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74.2% of leahitsines's followers are female and 25.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.40%. The average number of likes per post is 2712 and the average number of comments is 33.

17.5% of the followers that engaged with leahitsines regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 16.25% and United Kingdom at 10%. In summary, the top 5 countries of leahitsines's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany.

Leahitsines loves posting about Food, Recipes, Health, Cooking, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness.

Check leahitsines's audience demography. This analytics report shows leahitsines's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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74.2 %
25.8 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 71.00 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 68.52 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 55.91 %
  • Art & Design 51.82 %
  • Entertainment 43.54 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 42.40 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 40.70 %
  • Travel & Tourism 39.85 %
  • Children & Family 39.02 %
  • Home & Garden 38.28 %


  • United States 17.5 %
  • Australia 16.25 %
  • United Kingdom 10 %
  • Greece 8.75 %
  • Germany 7.5 %


949 10

This is AMAZING 😭😭😍 I get these DM’s everyday and I just am in awe every single day, I read them over and over and over again to fully grasp that our product, our baby, our little BARE business that we created in a uni library years ago..... is creating healthy and positive change with SO MANY OF YOU. 🥰 Thats what I’m here for - that’s what the team is here for!! We are ALL ABOUT IT. 😭💛 I’m so proud of every single one of you!! I can’t wait to CONTINUE my BARE Lean journey with you guys - I need a kick in the butt and I think some of you are with me hehe! Let’s pick some fab goals starting tomorrow and we can do this!! 💛 HAPPY SATURDAY 💛 www.leahitsines.com #bareguide

2,407 65

WOOO! Back into the swing of studying 😍 I think I have a great knowledge of nutrition - but I want to learn MORE! I’m doing a nutrition course at the moment and I’m loving it. I want to always learn, always do more, always grow my knowledge so that I can take it and pour it onto you 😍 Working with our in house dietitian and asking her a million questions a day just inspired me to do something for myself, my knowledge and for YOU guys too!! 😍 As soon as I finished filming the other day, I went straight into my lecture and did all my homework haha I feel like I’m in high school again - and I LOVE IT! 🌟 Can’t wait to get more into it and share everything with you. Do you guys do any studying or extra learning? What are you studying right now? 👇🏼

8,781 42

I read last night on @chontelduncan post that “your energy introduces you before you do” and I LOVE that! It’s SO TRUE! I have my ups and downs of course, but feeling confident, lean and happy within my own body has made a world of difference to my overall energy 😍 I never set out to be someone who’s absolutely ripped with an 8 pack (although I wouldn’t complain!! Haha) but I just wanted to feel comfortable and confident, whatever that meant for me and that started with healthy change. And you can do that same for YOU! @bareguide Lean is designed to do the heavy lifting for you (for literally in the gym haha) it’s designed to put you in a calorie deficit, but also created in a way that you can concentrate on how you feel, learn, educate others, and really focus on your nutrition. You can become leaner, more confident, more comfortable within yourself and feel a little more proud and supported 💛💪🏼 if you haven’t yet, get into it - you will absolutely love it 😍😍 www.leahitsines.com

1,878 16

YAS! Filming this Mongolian beef recipe from @bareguide lean to show you how’s it’s done and let me tell you..... I’m excited for lunch!!!! Hahaha such an easy, simple meal that is PERFECT for meal prep!! 🌟Tomorrow I’m filming: Mongolian beef, bare lean Hoisin chilli beef, bare lean Meatballs in spanakorizo, bare lean How do I dice an onion How do I dress a salad How do I boil an egg (perfect timings!) Woooooooo 🥰🌟 I love filming days! I used to dread them because I couldn’t speak but now..... I stuff up and then just assume @bydorky will edit it out 🤣 surely you can just change my words!!!?? 🤣 KEEN FOR SOME LEAN CONTENT 🥰 yay yay yay! Happy Thursday friends! Set your alarm for an early morning walk to get your blood moving!! 🥰

