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58.8% of kelly_hanner's followers are female and 41.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 826 and the average number of comments is 48.

Kelly_hanner loves posting about Health, Organics, Soul.

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58.8 %
41.2 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 55.61 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 51.53 %
  • Music 46.74 %
  • Travel & Tourism 46.32 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 43.95 %
  • Children & Family 41.43 %
  • Art & Design 38.96 %
  • Business & Careers 37.13 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 37.02 %
  • Books and Literature 36.19 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 36.08 %
  • Entertainment 35.28 %


808 31

My best plant friend during this move... Cannabis [like you’re surprised 😁] I don’t know what I would have done without having cannabis as a tool for me to use while dealing with the move & getting our cabin ready to move into. It hasn’t been a smooth process, I wasn’t expecting it to be *easy*, but I never imagined how stressful it could be, especially when you add to it a fire evacuation. There’s been times where I’ve had doubt flooding my mind, thinking “shit, I’m not cut out for all of this homestead stuff”... no matter what I would do I just couldn’t shake the funks I was in. Enter cannabis- just a bit would help to quiet my mind, help me to find clarity, & shake the negative thoughts as all the nonstop mind chatter would clear... allowing me to realize that DUH I’m living out a dream, helping me to instead focus on gratitude instead. For me, cannabis is my anxiety and stress magic pill. Does cannabis help to provide you relief from mind chatter or does it intensify it? Is it strain dependent? [photo: me enjoying one of my edibles from @tacosdecielo, my homie whos yummy edibles have been featured on @hightimesmagazine’s IG. Go check her stuff out, it’s all mouthwatering😍🤤]

408 14

You’re going to die, but did you ever really live? Or did you just run around in this rat race, compiling trophies (brand new cars, expensive gizmos, trinkets, electronics) trading your precious time for things thinking that’s what life was all about while your children’s only wish to have more time with you rather than more junk? Agree? Thoughts? #fuckthe9to5 #ratrace

710 36

“When you put your nudes behind a paywall, you’re sexualizing yourself. If you’re that hard up for money, why don’t you start selling stuff from your farm or start a GoFundMe?” If you could have seen my eyes roll as I read this text from someone I partied with maybe twice in college. Someone who is damn near a stranger, because she clearly doesn’t know me enough to even judge what I’m doing or to know that I already do sell the items from my farm, nor is my Patreon being done out of desperation for money. Just another example of someone trying to put their shit onto me. & that’s the thing. YOU BETTER KNOW YOURSELF & know yourself good, because people are chomping at the bit to put their shit onto you- their judgements, opinions, limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, fears, insecurities, indoctrinations... all of that shit they will offload on you. & if you do not know yourself, the minute one of these people feel so inclined to try to tell you about your own business, you will fold. You will let their insecurities seep into your subconscious. You will doubt yourself, you will quit. Worse, you will do all of this, & still have no fucking clue who you are while you let yet another person tell you who you are & further mold you into someone you’re not. So whether it’s a friend, a relative, or someone you partied with in college... do the hard, rigorous work of reprogramming your default settings that were imprinted onto you by your family, culture & environment. Do what you can to figure out who the hell you are when you remove all of that & all of your labels. People are hungry to bring you to their level- if you aren’t confident in who you are & what you’re doing, you’re doomed from the start. Does this strike a nerve with you? Can you relate? 📸 @colehatcherphotography

1,765 109

Off grid, homestead update. We’ve now been living on our off grid property going on 3 months. Since we no longer pay rent or utilities, that means we’ve been able to take the over $8,000 we would have used towards rent the last 3 months for getting our cabin ready to move into. This way of living hasn’t been easy with the fire evacuation we dealt with, a bear breaking into our camper & coop, & all the other things that have come up... but damn has it been worth it. Developing new skills, & being able to help has been exciting. I’m learning how to use new tools... anything that’s needed to be sanded, has been done by me. 😁 We have just about zero noise or light pollution, so on a clear night, we can see ALL THE STARS and the Milky Way! To not break the bank & flex our sustainability & eco friendly muscles, we’ve bought many things second hand- from some flooring, to our fridge, stove, & the roofing of our chicken coop. That’s helped us to save so much money & to keep some items from going into a landfill. We’re getting pretty close to saying good bye to living in the camper, & ought to be moved into our cabin this week. The whole experience has been pretty eye opening, & such a push outside of my comfort zone. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to do this together. What would excite you most about living off grid? What would you be most nervous about? [photo: sanding naked, because we don’t yet have a washer & dryer at our place... so it’s a hell of a lot easier to bathe than it is to wash dirty, saw dust filled clothing🤷🏽‍♀️]

