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I help women get fit 💪 New group starting soon! Ready to finally make a change & get results? 👇👇👇
Las Vegas
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43.6% of laisdeleon's followers are female and 56.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 8786 and the average number of comments is 89.

26.47% of the followers that engaged with laisdeleon regularly are from United States, followed by Brazil at 8.82% and Netherlands at 8.82%. In summary, the top 5 countries of laisdeleon's posts engager are coming from United States, Brazil, Netherlands, India, Canada.

Laisdeleon loves posting about Fitness, Training, Coaching, Health & Fitness, Humor, Celebrities.

Check laisdeleon's audience demography. This analytics report shows laisdeleon's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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43.6 %
56.4 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 72.99 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 51.38 %
  • Books and Literature 42.14 %
  • Entertainment 40.73 %
  • Business & Careers 40.18 %
  • Music 37.95 %
  • Sports 37.91 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.02 %
  • Movies and TV 34.97 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.51 %
  • Children & Family 33.10 %


  • United States 26.47 %
  • Brazil 8.82 %
  • Netherlands 8.82 %
  • India 5.88 %
  • Canada 5.88 %


16,643 123

I truly believe that it all start with how you feel about yourself. 💫 This is why it’s so important to make time for personal development, your health, & fitness. When we feel good about ourselves we show up as our best selves in all areas of life. When we practice self-care, love, and respect for ourself - we model how we are to be treated by others. . THIS is why I’m so passionate about helping women look, feel, & be their best! It improves EVERY aspect of their lives. 🙌 . I’m putting together the most motivated & supportive group of women who are 100% ready to take control of their lives and make a real long-lasting change. A change to stop putting themselves last. To stop the yo-yo diet & binge cycle. To stop starting and quitting. To stop giving up on your goals. . I’ll be guiding the group through my method for burning stubborn fat, building lean muscle, and eliminating the intense cravings that often derail your progress. . 📣Ladies, if you’re ready: 📩DM me or 📲tap the link in my profile to join us!

11,894 77

Fall always feels like a new beginning for me. Maybe it’s conditioning from being in school... I have this renewed motivation to get sh!t done and improve in all areas! Who’s with me on this? 🙌 . I’m forming this group of women to work closely with this fall and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to teach them EVERYTHING I know about getting in the best shape and actually maintaining it without silly “diets” and crazy workouts! I have so much planned for us. 😏 I still have some spots left - but we start soon. Ladies, If you want to get fit with me, shoot me a DM or check my profile info. 🍂💪🔥

7,653 55

Do you feel like it’s harder to focus on your health & physique in the Fall? Not gonna lie, as the days get shorter & and weather gets colder I notice it’s harder for me to make my fitness a priority. I know I can’t be the only one! That’s when having a plan and accountability becomes very important. . I’m looking for a group of ladies who want to finally burn fat & build lean muscle, eliminate cravings, and follow a routine they can actually stick to get results! With my guidance and support of course. . I choosing women who have struggled to stick to diets or programs in the past and 100% ready to make a change in their health & physique. ⌛️🍑💪 No complicated tracking or calorie counting, no cooking 6 meals a day or restrictive diets, and no gym required.🙌 . We start soon! Message me if you’re ready! 😏

14,733 343

🎉 Life just keeps getting better each year

2,968 26

How to get GREAT workouts at home 💪 2020 threw us all off in many ways... Prior to this year I mostly worked out at the gym. I had to learn to love home workouts by: ✅Block out a time for workouts ✅Follow a Progressive Program ✅Invest in minimal equipment ✅Get creative w/ what you have ✅Play favorite tunes 🎶 ✅Do workouts you enjoy ✅Stay accountable . If you want to do the same, I want to invite you to try my home program & all my app has to offer! . Take 40% off the annual subscription with promo code: FALLFIT at the link in my bio. . Let’s workout together in the comfort of our own homes! 💪🤗💗

9,953 95

💃🌶 Happy Labor Day Weekend Amigos! (check my story for some goodies)

4,298 60

PREVIEW of the New & Improved Home Program launching in my app. 💗💪 Tons of new exercises, more workout variety, demo videos w/ detailed voice over form queues & instructions. . Take advantage of the Labor Day 40% off Sale and be one of the first to try it! Promo Code: FALLFIT LNKNBIO . Try this kettlebell workout from my app!🔥 [40 secs work - 20 secs rest] KB Single Leg Lunge to RDL x2 KB Leg Lift to Sit Up & Press KB RDL to Goblet Squat Split Stance KB Rows x2 KB Swings x3-4 rounds

8,970 61

Eyyy ya girl still got some gunz 💪 even though I haven’t been training as consistently or as heavy as I used to pre shut-down. I’ve just been doing my 📱 app home workouts whenever I can fit them in. I’m back home after some business travels and ready to get focused on my fitness again. Who’s with me?! . I’m announcing a BIG app sale on my story now!


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