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Handmade | Amos 9:13 | Made in U.S.A. Eco-friendly | High quality | Vegan More palettes announced via newsletter! ***U.S. SHIPPING ONLY***
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 339 and the average number of comments is 11.

42.11% of the followers that engaged with lettersparrow regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 6.32% and Canada at 4.21%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lettersparrow's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia.

Lettersparrow loves posting about Design, Art.

Check lettersparrow's audience demography. This analytics report shows lettersparrow's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 42.11 %
  • United Kingdom 6.32 %
  • Canada 4.21 %
  • Germany 4.21 %
  • Australia 4.21 %


274 7

Is anyone ready for new colors? Tomorrow I am releasing my updated Letter Sparrow 28 palette! . I’ve added several brand new colors that you’ll fall in love with 😍! . Get a sneak peek on what’s new in the palette by subscribing to my newsletter that goes out tonight. . Subscribe by clicking link in profile.

256 20

Dot cards are a great way to sample Letter Sparrow paints. Just add a drop of water to each dot & start painting! . Dot cards are also good for travel as they don’t take up tons of space. Earth collection dot cards are in my shop now along with the primaries and promise dot cards. Grab a few today in the “dot cards” section of my shop! (Link is in my profile) . Drop an emoji in the comments if you are a dot card fan.

396 14

The Earth Collection is available now! (Link in profile) There are individual pans as well as pocket palettes & mini pocket palettes. . Dot cards & color chart will be added in a few days. . Happy Saturday! Make time to paint today! ☀️💐🌻✨

716 11

The Earth Collection is back in shop tomorrow! I will have palettes (pocket & mini pocket) plus individual colors & color charts. . This classic collection of earth & ochre pigments is great for artists who love more neutral & natural colors. . Dot cards will be added next week. . Swipe for pics of The Earth Collection products.

146 3

Happy Saturday! Make time to create or get outside today. ☀️Palettes are available now! Shop link is in my profile. . . . . . . . #watercolorlove #watercolorpalette #watercolorpaints #watercolorminiature #watercolorswatches #watercolorswatch #watercolorpractice #watercolordaily #dailywatercolor #watercolorsbylettersparrow #handmadewatercolors #handmadepaint #watercolormixing #colormixing #watercolorrainbow #watercolorbasics

272 5

Do you need a little watercolor rainbow to brighten up your artwork & give it some life? Looking for a palette with all the colors so there’s no need to mix necessarily? . I’ve got the perfect palette just for you. Available in my shop tomorrow (July 18th). It’s called The Promise! . This palette is comprised of ROYGBV colors... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue). Swipe to see the different size options available. 👍🏼(and the color chart)

298 17

Do you enjoy mixing your own colors to create endless possibilities? Or do you just like a classic set of colors to work with? . I’m excited to have “The Primaries” available again this Saturday. This palette includes a warm & a cool of the 3 primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue). . Swipe to see the 3 different size palettes offered... & the color chart! . See ya Saturday! (July 18th 10am MST) . . . . . . . #watercolorsbylettersparrow #primaries #watercolormixing #watercolorchart #watercolorpaints #handmadewatercolors #handmadepaint #watercolorpalette #watercolorminiature #minipalette #miniwatercolors #minipaints #watercolorlove #watercolordaily #watercolorlettering

518 41

It was so fun making a color chart for my new collaboration palette called “New Growth”. I discovered that it creates so many unexpected neutrals as well as brights! (See the 2nd pic for the full chart.) . This is my collaboration palette with Brie @documented.journey. Brie chose the colors as well as the name, “New Growth”. It will be available on my website this Saturday the 27th. (Link is in my profile.) . If you are a subscriber check your email now! You get special access & lots more info about Brie & all she has to offer. . ALSO.... go to my stories to watch Brie’s video about this palette. The video is very well done! . . . . . . . #watercolorlove #watercolorpaints #watercolorpalette #watercolorset #watercolortravel #travelwatercolor #watercolorswatches #watercolorchart #watercolorstudy #watercolorswatch #miniwatercolor #worldwatercolorgroup #waterbrush #watercolorsbylettersparrow #watercolorpractice #watercolordaily #dailywatercolor #watercolormixing #watercolormixingchart

191 5

Hey! 💗 Did you get a chance to watch Brie’s IGTV about our collaboration palette called New Growth? (@documented.journey) 💥It’s excellent!💥 . Brie just recently launched her summer collection which includes vegan eco friendly cork journal covers. (Like the one pictured) . She also sells stickers of her gorgeous artwork! 😍 Tap the link in her profile & see all the goodness she has to offer. . . . . . . . #artistcollaboration #watercolorartwork #watercolorsketching #naturejournaling #naturesketch #watercolorpalette #watercolordaily #dailywatercolor #artistcollab #watercolorpaint #watercolorpaints #waterbrush #miniwatercolor #watercolorsbylettersparrow #naturejournal #watercolorjournal

408 9

I am glad to see that so many of you love the Fabulous Florals palette as much as I do! They sold out. 🎉 . My next palette is amazing as well! 💯 It will be available on June 27th in collaboration with Brie from @documented.journey! She chose this amazing color palette (pictured) & named it “New Growth”. 🌱🌷🌼 . Brie does gorgeous illustration & nature work. Her stickers are the best! . Tap the link in her profile to see all the amazing things she does. Seriously, so many goodies there! . 📸photo & artwork by: @documented.journey . . . . . . . . #floralillustration #illustratedflowers #watercolorflower #watercolorflorals #watercolorpalette #watercolorlove #watercolorart #watercolorartwork #watercolorminiature #miniwatercolor #minipalettes #travelwatercolor #watercolortravel #naturewatercolor #watercolornature #pleinairwatercolor #watercolorpleinair #waterblog #worldwatercolorgroup #waterbrush #watercolorsbylettersparrow #createdaily #watercolordaily

417 3

The Fabulous Florals palette is available now! (Shop link is in my profile.) This palette was created in collaboration with the ultra talented @melissapher. She chose this brilliant color combination. . Melissa is currently offering a $10 hand lettering mini-foundations class in her shop @calligraphyorg (link in that profile) . Melissa is also offering 15% off anything in her shop @calligraphyorg (link in that profile) using code: LETTERSPARROW . . . . . . . #watercolor #watercolorlove #watercolorpalette #watercolorpaint #watercolorpaints #watercolors #waterbrush #watercolordaily #travelwatercolor #watercolortravel #artistcollaboration #artistcollab #watercolorsbylettersparrow #limitedpalette #watercolorchallenge #watercoloreveryday #createdaily #createeveryday #christiancreative #creativechristian

351 9

I love the glorious magic @melissapher creates. Even more fun to see what she does with my paints. Always a masterpiece! . This Fabulous Florals palette is an updated version of our collaboration a couple years back. She chose these colors and it’s been a favorite ever since. . The Palette is available this Saturday, June 13th! (Link is in my profile.)


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