804 33

“Natural, normal body.” I use this often when discussing my body. I think for some people this phrase has been misconstrued to mean that if your body doesn’t look like mine it’s not natural or normal. When I refer to my body as natural, normal... Or if I bring up how my breasts don’t sit like perfect balloons right under my collarbone, I’m not saying these things to suggest that anyone who has had cosmetic procedures done is not normal or less than, or anyone’s body who doesn’t look like me is abnormal. When I say this, I am speaking to the 18 year old version of myself who thought I had to stick a finger down my throat after gorging myself on a plethora of food in effort to be skinny. I’m telling her nothing is wrong with her natural, normal body. I’m telling all the women out there who desire getting a lift, a tuck, a this, a that that your body is beautiful the exact way it is even though it might not look like the woman on the tv screen or the influencer who’s photoshoped her body. I am just being the voice I wish I could have come across when I was 18. I’m not suggesting that just because you have breast implants, you’re lesser than or not confident. Different strokes for different folks. If you’re happy, than I’m happy. I’m all for people doing whatever the hell it is they want to do with their own bodies. Zero judgment on my part. My message is for women who struggle with self love... who struggle daily to find love with their tummies, their breasts, their scars, their entire bodies. Those who try diet after diet, or dream of altering their bodies to fit our societal standards. I want you to know that you’re perfectly fine in your natural, normal body & there’s not a damn thing wrong with you. Photographer: @colehatcherphotography

748 35

What’s your fitness regimen or diet philosophy? I recently had someone ask me to share the details about how I stay healthy. I’m not the most ripped chick in the room, although I am the healthiest I have ever been- both physically & mentally. I used to stress TF out over food & working out... now I’m at a super comfortable place where the stress surrounding both is super minimal. And here’s the thing about how I eat & what I do physically- I don’t follow any certain food or fitness dogma nor do I think there is ONE WAY for people to eat or move their bodies. Each individual body needs different things, so what works for me, may not work for you & vice versa. So just because everyone is following X diet, I encourage you to not hop on the bandwagon but experiment with everything YOU resonate with, be your own guinea pig, & continue on with what feels right for you. THAT is what I do. So, Long story short... I move my body daily. I stay physical & am hardly laying on the couch. I aim to do hot yoga 3x per week, with about 3 days of lifting. But I don’t force that on myself if I’m not feeling it. When I’m on my period, I avoid working out, I just REST. As far as food goes, I intermittent fast around 16-18 hours a day- but I don’t stress over it. The foundation to how I have ate for the last 10 years is to eat natural, organic foods, VERY MINIMAL processed foods, & I cook all of my meals daily with the exception of maybe going out to eat once a week to someplace that fits my philosophy on food. Both eating healthy & staying active are crucial for my mental health, so they’re non-negotiable. I will be living like this until the day I die, because it keeps me happy, sane, & from coming unhinged. 🥴🤷🏽‍♀️

491 36

Not to negate the positives of therapy at all, but it’s been my own personal experience that most of my psychedelic experiences trump any therapy I’ve ever had. I see for myself how I am in my own way. I see the patterns I have yet to overcome. It rewires my brain, helping me to see new solutions where I didn’t know solutions existed. And so much more... How have psychedelics helped you?

1,442 73

I’m a big proponent of getting a good sweat. Somehow, someway I stopped sweating as much as I once used to when I workout, or just in general. I could be going for a hike on a really hot day, and I barely have a drop of sweat on my body while everyone around me is heavily perspiring. I started seeing a new naturopathic doctor recently who said that since I’m not sweating like I used to, I’m not riding my body of toxins like I ought to be. She emphasized, no joke, around 10 times that I need to be using a sauna as often as I can... or at the very least doing hot yoga to help rid my body of impurities. So as a result I’m going to hot yoga 3x per week now and fitting in using a steam sauna as often as I can. Sauna use is so good for your well being and is a great addition to your self care routine. Sauna use mimics moderate aerobic activity, helps increase immunity, helps aid in muscle recovery post workout, is good for pulmonary health, can help prevent viral infections like the common cold, and all kinds of other awesome things... follow Dr Rhonda Patrick @foundmyfitness to learn of more sauna benefits as she’s a huge proponent of them as well. Do you use saunas? Or do hot yoga? Did you know taking a hot bath can be just as beneficial as using a sauna?

