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73.7% of lawofwandering's followers are female and 26.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.60%. The average number of likes per post is 117 and the average number of comments is 12.

Lawofwandering loves posting about Travel, Adventure, Photography.

Check lawofwandering's audience demography. This analytics report shows lawofwandering's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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73.7 %
26.3 %


  • Travel & Tourism 82.60 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 74.87 %
  • How-to & Style 73.35 %
  • Photography 66.62 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 47.85 %
  • Art & Design 37.09 %
  • Technology & Science 32.74 %
  • Business & Careers 32.26 %
  • Sports 31.73 %
  • Movies and TV 31.04 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.03 %
  • Music 30.59 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 30.01 %


63 7

📍Fire Island Lighthouse

100 10

The Ultimate Girls Trip to Las Vegas. SAVE FOR LATER😜👯‍♀️ 🏨 Stay at MGM Grand. This isn’t the most luxurious but if you’re planning on partying most of the time then this is the perfect location. 🏊‍♂️ Go to Wet Republic pool party. Rent a locker to hold all your belongings. 🎧 Go to Omnia Nightclub located in Caesar’s Palace. Make sure to check out the rooftop bar. It has a great view of the Strip. 🎤 Hakkasan Nightclub is located in MGM grand. 😻 Go see Thunder Down Under. Trust me. Just go. 🎡 Book happy hour on the High Roller, the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Yes it’s bigger than the London Eye. ⛲️ Go watch the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel. They go off every 30 min from 3pm-8pm and every 15 min from 8pm-midnight. 🎢 Ride the Big Apple Rollercoaster at New York New York hotel. 🛶 Go for a gondola ride at the Venetian Resort. Pretend you are in Italy 😍 🚘 If you want to get away from the strip for a day head to Red Rock Canyon or Seven Magic Mountains. The perfect escape. Vegas is going to be my first stop once clubs open up. Where is everyone planning on partying first?!

240 21

SAVE THIS POST if you are planning on going to Charleston, South Carolina 🌸 🍳 Go to Vicious Biscuit for breakfast. Get the fat boy biscuit. 🌳Visit Angel Oak. This tree is believed to be over 500 years old it was literally insane! 🛍 Go to the Historical Charleston City Market. This is a great place to buy souvenirs. 🌈 Walk to Rainbow Row where you’ll find colorful houses. Great spot for pictures. 🍍 Take a short walk to Waterfront Park where you’ll see the iconic Pineapple fountain. ☀️ Then take a stroll to Battery Park where you can learn more about the history of Charleston. 🏘 Book a tour at Magnolia Plantation. 🏖 Visit Folly Beach which is a cute beach town with a lot of rooftop restaurants. Enjoy your trip to Charleston!

124 24

Planning a summer road trip? SAVE THIS POST for the ultimate Utah road trip 🚗☀️ 🚗First stop is Zion National Park. Here you’ll find Angels Landing, The Narrows, Emerald Pools, Canyon Overlook & SO much more. 🚗Second stop is Bryce Canyon National Park. Here you’ll see the amazing hoodoos. Hike the Navajo Loop, Queens Garden Trail and watch sunrise at Inspiration Point. 🚗Third stop is Capitol Reef National Park. This park is often overlooked but it was one of my favorites. Frying Pan trail, Cassidy Arch, Hickman Bridge. Make sure to see the Petroglyphs before you leave. 🚗Fourth stop is Monument Valley. Make sure to take an iconic picture at Forrest Gump Hill. 🚗Fifth stop is Arches National Park. Arches you can’t miss include Corona Arch, Delicate Arch, North & South Window Arch, Turret Arch, Sand Dune Arch, Broken Arch. 🚗Sixth stop is Canyonlands National Park. Watch out for cows in the road. Walk the Neck Spring Trail and watch sunrise at Mesa Arch. CONGRATS, you’ve now completed Utah’s Might 5. Check that off your bucket list. For a ton more detail check out my “25 Day Southwest Road Trip” on my website. The first 9 days is all Utah!

121 6

SAVE THIS POST if you are planning on going to Savannah, Georgia 🥰 🚌 Get on the hop-on hop-off trolley tour. You’ll be able to explore this historic town at your own pace. This tour has 15 stops and is narrated the whole time. 🥞 A great place for breakfast/lunch is Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. This place has been family owned since 1943. 🌳Chippewa Square is known for the iconic bench scene in Forest Gump. The original bench is now in a museum but if you’re a fan of this movie definitely go check it out. ⛲️The fountain at Forsyth Park is probably the most instagrammable spot in Savannah. 🍦Go get ice cream at Leopolds. 🌊 Walk down to River Street where you’ll find famous restaurants and the cutest candy shops. Check out Tubby’s Seafood if you’re hungry. ⛪️ Make sure to visit Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It is stunning. 👻 Savannah is America’s most haunted city. You’ll for sure find yourself walking through a cemetery at some point. If you’re into being spooked, definitely book a ghost tour. 🚗 Take a drive to Wormsloe Historic Sight (as seen in the picture above). There is a museum inside where you can learn about the beginnings of Georgia. Grab a map and get hiking where you can learn more about the history. Enjoy!

