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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.80%. The average number of likes per post is 489 and the average number of comments is 9.

13.39% of the followers that engaged with kineticmobilescopenhagen regularly are from Japan, followed by Italy at 11.81% and United States at 11.81%. In summary, the top 5 countries of kineticmobilescopenhagen's posts engager are coming from Japan, Italy, United States, France, Denmark.

Kineticmobilescopenhagen loves posting about Art, Design, Architecture.

Check kineticmobilescopenhagen's audience demography. This analytics report shows kineticmobilescopenhagen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Japan 13.39 %
  • Italy 11.81 %
  • United States 11.81 %
  • France 9.45 %
  • Denmark 6.3 %


563 12

How many mobiles are hanging on top of each other in this picture? Today we went to the studio to tidy a bit and by coincidence we hung these on top of each other, almost creating a collage of shape and colour ❤️ Building mobiles is a lot about coincidence - and we are constantly reminded #kineticmobilescopenhagen #kineticmobile #hangingart #danishdesign #scandinaviandesign #coincidence #contingencies

836 9

These days we are making the last preparations for going to Milan Design Week. We will bring a bunch of mobiles to exhibit in the showroom of the lighting company @uozu_lighting 💡- you can see some of them here in the picture, and we are excited to show you the new palette, comprising of no less than 5 different yellow hues and a bunch of juicy pastels 🥓 Hope to see you sooooon in Milan! #fuorisalone #fuorisalone2019 #salonedelmobile2019 #milandesignweek #milandesignweek2019 #kineticmobilescopenhagen #pastelcollection

145 5

We are super happy to announce that we will be participating in Milan Design Week in April. We have been invited by @uozu_lighting as part of an exhibition that revolves around spatiality and colour perceptions. Our kinetic mobiles will be part of the exhibition alongside an unique light installation by the artist @lizweststudio – furthermore we will be doing three workshops where we teach you how to build your own kinetic mobile. So if you are in Milan for the Design Week, please come by and build your own mobile or have a talk and drink with us. We are looking forward to seeing you. #fuorisalone #fuorisalone2019 #milandesignweek #uozulighting #lizweststudio #kineticmobilescopenhagen

662 10

We have been so fortunate to receive a lot of orders on our Object of Desire Mobile in our webshop over Christmas and New Year (thanks a lot👏🏼) – so it is busy times here in our workshop in Copenhagen. As everything is handmade, we are running a bit behind on orders at the moment, but rest assured, we are working hard on making all your Objects of Desire and will be sending them your way one by one ASAP.❤️ #kineticmobilescopenhagen #danishdesign #scandinaviandesign #architecture #hangingmobile

436 7

If you haven’t noticed: Christmas is almost here. @elledecorationdk knows it, and here we are, featured in their wonderful Christmas picks. Our Object of Desire Mobile is always happy to get attention, but if you want yours for Christmas, please order soon🥁as we make them all by hand and Christmas is busy season for mobilemakers 💫 🎁 #elledecoration #elledecor #elledecorationdk #kineticmobilescopenhagen #objectofdesire #christmaspicks

1,081 41

Our first mobile made entirely from brass 😍 Object of Desire (55 x 60 cm). Available now in presale on our webshop - expect delivery mid-September. #KineticMobilesCopenhagen #ObjectOfDesireMobile #ObjectOfDesire #DanishDesign #Scandinaviandesign #KineticMobile #HangingMobile #Brass

542 14

Our walls are filled with sketches and test pieces, and stuff that is waiting to find meaning in life ☺#KineticMobilesCopenhagen #WallOfInspiration #ScandinavianDesign #KineticArt

677 11

A couple of months ago one of our mobiles was featured in the Danish interior magazine @BoBedredk in a bold series from the brand new BLOX building @Bloxkbh (build by @realdaniadk and housing both @DanishArchitectureCenter, @DanishDesignCentre and @DacDesignshop, where you can buy our mobiles). The series was made by the super talented @Sofiliumm in collaboration with the fantastic photographer @Kristofer_Johnsson. A million thanks for featuring us :D #KineticMobilesCopenhagen #DanishDesign #DanishArchitectureCenter #Bloxkbh #BoBedre

278 2

All our mobiles are made from metals such as iron and brass. We solder the metals into our desired shapes, and the individual parts of each mobile is then industrially powder coat painted, leaving a very strong and durable surface. In our book sustainability goes a long way, and our mobiles are all made to last for generations of movement. #KineticMobilesCopenhagen #DanishDesign #Craftmanship #Sustainability

155 5

Last week we visited the Rudolf Tegner Museum in Dronningmølle in the north of the Danish island Sealand. We were very lucky to have the company of our friend, the Turkish artist and stylist @AycaElkap - Ayca was wearing one of our tote bags, and what better combination! #KineticMobilesCopenhagen #AycaElkap #RudolfTegner #Sculpturepark

261 1

A bit of Wednesday inspiration: Rudolf Tegner was a Danish sculptor (1873-1950) and if ever in Denmark in the north of the island Sealand, you should not miss out on vistiting his spectacular museum in Dronningmølle. We went there last week and returned home with our telephones full of fantastic photos of the sculptures #RudolfTegner #DanishSculptor


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