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➳ Belgian #travelblogger 🇧🇪 Exploring the world with @hetisdemerckx 🌍 📍 The Caribbean 🌴👋🏼 🖋 Travel Blog • hetisdemerckx.be 📧

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63.5% of lesleystraveldiary's followers are female and 36.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1080 and the average number of comments is 48.

Lesleystraveldiary loves posting about Travel, Photography.

Check lesleystraveldiary's audience demography. This analytics report shows lesleystraveldiary's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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63.5 %
36.5 %


  • How-to & Style 90.81 %
  • Travel & Tourism 89.08 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 85.01 %
  • Photography 72.62 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.69 %
  • Technology & Science 35.48 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.90 %
  • Art & Design 33.66 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.53 %
  • Sports 31.87 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 30.19 %
  • Entertainment 29.62 %
  • Business & Careers 29.37 %
  • Luxury Goods 29.25 %


730 32

NOBODY CAN STOP US FROM TRAVELLING 🤩🧳💨⁣ ➳ Who is ready for A LOT OF CRAZY TRAVEL VLOGS?🔥🎥 We finally found a way to make it possible to upload a new vlog each Sunday (Thanks @gillesbodson , he is the best!👊🏼) We hope you are as excited as we are 🤩 Also, Het is de Merckx got a “facelift”🤭 You can spot it on our new suitcases from @amtourister_eu ❤️ ⁣ ⁣ 👉🏼 Let us know what you think!🌴⛰⁣ ⁣ #MeandMyAT #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove #dominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic🇩🇴 #godominicanrepublic #santodomingo #santodomingocity

1,376 68

I’LL MEET YOU HERE 📍👋🏼 ➳ I found the most beautiful beach EVER!❤️ A real tropical getaway located in the northern part of the island. This beach is called “Playa Fronton” 🌊 It is only accessible by foot🦶(the hike is 2 hours) or by boat 🚤 There is nothing but nature 🌿, what is difficult to find nowadays 🙈 What is your favourite beach?👀 #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove #dominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic🇩🇴 #godominicanrepublic #playafronton #samanadominicanrepublic

998 44

DESIGN A LIFE THAT YOU ARE INSPIRED TO LIVE 🌿🌴👣⁣ ➳ Summer is over but that does not mean you can’t dream away from your next vacation!😌💭 I’am happy to help you! Together with @tuibelgium we give 5 lucky bastards the chance to win a cheque of €500 AAND a tropical vacation for 2 to ROBINSON Khao Lak in Thailand!😍 SAY WHAT?!🤜🏼⁣ ⁣ ‼️How to win this? ⁣ Post your favorite picture of one of your travels with @tuibelgium (don’t forget to tag them!) & use the #skipjewinterdip☀👋🏼 ⁣ Follow @tuibelgium ⁣ 💥 The winner will be announced on 27/09/2019⁣ ⁣ 👉🏼 Who can guess our next destination?🙈 Tip: We are going back to the roots, Asia! ;D 🌏⁣ #skipjewinterdip #throwback #tuibelgium #mytuimoment #prpl

1,225 32

SO MANY SMILES BEGIN WITH YOU ❤️ ➳ Happy to spend some quality time with you 👣 An early morning session, not always relaxing as it looks 🙈 but always happy that we made some beautiful memories together ☀️🌴 #belgianblogger #bananamoon #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove #dominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic🇩🇴 #godominicanrepublic #puntacana #puntacanabeach #womenwhotravel #inspiredtravelcouple #travelwithlove #couplewhotravel #couplesthattravel #couplettavels #coupletravelgoals

1,007 50

THE CLEAREST WAY INTO THE UNIVERSE IS THROUGH A FOREST WILDERNESS 🌱🌿 ➳ The Dominican Republic is so much more than only tropical beaches 🏝 (Even though they are beautiful ☝🏼). We hiked to the famous El Limon waterfall 💦 which was a bit of a struggle for us. We really wanted to see this beauty but most of the tourists go by horse.. Muddy paths, high temperatures and to many tourists for the horses. As we were not fan of this we decided to hike 👣 Glad we did it!🤜🏼 #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove #dominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic🇩🇴 #godominicanrepublic #dontgochasingwaterfalls #cascadalimon #samana

