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70.2% of kimdicello's followers are female and 29.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.40%. The average number of likes per post is 239 and the average number of comments is 17.

Kimdicello loves posting about Moms, Coaching, Fitness.

Check kimdicello's audience demography. This analytics report shows kimdicello's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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70.2 %
29.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 62.54 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 50.88 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 50.80 %


273 39

Morning beach cruise & breakfast with our little fam was the perfect way to kick off another trip around the sun! ☀️ Following it up with volleyball, the ocean, food and friends topped it all off. So much to be grateful for 💕.

198 4

No stands, fans, refs or tournaments these days but still loving every day of playing ball on the sand. The mandatory post training ocean plunges in September are always epic! 🧜🏼‍♀️

270 32

For me today is a celebration of the life. I woke up wanting nothing more than to hold my family close, giggle with my little one and play in the beautiful blue ocean waters. Today marks a year of navigating life without Dad, and a year of getting to know grief at the most intimate levels. This year has changed and shaped me in ways I never could have imagined. My heart has grown in new and beautiful ways, and it has hurt in the deepest and darkest of ways. I have a heartfelt understanding of the impermanence of life, and of the power of someone’s spirit whether they are physically with you or not. In this past year I’ve taken more time to relish in the beautiful little moments throughout the day, and to be present in the tiniest of spaces. I hope in this second year there’s a little less pain and little more remembering my favorite memories and the lessons learned. There is no right way to grieve and for me grief has been unpredictable, so I’ll hope for the best and I’ll take whatever comes one breathe at a time. I send lots of love to all those who have or who are experiencing grief, and I encourage everyone to love hard every day ❤️

235 14

GAMEDAY!!! We are ready to battle and have some FUN out on the court today! We’re up at 9:20am, my livestream will be going. Thanks @avpbeach for making these events happen . Let’s gooooooo @kendra_vz_beach!!!

197 0

So great to play again, and so much to be grateful for!! I wanted to keep playing a lot longer... but onwards and upwards. We get to be back on the sand training this week and back out there for gameday again on Friday 👊🏻. Good luck to the athletes competing today. I’ll be watching on @amazonprimevideo. Thanks @avpbeach for an awesome event, everything was well organized and safe. 📸 Photo by @agamephoto #avpchampionscup #beachvolleyball.

281 19

Some of my favorite beach volleyball memories are on the court with @kendra_vz_beach. We love to battle, laugh and play ball. I can’t wait to get out there with her Friday for #GAMEDAY! Thanks @avpbeach for putting on the #avpchampionscup safely and responsibly. I had no expectations for this season and I’m so grateful we get to (safely) play ball! Tune in on @amazonprimevideo and @nbcsports to watch!

233 14

I’m kicking off my Juneteenth celebration with a donation to @everymomcounts. Luca’s birth and the first time I held him in my arms were powerful and beautiful moments that changed me forever. Every woman should have access to a quality, respectful and supported birthing experience. All donations to @everymomcounts today will be matched and funds go towards “tackling racial disparities and achieving birth justice.” Many Black women don’t get to experience quality, supported and respectful maternal care. Black women are 3x as likely to die from pregnancy and childbirth related causes than their white counterparts. I’m also donating in support of a @anja_akhile. She is a Black woman on her journey to be a midwife supporting her local community. Learn more here - 🖤🖤🖤

72 5


216 25

I have developed quite the relationship with this hill over the past few weeks! I love the view, the grind, the ocean plunge afterwards, and I even got @markdicello to join this past weekend! Just have to go early to avoid people, and I have to work hard to keep my breakfast down towards the end of the workout 😉👊🏻.

224 6

Season opener in Huntington would have been this weekend. I miss the focus, the teamwork, the creativity and the flow of those game day moments. And just as much, I miss my training. I crave those morning practice sessions with toes in the sand, playing ball, focused on building my team and honing my craft. I have plenty to be grateful for and plenty to work on during this time, but oh how I crave to be back in the sand again. ❤️ #avpfamily #beachvolleyball #lovethegame #gameday #train #compete

256 9

One day we’ll be back to dancing along the shoreline. 🧡

378 45

Cheers to 10 years of marriage! Lots of love, joy, laughter, learning, growth and adventure to celebrate. Our latest collaboration of Luca has been the best one yet. Here’s to ten more years of sunset ocean plunges, morning dance offs in the kitchen, beach bike rides, and laughing until our bellies ache. (📷 by @caseyknutson 😘)


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