85 4

This book inspired my trip to Sunset Beach in North Carolina. The perfect book about travels and romance. ❤️ “One of the great things about a leaf,” he said to her, “is that it reminds you to live as well as you can for as long as you can, until it’s finally time to let go and allow yourself to drift away with grace.”

150 8

Dear Kindred Spirit 📝 A few months ago I read the book ‘Every Breathe’ by Nicolas Sparks, which is based around this mailbox called Kindred Spirit. This lonely mailbox is located on Sunset beach in North Carolina. For nearly 40 years people have been coming here to write about their hopes, dreams, fears and prayers. Inside you’ll find notebooks and pens so visitors can write down their thoughts. Truly a special place. ❤️

93 9

The Ultimate Guide: staying safe while solo traveling🌛 full post up on my blog! If you’re about ready to take the leap and travel solo then SAVE THIS POST! 1. DO YOUR RESEARCH💻. Do research on where you are going, what you would like to see, safe areas to stay in, how much money you will need and how you plan on getting around. 2) TRUST YOUR GUT🍀. I really can’t stress this enough. If your gut is telling you something is off, it probably is. 3) AVOID UNWANTED ATTENTION🥸. Be discrete with accessories. Leave your designer at home. Be careful when taking out expensive camera gear. 4) ACT CONFIDENT💪🏼. Display outward confidence even if you’re feeling nervous. Walk with your head held high, don’t bury your face in your phone and smile. 5) FIND YOUR VOICE🗣. At 17 years old I found myself in a very sketchy situation with a Taxi driver. Nothing happened but I truly believe it was because I didn’t sit there quiet. I didn’t try to be polite. If you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to speak up! I share a lot of personal stories on my blog and how each one of these tips has saved my ass while traveling. Go check it out 😊

177 71

CONTEST CLOSED😎 I HIT 20K FOLLOWERS ON TikTok!!! That calls for a GIVEAWAY🎉 So many of you reached out through DMs or comments letting me know I’ve inspired you or helped you book a trip through my content. You have no idea how much it means to me❤️🥲Your messages have inspired ME to keep creating content and exploring the world. ‼️‼️As a thank you I am giving away one America the Beautiful Annual Pass‼️‼️ Get ready to plan an epic adventure! This pass has a face value of $80, but is worth so much more than that, the memories you will make are priceless. The America the Beautiful Annual Pass is your ticket to over 2,000 federal recreation sites and covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees (day use fees) at national forests. A pass covers entrance fees and day use fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle fee areas. To enter: 1) Must be following @lawofwandering on Instagram and TikTok. 2) Tag a friend you would bring with you on this epic adventure. 3) Like this post! The winner will be announced on my story and will be contacted via DM! Must be a US resident to win. *This is no way sponsored by Instagram or TikTok. By entering, you confirm you are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. You must be a US resident to win.*

96 3

Looking for the perfect 3-day weekend getaway? SAVE THIS POST!💃🏝✨ ✈️Fly into Fort Myers Airport and take a 50 minute Uber to Marriott Sanibel Harbor Resort and Spa. 🍹Get a drink by the pool or head over to the docks where you can rent jetskis, kayaks or boats. 🏝Walk 10 minutes to Bimini Bait shack where the bar is an actual fish tank. They also have swings at the bar. ⛱Spend a day riding bikes around Sanibel. Billy Bike Rental $12 for two hours. 🍔Eat at Island Cow for lunch. Make reservations at Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grille for dinner. ENJOY! 😊

128 24

I now have a deep emotional connection to this book. This is the perfect book for solo female travelers & Kristin Newman is a legend!! “When you travel, you're forced to have new thoughts. "Is this alley safe?" "Is this the right bus?" "Was this meat ever a house pet?" It doesn't even matter what the new thoughts are, it feels so good to just have some variety. And it's a reboot for your brain. I can feel the neurons making new connections again with new problems to solve, clawing their way back to their nimbler, younger days.” -Kristin Newman

90 4

📍Sanibel Island in Florida was so cute. I love visiting new places 🤩


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