1,952 70

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE STARS AND YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND 💦🔱 ➳ Ola Dominicano!👋🏼 After a week of exploring the beauty of the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 It is time to show you guys my favourite moments of this trip 👊🏼 Are you excited?😁 Of course we start with an epic sunrise 🌅☀️ #Clubmedpuntacana #ClubMed #ClubMedPuntaCana #AmazingYou #ZenOasisPuntaCana #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove #dominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic🇩🇴 #godominicanrepublic #puntacana #puntacanabeach

1,144 58

BY LIFTING EACH OTHER UP, WE LIFT OURSELVES UP ✨❤️ ➳ A sunny weekend at the seaside, that is all I needed 🌊 We went peddle boarding together in Middelkerke🏄🏼‍♀️ and I must say, I laughed my ass off with @hetisdemerckx his skills 😂 Go and watch my stories to see him struggling 🤭 👉🏼 Inside tip ~ If you are looking for a lovely stay, you should check out @hetziltezand_bedenbreakfast 👊🏼 #dekust #hetlekkerewesten #happytrip #belgianblogger #seaside #middelkerke #reisblogger #bananamoon

1,395 61

CAMERA, LIGHTS, ACTION 📸✨⁣ ➳ Paris is one of our favourite cities for photography ❤️ The possibilities are almost endless! The perfect opportunity to test our photography skills with the new Canon EOS RP 😉 ⁣ SWIPE LEFT to see how our shot turned out 🧡⁣ ⁣ P.S.: Happy Mother’s Day for you all!💋⁣ #canonbelgium #canoneosrp #liveforthestory #paris #parisinspo #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #thisisparis #prettylittletrips #france_photolovers #unlimitedfrance #parisfrance #parismonamour #hetisdemerckxinfrance

983 52

TO WATCH US DANCE IS TO HEAR OUR HEARTS SPEAK 🐆🧡 ➳ 3th year we go to @wecandancefest ! Every time we enjoy the vibes and the atmosphere ✨ Thanks for having us @payconiqbybancontact ❤️ #payconiqbybancontact #mobilepayments #ad #wecandance #wecandance2019 #wcd #wcd2019 #belgianblogger #safarinomads #safarioutfit

921 27

WHEREVER YOU GO, GO WITH ALL YOUR HEART ❤️🌎 ➳ What I love about traveling? It inspires me over and over again!💋 Have you spot the details of my lovely bracelet of @theofficialpandora ?✨ It has the initials of my love @hetisdemerckx (who is celebrating his birthday today 🎉) & reflects my passion for travel. A perfect match for me 😎 Who is your favourite person to travel with?🎒 #ad #pandorareflexions #PandoraStyle #canonbelgium #canoneosrp #liveforthestory #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #womenwhotravel #travelwithlove #portraitphotography

788 21

WELCOME TO MY HOUSE OF WONDERS 🌿✨ ➳ Most of the time we prefer to take pictures outside☀️, but sometimes you find the most impressive places inside at the most unexpected moments.😍 This is also our final photo 📸 of our city trip to Berlin 🇩🇪 #mytuimoment #discoveryoursmile #berlin #europeancitytrip #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove

959 47

READY TO DISCOVER BERLIN WITH ME?❤️ ➳ Swipe left to see my favourite places of this crazy city 👀 A luxurious shopping centre 👜 and the magnificent place of Marie-Elisabeth-lüders-Haus 👍🏼 What do you think? Is Berlin a city that triggers you?🇩🇪 #mytuimoment #discoveryoursmile #berlin #europeancitytrip #canoneosrp #liveforthestory #canonbelgium #belgianblogger #reisblogger #femaletravelblogger #travelwithlove


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