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The official Killswitch Engage Instagram. #KillswitchEngage @jesse_d_leach @darkicondesign "Atonement" out now!! @metalblade @columbia_de
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20.2% of killswitchengage's followers are female and 79.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 7847 and the average number of comments is 67.

Killswitchengage loves posting about Music, Band, Rock.

Check killswitchengage's audience demography. This analytics report shows killswitchengage's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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20.2 %
79.8 %


  • Art & Design 49.25 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 47.85 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 47.20 %
  • Books and Literature 45.60 %
  • Music 44.37 %
  • Sports 37.45 %
  • Technology & Science 37.16 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 36.88 %
  • Movies and TV 35.23 %
  • Entertainment 35.23 %


5,951 96

2019 - US Co-headline Tour With Parkway Drive...We've played the Hollywood Palladium many times and it's one of my favorite venues on the west coast. I remember this show well...the crowd that night was electric! The show went by so fast and left me wanting more. I was on such a high afterwards and in such good spirits. Just looking at this photo makes me so eager to get back out there and do what we do! - Jesse

6,884 48

2018 - In The Studio Recording “Atonement”...I love making music with this guy. 2 completely different brains, both with open minds to creativity. It also helps that we both like to sing, and our vocal ranges are complementary to each other for harmonies. And I’m jealous of his lyric writing capabilities. All of my lyrics SUCK compared to Jesse’s - Adam

8,209 56

2017 - AOJB 15th Anniversary Tour in Australia & New Zealand...Connecting with fans...that’s why we play shows. How good any show is has nothing to do with how well we play or how the venue sounds, it’s all about the energy and excitement in the room. The connection between the band and the crowd is everything to me, and we’re lucky to have the best fans EVER. - Adam

6,873 38

2016 - NYC Residency / Release of “Incarnate”...The week of NYC residency shows in 2016 could have been the most fun string of shows we had ever done. Feeding off the energy of these small jammed packed clubs is something KsE lives for. Everyone seemed to have ear to ear smiles and jokes were flying around the room. There seemed to be no separation of band and audience…we were one in the same, a big ball of energy, focused into raw emotion. - Mike

5,365 49

2015 - Rise Against US Tour (in Pittsburgh)...I'd be willing to bet this was taken moments before Adam and I rushed off stage to catch a Pirates game at PNC. He had probably just told me to play faster so we don't miss too many innings, one of the benefits of not using a click track. We've been very lucky over the last several years to be able to go to a ton of baseball stadiums, and Pittsburgh is still at the top of my list. - Justin

10,802 127

2014 - KsE First Time in South Africa...A wonderful memory from South Africa. I’ll never forget when these birds started going apeshit, and made some little kids cry. Bad birdie. - Adam

9,248 93

2013 - “In Due Time” Video Shoot...The first video shoot from the Disarm the Descent album was honestly nothing but fun. It didn't even feel like a music video shoot, we were just hanging out with friends and there happened to be a film crew and a director there. As with anything that transpired in those first few years of my return to the band, there was an overwhelming sense of purpose, friendship and drive. Some of the best experiences of my life transpired during and around 2013. This video definitely highlights one of those days. I'm really happy with how that video turned out, it shows the true spirit of who we all are together. - Jesse

10,399 69

2012 - Jesse Rejoins KsE...I remember being driven up to this photo shoot a day or so after quietly returning back to the band. It didn't feel real. My mind was racing as to what would happen next. I had an entire album to write and shows booked in the coming weeks. I remember seeing all of them just before we began the shoot and I had a moment of relief. I felt deep down this was the right move, this was meant to be. The laughter captured on this photo is genuine. We all were in such high spirits at the possibility of the future ahead. I know I was and still to this day feel that same excitement the days before a tour starts. What an extremely fortunate place I've found myself in since this day. - Jesse

8,723 55

2010 - Jesse Performs With Band Again...Rejoining the band for those 4 shows was unreal. I had to take time off from my job at the time and I was honestly nervous on how I would be received. The sound the crowd made when I stepped out on that stage was crazy. Those four shows carried me for weeks after. I had such fun and really felt this real sense of acceptance and love I didn't expect from the band and fans. as much fun as it was to be on stage, I had a lot more fun being backstage and riding the bus. It was my first time ever riding a tour bus so I was like a kid messing with the lights and switches. It was hard to clock back in to my regular job after that long weekend. - Jesse

4,357 25

2009 - Rockstar Mayhem Tour...The Mayhem tour might have been one of my favorite summer tours we’ve ever done. There were so many great bands, plenty of parking lot hangouts, and yes…lots of tuxedo shirts! It was the first time we ever had pyro onstage….thankfully there were no casualties! - Joel

15,403 106

2008 - Howard Stage Dive at Rock On The Range...This was a special Columbus show, and my old hometown did not disappoint. I still remember the barricade disappearing under the weight of the crowd. I remember fingers everywhere after that stage dive. I also remember Adam wore a blow up doll as a cape. It was a good day. – Howard @howard_jones_music

6,015 56

2007 - “Holy Diver” video shoot...Shot in Northern California Vineyard country, this video was shot at a castle with perfect medieval ambiance. I remember we started filming in early morning in full “plastic armor” and sweatpants. As the day went on, there were more and more shots I was needed for, and the sun got hotter and hotter. Around the time I was supposed to “kiss” the “queen”, I was already delirious with heat stroke. There was nothing you could do but laugh at the situation, and how funny we all looked in our costumes. This photo shows the final scene shot that day… at 2 AM the following day actually… I was out of my mind, and just wanted it to be over. It was a fun one, but not something I’d repeat. - Mike


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