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up in the gym just working on my fitness main account: @kristeevetter business: @bash!
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90.7% of kristeevetterfit's followers are female and 9.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 17.80%. The average number of likes per post is 2013 and the average number of comments is 23.

Kristeevetterfit loves posting about Fitness, Coaching, Training.

Check kristeevetterfit's audience demography. This analytics report shows kristeevetterfit's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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90.7 %
9.3 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 57.62 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 49.87 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 45.44 %
  • Travel & Tourism 45.44 %
  • Children & Family 40.88 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 39.71 %
  • Art & Design 36.82 %
  • Business & Careers 35.82 %
  • Technology & Science 34.27 %
  • Pets 32.93 %
  • How-to & Style 32.89 %
  • Photography 32.66 %
  • Books and Literature 32.29 %


1,190 21

BACK ATTACK from training with @ohhhjojo tonight 🥳 🔥Landmine rows (3x12) 🔥Seated Cable rows (3x12) 🔥Lat pull down (3x15: superset with...) 🔥v-bar bent over row (3x15 supersetted w/ lat pull down) 🔥stability ball rear delt row (unclear if this is right but we just did one set #difficult 😂) 🔥Single arm dumbbell row (3x12) 🔥Rear delt flyes (3x10 supersetted w/ dumbbell row) WOOO this killed me but there are worse ways to die I guess (Also I cringed at my form in some of these lmao you live and you learn)

1,286 25

When is the last time I posted workout footage on here?! 1983? Here’s a rapid fire upper body day I did the other day! Great for when you only have 30 mins but wanna get a quick back + shoulders sweat sesh in. 🔥Cable face pulls (3x15) 🔥Cable push downs? (3x15) 🔥Small plate flyes (3 quick rounds to failure as shoulder warmup) 🔥Barbell upright rows (4x12) (sry this angle sux I expected more from the mirror lmao) 🔥Cable crunches: ab finisher! (3x20) One of my post-internship goals is to get more workouts filmed for insta so comment certain workouts you’d like to see! Remember I’m not a PT these are just some of my fave exercises for these muscles 😇

3,032 46

One month apart! Here’s the side by side I posted on my story last week and I got tons of questions about what I’ve been doing so I uploaded a fitness update answering them and talking about my cut on my channel WOOO YAY LEAVE ME A COMMENT 🥳

1,433 14

Tag your favorite workout buddies 🥳🥊💫 #justBASH @bash

2,959 28

What I tell myself after failing the Spanish research exam at my school for the second time lmaooo but really I felt discouraged but went straight to solidcore and instantly felt 250x better channeling my frustration into exercise. Are you angry? Sweat. Are you happy? Sweat. Are you sad? Sweat. Sure, exercise won’t solve all your problems. But it’ll clear your mind, reset your focus, and empower you to try again tomorrow✨

2,671 35

Truly felt like wearing a hat in the gym today. 10/10 would recommend. 0 awkward eye contact was made 👌🏼

2,179 24

On my way to my very first @barrysbootcamp class! Dressed for the occasion (my funeral after the treadmill) in @fabletics WOOO any tips or words of encouragement?! Lmao help

1,960 18

If you’ve kept up with my stories you’ve probably caught on that my latest obsession is @bash boxing!! I’ve gotten tons of questions from you guys so I thought I’d make a whole post about it. Boxing sounded SO intimidating to me but @thekatiemag convinced me to try it and HOLY SHIT it’s so much fun and addicting once you start to get the hang of the punches and feel yourself getting better! You box for half the class and do strength training the other half so class flies by and suddenly it’s over and I can’t wait to book my next one. My favorite part is the moment in class when you switch from going through the motions of the punching and then you just feel this badass surge of power and you throw yourself into it. It’s so satisfying and I’m so glad I found bash! Your first class is free so if you’re in the DMV click the link in my bio and #JustBASH 🥊❤️🥳

1,919 16

WOOO YEAH MY FIRST POST ON HERE OF 2019 🥳 I’m somewhere in the camp between “you can change anything in your life at any time not just a new year” and “a new year is a nice fresh start” but regardless of the date on the calendar I’m stoked for the opportunities and adventures the next year has in store. What are your goals/mantras for 2019?! Ps Watch is @huaweimobile Band3Pro and check out my newest video for more info!

2,219 33

WOO YEAH day after Christmas back and ab workout !! Filling the weird week-between-Christmas-and-new Years limbo where you’re not sure what day it is or what universe you’re in with as many gym sessions as I can 🙌🏻 what did you guys train today?

2,184 15

MERRY CHRISTMAS FAM. may this beautiful portrait of paula eating peeps remind you that memories are more important than calories, so TREAT YO SELF today. So much love for you all💫 bring on the dairy free chocolate 🥳

1,315 9

ISSA UPPER BODY WORKOUT! this was a mini back + shoulders workout when I was in a hurry with some abs tossed in the end. 💫single arm row [3x15] 💫v-bar pull down [3x15] 💫shoulder press [3x15] lovely framing in this clip w o w 💫 cable crunches [3x15] still working on the form for this one 💫 oblique leg raises [2x15 per side] WOOO YEAH WINTER BREAK WORKOUTS!! this one only took 30 mins or so 😇


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