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76.2% of keilidhmua's followers are female and 23.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.70%. The average number of likes per post is 30821 and the average number of comments is 210.

54.55% of the followers that engaged with keilidhmua regularly are from Ireland, followed by United Kingdom at 13.64% and United States at 4.55%. In summary, the top 5 countries of keilidhmua's posts engager are coming from Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Algeria, Chile.

Keilidhmua loves posting about Art, Beauty, Business, Hair & Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, DIY & Crafts.

Check keilidhmua's audience demography. This analytics report shows keilidhmua's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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76.2 %
23.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 93.70 %
  • Art & Design 92.27 %
  • Business & Careers 82.97 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.70 %
  • Movies and TV 31.29 %
  • Books and Literature 30.66 %
  • Travel & Tourism 30.30 %
  • Entertainment 30.22 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 29.46 %
  • Music 28.94 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 28.80 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 28.80 %


  • Ireland 54.55 %
  • United Kingdom 13.64 %
  • United States 4.55 %
  • Algeria 3.03 %
  • Chile 3.03 %


41,873 310

If you’re planning on doing a jewelled skull.. don’t lol we won’t talk about how LONG THIS TOOK 🙃 I wanted to create a look based off the Secret Treasure Palette.. how did I do? . Inspired by queens @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager + @nikkietutorials ✨ Using @kashbeauty secret treasure palette, + rust nude lip kit 🙌🏼 #KASHBeauty #freakweek

12,388 219

SURPRISE hehe I mean.. I think you guys would have come for me if I didn’t do this lol A lot of you who done my last courses wanted to see a Halloween one so.. introducing the FREAK WEEK HALLOWEEN COURSE 🙌🏼💀 . In this course there will be 3 in depth tutorials on 3 different Halloween looks, all for €30 available now at! In these videos you will learn how I come up with and plan all my concepts, how I take an idea and really flesh it out to create a full look! We will be covering a lot of creative techniques that you can apply to any look, such as how to work with cream paints, water colours, how to create 3D shading, how to block eyebrows, and so much more! You guys know I don’t really do much SFX in my Halloween looks, instead of using prosthetics I like to use shading techniques instead, but as it is Halloween I will be adding a tiny amount of gore hehe I always get asked about how I create my tik toks, so I will take you through how I create Tik toks for one of the looks so you can see exactly how I plan and create them! The course will last a full week with videos on the Monday, Wednesday + Friday, and a live on the Saturday so I can see how you guys got on during the week and answer any questions! Once the tutorials are live they are there for you to watch and recreate at your leisure! Throughout the course, I will be sharing your work to be Insta stories etc. But on the Sunday I will be announcing winners of who I feel really took part and got involved to take over my page and @KashBeauty with a tutorial! A great opportunity for anyone wanting to grow their page 🤗 Anyone who joins the course will also receive an exclusive KASH Beauty discount code! At the end of the course you will also receive a Certificate of completion! If you guys were in my last courses then you know that I love to create a really fun and creative community, where we support and help each other! I cannot wait to start this next one, especially since it is my favourite time of year hehe. You ready to get freaky? 😏 #FREAKWEEK #FREAKWEEKHALLOWEENCOURSE

66,835 289

10 whole years of annoyance.. I mean love 👀🖤 @darrenkav97 Sitting here writing this I actually can’t believe it. 10 years is such a long time, but looking back on these photos it feels so quick 🥺 Everyone deserves someone like Darren in there lives, and I’m just so so lucky that I found him as early as I did 🖤 I already know he’s smiling at his screen like a big loser reading this lol and I know that smile will be wiped straight off once he see’s some of these pics haha Swipe to travel back in time with us, right back to our first ever photo together (Time was good to us lol) #10years #thenVSnow

37,890 210

Is there something on my face? 🤔 Cyborg glam inspired by the very talented @aaronstray + @naezrahlooks 🤖 I just realised I forgot to post this look from a while back, if I don’t post it this time of year I never will 👻 #FREAKWEEK #halloween #makeup

40,066 392

FREAKenstein 💀 hehe Ignoring the fact that I will be stained green for the foreseeable future, I’m obsessed with how this look turned out 😭 Inspired by both @aaronstray + @gabxxrielle, I basically meshed their looks together 🙌🏼 #FREAKWEEK . @kashbeauty Secret Treasure Palette @nyxcosmetics_uk cream paint palettes @bperfectcosmetics x @staceymariemua tahiti palette @suvabeauty @beautybaycom hydra liners @castawaybeautyofficial wig #keilidhmua #Halloween #makeup

54,389 15,431

✨HUGE GIVEAWAY ✨ So excited I finally have a cool mirror to do transitions in, and you can too thanks to 🙌🏼 You could win over €1000 worth of equipment from including: - Burbank Hollywood Mirror w dimmable LED lights + a built in bluetooth speaker! - Glam Studio Ring Light w Remote - Travel Mirror with dimmable LED lights - Large Makeup Case with adjustable compartments, perfect for travelling with your makeup + brushes! . All you have to do is: Follow @keilidhmua + Comment 3 friends below and share this post to your stories! . Winner will be picked next week, Competition is only available to Ireland, UK + EU residents ✌🏼 If you’re looking to purchase anything from you can use my code KEILIDH10 for 10% off your order! #GLAMDOLL #competition #giveaway #collab


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