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Creative Spirit {Fashion}{Art} {Life} ✈ Birthed this beauty... @sungodsofficial
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.90%. The average number of likes per post is 77 and the average number of comments is 11.

55.93% of the followers that engaged with lashawn_daily regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 6.78% and United Kingdom at 6.78%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lashawn_daily's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Ghana.

Lashawn_daily loves posting about Fashion, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty, Design.

Check lashawn_daily's audience demography. This analytics report shows lashawn_daily's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 55.93 %
  • Canada 6.78 %
  • United Kingdom 6.78 %
  • Brazil 3.39 %
  • Ghana 3.39 %


120 18

Shipping another Sun Gods Aba dress off to a contest winner from @brightestyoungthings giveaway last month. Still in love with this sage color. What do you guys think? Something to rock for the holidays?! 💋 #goddess #tribe

47 0

A...complete... VIBE! Sun Gods “Return to Accra” dusters have officially dropped today and I’m loving the response. That’s right... Keep Us Busssssssy! Head over to @sungodsofficial to view more in our stories because per usual... I’m OBSESSED! Currently wearing The Yaaba {“Harvest Moon Duster”}. 💋 #dusters #bohemianafrochic #afrohemian #fashiondesigner #style #accraghana

60 9

All that you worked on and manifested will soon come into fruition if your heart is pure, intentions are clear, work ethic is in tact and if God sees fit to give you the green light. Today was magical. I feel lifted. I hope you all caught the wave earlier during @sungodsofficial first “Goddess Talk” session with @thegirlfriendmanifesto. It was a complete vibe. Happy Full Moon beauties... I’m all charged up. 💋#777 #lucky7 #numerology #divinetiming #fullmoon #crystals #manifest #goals

65 9

{Daily Mantra}... “You are a Godddess and a King. Both energies lie within you to create the perfect balance. Now go and be the dopest version of yourself... however you see fit.” -LK #goddesstalk #sungodsofficial #womensupportingwomen #fashiondesigner #speaker #fashionpreneur #outfit #afrohemian

99 14

I have to start showing you guys the beautiful Goddesses that rock with Sun Gods heavy! I’m loving all of the photos and videos you beauties are doing. You all look drop dead GAWGeous!! Know my signature shoulder shimmy is done every time I see a new post or highlight tagging @sungodsofficial. 💋 {NEW SERIES}!! Speaking of Sun Gods community... This Thursday Oct., 1st at 12PM {EST} SG is kicking off our NEW “Goddess Talk“ series where I highlight/interview women founders, business owners and other inspirational women across the diaspora! Head over to Sun Gods stories to view more details. To satisfy our sassiness quota for the night SWIPE all the way to the end for my baby love Kat is giving you all the Feva... Ha! I love it! 🍃 #SG4L #sungods4Life #fashionpreneur #dontlookthemintheireyes #theywillhypnotizeyou . . All accessories, face masks and apparel by Sun Gods. . . . . . #facemask #masks #headwraps #dresses #jumpsuits #matchingsets #skirts #croptop #goddess #life #melaninmagic #brownskingirl #avibe #bohemian #afrohemian #bohochic #style #outfit #ootd

81 13

Good morning beautiful people! One of my favorite sayings in the whole world is that each day you have the opportunity to create a new beginning for yourself. Didn’t like how yesterday went? Meditate in gratitude, create a plan, go to sleep and make the next day a new! You’re the creator of this journey called life. Envision how you see your path and then make it so. I’m envisioning getting at least 2 dresses and 17 face masks done while figuring out new marketing funnels for @sungodsofficial. Ok Monday... Show me what you got!! 💋 #happy #monday #inspo #croptopsRlife #iswearimlike7peopleatAllTimes #prayforme #fashionpreneur

54 12

These are the moments when I fantasize more about leaving this country but the way my ancestors are set up I don’t know if that ever could really happen for we would give up so many years of advancement in what Black people have done for this country. Maybe dual citizenship is the answer? I’ve been looking at Mauritius and Seychelles as potential places to try for a year or so. They both have the best healthcare and education systems as well as agriculture there. Can you tell I’ve been researching... lol Does anyone else think about things like this? Just packing up and starting a new life in a whole other country? Where would you move to? {Better Vibez} Zoned out to @sango_ all day today for his new album dropped and it’s been lifting my spirits while I sew. If you need your vibrations raised... get into it. I definitely recommend. #stillfighting #breonnataylor #blackmilitia #weneedmoreofyou #love #blackpeople #blackwomen #blackmen #protectblackwomen #blm #blacklivesmatter #endsystemicracism


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