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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 114 and the average number of comments is 8.

42.86% of the followers that engaged with larkandpeony regularly are from United States, followed by Singapore at 28.57% and Brazil at 4.76%. In summary, the top 5 countries of larkandpeony's posts engager are coming from United States, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom.

Larkandpeony loves posting about Cooking, Food & Drink, Animals & Pets.

Check larkandpeony's audience demography. This analytics report shows larkandpeony's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 42.86 %
  • Singapore 28.57 %
  • Brazil 4.76 %
  • Australia 4.76 %
  • United Kingdom 4.76 %


127 13

Working from home? We’ve got a few haoris that wanna keep you company! We were keeping these babies for another time but we’ve been feeling a little down lately and these colours are making us feel much better! Should we launch these tonight as well?

136 4

We made only 2 of these #moderncheongsam and I was sewing the burgundy faceted buttons on while the office pup kept by bugging me to play 😅😅 Please don’t be upset but the two pieces can only be purchased on our website when we launch it tomorrow. No reservations please. It’s longer than our usual Yokihi and we won’t be able to take any more orders for this because we found a mere 5.5m for this Japanese cotton linen. More pieces going live tomorrow. Some ready to wear and some for pre-order only. 6pm SGT tomorrow! #madeinsingapore

143 5

Trying our best to get your pieces out to you ASAP because we could all use a little cheering up. This small batch just left and there’s more that’ll be ready tomorrow! Also yes! I will get around to launching those pieces we promised, the one with the dark emerald collar is gorgeous! Being able to work from home is a blessing because we have a home with enough space to accommodate all our goods and fabric. Stay safe lovely people, we’re sending strong immunity vibes to you all and your families. Let’s kick this virus’ butt together! Xx Junie

76 1

Hey guys, we’re not going to repeat what you already know about this boat we’re all in 😅 We’re simply updating you on the following: 1. Our physical store has been closed since last week, we had to cancel some appointments because we were getting worried about the rise in local transmission and we wanted to avoid you having to travel to see us. 2. We are still up and running online! New pieces are being prepped to be sold next week and we want to continue selling and supporting our seamstresses who can work from home making your lovely pieces one at a time. 3. We love that so many of you are staying in to keep all of us safe as a nation. This week, one of our team members left the company and our team also started working from home this week and soon after we decided to wfh, the new regulations kicked in. We are able to ship your items but you might experience some delays as we can only send it once or maybe twice a week when we receive your orders from our seamstresses. Mock-ups might be delayed as well because our fabric is located in 3 places and we have to run around a bit to gather them. 4. If you need anything, reach out to us at 📬 we are here for you, even if you just wanna say hi! We’ll send you a cute picture of our office pup just to cheer you up. If you’re really really bored out of your mind, you can follow me @hellojujubee for ideas on what to cook (warning: high calorie content) or what mischief Finley the office pupper is up to. Sending you all the love, light and healthy vibes we can muster! Xx Junie

73 0

One of our long time customers had this piece custom made, we had very little of this fabric left so our savvy customisation guru had to get creative! We are loving this combo so much and it truly is a one of a kind top. Thank you guys for being so creative and allowing us to make the coolest pieces together with you! 💙🧡💚💛

204 12

The Yokihi was one of the first designs we ever did back in the day. After numerous iterations, we still found that keeping it simple was still the best, we had box pleats with hidden gems inside, waist bands, piping and all that jazz but returning to the basic design just made sense. Resetting and rebooting to what feels comfortable and right. This lovely number launches online tomorrow at noon, along with our appointment slots for next week. Our tailor says she can make maybe 6-8 of the Yokihi in Aquarius, I hope you manage to get one because it looked so good on me today, I’ve sneakily kept one for myself #cheongsamaddict Happy almost weekend ladies! Xx Junie

65 13

To say it’s been a wild last few weeks is an understatement. The fluid situation is causing a lot of stress and no one has been spared. We’ve had our travel plans to Japan to get new fabric disrupted but we’re still making the most of it. Our trusty local seamstress are still busy creating the loveliest of pieces for us and honestly we have a humongous stash of fabric that we’ve been stockpiling since we began in 2012! 😅😅😅 #hoardingwins We’re thinking of having a custom fabrication pop-up at our atelier from 23 March - 31 March, by appointment only, we’ll be serving one customer per slot. Let us know if you’ll come if we organize something! We’ve already gotten a new air purifier, rustled up some hand sanitisers and made sure that we’re all in the pink of health so that we’re ready to serve you. Again, we’re only taking ONE appointment per hour and not accepting walk-ins so that we know who’s going in and out of our store. This is for our safety and yours. Let us know in the comments below! For those who prefer to stay home, stay tuned, we’re getting creative too so you don’t get left out! Sending all of you strong immunity vibes and big ‘no touch’ hugs, we’ll get through this and at the other ends, we’ll be stronger and closer to the ones that matter. 🧡 Junie xx

304 15

We’ve been quietly working on new prints and finally we got this strike off delivered yesterday 💙🤍 now we’re dreaming of #porcelain inspired prints for our next batch of Haori! What else would you like to see these prints in?

128 8

What a lovely row of colours 🌈 Our second batch of Kebaya Tops coming your way! Launching ONLINE tomorrow, Thursday 13 Feb at 12noon.

27 1

LUNAR NEW YEAR HOURS: 22 JAN - WED - 12 ~ 8PM 23 JAN - THU - 12 ~ 8PM 24 JAN - 30 JAN - CLOSED 31 JAN - OPEN (Operations Only, shop will be closed until we have new arrivals from our tailor) Thank you for sharing the journey of the Year of the Pig with us. We are so immensely thankful for beautiful and kind souls we’ve met since we began our journey in 2012. 🥂🌸

104 13

🌸So if you haven't heard, we're still producing little bits and bobs right up to the last minute. New achingly cute kebaya tops in Japanese cotton, only 3 pieces in this print. We're also gonna have a Last Call pop up at the store which was emptied out for our online launch 😅 LAST CALL SALE: 22-23 Jan, 12-8pm, we'll have a whole bunch of new pieces (not on sale), samples, seconds and odd sizes (on sale y’all!) so come by and grab some last minute deals and uncover some hidden treasures from past collections. Bring a friend and buy together for more discounts!


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