luck!! Winner will be announced on Monday!!

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At the end of last summer I felt the urge to CHOP MY HAIR OFF. My long curly hair went down to my butt & I looooved it but it was so hard to take care of. Because I have course, curly hair, I try to only wash it once a week. Those wash days were loooong. I would be in the bathroom for 2+ hours combing & brushing out my hair & untangling knots. We spent the summer living in Atlanta & after we arrived back to SLC in our new apartment I stared at the shower, knowing I needed to wash my hair & just couldn't even think about untangling all the knots. So right then & there I booked an appointment & by Friday I had cut over 12 inches off my hair. & I LOVED IT!!! A year later & I still love it. If you’ve been debating THE CHOP, I just wrote a blog post all about how to take the plunge!! I like tangible steps that lead me to a decision so I hope it can help someone out!! Here are the products I am using in my short curly hair: 💖 @denimdaisystore coiled hair ties are my go to!! They secure my short hair so well! It’s amazing! I can never go back to normal hair ties! 💖 @bathpack_ silver brush!! This gets through my thick curly tangles so well! I like to brush through my hair before getting in the shower & then again in the shower with a wide tooth comb! 💖 @edenbellebeauty shampoo leaves my hair & scalp feeling both clean & moisturized. I usually wash twice just so I can get all the build up since I only wash my hair once a week. 💖 @teatreehaircare conditioner not only smells amazing but leaves my curls feeling so hydrated. TIP!! I mix a pump of this with my gel to really give my curls some extra bounce & hydration!! Be sure to check out my blog & leave a comment!! Send this post to a friend with curly hair!!


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