11,658 195

My goodness. I just shared this story on my Instagram stories and my DM’s have BLOWN UP! 😭 You guys are too kind to me - it’s just so lovely. I’ve had ups and some really big downs and each and every time I’ve learnt, grown and moved forward (and not with ease!). Nutrition got me through, it really really did. It’s why I love cooking and showing people the way. I LOVE it. I think it’s IMPORTANT to notice and bring awareness to mindset and weight loss (and mindset in general!!). When you’re deep in a spiral of feeling uncomfortable, angry, bitter or whatever it is - it’s HARD to see yourself succeeding. It’s hard to imagine how you’re going to get out of this mindset. And how are you meant to choose sustainable, long term, healthy options when you can’t see that far? It’s REALLY HARD. I hope I’m explaining that right but, I get you. I’m here to tell you it’s possible. It is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to get out of a negative mindset! The biggest thing I needed was direction and support, and not to toot my own horn (or out fab dietitian!) but we designed bare lean to help me when I needed it the most, and know that I can help you if you’re in a similar situation. Work on yourself, be kind and be patient with yourself 💛 Thank you for being kind to me 💛💛

1,753 26

SLEEP 😴 Do you get enough? (Parents..... just skip over this question 🤣). The past couple of nights I’ve REALLY struggled to fall asleep, so I’m going to take my advice and do a few of these!👇🏼 If you struggle to wake up early or go to sleep early, here are some tips that got me into the routine: ✨Turn off screens and social media by 8:30 pm (or an hour before bedtime) ✨Avoid caffeine close to bedtime (pre-workouts at nighttime... no good I’ve learnt my lesson hahaha!) ✨Plan for the morning, e.g. have your gym clothes packed and ready to fly out the door. ✨ Have a workout planned and time when you want to finish your activities. ✨Put your alarm on and place your phone (or alarm clock) on the other side of the room, forcing you to get out of bed to turn the noise down ✨Listen to sleep music to put you into a deep sleep (I like using the app calm!) Getting to sleep earlier and having a restful sleep (rather than one that you wake up every hour or so and is disrupted) has been game changing for me. I feel SO much more rested when I wake up and can really spring out of bed! This WONT happen overnight, but step by step, say by day you’ll find it easier, I promise :) Are you an early riser? 👇🏼💪🏼 www.leahitsines.com #leahitsines #bareguide

4,846 30

HEY 👋🏼 say hello to #teamnourishingcook hahahaha I love it! Mitch and I have worked together for 4 years (almost!) and we’ve had some bigggggg ups and downs (more failures than wins I’ll tell ya that!! Haha) but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. We have a baby team. But I want it to grow so badly. I want more eyes on healthy, delicious & balanced food. I want to spread the message of awareness, kindness, positivity and BALANCE. I really really want that. I want to feel like I’m making a difference in the world, one person at a time (and it’s happening!!!!). In our baby team we have Me (duh!) who does the content but is in a little struggle town limbo right now haha, Mitch who does the boring b-ness growth/thinks seriously hahahaha, Steph who is a marketing wizard, Cass who is a customer service and soon to be community manager legend & Britt who is an incredible dietitian (BARE 2018 OG!). Our team is small, but we’re fierce 💪🏼 We ALL want the best for people. We all want to spread the same message. We’re all dedicated to the cause 😍😍 Makes me happy even thinking about them!! Without the team, @bareguide wouldn’t be where it is today. Without you guys supporting and believing in me and us, @bareguide wouldn’t be where it is today. I wouldn’t be here. You have changed my life more than you know and I’m grateful for YOU. A million times over. Thank you. For hearing me. For hearing the @bareguide message 💛

1,065 26

YEAH IT IS 😝 It’s time it’s time it’s time!!! The BARE 6 Week Challenge is BACK.. Can you tell how excited I am?! I need this, you need this - we all need this together and I can't wait to bring it all the way to christmas (yes....Christmas is so near uh!!) with an absolute bang! 🌟👉🏼WHAT IS IT? The BARE Challenge is here to give you a little spark in your routine, to start something new and to challenge yourself into building new, healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The challenge is to smash your goals in whatever they may be, for 6 weeks 💪🏼💪🏼 The challenge is to eat BARE, progress in your goals and strive towards becoming a better version of you over the 6 week period. 👉🏼 To join in on our BARE Guide 6 Week Challenge, all you have to do is have a fabulous BARE Guide, either BARE Lean, BARE Regular or even BARE Vegetarian.. there is nothing else you need to do other than sit tight....and wait for the fun! 🌟👉🏼WHEN IS IT? Our BARE 6 Week Challenge will start on 🌟Monday the 2nd of November and run until Monday the 14th of December🌟. We’re going to get our steps up, smash our workouts, be focused on our nutrition, build healthy habits and really take care of ourselves. We’re going to LOVE the motivation, the inspiration and the empowerment from the other members and are just going to have SUCH A FAB TIME! You in? 😎 LETSSSSS GOOOOO!!! @bareguide @bareguide @bareguide


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