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62.8% of kelogsloops's followers are female and 37.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.50%. The average number of likes per post is 87199 and the average number of comments is 386.

14.06% of the followers that engaged with kelogsloops regularly are from United States, followed by Japan at 7.81% and Canada at 7.81%. In summary, the top 5 countries of kelogsloops's posts engager are coming from United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia.

Kelogsloops loves posting about Art, Illustrator, Painting, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education.

Check kelogsloops's audience demography. This analytics report shows kelogsloops's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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62.8 %
37.2 %


  • Art & Design 64.44 %
  • Photography 49.65 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 45.61 %


  • United States 14.06 %
  • Japan 7.81 %
  • Canada 7.81 %
  • Germany 7.81 %
  • Australia 7.81 %


52,430 138

A little home for a lost little birdie ☺️ This one’s been pretty fun to work! She’s the second painting I’m working on for my upcoming show with @coreyhelfordgallery in December 👊🏼
#brbchasingdreams #painting #drawing #illustration #winsorandnewton #animals #watercolorart #mixedmedia #workinprogress

75,700 238

Finally back to painting ☺️ After a much needed break, I’m back home starting on a new series of paintings for an upcoming show in December at @coreyhelfordgallery. This is the first of the pieces I’m working on for the show, which will be alongside @baotpham and @_sashaira !
#brbchasingdreams #watercolorart #artexhibition #animalart #painting #illustration #winsorandnewton #mixedmedia #workinprogress

103,767 627

Tadah — the finished custom painted jacket I teased last week! ☺️ It was a tough project to work on because I’d never done anything like this. I had loads to learn throughout it all, but I think it turned out pretty sick! 👊🏼The design was a revisitation of an old painting I made about an unlikely friendship between a little bluebird and a lonely fox. You can watch a video showing the process of me making this jacket via the link on my profile! #brbchasingdreams #acrylicpainting #illustration #animals #denimjacket #custompainting #diyfashion #textileart #artstyle

94,381 318

My painting I created for the “LA / MSY” exhibition curated by @thinkspace_art ☺️ The show opens tomorrow night at @redtruckgallery in Louisiana! It’s a small piece I painted as artists were asked to create 12” x 12” works for the show 👊🏼 If you’d like to inquire about the piece, please contact for details! #brbchasingdreams #smallworks #watercolor #mixedmedia #abstractart #kintsugi #goldleaf #illustration #winsorandnewton

74,168 339

I challenged myself to see what I could make with just a cheap set of kids markers, worth less than 5 bucks! To make it a challenge, I decided to use EVERY single of the 50 colour markers at least once, and most of you already know that I NEVER use green, but I did it! 👊🏼 It was nice to step away from painting for a sec and do something fun like this! I filmed the whole challenge, which you can watch on my channel (link on my profile ☺️) #brbchasingdreams #art #markers #artsupplies #artchallenge #style #drawing #illustration #felttip

149,657 977

The girl from the 'lofi hip hop radio - beats to study/relax to' stream is basically synonymous with relaxing, which is exactly what I needed to do after these past couple of months… so I painted her! Not gonna lie though, I started this painting just wanting to do something fast, simple and quick. Boy was I so wrong. BUT, I think it looks sick! ☺️ . I filmed the whole process for my YouTube channel, which you can watch through the link on my profile! I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY for the original of this painting, but you’ll have to watch the vid to find out how to win it! 😬Original artwork by Juan Pablo Machado #brbchasingdreams #art #lofi #chillhop #watercolor #painting #drawing #sketch #chilledcow

54,385 139

The new prints and pins are now LIVE on my store! Link to the store is on my bio/profile! ☺️ . To those who’ve already grabbed prints or pins, thank you so much for your support! 👊🏼 The prints of ‘The Watcher’ ended up selling in just over two minutes, but there are still plenty prints left of ‘Here Come the Waterworks’ and my fox enamel pins! #brbchasingdreams

83,243 412

“From Six Feet Under” My painting for the @beautifulbizarremagazine “Gaia Reborn” exhibition at @urbannationberlin! ☺️ It’s one of my more darker works, but I’m stoked with how it turned out! 👊🏼😎👊🏼 I imagined that Mother Earth, or Gaia, as an entity who governs the cycles of life and death. That even before we were here, the cycles of life were inevitable and in motion; it bloomed, it lived and it died. But from all the death, life would sprout anew in an endless cycle as it should be. So that even once we are gone, life will continue to bloom, even from six feet under the ground. #brbchasingdreams #painting #watercolor #illustration #gaiareborn #mothernature #beautifulbizarre #goldleaf #skullart #darkart

61,984 166

‘Hello Again, Kitty’ — my painting for the for Hello Kitty’s 45th Birthday exhibition, opening tonight at @coreyhelfordgallery ☺️ This piece was actually a huge challenge! It was super tricky working in a cuter style and so it’s quite different to my usual work but I think I managed to pull it off! #brbchasingdreams #sanrio #hellokitty45 #coreyhelfordgallery #illustration #manga #illustration #painting #drawing #watercor

103,841 554

‘The Hiding Place’ Tadahh! — the last and final painting from my ‘Breathe’ exhibition ☺️ I think it might even be the coolest piece I’ve made to date! . This piece will also be a print sometime this year, so if you’d like to be notified when it releases, feel free join the mailing list through the link on my profile # brbchasingdreams #painting #watercolor #artist #illustration #traditionalart #wolf #drawing #animals

70,857 216

‘The Watcher’ I made this painting as a tribute to my mum and for what she means to me. For every time I found myself in a low, she’s had my back. Even if I’ve got a smile plastered on my face, being cheery and joking around my mum, she always just… knows. Frankly I’m convinced it’s a superpower all mum’s out there have with their kids. She won’t ask what’s wrong, but she always just has some way of knowing how to help or show she cares. And for me, that’s always enough to keep me going. In my mind she’s like some sort of guardian, a watcher if you will. So mum, this one’s for you. 👊🏼❤️ ‘The Watcher’ was released as a limited edition print only available in-person at the gallery during my exhibition. There are a few remaining prints, which will be up on the shop in the next print release (July) #brbchasingdreams #painting #watercolor #artist #animals #goldleaf #mixedmedia #artstyle


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