1,151 34

Exercises to help improve your relationship with your body. When I started shifting how I felt about my body, I had to realize how often it was that I condemned it. It’s when I started to notice how often I unconsciously criticized my body that I was able to start shifting to a healthier dialogue and started to make space in my mind & heart for the love that my body deserved. How often do you look in the mirror, criticizing yourself? Is it often? Is it 100% of the time? Maybe it’s time to make these adjustments. 👉🏽Next time youre looking in the mirror & your focus goes straight to the body part you’ve been trained to hate, instead try looking deeply into your own eyes & say to yourself “I love you.” This will probably make you cry- that’s a good thing. 😌 👉🏽Ya know how you might grab a roll of fat on your belly? What about next time you go from grabbing to caressing your skin, thanking your body for showing up for you? Giving your body the treatment you expect from a lover. Be your own lover. 👉🏽Next time you see another woman & start judging her because of her [insert body part here], ask yourself what insecurity you have in yourself that is causing you to cast your insecurities onto another. Do you find yourself scoffing at the idea of this, or find that when you look deep into your eyes, trying to say that you love yourself, that these are incredibly hard tasks to do? These practices were all made “easier” for me by doing them while mindfully dosing psychedelic mushrooms. Mushrooms helped to reduce all the lame programming that made it hard for me to see my true inner & outer beauty. All the self hatred seems like a huge, wild joke while on mushrooms.

852 55

“Yeah, no wonder she’s nude all the time. You should have seen her in high school flashing her tits while dancing on the stripper pole at the bar.” There were many nights in high school, while in an alcohol filled stupor I would flash my breasts while on stage dancing to garner the much needed attention I so desperately wanted. Human beings have a deep desire to want to fit in, to be a part of the tribe. This was my method for trying to feel accepted by men and seem like a fun chick to hang out with by women. All that is totally different than what I’m doing today. While that was fueled by desperation, today, I share my nude body because: 1- it took a lot of damn hard work for me to be as loving & accepting of my entire being, including my naked flesh wagon. 2- I hope to normalize natural, nude bodies. All we often see glamorized on the tv screen & social media is perfectly curated bodies. I want to expose women & men to another type of body, & let women of similar composition know that they don’t have to be at war or hate their body just because it’s not a certain slender size & you may not have perky breasts. 3- Fuck, I work hard for my body, so fuck it. I’m proud of it. I feel good naked, so why the fuck not?! I was at war with this body for so long, so now I’m going to celebrate it. 4- I wish to help reduce the idea that a nude body is a sexualized body. We really gotta get over this idea if we’re going to ever be okay with women breastfeeding in public, or counter pedophilia. If my body being naked is a sexual thing, than with that reasoning a naked child is sexual too in the eyes of a broken system/culture. Let’s stop with that bullshit. 5- I am empowered & not doing it from a place of desperation any longer. 6- because I have a message to get out there. When I post nude shots it gets more attention than my photos of me fully clothed. Just scroll & look at my feed! The photos where I am nude I get more engagement. It is what it is. I have a message to share, I’m cool with being naked, & I understand that nudity will draw more people in... so 🤷🏽‍♀️ 📸 behind the lens: @colehatcherphotography

815 94

It’s been a minute since I’ve introduced myself. . . I’m Kelly, a midwestern girl (Ohio) living in Cali. . . I’ve overcome multiple eating disorders (during separate stages of my life) & pretty severe social anxiety, shyness, depression, materialism, binge drinking, & crazy self doubt & negativity. . . After receiving a degree in nutrition, I dropped out of school while working on achieving an environmental science degree because at the time I wanted to save all the wild life but learned that the degree probably wouldn’t help me to do that, so I fully invested myself into a network marketing business (ya know, one of those “pyramid schemes”). I rose to the top .01% of the business. . . From there, I started many other businesses including a product for the cannabis industry with my partner @norcaltrimtrap. . . Along my journey I discovered personal development & psychedelics- which both have made me into the woman I am today. Through personal development I’ve overcome a lot of the negative self talk that was engrained in me while psychedelics have been therapeutic for me- helping me to see my blind spots & work through patterns that don’t serve my higher purpose. . . Today you can find me living on a farm that my partner & I started developing from raw land. I enjoy being my own guinea pig, being in my birthday suit, hot springs, being a life long student, & keeping life simple... money & things no longer impress me. Give me time in nature with the people I love & some good fucking food, some fire weed & I’m happy. . . My fave food is fresh ceviche. My fave strain of herb is Jack Herer. My fave psychedelic is mushrooms. My fave country is Mexico or Bali, Indonesia. My fave self help style book is The Four Agreements & How to Win Friends and Influence People. My fave state is Hawai’i. . . Now comment below, tell me something about you! . . 📸 @colehatcherphotography


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